Fairy Trove Restock Update

Late last year we announced our Fairy Trove restock, and we are so excited to finally be able to bring you all an update. Thank you all so much for your patience while we arranged this! Please make sure you read through all of this information and the restock items if you are interested in this sale. If you have any questions at all, please contact us.

In this post you can find all the items that will be available in the restock on the UK and US Fairy Trove. The restock will take place on the 19th of May at 1pm BST.

This restock mainly focuses on past books and a few items from past FairyLoot boxes. It will not have any tarot cards restocked as we plan to do a separate restock for tarot cards only in the coming months (more information to come for this once we have scheduled a time and date).

Update 19 May: Due to stock being very limited orders are limited to one of each item per person. Any duplicate orders will be cancelled and refunded.

Update 13 April: To spread out the restock, we have decided to allocate different dates for certain items, so that it will give people the chance to aim for the items they would like the most. This will be as follows:

  • 19th of May at 1pm BST: Kingdom of the Wicked (UK and US)
  • 20th of May at 1pm BST: Red Rising Deluxe Set (UK – ships worldwide)
  • 21st of May at 1pm BST: October box (UK – ships worldwide)
  • 24th of May at 1pm BST: AEITA Deluxe Set (UK – ships worldwide)
  • 25th of May at 1pm BST: These Violent Delights (UK and US)
  • 26th of May at 1pm BST: Serpent & Dove + Blood & Honey (UK – ships worldwide)
  • 27th of May at 1pm BST: B&H Collector’s Edition Box & Box w/ Add-on (UK – ships worldwide)
  • 28th of May at 1pm BST: Lore (UK and US)
  • 31st of May at 1pm BST 2nd of June at 1pm BST: All other items in the table below that are not previously listed

The UK Fairy Trove ships to the UK/International. The US Fairy Trove ships to US/Canada. Items that are not available in the US Fairy Trove but are listed here in the UK Fairy Trove can also be shipped to the US/Canada.

⚠️ Please note that the quantity for each item is VERY LOW and once sold out, unfortunately, it will not come back in stock. ⚠️

UK Fairy TroveUS Fairy Trove
EverlessA River of Royal Blood
State of SorrowEight Will Fall
Beyond a Darker ShoreWoven in Moonlight
Grace & FuryIncendiary
These Rebel WavesShielded
A River of Royal BloodStar Daughter
A Song of Wraiths and RuinKingdom of the Wicked *
Chosen OnesThese Violent Delights *
Red Rising Deluxe Set *Master of One
Bone Crier’s MoonLore *
IncendiarySecret Book II
The Gilded OnesSecret Book III
ShieldedSecret Book IV
Hunting Prince Dracula
Hunting Prince Dracula
FableSerpent & Dove Mug
These Violent Delights * Ash Princess Candle
Kingdom of the Wicked *Crescent City Pillow Case
October box (KotW full box) *To Kill a Kingdom Mug
AEITA Deluxe Set (Signed) *Jacks Jigsaw Puzzle
Lore *Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers
Master of OneHobbit Beanie
Secret Book IISword Letter Opener
Secret Book IIIMetal Nevernight Bookmark
Secret Book IV
Serpent & Dove *
Blood & Honey *
Blood & Honey Collector’s Edition Box *
Blood & Honey Collector’s Edition Box w/ Serpent & Dove add-on *

* = Allocated sale date listed above