6th November 2020

Fable Readalong: Day 5

Beautiful photo by @seafox.adventures Welcome to the last day of the readalong! I am so sad to be finishing this with you today. I've had a lot of fun reading... Read more
5th November 2020

Fable Readalong: Day 4

Gorgeous photo by @bewareofthereader Hey guys! Welcome to the second-last day of the readalong! This has been so much fun, I can't believe we are almost there! Today we are... Read more
4th November 2020

Fable Readalong: Day 3

Beautiful photo by @thefearlessreader Hello! Welcome back to day 3 of the Fable readalong. ? But before we start, we have our giveaway to cover! Want a chance to get... Read more
3rd November 2020

Fable Readalong: Day 2

Gorgeous photo by @lou_lovesbooks Hello everyone! It’s day 2 of our Readalong for Fable! We left off yesterday with so many questions and no answers! Fable has left the island... Read more
2nd November 2020

Fable Readalong: Day 1

Beautiful photo by @narrativemagik Hi Fairy Friends! Welcome to the first day of the readalong for Fable by Adrienne Young! I am so excited to be reading this with you... Read more
30th October 2020

Fable Readalong Schedule!

Gorgeous photo by @mysocalledliterarylife Hello Fairy Friends! Welcome back to another readalong! I hope everyone is doing well! Our September readalong starts on November 2nd and this month we are... Read more