A River of Royal Blood Readalong: Day 3

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Hey friends!

It’s day 3 of our readalong! So much happens in todays section and I can’t wait to talk about it with you all!

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With that said, lets dive in to today chapters! Today we’re reading Chapters 13-19!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for A River of Royal Blood by Amanda Joy Chapters 1-19! Read only if you’ve finished those pages!


Ahh Eva took Baccha to court with her! That’s going to cause quite the stir!

The tradition of touching each other’s cheeks in a way of greeting is such an interesting idea! It’s such an intimate thing and must be difficult for them to do when they have such an icy relationship.

It seems that some people were quick in wanting to name Isadore true heir with just the rumours that Eva was dead!

The way the Queen talks about things happening in the north makes me think that she knows something we don’t…is she trying to keep Eva’s father away for some reason?

Image result for hmm suspicious gif

The queen agrees to allow Eva on the trip to see he father and gives her 15 soldiers from her own guard to accompany her.

It’s mad how easy it is for the queen to get under everyone’s skin and manipulate them! Even managing to do so with Baccha.

Oooo Baccha pretty much just said he thinks Eva will be queen which won’t go down well in a group of people who favour Isa and it definitely got under Isa’s skin!

And Eva accused Isa of hiring the assassin!! It sounds like they were so close as children and I’m so sad that they’re now pitted against each other.

So when Isadore first found out they would have to fight to the death, she tried to force Eva to use her magick but she couldn’t! Oh no! And Eva got blamed for it even though it wasn’t her fault!

I can’t believe the Queen told her about the Rival Heirs in that way, as if it didn’t matter that one of them was going to die!  It sounded so cruel!

And that was when Eva decided to run away.

Image result for running byeee gif

They head off on their journey, an obvious divide showing between the queens experienced guards and Eva’s less experienced guards.

“I wanted to knock his gorgeous teeth in.” I love how much she can’t help but comment on Aketo’s appearance! She doesn’t want to like him but finds him too attractive!

And now she’s challenged him to a sparring contest! This should be fun!

Being able to draw on her magick while fighting sounds so complicated and difficult as she first has to make her opponent bleed and then get that blood to the tattoo she wishes to use to amplify her magick! Not an easy fix! But she does seem to be getting better! 

Oooo yay I love Bacchas story times!

Image result for despicable me story time gif

The old way of choosing a Queen sounds much more interesting!

The joining of two empires and coming to a compromise would be much more effective, I think, than basically killing a whole race!

Oh dear, she has to spar with Aketo now. They’ve only just started and she’s being humiliated. Instead of just fighting, however, Aketo teaches her the khimaer death dance, their way of fighting that makes them so good. Soon enough she can hear the music he speaks of and can anticipate his next moves…but he still manages to beat her.

I think Eva might be starting to like Aketo just a little bit!

Hmm where did Baccha go? To meet someone maybe? But who!

Image result for suspicious gif

Omggg Aketo could sense her admiring him!!! I would’ve died on the spot if that was me, I’d be so embarrassed! Aww he made it slightly less awkward though by saying he admired her too.

Ooo they’re moving on to marrow magick! And Baccha said he had left to seek out a quarry where they could train but I’m not sure I trust him!

He actually forgot she can’t see at night ? He seemed so shocked about it and I found it so funny! But it doesn’t matter too much as he can give her some of his own night vision! And now they’re running on wind! How many powers does Baccha possess?

Cutting off and claiming the horns of the antelope made the tattoos linked to her marrow magick glow! I wonder what these ones will help her do?!?

At least these bones will last the rest of her life so she won’t have to go through that again!

Whoop another story time!

So it was the kindness of the Queen, her giving the humans a small amount of magick, that led the humans to believe they should take over and rule.

It’s so interesting to hear about Aketo’s life at home and what it was like to grow up with natural magick.

Omg what! Who’s screaming and why??

Oh nooo they’re being attacked!! But this gives Eva a good excuse to practice her magick in a real fight!

Luckily Baccha could heal both Aketo and Eva but why did the men from Dracol attack? Is it the assassin again or is someone else against them as well?

Wow! The tension is amping up every day and I feel like we now have even more questions! So many people act suspiciously so I have no idea who I can trust!

What are you all thinking? Let me know!

See you tomorrow!


15 thoughts on “A River of Royal Blood Readalong: Day 3

  1. Hi fairylooters ✨

    An other action packed day! I like the action parts, but the worldbilding and character background is a bit short for me.

    Now I gotta keep reading cause I have so many people who I think could be behind the attack, I just have to know! And also, I really wanna know more about Evas Magick.

    Happy reading to everyone ?

    (My IG is: ellas_world_of_books)

    1. I have so many suspects!! Just need to know!

  2. So I felt like these chapters were kind of just fillers. I know we got a lot of information but it just didn´t feel that way. Which is sad because the book isn´t very long in the first place. I don´t think the Dracol were sent by the same person who sent the assassins.
    It’s kind of sad that we did not learn more about Eva’s magic. I mean what does marrowmagick even do?I need to know!
    I’m not really excited about the Eva/Aketo interactions yet but it often takes me a while to get invested in a character’s relationship (with a few exceptions of course). Hopefully future chapters will be more eventfull and we will get more answers.

    PS: I entered the giveaway. My Instagram handle is @sianna199. Not my pest piece of Photography but the lighting was terrible 😉

    1. Yeah I’m hoping we’ll find out more about marrow magick soon!

  3. So much information packed into today’s chapters! I honestly looooove Aketo and hope things work out for them! I still get the vibe that they’re heading into something that isn’t going to end well ?

    Also entered the giveaway! @arisbookcourt

    1. ahaha I love Aketo too!!

  4. I had to play some catch up as I didn’t start reading this today but I’m really loving this book! I loved the flashback scene between Eva and Isa when Isa must have learned what rival heirs are and what she must do to her sister one day. She wants her sister to be able to fight back because she cares about her. I don’t feel like she’s as cold and cruel as she’s acting now. I think when Eva left something must have happened to Isa. From the beginning, the set up between Eva and Aketo seems really obvious in framing him as the love interest. At first, I didn’t really like it but Aketo is growing on me even if those arrogant moments can be annoying. I’m really curious if we’re going to meet Eva’s father in the next section because I’m dying to see the confrontation when she asks about the binding!

    1. It must have been so hard to learn that one day you’ll have to fight your sister and know that you are more powerful than she! Ooo yeah something must have happened when Eva left to turn their relationship as icy as it is now!

  5. I’m still really loving the Eva and Baccha scenes especially his stories time!
    I still have no clue who could be targeting Eva, but it’s someone who obviously knew exactly where to find there camp ?

    1. I love the storytimes so much! It’s so interesting to hear about the history behind everything!

  6. Even though I didn’t really connect to the characters and to the story in the very beginning, I’m getting into it more and more with each day. Day 2 was for me a huge improvement and I really started to like the book and the characters and started to connect with everything. And now that we get all those history lessons from Baccha, I’m in love XD
    I really wonder about the assassins, it makes me wonder if it has anything to do with the 2 people in the prolog… now I can’t wait to continue reading.

    I’ll be posting the picture later today, my handle is @books_and_artsy_things

    1. I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying it! Ooo yeah, that’s true! I had forgotten about the people in the prologue!

  7. Oh I also entered the photo comp ? My insta is: books0507

  8. I’m definitely enjoying this book more than I thought I would ❤️I enjoy the added stories!! Also I definitely would have died on the spot if someone said they could sense me admiring them ?
    Also excited to learn more about marrow magic

    My instagram is @emmaarosaliine

  9. Loving the book a lot! I think the Baccha scenes are my favorite!

    I also entered the giveaway:

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