A Fate Inked In Blood Readalong: Day 4!

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Hey fairies,

I hope you are all loving the story and are ready for Day 4 of the February Adult Book readalong of A Fate Inked in Blood by Danielle L. Jensen. Yesterday, we left off with Haslar being burnt down and Snorri wanting revenge for his people!

Today we are reading from chapter 23 to the end of chapter 30. I’m excited to see where the story goes next!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for A Fate Inked in Blood by Danielle L. Jensen from Chapter 23 to the end of Chapter 30. Please only read on if you have finished this section!


Today, we started with Bjorn being a sweetheart. He carried Freya into her tent and cared for her, so she could sleep off her hangover! I need a Bjorn in my life!

Once Freya awakens, she’s taken by Bodil for training, Bodil teaches her to fight like a woman. The whole time that Freya’s training she ignores Bjorn – she’s irritated that he ‘treats her life a wife’. Who wouldn’t want to be Bjorn’s wife though?

After Bodil comforts Freya and gives her the motherly energy she craves, another specter appears to her. I wonder what this one will tell her?

Freya chases after the specter and it leads her into the woods, where it shows her that someone has used runic magic to warn Gnut of the impending attack. I think it’s Ylva, but is that an obvious choice?

Bjorn finds Freya in the woods and she tells him about the rune on the tree, but the rune has burnt away. I’m feeling a little suspicious of Bjorn now.

After the rune disappears Bjorn confronts Freya about her avoiding him. I love a man with good communication. Freya builds up the courage and admits she wants Bjorn! They finally kissed and I squealed! When Bjorn admits he wanted her from the moment they met, I might have passed away!

My happiness is not long-lived as Freya tells Bjorn that he needs to keep his distance, so he won’t be punished by Snorri.

Freya runs back to tell Snorri about the rune, this makes him even more determined for revenge. Also, Ylva is cleared of being the traitor, as Bodil uses her truth magic to test Ylva. During all of this Snorri concludes that the specter is Bjorn’s mother ,Saga, who else could it be though?

Instead of going the usual route, Snorri wants a sneak attack – they go over the mountain in terrible conditions. That results in Freya falling into freezing water. Bjorn helps Freya out but Snorri seems a little suspicious of them, I think their feelings are too obvious.

After falling into the water, Freya starts to deteriorate, Bjorn and Bodil help keep her warm! These two both have her back, which I love! As she retreats into herself due to the cold, two voices tell her to keep going, was this Hiln and another god?

Freya ends up falling asleep in Bjorn’s arms after he whispers ‘I will be with until Valhalla‘, can he get a reward for being the sweetest?

Even though Freya can barely walk on her feet, she still decides to go into battle, which is the wrong move. Freya’s part of the shield wall, as her magic can protect them but ends up breaking the wall when she trips over. Bodil’s there to save her until she isn’t – Bodil’s struck by lightning!

Freya sees red and uses her shield to bounce back the lightning. The lightning breaks through the wall and Freya joins in on the raid, killing most people in her sight as she gives in to the blood lust.

Bjorn’s there to save her from all those attacking her, even killing Gnut for her. Once the blood lust has faded, all the guilt of killing rushes to Freya. Bjorn reassures her that she can still change her fate. How can she do this though?

For days after the battle, Freya’s surrounded by her guilt and grief and, doesn’t leave her room. My heart be still, Bjorn slept outside her room the whole time! I love this man!

Snorri has invited Ingrid and Geir to live in the settlement, as a way to control Freya better. How do they not see this? Freya confronts Geir but it turns out he’s jealous of her, what an awful brother.

Freya goes to watch Steinunn’s song, as she needs to know why everyone fears her now. During the battle she turned into someone unrecognisable – her eyes changed colour to red, why did they change colour?

Freya can’t watch Bodil die again, so she runs away and Bjorn follows. He admits that he would run away with her and start all over again, if it were me I would be running away with him!

Bjorn and Freya sneak out to talk to her mother, as she needs answers about her rage. Freya’s mother eventually tells her that another goddess’s blood runs through her veins, it’s not just Hilns. Who is the other goddess?

Freya’s mother apologises for putting her brother first her whole life, she’s not winning the Mother of the Year award anytime soon. She even dares to tell Freya to end things with Bjorn! What an awful woman!

Freya being the strong woman that she is, tells her mother she won’t end things. Freya and Bjorn are each other’s priorities, they are couple goals!

I’m rooting for Bjorn and Freya even more now! I can’t wait to see what happens to them!

What theories do you have so far?
Who do you think that the other goddess is?
How do you feel about Geir and Ingrid?

We have one more day left of this book and I am ready to see how it ends!


43 thoughts on “A Fate Inked In Blood Readalong: Day 4!

  1. I still like this book so much!

    Unfortunately I have no theories, I just enjoy reading 😀 But I do think that it will still be Freya who will unite people but not under Snorri, she herself should be the queen and unite everybody. Steinunn is also too sketchy in my opinion…

    I have no idea who the other goddess could be… but it must have something to do with the fact that Freya could banish the dead things in the cave I guess.

    I loathe Geir and Ingrid. Every time I read a book where the main character is doing everything to protect their family and their family couldn’t care less I feel so mad because I always feel like it’s not fair to the main character to sacrifice everything for people who aren’t worth it, even if they are family. Geir is so annoying and Ingrid is no better, even though she was supposed to be a good friend to Freya. They just want to have a good life and they don’t care about Freya at all.

    1. Ingrid annoyed me so much, she doesn’t act like a friend to Freya! 💜

  2. I am SO intrigued by the two-bloods comments and this rage that has taken over Freya which has me questioning if there’s a Norse god or goddess of rage? I want to hunt google for some answers but I also don’t want to spoil anything for myself!

    Okay, as much as I cannot stand Ylva I don’t think she’s the traitor – and as much as I adore Bjorn I just KNOW there’s more to his history than he’s letting on. I can’t wait to finish this book!!!

    1. I agree, I don’t think Yvla is the traitor! 💜

  3. I think Bjorn might actually be the traitor because he keeps conveniently showing up after everything she sees and I think he was the one talking to the other Jarl that night she overheard what she thought was Ylva. I don’t think Ylva is actually as bad as Freya thinks she is.

    I wonder if Freya has a drop of two different Goddesses blood in her, maybe the other is a Goddess of wrath or something.

    I don’t like any of her family at this point. Geir is just thinking of himself and doesn’t realize how much Freya has been trying to keep him safe. Also her mom was really only looking out for Geir and not Freya.

    1. I think your theory about Bjorn could be correct! Even if I don’t want it to be! 💜

  4. 1. What theories do you have so far?
    Well Freya will probably find out who the woman is she keeps seeing and who the second god is! I also very much hope she and Bjorn will take it a step further!

    2. Who do you think that the other goddess is?
    So I did believe from the beginning it was a death god, since every time Freya said something along those lines something happened. I took a peak at Norse Gods and Hel is a goddess associated with Hellheim so, probably her!

    3. How do you feel about Geir and Ingrid?
    Honestly they are selfish and only think for themselves. Ingrid especially came across in their interactions as not caring for Freya but acting like it since being nice to her gave them the place they wanted

    1. I agree, I think the second goddess could be Hel! 💜

      1. I assumed Hel was male, so now I’m 100% betting on Hel as it seemed obvious with those zombie ghosts (forgot the name!)

  5. Geir is used to Freya doing what she’s told to serve the family, to the point where he can’t seem to see or care for his sister beyond that. And the fact that their mother was always putting him first over Freya seems to have solidified her worth in his eyes. She’s only of value if she is doing something to serve the family. And honestly its infuriating. I felt so angry for Freya throughout this book. I felt like everyone was just placing these impossible standards on her and it was making me want to scream at all the characters in the book XD (especially Snorri, I can’t remember the last time I was so enraged by a fictional character)
    And as far as Ingrid goes, I feel like she was never really a true friend to Freya. I don’t know if I feel that way because we don’t see anything of their relationship before the story starts, or what. But, when she showed up before the wedding, all Ingrid did was thank Freya for doing what she did, rightfully assuming it was only done to help the family. The way she comes off it just seems like she doesn’t care very much what Freya wants.

    I’m not going to say anything about the other two questions because I finished the book a couple days ago and I don’t want to post any spoilers 🙂

  6. This book moves fast, I was warming to Bodil and it didn’t me warm up much. That was kind of devastating but I understand it advances the plot quicker.
    I absolutely loved how they finally talked and can’t stop being in love, but at the same time I fear what will happen if they get caught. I thought Bodil would have seen or at least heard them during the night. But anyway. Can’t wait to see where we are going.
    Her brother and Ingrid are so ungrateful and her mom, wow, why doesn’t she care the same for her daughter? Because she’s not hers? She thought she’d always belong to the gods?
    The part with the battle rage was kind of eye opening to see things from other perspectives. I liked the way it was done witht he song. And I really like this kind of magic that lets you see and experience from someone else’s point of view.
    And I agree with Bjorn being the sweetest and so wonderful he seems absolutely not real. But sigh, love him!

  7. I do have a theory, although not very developed. With the mention of the red eyes and rage, and the fact that there’s obviously a second god (or goddess) involved, I’m starting to think that this king that can rise if they control her is not a Jarl, but a god (or goddess) that wants more power over humans… something like that. It feels like she loses control in these moments where rage or blood must takes over. Like this being wants to take over.

    I find her family irritating, but not terrible or cruel enough to wish them dead…

    1. I agree, it is a good theory!

  8. 1. I feel like Bjorn is the traitor instead of Ylva and he works in secret with Harold

    2. I imagine the goddess of death or hell from when Freya curses the Draug to Helheim.

    3. Selfish!

  9. Wow, this section took me through a wide range og emotions.
    The scene where they talked about their feelings and finally kissed for real gave me butterflies!

    And my frustration with Geir, I Ingrid and her mother made me want to scream and throw my book across the room. What a bunch of ungrateful idiots.

    I like Ylva better now, but Snorri is still a ….

    I have a theory that maybe Hel is the other goddess. The times Freya has cursed someone there had been some kind of response from the underworld and Hel is described as very greedy, which could explain the voice telling Freya to take it all for herself.

    1. I like your theory about Hel! 👀

  10. I have been talking to my work bestie all week about the viking Romantasy that is taking over my life! I was worried it wouldn’t be able to maintain the quality and while there were some down tempo parts there has been a lot of action.

    I was so glad Freya told her mum to go jump – had to be done.

    I don’t really know what is going to happen only I am predicting the reveal that Bjorn has been trying to damage Snorri which Freya will see as a betrayal. I choose to believe he has a good reason though.

    Looking forward to the final day 🙂

    1. I think Bjorn is good even though we don’t know much about him! 💜

  11. What theories do you have so far?
    – I still think Bjorn is the mole and that he also may have inherited the seer power from his mother and that’s how he left the eye on the tree.

    Who do you think that the other goddess is?
    – as this is my first Viking / Norse book I have no idea which other gods exist (apart from Thor and Loki of course 😂) I do think it may be one of wrath / vengeance since Freyas temper flares and red eyes.

    How do you feel about Geir and Ingrid?
    – I hate all of her family none of them deserve her. Geir is jealous of Freya, Ingrid may be just naive and her mother is just selfish. They all expect her to have no say in her life and marry horrible people just so they can be happy. I’m glad Freya is starting to stand up for herself.

    I can’t wait for the last section but I really don’t want it to end 😬

    1. I don’t want it to end either! 💜

  12. One thing I’m stuck on is why Bjorn was SOOO insistent they traversed a hill and not a mountain. I think he knows some other prophecy that talks about a mountain??? Or he was just being a butt?? Idk???

    Geir and Ingrid can definitely go away anytime 😂😂

    1. He was getting so angry and I don’t know why! 😂

  13. Ugggg I am very upset about Bodil! She was the only woman in Freya’s life encouraging her to think for herself!

    I am, however, very happy Freya put her family in place ✌🏻

    The red eyes and rage have me thinking this other goddess is nobody good 😳

    Still have the feeling that the other shoe hasn’t dropped when it comes to Bjorn… this has been a slow burn, but it still feels like things have been too easy for them, and I’m waiting for something bad to happen… getting caught also feels like too easy of a conflict, so it’s gotta be that he’s going to reveal a very bad secret 😨

  14. The armpits bit had me cackling, but hearing 2 voices return her to the land of the living supports my 2 gods theory. Bodil! 🥺  ‘King Snorri’ now, huh? Steinunn again irritating me. Ugh, her family sucks! Her mother still didn’t name the other goddess, but Hel still seems a likely choice. I’m glad Freya FINALLY is seeing her family for their ugly selfishness! Still, I hope she chooses to be protective & defend those innocents that actually deserve it rather than falling to the anger & destruction that will raise Snorri to where his desires lay.
    Daily Q&A:
    1.) What theories do you have so far?
    2.) Who do you think that the other goddess is?
    3.) How do you feel about Geir and Ingrid?
    1.) Many I’ve voiced already: Bjorn is who should (help her) control her fate, I don’t believe Saga’s death was as it’s been told, the 2nd god from Freya’s conception is Hel, Steinunn is a spy/double spy, etc.
    2.) Hel, goddess of death/Helheim
    3.) I feel like they deserve whatever fate deals them after Freya does whatever needs to be done to change her fate. To do what she feels is right.

    1. I wonder why her mother doesn’t tell her who the other goddess is? 💜

  15. “You are mine, Born in Fire, even if only the two of us know it.” 🫠
    “I’ll have all of you or none of you.”

    How much do I love the possessiveness of Bjorn? I am in love guys, send help! 😍🥵

    There were many times where Freya pissed me off but in the end, Fuck yeah! Finally justice when she *FINALLY* speaks up to her family. Calling them selfish and finally admitting this to herself.

    Also, all the sexy times scenes killed me! I need more, please! 😍 🥵

    Again, so many things happened during this part. I had a feeling in the end that Ylva might not be the bad guy after all, but we have yet to see who is the woman in the hood.

    Also, Whyyyy Bodil? I cried so much!! I liked her a lot and I wish we had more time with her. Such a great character in the book! 😭

    I believe that Freya has two gods in her blood, especially now that we know what her mother said. I just wish her father was alive and not everyone else who is so selfish!
    I am very curious to see which god is making her eyes red and controlling her anger! I was thinking of God Of War, but this is Tyr, so it must be another one! 👀

    Battle scenes everywhere, as there should be expected of a Vikings book and story. Again, this part ended at the most exciting part! Will Freya leave with Bjorn and not return to Ylva and the rest? Can’t wait!

    1. I love his possessiveness of Bjorn! 💜

  16. I’m loving this book so much, I screamed with the sexual tension before the battle, the moment of you are mine even if only the two of us know it? Wonderful.
    I was very sorry for Bodil’s death and Freya’s behavior. Her family is horrifying, between the mother only thinking about herself and her first child and greir being jealous of his sister without stopping to think about what she is thinking is disgusting. But, Bjorn’s attitude and protection against the brother, he deserved it even if Freya doesn’t want to see it.
    I don’t know who the other goddess could be, maybe Frejya herself?
    I think Bjorn has plans that concern Freya and there is going to be a betrayal on her part, even if she later fell in love. I also think that the prophecy was not talking about Snorri, but about Bjorn, and that he knows it, but he is not going to tell Freya until later, because he wants her to be the one to control her fate herself. Also, she has the blood of two gods and I want to know who the second is!

  17. AAAHHH this is so good.

    1) What theories do you have so far?

    Someone with Loki’s blood is working with Harald but, because they can change their appearance, I have no idea who it is.

    Bjorn is the one who will unite Skaland with Freya. Snorri will end up dying (I hope).

    2) Who do you think that the other goddess is?

    I have zero clue! I don’t know Norse mythology well apparently haha. It must be a goddess of rage and war and deception considering her actions, possibly an enemy/ the opposite of Hiln?

    3) How do you feel about Geir and Ingrid?

    Selfish little brats they are. Ingrid at first seemed a little bit remorseful… and then she started begging Freya to help Geir and I decided they definitely don’t deserve Freya.

  18. Similar to what many people are saying here, I do think Bjorn is the “traitor” but I think it’s more that Nordeland is gonna be better than Skaland and he misses it there/is working for Harald and Freya is gonna end up helping them? I hope he’s the traitor, that would be great

    I’m so sad her family is so awful, it just makes it feel like no one is on her side? (Cept Bjorn)

    Really curious to see where this ends and where it goes from here. Not sure who the other goddess is…. But I hope Freya can get things under control

  19. SO many more hints at bjorn being loyal to harald and not snorri. Everything he says can be twisted to mean something other than what it first sounds like. He is also so keen for Freya to leave with him. The way harald was introduced also did not immediately paint him as a villain.
    I think the second god could be the goddess freya?
    Geir and Ingrid are selfish :/

    1. Geir and Ingrid are the worst!

  20. I was completely shocked when Bodil died after protecting Freya. I didn’t see that coming. She was such an amazing character and becoming so important like a mentor figure to Freya that I thought for sure we would see more of her in the rest of the book. I guess I was wrong.

    I also don’t think Ylva is the traitor as she is the obvious suspect. It must be either Bjorn (who is actually closer to King Harald and knows him better than everyone else due to his years in captivity), or Steinunn as I still get a bad vibe from her.

    I really despise the coward brother and Ingrid who is only a friend in name. They are so not worth all the sacrifices Freya has done for them.

    I also don’t like the mum. I’m happy Freya stood up to her. However Freya has the instinct to protect her family so ingrained that despite what she said to her mum I don’t think she’ll stop caring for her.

    I think the other goddess must be Hel, as the strange powers happen when she gets very angry and curse people to go the Hellheim.

    1. Freya’s mum was not the mum I was expecting she had! 💜

  21. I loved this part where we see Freya isn’t perfect and she’s as morally gray as all the other characters. Girlie really went OFF. But omg the scene with her mother was devastating. I feel so bad for Freya.

    1. My heart hurts for Freya. 💜

  22. I don’t think Yvla is the traitor, and my suspicions of Bjorn are increasing as there are more hints that Bjorn may be loyal to Harald, not Snorri.
    The second goddess may be connected with the underworld.
    I really dislike Geir and Ingrid. In all their interactions, they come across as selfish and never consider what Freja is going through.

  23. I have been suspecting that Freya has the blood of two goddesses for quite some time, so I’m not surprised to see it confirmed. As for the identity of the other goddess, I’m not certain, but I am suspecting Hel due to Freya’s second inner voice being darker and more greedy. It would also make sense with the way she was able to disperse the rest of the draug by cursing them.

    1. Oooh Hel is a good guess including the flashback reference to when she sees Bjorn for the first time. I wonder if there’s more layers here …

  24. 1. What theories do you have so far? I’m still thinking Yvla is plotting something to make her son next in line for King. I’m not sure how she’s going to pull it off but I definitely think she’s still plotting. I saw the theories about Bjorn, and I refuse to believe it’s true!
    2. Who do you think that the other goddess is?
    I have no idea? But I know Loki has been mentioned a few times before with emphasis… just makes me wonder.
    How do you feel about Geir and Ingrid? I think Freya has put way too much on the line to save her sorry so called family and friend. Neither give her the respect she deserves.

    1. I agree as I don’t think Geir or Ingrid would protect Freya! 💜

  25. What theories do you have so far?
    -Well dang, things have escalated! I’m second guessing on Steinnun, she’s gotten a bit sus.
    Who do you think that the other goddess is?
    -nooooooo idea.
    How do you feel about Geir and Ingrid?
    -they’ve been annoying since the beginning, I’m glad Freya is dropping the dead weight but kind of surprised at the big turn with her mother. I almost thought her mom was a trickster in disguise.

  26. 1) It’s got SOMETHING to do her ability to curse those draug, but I’m not familiar enough with Norse pantheon to make a better guess!

    2) It’s either tied to Hel or cursing/power! Otherwise, how would cursing drag to Hel actually WORK?

    3) Geir irritates me, and Ingrid . . . is disappointing in the friend department. I’m almost more convinced Ingrid is her friend because of her feelings for Freya’s brother and not for Freya at all, and that makes me so sad [and upset on her behalf].

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