A Curse So Dark And Lonely Readalong: Day 1

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Bonjour, good day!

Welcome to the first day of the A Curse So Dark and Lonely readalong! It’s my (Anissa) first time hosting a readalong, and I’ve been so excited for this because this is one of my all-time favourite retelling stories. I cannot wait to dive into this book with you guys, and whilst this book is nearly 500 pages do not let that put you off – we’re going to fly through this magical tale!

Today we’ll be reading chapters 1-9, but if you feel like reading less or more then that is totally fine! Read at your own pace – these posts will always be here for you.

Now, I’d highly recommend you brew yourself a cup of tea, chocolate or coffee and snuggle on down. It’s time to read!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for A Curse So Dark and Lonely chapters 1-9 inclusively. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


You know what I love? First sentences that pack a punch. And I feel like so many YA books have insanely awesome first sentences. This one certainly did: “There is blood under my fingernails. I wonder how many of my people I have killed this time.” Instantly we are drawn in and wondering what is going on. The first chapter is narrated by Rhen, and from the first three pages we already meet Grey, his Guard Commander, and learn SO much. In so few pages, I’ve already got so many questions on my mind. We’re told that they don’t age, that the curse is going to reset, and that Grey has to bring a new girl for Rhen. Instead of being a beast at all times, Rhen seems to only transform into the beast at the end of the season. This is the 327th time they will repeat the season (gasp), and Rhen will be 18 again. Now, I wonder who Grey is going to bring this season?

And now it’s time to meet Harper. Instantly, I love her. We learn a few things about her, like her troubles with her family and that she has cerebral palsy. I think disability representation in books is really important and think it’s wonderful that Brigid had sensitivity readers to make sure that she was portraying the disability accurately. She’s minding her own business and waiting for her brother in an alleyway, when she sees a mysterious man taking a girl and decides to intervene. You go girl! I think it’s so amazing that she did. If it was me, I would like to think I would be brave enough to do the same thing but I’d be terrified. In the kerfuffle between her and this guy (who we know is none other than Grey!), he ends up taking her instead and the chapter switches again to Rhen (I kind of love the dual POV, what about you?).

His chapters are always darker, because you can tell he is being tormented by this curse and the things that he has done. We learn some dark things about him and what he’s tried to do in the past and my heart breaks for him, even though it seems he was a bit of a jerk in the past (though I hope we’ll find out more about all of this in the coming chapters).

When Rhen and Harper finally meet, I laugh so much. The whole dynamic between Harper, Grey and Rhen is just so hilarious and when Harper is dropped in there with them the tension is palpable. I thought it was hilarious that Rhen thought she could be ‘tamed’ but then she whacks him in the waist with her crowbar.

I really enjoyed the chapters where Harper is taking in her surroundings, and whilst it is horrible that she’s in this situation it’s very interesting to read how she reacts to all the different things. I think one of the things that really stuck out to me was the silence in Emberfall, which she obviously isn’t used to back in DC. Having always grown up in a city, I always find it very strange when I go somewhere on holiday and it is very quiet and it takes me a few days to get used to, as I imagine it is for people who are used to living in more quieter places but then go to a city.

Harper truly is a formidable girl. She doesn’t waste any time and is literally trying to escape anytime she can – I love that. Scrappy and determined, a girl after my own heart. She’s set on escaping, and nothing is going to phase her. I love the part where Rhen learns her name and he thinks: “Ah. Of course. No Annabeth or Isabella for this one. A name with edges.”

We’re also introduced to Lilith and we learn that she is an evil sorceress that has cast this curse on poor Rhen. And boy oh boy is she EVIL. She clearly delights in causing all of this pain. I feel like so many evil characters are called Lilith, right? Anyways, we learn that Rhen has tried many ways to end the curse, including trying to kill Lilith but that just doesn’t work. We also learn that even though Rhen has been in a loop for 327 seasons, it has only been 5 years for those outside of his cursed palace grounds and that his kingdom is suffering. I do not like Lilith, and I hope we will see her come to a painful demise.

Once again, Harper tries to escape and during this escape she discovers a house which is being burned down by some attackers, and she tries to help them but is almost hurt in the process. Rhen and Grey come to save her and the villagers, and they don’t know who the attackers were that burned the house down. In order to help the villagers, Harper has to stay with them and take them to a nearby inn with Rhen and Grey. Did anyone else find it hilarious that she stole Rhen’s horse? I lol’d! And I also love that when you leave the palace grounds the season totally shifted and it was winter. It was eery and magical!

That’s basically where the 10th chapter finishes, and I feel like SO MUCH happened in such a small amount of pages. Even though it was actually 74 pages, I felt like I breezed through those and had so much fun. I love books like this, where you keep turning and turning the pages. One of the notable things that I really enjoyed is the sass that Grey dishes out (seriously, I live for his snide comments), and the way he interacts with Harper. I loved the bit where he taught her how to hold her dagger. I also love how Rhen is handling the whole thing, and he definitely seems intrigued by Harper.

What do you guys think of the first 9 chapters? Do you like the dual POV? Do you have any predictions? What did you think of Harper, Rhen and Grey?

I hope you loved these chapters as much as I did – I cannot wait read chapters 10 – 16 with you tomorrow!

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121 thoughts on “A Curse So Dark And Lonely Readalong: Day 1

  1. I love love love this book.

  2. I’m in love already.
    First person head hopping is my favourite kind of writing especially when the mains are equally as likeable.
    I think Harper is going to give Rhen some things to think about, like the way he would have treated his people once upon a time.
    Grey is adorable.
    Is it tomorrow yet?

    1. I really enjoy first person too! And yes, Grey is adorable!

  3. Loving it already! I love how Grey kind of reminds me of Chaol Westfall. Am I the only one who felt there could be something there between him and Harper especially when he taught her how to hold a dagger? ?
    But I got confused because I also loved the chemistry between Rhen and Harper, especially when they got to know each other in Chapter 9. I can’t wait for more ??

    1. Yes I agree. Harper and grey have a bit of chemistry there. And your right he does have a Chaol westfall feel to him

      1. mm really looking forward to seeing how this plays out? Because for now I can see how Harper would fall for Grey instead because they have that sort of chemistry…. but she also has chemistry with Rhen too? And the romantic in me wants this to be all fairy-tail.
        Plus the potential for a great friendship between Harper and Grey is palpable….

      2. Ooh yes I can see Chaol/ Dorian love triangle vibes. Although I did also wonder if there might have been something between Rhen and Grey – maybe that’s why he’s so standoffish!

    2. I agree about Harper and Grey maybe she will fall in love with him instead of Rhen or Grey will be jealous but that just me reading things the wrong way ha ha

    3. I thought the same thing! Chaol vibes!

    4. Agreed, he definitely gives me Chaol vibes! (But I love that he’s a little bit sassier, too!)

      1. Yes! Love sassy characters and I can see that in Grey. Love his sort of dark humor.

    5. I thought the same thing! They definitely have a bit of chemistry. He does give me Chaol vibes, but funnier? I haven’t read Throne of Glass in aaaaages so I don’t really remember anymore haha!

      1. Yeah, Chaol can be grumpy but Grey has a bit more humor to him <3

  4. Hey Anissa! Hey awesome nerds!

    This is my second time reading A Curse so Dark and Lonely, as I was lucky enough back in October 2018 to get an ARC of this beauty! ? But, as this is the first time reading the final, actual book, I’ll get straight to the point.

    At first, I was confused by the “seasons” and thought that Rhen was actually 327 years old in the body of an 18-year-old. But then things got crystal clear and I realised that he and Grey were both in a loop, reliving time and again the exact same days, from the day when Lilith cursed Rhen, to the end of each season, when he transforms into a beast. ? Holy guacamole! If this isn’t an original take in the classic fairy tale, I honestly don’t know what is.
    I mean, the Beast knew he had some sort of deadline to make a girl fall for him (“until the last petal falls” and all) or he would stay a beast forever. Rhen on the other hand is basically being tormented for all ETERNITY! Hoping… Turning into a beast… Hoping… Turning into a beast… And this has happened 326 times already!

    As for Harper… Gosh! I admire that girl so freaking much! She inspires me! Despite her disability she’s fierce and brave and strong-willed and sensitive, and maybe a bit reckless, but she somehow wants to do the right thing, regardless of the consequences. She doesn’t mind if she’s going to get hurt in the process.
    I honestly don’t know if I would’ve been brave enough to save a girl from a mysterious man in a dark alley. I don’t know if I would’ve been brave enough to save family from attackers, while the family’s house was being turned to ash. And yet, she did both of those things!

    The tension between her and Rhen is truly palpable, as Anissa mentioned, and it’s amazing how many Feysand vibes I get from them, right from the beginning. Don’t you? ?

    I left Grey last because… HE’S MY NEW FAVOURITE PAL! I could spend days with him training (even though Cassian will always be first in my heart).

    Basically, that’s all I can say for the time being, without delving into more spoilers because (sorry, not sorry) I’m currently on chapter 37. ? What can I say, folks? This book is unputdownable!

    See you all tomorrow! ?

    1. Ha! I totally feel some Feysand vibes! There is so much going on here and I just love it!! <3

      1. I know, right? ? Though Harper feels fiercer than Feyre, in my opinion.
        Still, there’s definitely a dark past and I can’t wait to find out what it is!

  5. I love this book! <3 I'am down to the final chapters and don't want it to end! I already searched if there is a second book coming out haha. Even though I don't now whats going to happen, I am very curious to find out.

    Groetjes from the Netherlands

    1. Me too! There is going to be a second book (which I didn’t know when I first read this!) and I am so excited for it!

      1. Great a second book I didn’t realise

  6. Hi Anissa!! Super glad to join this readalong! I am already ahead of schedule because I cant stop reading!! I am already loving this book! Its so engaging and full of mystery! I need to know more about the curse!!

    I am liking Harper so much! She is such a brave and snarky girl! Her interactions with Rhen and Grey are so entertaining. I can’t say I find Rhen all that dynamic but I just assume his dark and broody personality is due to reliving the curse for so many times. I originally thought he was 300 years old but now that the curse is better explained I can see the full picture.

    I hate Lilith. She gives me Amarantha vibes and I already want to cut the bitch and burn her. She is hateful.

    Grey is so interesting as well. I love the chemistry between him and Harper. I have a lowkey speculation he might end up with Harper and maybe the way the curse breaks is different. Or maybr its another way. They keep saying a girl has to fall in love, but Lilith hasnt exactly confirmed this I believe? Is it really a girl? Maybe Rhen has assumed this is the only way. I say this because it wouldnt be too off if maybe Grey and Rhen end up falling in love instead.

    Either way I am loving this book and cant wait to see what happens next!!

    1. I never though of that Rhen and Grey falling in love that would be great

    2. OMG I THOUGHT OF RHEN AND GREY FALLING IN LOVE TOO. Like maybe in all this time Grey has fallen in love with Rhen.

    3. Oh my gosh, YES! Whilst I was reading I was like she gives me such Amarantha vibes too! Ugh. Do not like either of them!

      And I’m so happy you’re loving the book! 😀

  7. So I’ve been hearing the hype for forever about this book and I love it!!! It pulls you in absolutely and I think the author manages to give so much backstory in such a short amount of time– from Rhen’s tortured and heavy past to the way that Harper is always kind of thought less capable by her brother. The tone switches from the different perspectives were fantastic and very noticeable, which I appreciated!

    This book hooked me in immediately and I can’t wait to continue on with the readalong .. it’s a bit of torture waiting (and I’ll probably end up reading ahead eventually because I have no self control).

    1. It really is amazing and pulls you right in! Brigid does an amazing job!

  8. Hi everyone
    Love your use of GIFs in this post ?

    I really enjoyed that we got to read about Rhen first. Harpers chapters haven’t really been coneting with me because there were a few thropes I didn’t like, but in a re-telling that totally fine. Also, how cooö is it to have üeotagonist with a bad leg – love those.

    Look forward to reading more of this book and I hope everyone is enjoying it ?

    1. Haha thank you! I love looking for all these Beauty and the Beast GIFs. 🙂

  9. I’m enjoying this book so much! I love anything slightly Beauty and the Beast related.

    Rhen is so mysterious and there are still so many secrets he is keeping about the curse from us and Harper. His empty castle make me so sad because Rhen and Grey have been alone for so long.

    There must be something else special about Grey as he has been able to fight back against the monster for so long and still be alive.

    And finally Harper you can feel her pain about being separated from her family, and that she is desperate to get back to them.

    I’m going to continue reading and get a head start on tomorrow’s chapters…

    1. The empty castle makes me sad too. Poor Grey and Rhen! <3

  10. Loving this book so far. I’m definitely getting ACOTAR vibes. Harper is amazing, I love how she just stands up for what’s right even when it puts her in danger.
    Rhen and Grey are interesting characters and there’s a lot we don’t know about them. I’m interested in finding out more.
    The character I’m most interested in though is Lilith. I’m wondering how evil she actually is since it sounds like Rhen was in no way a prince charming. I can’t wait until we find out what the circumstances were that lead upto the curse!

    1. Right! I am also very curious for Lilith and why she cursed him. She definitely feels like a well build villain. ?

    2. Yes! I get a bit of ACOTAR vibes too. I actually think I want to reread ACOTAR soon.. it’s been forever!

  11. it had me captured from the start, I love all the chapters so far and it is really exiting to read!

    1. So happy to hear that! 😀

  12. Hi all!
    I like the book so far, it’s easy to read. Is it going to be a love triangle? So far I’m not sure who my favourite character is. I was also wondering what happened to all the previous girls? Did Rhen kill all 327 of them?

    1. I was wondering about the other girls too!
      Do they get sent home somehow? Will time pass for them/their families they’ve left behind (already worrying about Jake and Harper’s mum too!).

    2. I never thought about the other girls I hope Rhen didn’t kill them all. That would be sad

    3. I wondered about that too!

    4. I think he only killed some of them… it’s awful. 🙁 And the author confirmed in our FairyScoop that there isn’t going to be a love triangle (although I definitely got love triangle vibes at times!).

  13. Hello everyone!
    I’m already enjoying this book a lot! I really like that Harper doesn’t just accept her situation and tries to get back to her family. I loved the scene in which Rhen and Grey both underestimated her and didn’t think she would be able to climb down the trellis (even though it was more of a fall).
    And I can’t wait to learn more about Rhen’s past and the origin of the curse!

    1. Me too! She is always proving them wrong. 🙂

  14. i missed the last two readalongs and now i’m finally back 0^0
    as you said the first line caught me off guard, I was going to read a page and then continue after my class, but guess what? I READ ALMOST 20 PAGES!!
    I loved Rhen, Grey and Harper so much from the first time I met them all, but dare I say GREY IS MY FAVORITE!
    He is calm, strong but then…. did yOU SEE HIM TALKING TO THE KIDS??? I LOVE HIM!
    i really enjoyed how the story is going, because it’s different from what i’ve read before
    the curse is unique somehow!
    if it’s going to be a love V i’ll die… coz i love them all so much it’s not fair 🙁
    hopefully i’ll manage my time and read the whole book in this week !^0^

    1. Yeah I would like to hear grey’s voice to that we be great

    2. Welcome back and haha that is amazing!!! Yes, this book totally sucks you in! PS. I love your profile picture!

  15. I’ve been holding off for this readalong and it has been difficult seeing the praise this book has had.

    I’m so glad I finally can dive in and boy do these first 9 chapters pack a punch. The world building is already up there. The characterisation is strong. I didn’t realise going into this that our ‘belle’ character was disabled. Such a good take on the story and feels fresh to read.

    Bring on tomorrow!

    1. I can imagine! Everyone is raving about this book, and I’m so happy it’s finally time for the readalong! 😀

  16. In love so far ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Yaay! I’m so happy to hear that!

  17. Hello Anissa and welcome with us for your first readalong as a host ?.

    I was excited to read this book (which was already in my tbr) and was waiting for the readalong so bad and what a great start it was ! I really like the characters so far and I want to learn more about that curse and everything !

    I do love multiple POV, I think it’s my favorite thing because when we’re only following one person it can be frustrating sometime not knowing what the other characters are doing especially if it’s something big and important for the story !

    1. Hi and thank you so much! <3

      I love multiple POV, and I love that it is multiple POV in first person. It's great we get to see inside Rhen and Harper's head. 😀

  18. Sped through these chapters so fast!
    This book is just the right amount of addictive that I love and really looking forward to cracking onwards (so might make a start on tomorrow’s chapters shortly…)

    It’s stressing me how worried for Jake and Harper’s mum I am though!

    Also really loving the disability representation, and so glad to hear that Brigid had sensitivity readers and such to help out 😀

    1. Yes! I breezed through these chapters. And yes, I was happy to hear she had sensitivity readers too. 🙂

  19. This is my first readalong, I didn’t get the Feb box and so bought the paperback as I wanted so much to readalong with everyone.

    I am enjoying this so much that I’ve already read ahead to the end of day 2! I love the twist on the curse so far; the fact that Rhen isn’t a beast when him and Harper first meet. I wonder how she will react when he turns!!! Will they warn her before it happens? She’s pretty tenancious, she’ll probably send the Beast running with its tail between its legs!

    Anyway, must go, need to keep reading! Enjoy

    1. That is amazing! 😀 And me too! It’s a great twist.

  20. Love this! I haven’t yet connected with Grey, but I sort of hope him and Harper get together. While I feel like I know that in the end Rhen and Harper will fall in love and break the curse, (tale as old as time, right!) I also want a twist. Rhen and Grey? What happened to everyone else? How do the girls get home after the season?
    So many questions!

    1. Omg yes! Rhen and Grey together would be awesome!!

  21. I’ve never read a retelling before, so this book would be my first. So far, I’m not sure about the story. However, I have only just started it so hopefully I will warm up to it. The one thing I love about this book though is how the author has included disabilities. There aren’t many books or films that talk about disabilities, and reading about a girl with cerebral palsy is interesting. It really shows how the character doesn’t let her disability stop her from doing things she would like to do.
    I am liking the prince and the commander. I think their characters are interesting too. I do like the commander’s personality when it comes to talking to the prince and then talking to Harper.
    I am liking how the story is playing out. There has been parts which made me laugh/smirk and other parts that made me feel bad for a character. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, and how Harper is going to cope being in a completely different world all together.
    This story is interesting to compare to the Disney Beauty and the Beast. I can see similarities but also changes to make the story her own. I am interested to see what happens next x

    1. I think it’s great that there is disability representation in this book too! 🙂 And I hope you’ll enjoy the next chapters!

  22. Just 74 pages into the book and I already love it. I really wanna see what happens next. ? And I really get the feeling that there will be some kind of love triangle between Harper, Rhen and Grey ? But I think we will see about that.

    1. I totally got love triangle vibes too!

  23. I’ve been really looking forward to this book, as I love Brigid Kemmerer’s contemporaries. And I flew through those first few chapters! Definitely getting serious Beauty and the Beast vibes so far, even though she’s tweaked some of the details. I’m not always keen on fantasy that mixes modern and medieval-esque but I think maybe I just need to settle into that a bit more.

    I love Harper! She’s so fierce and determined, and resourceful. I’m torn between wanting to see more of her chemistry with Grey and wanting to not have this turn into a stereotypical love triangle – but then I’m trying to have faith that even if it does go down the triangle route, Brigid Kemmerer is a good enough author to pull it off & make it her own. I’m intrigued by Rhen and Grey’s relationship too – not exactly friendly, not exactly antagonistic – I want to see more of how that develops.

    1. I’ve actually never read any of her contemporaries, but I loved this so I will have to try them someday (I rarely read contemporaries haha but her writing is amazing!)

  24. I am really loving this so far!
    I love that Harper is from our world and she goes in a complet different world. She had issues to understand what is going on. Also she has a disability and is not the perfect und beautiful girl as in the most books.
    I can´t wait to see what happens next.

  25. Wow. I’m absolutely stunned by what an amazing book this is turning out to be! Hands down one of my favourite Fairy Loot books so far! I am truly loving this story. I really like the way the book is paced, with the chapters going from character to character, and I always prefer first person stories, so the writing is a huge hit with me! ??

    First of all, let me say that I love the characters. I thought Rhen was a bit over the top angst at first, but I can definitely get why he’d be depressed in a situation like his. He seems to have been a bit (read:lot) of a jerk in the past, but I guess that’s changed over time.
    Harper is a real tough cookie, isn’t she? I adore her attitude and her commitment to what she’s doing. She’s certainly no damsel in distress!
    And, of course, Grey is a bit of an enigma at this point. He’s well trained and a bit stoic, but I wonder what’s going on inside his head? To be honest, if I was Harper, I’d be more drawn towards Grey than Rhen. The way he adjusted her hold on that dagger was just perfect. ?❤️

    Lilith seems pretty interesting. I wonder what her motivation is for cursing Rhen in the first place? Also, those people who were going to kill that family ‘in the name of the King’. Who were they talking about? Is there someone trying to sweep the kingdom from beneath Rhen’s paws? ?

    1. Yes, I LOVE the characters too! I’m so happy you’re loving this book so much! ❤️

  26. It’s written very well in my opinion; it’s easy to read and also fast.
    I love the tension between the three characters already and because it’s s retelling it doesn’t need to set false ideas what could happen. That’s a different kind of relaxing ready where you just can sit, chill and watch the story enrolling itself – I love such!
    Harper is a real character, driven mostly by her strong mind and her caring soul, which is quiet nice and I really enjoy a disabled person being featured. Especially as beautiful and also lovable. Quiet important!

    1. I agree! I love the writing, and Brigid did so well creating tension between Rhen, Harper and Grey. 😀

  27. I love how brave and rebellious Harper is, she’s so cool!
    I majorly swooned when Rhen and Grey stormed in on horseback with their mad lethal skills to protect Harper ?

  28. Hi Anissa and readers.

    Wow what can I say? I am loving this book already. wow Rhen, 327 (5 years) at 18 with a curse hows is he coping? This book has made me laugh a lot and we have only read 9 chapters. I also love how Brigid has put a disability in the book more authors should do that. I love the pov we get to see both Harpers and Rhens point of view which is great and funny. I like all 3 charters they are so different but i like Harper the best nothing can keep the girl down.

    looking forward for tomorrow day 2

    1. Right?! Poor Rhen! And yes, I had so many moments too where I had to laugh – I love it!

  29. Enjoying the book so far. The Rhen and Harper are very strong characters and feel Grey has a quiet strength in the background. Whilst obviously it’s a Beauty and the Beast retelling, so I assume Harper and Rhen will get together, I would kinda like Rhen and Grey to get together, partly because that would be a little different, and partly because I cant see how Harper with her can-do attitude and family commitments would be happy in a Royal relationship with the rules that would come with it….
    Really looking forward to reading the rest and seeing how it goes.

    1. I could totally see Rhen and Grey together haha! I love all three characters so much.

  30. I am so happy to be reading this book! It was one of my most anticipated releases for this year! Thank you for choosing this book for the box!

    So I’m already hooked. I’m loving the world, that mix between our world and this magic world… and the characters are so intriguing… I want to know more! I can’t wait to keep reading tomorrow..

    So, Harper was kind of badass with the horses, I loved it! I need to know more about Rhen and Grey(Chaol Westfall vibes…) is there going to be a love triangle? We’ll see…

    See you tomorrow!

    1. Yay! It was one of my most anticipated releases too and I adore it! It hooks you in so quickly, and even though there are so many pages I totally flew through them.

  31. This is my first time participating in a Fairyloot readalong and I must say, I’m loving it so far!! I’m forcing myself to stay within the given limits of the readalong instead of jumping ahead but it’s so much harder than I expected. I didn’t come into this book thinking that I’d love it, despite the many rave reviews I’ve seen; I’m not a huge fairytale retelling fan so I didn’t know what to think. But UGH, I was pulled in right from the beginning! I can’t wait to continue reading along tomorrow, too.

    1. Welcome to your first ever readalong! I’m so excited for you to be here! I find it hard to stop at the given chapters too, haha!

  32. Totally with you on the first line and yes I’m loving the dual perspective. I kind of wish we had a bit from Grey’s POV too. I really like him. Especially when he was playing with the kids.

    I also enjoyed how the enchantress is still they tormenting – this is a new tweak on the tale.

    It seems like Rhen has already been through a transformation to a better person (you’d hope so after 327 years!).

    Harper is super badass and I love her. She reminds me of Nessa in The Call (she also has a disability – in her case polio) in terms of her determination and sass. Harper also has a strong moral compass despite what she and her brother have to do. I’m intrigued about why her brother kept his relationship with Noah a secret.

    Excited to read on.

    1. I think there is going to be Grey’s perspective in the 2nd book… but I’m not sure! I love the dual POV too!

      1. Ooh ?? For Grey’s POV

  33. This is the first retelling I’ve ever read and am really enjoying it! The writing style is very easy to read and the story is moving along very quickly. I wonder what has happened to all the other girls? Are they alive somewhere? Are they plotting revenge for being kidnapped? I am also very interested in the “bad guys” that set the family’s house on fire. What kind of gang are they apart of? Will there be a battle with them?

    1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! I personally love retelling books hehe! 😀

  34. I love how this story gets going right away (we don’t waste any time in the regular world) and hooks you from the very beginning! I wasn’t sure if I’d get into this, but this take on B&B is so unique and fresh. Harper, Rhen, & Grey are dynamic and captivating so far and I can’t wait to see what happens as Harper continues to shake things up.

    1. Yes! It totally pulls you in and doesn’t waste any time. 🙂

  35. I’m really loving this book already. Rhen definitely has that tragic beast character, his last chance, and he almost doesn’t care if he just dies already. Although Grey does have chemistry with Harper, Rhen has that quiet strength. I love how spunky she is, her own person. But when Rhen and Grey came upon her with the woman and kids, she seemed to surrender her defensiveness a little more quickly than I expected. I can’t wait to keep reading…

    1. Me too! She really is her own person. Rhen is such a precious cinnamon roll!

  36. That was definitely quite the starting chapter. I’m definitely loving Grey! I like that Harper is fierce, but I’m hoping to learn more about her as we progress. I feel like I’ve learned more about her family and her brother than her.

    1. Yes! I love Grey and live for his snide comments haha.

  37. Love it so far! Like everyone i sped through the chapters no problem. Love the dual POVs. I like getting all the character perspectives

    So as far as where the romance will go i need that to develop some more before making predictions. I mainly am curious right now why if magic was not allowed in everfall did rhen get cursed… and how only rhen and grey reset and not all of his family… yeah thats my thoughts right now

    Stoked for tomorrow ??

    1. Me too! It’s so great getting multiple POV’s, and this is done so well!

  38. I am loving this book so far! I definitely felt that Harper and Grey had more chemistry than Harper and Rhen did to start off, but I could see the possibility of their being more as the book progresses between R and H.
    I’m really enjoying the book so far. I like the duel POV’s a lot, I’m not always a big fan of them but I think for this book it works really well.
    I’m really loving Harper and Grey as characters; Harper’s so stubborn and determined, and Grey’s so sassy, I love it. I feel like Rhen has his guard up and isn’t willing or isn’t used to showing his true self. So, I’m not 100% sure of him just yet. But I know I don’t like Lilith at all.

    1. I agree – multiple POV can be amazing if it is done well and I think Brigid does an amazing job. 😀

  39. This is my first readalong, so I am excited to get stuck into this book. Beauty and the Beast retellings are my favourite. So far I haven’t been able to put down the book however, I did force myself to stop at chapter 10. As some have already said I feel that Grey and Harper have more chemistry than Rhen and Harper. I would love to read a Grey POV just to see what he thinks of Harper.

    Also, I love that Harper has a disability but doesn’t let it get in her way and makes her more relatable, especially for someone like me who has a moderate disability, albeit an invisible one.
    Can’t wait to read the next set of chapters.

    1. Welcome to your first readalong! 😀

      Yes, Harper is awesome and definitely doesn’t let anything stand in her way.

  40. Happy Reading Everyone! This is my first read along ever?. I am loving this book. I think the 2 POV’s are really helpful because you’re not left guessing in this story.
    I’m incredibly impressed with Harper. Although she has a disability she is fierce and brave and unapologetically defiant. I’m so happy she’s not the stereotypical poor pitiful girl in need of saving that has such a terrible thing as a disability. It doesn’t define her existence❤️
    So far I’m on the fence with Rhen. I need to know how bad he was to receive such a curse.
    Now for Grey. I think my take is a different than everyone else’s right now. I’m not leaning toward a love triangle☹️ I saw the dagger help as him trying to gain her trust and a possible foreshadowing of teaching/preparing her to be the one to fight and defeat Lilith.
    Harper and Rhen, Harper and Grey, Grey and Rhen………I have no idea. I’m thoroughly enjoying the story and can’t wait to see what happens next!

    1. I don’t see a love triangle either! But I can see a little Rhen and Grey!

    2. Welcome to your very first readalong!! 😀 And yes, Harper is amazing. I think she might be one of my favourite characters of all time.

  41. I love this book so far! The different pov’s is great AND there is always something that gets me when it comes to someone from our time being dropped into something from the past or something magical. So enticing!!! Can’t wait for more ?

    1. Yes! I love the dual POV! 😀

  42. I usually hate dual POV, but writing it in first person is fantastic! I’m really enjoying it.
    I also really like Harper, she’s not a damsel in distress in the usual type of way, more in the damsel in distress but don’t need no man type of way!

    I really like Grey. I think he is my favourite so far. His presence is so large in each chapter that he is mentioned and it’s clear Rhen relies on him a lot.

    Rhen definitely seems like he wasn’t such a great person, he has learnt humility but lost hope, but it does mention that a little hope seeps in when Harper holds onto him on the way to the inn.

    I can’t wait for the next chapters!

    1. Yes! And I definitely agree with your thoughts on Rhen. 🙂

  43. Hi all –

    Wow I wasn’t sure what I would think of this book but I was into it with that first sentence. And today’s pages just flew by!! I love all 3 of our MCs and also that they are all very different. I like that Harper is brainy and using that to work out her surroundings (grabbing practical clothing instead of the gowns, packing food for her escape) and I love that Grey is a big ole softie (making faces with the kiddos).

    I’m really excited to get more backstory about everyone and to see what happens next.

    1. So happy you’re enjoying it! They are such amazing characters and these first chapters just flew by!

  44. Ok, so I joined in late last night. And I love it already.

    Harper is so feisty, despite her cerebral palsy, not letting anything get in her way. I love her!
    Rhen, the cursed prince, I think could be a real sweetheart underneath his royal exterior.
    Grey, I like this one. He might be the Commander, but that little scene when he’s playing peekaboo with the children in the village gave his character more depth that I wasn’t expecting.

    I really didn’t like it when the men attacked that mother and went for the baby first. I honestly thought he’d killed the baby. I had Girls of Paper and Fire flashbacks (if you’ve read it you’ll know what I mean). Emotional trauma!

    Definitely sensed some chemistry between Grey and Harper. But is there a little bit between Grey and Rhen. Love me some LGBT storylines Haha.

    1. I’m so happy you’re loving it! Harper really is so amazing! 😀

  45. The opening sentence was a good one and directly dragged me into the book. I liked the POV switches because it’s clearly indicated who’s view it was.
    I really liked the story so far, but didn’t enjoy Lilith as much, the name alone is a bit bland and it also makes me wonder if she’s reliving the seasons too or if she can hop in and out? She did mention 5 years have passed. And I did find it a bit too forced onto the story to now after 326 seasons to call it the last one.

    I don’t have much thoughts yet, but I’m enjoying it and I look forward to reading the next chapters.

    1. The opening sentence really was great and had me hooked!

  46. I don’t think I have that many thoughts yet about the first chapters but I’m totally shipping Rhen and Grey. I’m not the only one who saw their chemistry, right? I also love Harper’s attitude but I’m definitely not surprised because Brigid Kemmerer always writes feisty female MCs. I love that! Also, am a bit intrigued by Lilith. I definitely wanna know the full story there.

    1. I can totally see the chemistry there and I think I need to read Brigid’s other books! She’s amazing.

  47. I really enjoy this book so far. And you are right, that waa an amazing first sentence.
    Also I really love the interactions between the characters. I am almost 100% sure we’ll get a love triangle although I hope not. I do not like love triangles at all…. ‘Cause it’s a B&B retelling I would assume Harper will end up with Rhen… It would be refreshing to let the curse end another way… maybe it will. I have hope 😉
    I truly enjoy the characters themselves as well, good to see a female protagonist with a disability. And I enjoy the different POV’s, I would like one from Greys POV as well.
    Really curious how the story will continue.

    1. I’m so happy you’re enjoying it! Rhen, Harper and Grey are so great. 😀

  48. I love this book and I just read 9 chapters, like… I’m falling in love with a retelling of the beauty and the beast and this is the best thing ever (no, I’m kidding I still have at least 100 books to fall in love too).

    The characters seems so great already, especially Harper. I like her sharp and warrior attitude. Hope she will developed well.
    Rhen is interesting and I’m so excited to know more about him and the curse.
    Grey is the mysterious guy, I don’t feel anything right now for this character but I think it will become better and better!

    Can’t wait to read the next chapters! I can feel this book will a new fav

    1. This book is definitely a favourite of mine! I’m so happy you’re loving it too. 😀

  49. The start of this book really hooks you and doesn’t let you go. It is really inspiring to see such a strong female protagonist with a disability in a story as well. I can definitely see chemistry happening between Rhen, Harper and Grey or a love triangle.

  50. I really like the dual POV, it permit us to know more about the characters.
    Also, you go Harper! Start the drama fighting xD
    Lilith, you’re a disgrace to our name. Bad karma for you

  51. This was fantastic from the start and quite different from other Beauty and the Beast retellings that I have read. I always love multiple POV’s because you get to see situations from more than one perspective. I think it also helps us to empathize with Rhen and know that he isn’t the “monster” he is made out to be. The real villain in this story is actually Lilith!!!

    I like how Harper doesn’t let her so called weaknesses get in the way of her determination. She is such a fighter and it is already obvious that she is so much different than any of the other girls they have brought to break the curse.

    I look forward to seeing what happens next.

  52. Hi Anissa (and all other Fairylooters), your use of the word ‘kafuffle’ made me smile, it’s the sort of language I often use.

    I’ve really been looking forwards to reading A Curse so Dark and Lonely, it has so many good reviews. The first few chapters have not disappointed me and I was tempted to continue after the nine chapters but refrained (and was then too busy over the next two days to read anything).
    I am curious as to whether the people that Rhen have killed will remain dead after the curse is broken or if they will come back.

    It was really interesting when the people burning down the house said they were doing it in the name of the crown. Whose crown? Is somebody invading or are they using Rhea’s name and absence to get what they want.

    Just FYI, Lilith is the name of a demon so that is probably why the name is often used for evil characters.

    Now, onwards to chapter ten.

  53. Omg I’m loving it!!
    For now I really like Grey’s character ? it does remind me a little of Challenges Westfall (as someone in the comments said) and I just love his interactions with Harper.
    I’m so excited to see how this story goes on !!

  54. As you can tell I am a late reader!

    But YESSS! I am loving for this book! I adore the prescriptive shifting between chapters. 🙂

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