Collectibles in FairyLoot Boxes!

Collectible FairyLoot

Something that’s always been important to us is making your FairyLoot Young Adult monthly box feel special and magical!

We work hard to include items and books that you can cherish as a collector and a reader and we currently have four collectible items series. You can find out more about these items, as well as how often they’ll appear in FairyLoot boxes below!

Trinket Dishes

Illustrated by arz28, these beautiful trinket dishes featuring your most loved bookish characters will appear in your FairyLoot box every 3-4 months! The above features everyone’s favourite forgotten heroine Addie LaRue, from The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V. E. Schwab.

They are perfect for displaying on your bookshelf (they fit perfectly on 4″ inch ceramic dish display) or for storing all your tiny trinkets!

Mythology Foil Bookmarks

Every bookworm loves bookmarks! And what makes a bookmark even more special? Foil and fantasy artwork! We’re delighted to be bringing you this foiled bookmark collectible every 3-4 months!

All of the artwork for this series will be done by gracezhuart. Pictured above are the very first bookmarks in this collection, featuring the infamous fated lovers, Hades & Persephone.

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards have become a staple of your FairyLoot box and we feel it’s a unique, magical way to bring you art of your favourite bookish characters. We include two tarot cards in your box every month.

With our current deck coming to a close, we will be starting from scratch with a new celestial tarot deck! All of the art in this new deck will be illustrated by the amazing arz28. Arz illustrated the above tarot cards, featuring characters from Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim, from our current tarot deck. With this new deck, we will always put the cards up for sale in our Fairy Trove every month after all of the monthly boxes have shipped, so everyone can always complete their collection.

You can expect the same care and quality you’ve come to expect from our tarot cards and we can’t wait to start this new deck with you!

Mini Literary Weapon Letter Opener Replicas

As fantasy readers, we’re sure you’ve come across a fierce weapon wielder or two in books over the years and we know that sometimes, you just need a mini weapon replica to feel fierce while you open your mail, so we brought you the Mini Literary Weapon Replica Letter Openers! You can expect these replica letter openers to appear in your FairyLoot box every 6-8 months. Small enough to look adorable in your bookstagram photos, pointy enough to open your letters and beautiful enough to be displayed!

We think these letter openers are so fun, the letter opener pictured above was the second installment in our replica series, inspired by a dagger belonging to everyone’s favourite Prince of Hearts’, Jacks from Once Upon a Broken Heart by Stephanie Garber! We have another mini weapon letter opener coming your way soon, and we can say with confidence, you’ll love it!

We hope you love these collectible items as much as we do!

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