A Fate Inked In Blood Readalong: Day 3!

Beautiful photo by @giota_the_reader!

Hello fairies!

I hope that you’re all loving A Fate Inked in Blood by Danielle L. Jensen so far! I love the story so much but the tension between Freya and Bjorn is killing me!

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Today we’ll be reading from chapter 17 to the end of chapter 22, let’s dive back in!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for A Fate Inked in Blood by Danielle L. Jensen from Chapter 17 to the end of Chapter 22. Please only read on if you have finished this section!


Bjorn is super sweet and considerate as he lets Freya sleep whilst he stays awake to make sure she’s kept warm by his axe’s flame. I am officially in love with him!

Hopefully, soon they’ll discuss the tension between them, even though Freya talks herself out of admitting her scandalous thoughts about him! If I were her, I would’ve told him already!

The Gothi (priest) they meet once they are out of the cave, explains that they have to enter Fjalltindr with everyone else. This doesn’t bode well, as all the other Jarl’s are out to harm Freya.

To enter the sanctuary of Fjalltindr, Freya and Bjorn must honour each of the gods by name. That’s going to be a very long process, I’m scared they’ll be noticed by the other Jarl even though they are in disguise as Gothi.

It seems to be going well until a commotion is caused and Bjorn, ever the saviour, defends Freya. Luckily, Snorri arrives and assists Bjorn in defeating the Jarl and his men.

Can we discuss how much I dislike Snorri? He uses the thralls as bait for the other Jarl’s to make sure he makes the ascent up the mountain. I feel like he will sacrifice anyone to be King.

Freya and Bjorn leave Snorri to deal with the aftermath of the fight and enter the hall of gods and goddesses. Somehow King Harald of Nordeland is there? How was he allowed in?

I’m intrigued by King Harald insinuating that he and Snorri are old friends, I wonder what made them fall out? Harald even claims he did not harm Bjorn’s mother!

As Freya lets her temper take the best of her, she insults Harald and brings up Hel again – the ground rumbles when she does this. I think Freya’s second tattoo gives her power over Hel, what do you think?

Freya’s very selfless and protective of those she loves, she prays for others but not herself. She even prays for Bjorn!

The time has come for her to give a sacrifice to the gods. All at once the gods appear to everyone referring to Freya as that of two bloods. Is she a child of two gods?

Why is Freya leaving the safety of the hall? Does she not realise everyone’s out to get her? I think this is a bad idea Freya!

As much as she can, she eavesdrops on Harald conspiring with someone. Freya believes it’s Ylva, that makes the most sense as they both dislike each other and Ylva seems to hate Bjorn.

When Bjorn catches her outside they have to ‘fake’ kiss to not be noticed by Harald’s soldiers. They have finally kissed and I’m so happy about it!

Bjorn believes that Freya was faking all that she felt in the moment when it’s very obvious she wasn’t. How can he not realise?!

Eventually, they go back over to the hall to find Snorri furious at Ylva and Bjorn – which they both deserve as they left Freya alone. Unfortunately, Ylva has an alibi as to where she was! The alibi is a female Jarl named Bodil who claims to be friends with Ylva and offers her loyalty to Freya, not Snorri!

Bjorn claims to be with a Seer who told him that an ‘unwatched hearth spits the hottest embers‘. As a result, they all rush back to Haslar to make sure that everyone left behind is safe.

Bodil advises Freya that she can control her fate and that the god’s riddles can’t be taken as true, Bodil even insinuates Snorri is wrong in his interpretation of the prophecy. Hopefully, Freya will listen to the advice… but I doubt it.

Once they’ve arrived at Halsar, they find everything burnt down and destroyed. There were few survivors with Lief being part of them!

In retribution for the attack, Snorri encourages everyone to raid Gnut’s village. Even Freya becomes caught up in the frenzy!

Bodil is telling Freya about how her magic works, I have a feeling Bodil knows Freya’s true feelings for Bjorn and his for her. Bjorn made Freya a new salve for her burn! This man is so sweet and soft, but he needs to be more careful or people will realise his feelings for Freya.

I’m enjoying this new relationship between Freya and Bodil. When Freya admits her doubts, Bodil reassures her that she is worth following! Does this mean Freya could unite Skaaland alone?

Freya pushing Bjorn away to instead stay with Bodil only hurts them both. She is just trying to protect him from his father – their feelings for each other will get them killed.

Freya and Bjorn have finally kissed, but I feel like this will only make the tension grow hotter!

Do you believe King Harald is the bad guy?
Do you think Bodil will betray Freya?
How are you feeling about the kiss?

So excited to keep reading this one with you, fairies!


64 thoughts on “A Fate Inked In Blood Readalong: Day 3!

  1. Wow so many things have happened here!

    I love how badass Freya is. All the events with all the jarls there and how defiant she is, questioning everything. I have a bad feeling about Bjorn now… I don’t believe it was Ylva that was speaking at the tent with the other leader. I believe there is something going on there 👀. Maybe Bjorn’s mom is still alive?

    Let’s talk about how hot that kissing was! I was screaming, finally they were kissing and then… interrupted. 😭 I swear this slow burn will kill me!

    I was also sad to see Liv die… I actually cried, but we see that there are too many open “battlefields there”. I am glad to see that Freya is about to have some female, badass friends and that they are going to train her. Can’t wait to read more!

    1. I feel like there will be lots of deaths in this story! 💔

      1. I also wanted to add that I have entered the giveaway and my IG handle is @kalliopi_reads 🥰

  2. This is my first read-alpng and I’m very excited. I’m really liking this book.

    I think there is more to King Harald and I suspect Sorri isn’t telling us everything about what happened there.

    Bodily is an interesting character, especially as a female Jarl. I think she’ll have a positive influence on Freya. She gives me neutral vibes rather than traitor vibes, if you know what I mean. But who knows!

    I’m here for some resolution to the slow burn, the tension is killing me… I just can’t see a way around the fact that Freya is Sorri’s wife, unless Sorri bites the dust *sniggers*

    The teo blood and two God’s angle is fascinating. It seems obvious to me that’s it’s Hel. I caught a couple of nods to Freya’s rage and maybe that’s where the connection comes from or where it has an impact on her. The other Goddess is also evident in her wanting to always protect others.

    I’ll probably finish it today, a little early because I can’t wait!

    1. I’m so glad you are enjoying it! It’s fine to finish the book early! 🥰

    2. I’ve now shared on Instagram as well, my handle is @Licia27

  3. I don’t think he’s a bad guy but I don’t think he’s necessarily good either. I want to know more about his relationship with Bjorn.

    I hope she won’t betray Freya. I think she might be the first person to fully believe in her and hopefully will be a good ally.

    The kiss was so good! I can’t believe Freya doesn’t think he likes her. I need more!

    1. I hope she will be a good ally as well! 💜

    2. I’ve entered my photo and my Instagram is @dnjreads

  4. I literally wanted to die when they finally kissed, the tension is killing me as much as it’s killing poor Feyra! I am still convinced that Bjorn is working with the opposing king, and that maybe that entire kidnapping situation isn’t what it seems to be!

    I am obsessed with this new all woman group we’ve been introduced too and I am super happy Feyra is going to train with them (and yes I died when Bjorn seemed jealous by this).

    I’ve entered the readalong competition! My insta handle is _spiritbound_ ! Good luck to all those entering, I can’t wait to see all the photos!

    1. I love that Freya now has a little girl group! 💜

    2. I call it a fake out make out!

  5. Entered! Instagram: @blessedbythecauldron

  6. I love this book so much, it’s so captivating and so hard to put down.

    I actually don’t think King Harald is the bad guy. For me the bad guys are Snorri and Ylva. I despise them both and their actions. I think we will see more of Kind Harald and learn more about the history between him and Bjorn. Perhaps he will join Freya as well later because I still believe it’s Freya who will unite the lands (and with Bjorn, not Snorri).

    I don’t want to think that Bodil will betray Freya. She seems genuine and swore loyalty to Freya, not Snorri, so I think she will aid only Freya and will be her friend too. I really like Bodil so far and it’s impressive that she’s the first female jarl.

    I loved the kiss, Freya and Bjorn are perfect for each other. But at the same time it’s super dangerous to them both, especially if Ylva or Snorri would find out. I can’t wait when they actually get together because it can’t go any other way, right?

    I’m also entering the giveaway, my handle is @theadventuresofgerda

    1. The kiss was perfection! 💜

  7. These last couple of chapters were amazing, but I’m really hoping that Freya will stand up to Snorri. It is becoming more and more obvious that he is just using her to push his own image, obviously, but that he truly does not care if she lives or dies. Snorri cannot do any of this without Freya, but he is constantly putting her in danger. Snorri is just starting to irritate me in general. He does not care about his people or his children, he is constantly putting them in danger. He can’t become king if everyone is dead.

    I don’t know if I have any real thoughts on King Harald yet. We have barely met the man and at the moment it seems as though he wants to keep Skaland as individual Jarldoms because then he truly does not have to fear an uprising, which makes sense. Doesn’t make him good in anyway, but I also would not want my kingdom invaded.

    I need Freya to realize that is has Gods blood, and TWO gods blood. It doesn’t seem like she’s made that connection yet, but she is unfated, they state this all the time, and yet it seems as though she doesn’t try to change her fate, she just goes along with what everyone is telling her too. I know they have her family under an axe, but her family sucks and they truly do not care about her, they only care about what her status can get them, they showed this by marrying her off to Vragi.

    I think Bodil truly just wants what is best for Freya, and that is to realize that she is more powerful than she thinks. Freya could easily off Snorri and choose her own fate but doesn’t. As for the kiss it was about time that’s for sure.

  8. I’m going to be completely honest here, I finished the book last night. I couldn’t put it down. I was trying so hard to stick to the schedule, but I just wanted to inhale this book. I loved it so much.

    As for this chunk of the book, this is when Snorri was really starting to get on my nerves. Everything that came out of his mouth was just infuriating. I wanted someone to just tell him to shut up.

    I don’t even know if this is a trope or not, or what it would even be called. But I just love it when two characters who have been secretly pining after each other have to kiss as part of a diversion. It makes me laugh every time. I love it.

    Anyway that’s all I’m going to say for now!

    I’ve posted my pic on instagram! My handle is @allicyn.a 🙂

    1. It is one of the best tropes! 💜

  9. I don’t think King Harald is the bad person here. He may not necessarily be a good person, but I don’t think he’s the big baddie. I think Snorri is, but that could be because of my strong dislike for the man. How he thinks all Freya’s achievements reflect his favour by the Gods and his jammering on about tests makes my blood boil.

    I’m almost certain it was Bjorn meeting with King Harald, and that they have a plan to take down Snorri and Ylva in revenge for Bjorn’s mother.

    I love Freya’s character, but she seems very naive to me. I think Bodil will choose whatever path serves her and her people best.

    Finally, there was a kiss! I love it. But I long for the moment they let their feelings out and kiss for real.

    I will be posting a picture under @anne.h.reads

    1. I agree, it is time they admit their true feelings! 💜

  10. I don’t normally wish for a kiss to happen but this one was long comming and so satisfying. But I wish for more, of course!
    Love how the tension is building between Bjorn and Freya.
    As for Bodil is giving me interesting vibes. I love she is a female jarl and she defends her space from men. I loved that part with the dance and fencing men away. And it’s probably her friendship with Ylva that makes me think better of Ylva.
    I’m not sure it was her though with Harald. I am not even sure it was a plan to betray her because she only heard parts of the story and doesn’t even know who were talking. Freya sometimes jumps to conclussions too easily.

    1. Freya does jump at conclusions far too quickly, without all of the facts! 💜

  11. Love this book entering the giveaway my handle is @tweetybugshouse

  12. This is still good, I’m waiting for some more truths to come to light. I think she is wrong about it being Ylva she saw with Harald and it was actually Bjorn.

    She’s gonna be mad when she finds out.

    I don’t think Harald is the bad guy.

    I am not sure about Bodily – she seems too smart to bet against Freya.

    I also tried to respond to a comment but I think it went astray – it was about how when the characters have to kiss for a diversion – I call this a fakeout makeout. I didn’t make this up but not sure where it comes from?

    I will post a picture on Instagram to enter the comp – I’m @onlybooksiveread

  13. I really liked this section and am having a hard time convincing myself to put the book down and stick to the buddy read! We’ll see if I make it through the night 😂

    Also, I posted to instagram; my handle is @emilysbookadventure

  14. Do you believe King Harald is the bad guy? – no I don’t I still think Yvla had something to do with Bjorns moms death and Bjorn is secretly working with king Harald. I think if this is the case I think Snorri still believes it was King Harald though.

    Do you think Bodil will betray Freya?
    – I hope not – it’s feels like Freya has made a connection to her and her women warriors which must be a nice change for her.

    How are you feeling about the kiss?
    – I loved it then hated how Bjorn thought Freya felt about it so frustrating. Maybe he is pretending and wanted Freya to say something.

    Really enjoying this one so far – potential 5 star read ⭐️

    1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the book! 🥰

  15. King Harald is not giving me bad guy vibes, yet… I’m not convinced he’s the enemy Snorri wants us to think he is! I think there’s more to he and Bjorn’s story…

    So far I really like Bodil, but that makes me nervous because none of these Vikings seem trustworthy 🤣 I am hoping she can teach Freya a little more about being a strong, badass woman 💪🏻

    Kiss was GREAT, but man oh man do these two have some restraint! 🥵

    I am very nervous headed into this attempt to take over the fortress 🫠

    Will come back tomorrow when I’ve entered the giveaway; this is what happens when you read in the middle of the night and can’t take a nice picture 🤣

    1. Reading at night is the best though! 💜

  16. Finally a book i can’t put down anymore, it’s so exciting, I love it <3 The special edition is so beautiful. 🙂
    I've entered the giveaway as well! @nocturnal_drawings

  17. I Love the Book so Far, I can’t wait for Freya and Bjorn to be Together

    Entered the Competition

    Handle = @Moonacre_Books

  18. omg so much happened in these chapters !!

    i was so happy that they finally kissed – the tensionnn 🔥🔥

    i need them to stop playing around

    i also don’t think Kind Harald is a bad guy … he’s not giving bad guy vibes (at this current moment) but i still don’t know how to feel about Bodil I hope she’s good (i don’t want a betrayal to happen)

    also i posted for the giveaway @bookish.lil

    1. They do need to stop being on and off again! 💜

  19. I don’t know. He doesn’t seem that bad and I think he has a strong connection to Bjorn, who seems to know him very well and like him. And to be honest we already have Snorri. Can’t get worse than that🙈😅

    I could imagine that Bodil could betray her but only with good intentions. She seems really nice and focused on her community.☺️

    The kiss was highly anticipated by me. Also it seems as if it deflects from the situation at hand. Still love it cause I loooove them together!🤩

    I will be entering as @leilas_little_library and come back to this comment once I posted to confirm☺️

    1. Snorri is truly one of the worst characters ever! 💜

    2. Posted my picture under @leilas_little_library.🤗

  20. Maybe she’s connected to Hel as well as Hlin. 🤔 Whenever she says she wants to send someone to Helheim, something definitely happens. Ylva doesn’t want Freya to screw up the ritual but makes her hallucinate on mushroom tea – yeah, makes sense. The gods made an appearance that even Bjorn could see. “Child of 2 bloods,” being ripped in 2, 2 god’s blood tattoos… how does she not see that she’s more than JUST a child of Hlin? My guess is: Snorri made up the story that King Harald killed Saga (maybe he/Ylva accomplished that task & sought a scapegoat), Bjorn doesn’t try to leave Nordeland & doesn’t speak ill of Nordelanders because he knows/suspects this? It seems like Steinunn could also be the hooded woman going to harm Freya &/or Bjorn as much as Ylva (there’s been no mention of her having children, but she’s been made out to be a spy for Snorri, so maybe she’s a double spy). As I heard that Bjorn’s seer said “an unwatched hearth spits the hottest embers” I thought “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” – maybe Ylva starting shit, & the “an untended hall is formed of the driest kindling” part made me think about Freya’s needs/desires be untended, especially by her husband(s). I didn’t even think about Halsar’s great hall (among other things) being left untended until Ylva brought it up. If you find yourself agreeing with Snorri, maybe you should take a step back to rethink things. 😬 Jarl Bodil & her truth telling gift is certainly adding depth to everything. Skald Steinunn’s song about Freya defeating the draug is creepy. I don’t think any of it should’ve been from Steinunn’s perspective at all, & the odd discrepancy Freya noticed before she collapsed in real life is giving a red flag.
    Daily Q&A:
    1.) Do you believe King Harald is the bad guy?
    2.) Do you think Bodil will betray Freya?
    3.) How are you feeling about the kiss?
    1.) I can’t say 100% yes. Then again, I definitely can’t say 100% yes about Snorri either. Maybe King Harald is the lesser of 2 evils if he is a bad guy.
    2.) She is friends with Ylva who obviously harbors ill will towards Freya. From the encounters I’ve read of her so far though, I don’t think she would, at least *intentionally.* I hope not since she could be a positive figure in Freya’s life where her family & friends failed to support her.
    3.) I need them to stop assuming the other’s motives & confess to each other already! I still believe she could tell him about having never consummated the marriage to Snorri, having taken a blood oath instead without breaking said blood oath due to the wording. The kiss needs to be more than just a kiss already!
    *I’ve already posted my  #VikingFairy photo under @TupaKitty_Reads 🤞🏼🤞🏼*

  21. It was 3 am and I was stuck in the middle of the chapters. Kept on saying to myself that it’ll be my last one.
    I’ve also posted on my instagram @bookdragon_au 💙

  22. entered! @juliasmith_tas

  23. I really loved the kiss and the tension in this book! I don’t trust anyone! I think someone is going to betray Freya, but I don’t know who, I’m suspecting even Bjorn, I don’t trust that he really hates Harald.
    It seems Harald is the bad guy for kidnapping Bjorn, but it’s suspicious as a parent that you don’t try to rescue him for so long.
    I like Bodil, I hope she just wants to be help Freya.

    1. The tension is so good! 💜

  24. I totally forgot to come in here and put my handle! It’s @thebooksnek 😊

  25. This book is crazy addictive!!

    And I have entered the give away and my instagram handle is @elsalotta_

  26. I have entered. @under_the_aurora.borealis

  27. So much is happening! Some current theories/ comments before I get to questions.

    – I have a note in my reading journal of “literal human shield” about how Freya protected Bjorn at the gate to the holy place ahaha

    – “child of two bloodlines” definitely means Freya was blessed by two gods (no matter that she believes it’s just human/ god nothing special)

    – Whoever is working with Harald MUST be blessed by Loki and can change their appearance (and met with Harald wearing Ylva’s face, because Ylva still being spy reveal occurring before halfway makes me think it’s a midirect haha). Which is TERRIFYING!

    – Though I do have a big question: do they take on the powers of the person whose face they use? Because if they do… I’m less trustful of Steinunn, especially since she supposedly came late to the mountain. And Freya’s comments about the unknown red laces in the vision… Did she mask herself and follow them through the draug passage? Or was the red laces comments just to show that others recounting your tale is unreliable and never 100% correct.

    Okay questions:

    1) Do you believe King Harald is the bad guy?

    He is A bad guy, but I bet the true history isn’t what we’ve been told to believe. I don’t think he’ll be THE bad guy.

    2) Do you think Bodil will betray Freya?

    I hope not. I like Bodil a lot.

    3) How are you feeling about the kiss?

    THE TENSION! They’re both in denial about their feelings.

    1. The tension before and after the kiss is so good! 💜

  28. Snorri drives me insane!!!! Oh my GOSH!!!!! I just don’t care for him?!? And I hate how he makes everything about himself and the gods viewing him.

    I enjoyed the fake but real make out and I just know they’re not gonna be able to resist each other!!!

    I feel like Harald isn’t gonna be bad per say but not good either? Idk about him… I’m worried about the convo Freya overheard… I’m worried Bodil is the one she heard not Ylva??? Idk… ylva seems too obvious

    Im really sad about liv! She was a cool character and im like man lost opportunity!!! But hopefully Bodil WILL be an ally and a cool friend to Freya

    1. Liv’s death did upset me as well! 💜

  29. 1. Do you believe King Harald is the bad guy?
    I’m not sure. I believe that Snorri believes him to be the bad guy, but I feel like there is more to the story

    2. Do you think Bodil will betray Freya?
    I hope not! I actually really like Bodil haha

    3. How are you feeling about the kiss?
    FINALLY! That was really all I could think of when reading it hahahah

    Entered via my bookstagram account @lisashelves

  30. I’ve posted my photo on

    Instagram handle @sakurablossom95

  31. No I don’t believe that King Harald is completely bad
    I’m not sure about bodil but Freya looks up to her a lot
    I’m so excited that they finally kissed! Such a great read so far
    Update: I’ve posted my entry Instagram: jewlya__

  32. I’m not sure what to think of King Harald, especially after he said that he didn’t harm Bjorn’s mum and that he and Snorri used to be old friends. I wonder what happened then. Was there a misunderstanding? Did someone conspired to make them become enemies? Is Snorri lying about King Harald? And if King Harald is not actually the evil figure they wanted us to believe, could it be that his relationship with Bjorn is more of a friendly one than what they led us to believe?

    I’m also not sure who is the person talking to King Harald when Freya spied on them. Was it really Ylva? Or maybe Bjorn and he is actually a double agent working with King Harald? Or maybe it was Steinunn, since the figure with bad intentions that was trying to enter the place where Freya was sleeping was a female one?

    I was sad to see Liz die. I’m also intrigued by Bodil. I like her. I think she is very interesting and could become the mentor figure that Freya so needs now.

    I have entered the giveaway and my Instagram handle is @eleanorofwinterdale

  33. Entered! My instagram is @elfs_bookshelf

  34. Entered! My handle is @clingingontobooks

    The “kiss” by the tree had me deceased. It was much spicier than I expected. This festival was so interesting, I developed so many theories from this. It was a good way to meet all the key players.

  35. I have some concerns about Bjorn. I am not sure if it was Ylva who spoke in the tent with the other leader. Perhaps there is something else going on there? Freja is convinced Ylva is the culprit, but when the MC is so certain, the reader starts to doubt everything.

    The kissing scene was a highlight for me, but it was cut short. This slow burn is driving me crazy!

    Liv’s death was heartbreaking. I really liked her. Bodil is quickly becoming a favorite character of mine, and I hope she stays loyal to Freja.

    Entered! My handle is @old.enough.for.fairy.tales

  36. This has been my favorite read of the year so far! I need every book by this author. I can’t wait for the next one to come out. Bjorn and Freya for life.

    @bookish.trinkets entered!

  37. 1) No, because Bjorn doesn’t seem all that wary of him, despite his speech about taking revenge on who murdered his mother. I think that’s odd. I’m starting to suspect he knows full well who killed his mother—and it wasn’t Harald. Also, I feel there are a lot of characters that are hiding their true motives, mainly Ylva.

    2) I want to like her because she’s a badass warrior woman who fights for what she wants and doesn’t take other people’s crap. So I trust her!

    3) I feel bad that Bjorn seems to believe Freya was only acting out of self preservation. I’m hoping she can admit her feelings soon.

    I’ve entered the giveaway! My handle is @nymphie_reads

  38. I hope we get more of Freya and Bjorn in the near future with a matching Fairyloot edition. Loved the slow burn and the heat between them, the worldbuilding and the magic.
    I finally could post on bookstagram! My handle is @karenholmeswriter ♥

  39. Do you believe King Harald is the bad guy?
    -not really, but maybe involved with a group?
    Do you think Bodil will betray Freya?
    -I hope not!!
    How are you feeling about the kiss?
    -it was 🌶, I’m on the edge of my seat for them to take advantage of the loophole in her blood oath too!!

    I’ve entered @inkdrinkerhetty!

  40. I entered the giveaway on IG under @thatbookishbeachgirl
    First off, I have to agree, Snorri is so annoying! I’m coming to loath him. He’s so self centered and so obsessed with being king, he can’t even see what his own wife (maybe) doing behind his back. I do wonder though if Freya really is right about it being Ylva who is betraying them.
    For the questions:
    1. Do you believe King Harald is the bad guy?
    I don’t think he is the end all be all bad guy. I can’t help but see that person as Snorri.
    Do you think Bodil will betray Freya?
    No, I think Bodil will prove to be a useful ally to Freya.
    How are you feeling about the kiss?
    I love a good pretend but not pretend kiss!! The way I screamed when they finally kissed 😍 I’m here for this slow burn.
    I know I’m a few days behind on the read-along, so I’m about to finish this book up tonight. I’m loving it!

  41. I think that king harald was in love with Bjorn mother…
    Bodil is definitely for the girl power! She wants Fryra queen not Snorri!
    It was not a true kiss so I’m still waiting…
    I will be posting the photo tomorrow my handle is a_court_of_fucsia_flames

    1. Bodil is such an icon being the only female Jarl! 💜

  42. Almost finished Inked by Blood from my fairyloot subscription! I absolutely love it!! Was feral for Björn from the first time I met him and Freja is an absolute icon 🫶

    Posted my picture on @charlottes.bookshelves on insta 🫶🤍

  43. Fianlly about to post, handle is @SeaFox.Adventures

    1) He’s something, although I don’t know if he’s a bad guy or just . . . a guy. That he’s not really on any particular side.

    2) I’m not really sure what Bodil’s angle is here. I like her, though, and I appreciate her bluntness.

    3) I definitely think that kiss is only going to make their feelings harder to repress/deal with. But I don’t know that that’s the worst thing, outside of her family paying for her transgressions, no matter what form they take.

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