A River of Royal Blood Readalong: Day 5

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Hello everyone!

It is the 5th and final day of this months readalong! I can’t believe how quickly that has gone! However, you still have until the end of this week to enter the little giveaway we have going (see day 3)!

I really have enjoyed this readalong and chatting to you all in the comments has been so fun! I really hope you enjoyed the book!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for A River of Royal Blood by Amanda Joy! Read only if you’ve finished the book!


Ahhhh Lady Shirea has already left! She must know that makes her look suspicious?

I know they are rivals and all but Isadore is being a bit harsh! It felt before like they could maybe salvage their relationship but I don’t think that’s possible now! I just can’t imagine them actually trying to kill one another.

I thought for a minute there that she might manage to break the binding but now she’s just even more frustrated!

I can’t believe how cold her mother is being about her grieving about her father! Surely she must realise he was sadly one of only a few people who truly cared for Eva!

So the Queen has feelings after all! Is Eva more like her mother than she thought? And the Queen even gives Eva her fathers ring.

Ahh once this entwining is done, they will only be able to be killed by one another! What happens if they never kill each other?

They way they keep mentioning that there are never challenges on the first night makes me think there might be on this time…

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Yay Aketo is back! I’d missed him! And aww they’re learning more about each other’s pasts! I just need everything to work out with them! 

Hmm what was Isadore hoping to get out of Aketo I wonder? A way to get to Eva perhaps?

Ahhhh nooo why did they have to fall out again! I guess he was doing the right thing by not taking advantage of the fact she’d had a few wines but things were just starting to get back on track with them.

OH NO! What has Isadore done!!! I knew they weren’t safe tonight!

Things have become very tense, very fast! I can’t decide if it’s a good plan for her to go on her own! I mean she’s the only one who can kill Isadore but it still might be good to have some help!

Oh wow so if she accepts herself, dangerous magick and all, she can break the binding and use her magick to its full potential?? She’s got to do it!

Isa waiting for her in her sitting room makes the whole thing sound so civilised when they’re literally about to try and kill each other!

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Omg they’re only half sisters?? Eva is khimaer!!! Okay I did not expect that at all!

The binding was to stop her khimaer magick showing so that people wouldn’t know and now that she knows who she really is she can accept herself and break the binding!

SO MUCH IS HAPPENING! Eva now has claws and horns which honestly sounds kinda fun but would be a huge shock to have them just appear!

I just knew it was going to happen on her nameday! It felt too safe to have a free night! Ahh nooo Aketo!! And how can she beat Isadores compulsion if it’s stronger than she ever knew!

They’re so evenly matched! Just when you think one might win, the other pulls through! Ahhhh I knew she wouldn’t kill her! But who will be queen? Will they change tradition?

Wow wow wow! So much happened and yet I still have so many questions! So Eva is leaving so she can find out more about her fathers family and her magick but Baccha is going somewhere else to find some mysterious person that can teach her about her magick. We still don’t know what really went on with the assassin and Lady Shirea and now we know Aketo is hiding the real reason he came to Eva!! 

What an ending! I was just non-stop shocked for the last 30-odd pages!

Anyone have any theories about any of the questions we’re left with?? I need to know what you’re thinking!

I really hope you enjoyed this readalong and we’ll see you in the New Year for more!



4 thoughts on “A River of Royal Blood Readalong: Day 5

  1. Oh so sad this readalong is coming to an end!

    I really wished the end would have been bigger. I don’t know, some things just felt very predicateble. The cliffhanger is a nice touch but would have liked some answers along the way as well.

    I didn’t see Evas big reveal coming (but I knew her Dad was hiding something). That her mother isn’t just all evil was also nice to read. Still not the biggest Aketo fan, but he did have some nice parts in these last chapters.

    How was this the last readalong for this year? Really look foward to the next one.

    Get safe into the new year everyone

  2. So that was … something.
    The ending didn´t really give us any answers about the questions I had but instead answered things I hadn´t even really thought about.

    The fact that Eva turned out to be Khimaer kind of reminded me that right in the beginning when her eyes were first described I thought for a second “She’s gonna turn out to be a half-blood isn’t she?” and then immediately forgott about it.
    And now I have even more questions than before. I mean: Who is this “only person that can teach her” as Baccha said, is it Queen Raina like I suspected earlier? Does Eva still have magick of blood and marrow? And if that’s the magic of the true queen, was Raina also a true queen?

    The only thing that I am sure about is that the King’s family that aparently has been in hiding for generations is the second line of royal Khimaers that was said to have died out. I am 98% sure about that.

    That Aketo has his own agenda was kind of obvious when I think about it. I mean I think he has real feelings for Eva but I also think getting near her was his goal all along, or maybe Eva’s father send him to her in some kind of secret mission since they aparently knew each other quite well.

    So now we have to wait for the second book for all the real answers which kind of annoys me, but well nothing we can do about that.
    Anyway this readalong wass really fun, I hope everyone else enjoyed it as well. Maybe I’l be back here next month.

    Until then: May there be many awesome reads in your path!

  3. Cant believe it’s over already! ? This one wasnt my absolutely favorite but I still really enjoyed it! I gave it 4 stars! I found some things to be a bit predictable and the whole book just felt kind of rushed to me. I definitely feel like this was more of a prologue kind of book, giving us information and background for the next book. I really enjoyed the main character though and definitely plan on getting book 2.

  4. I really think Eva will play a big part I. Freeing the khimaer! I was so shocked! I think there will be a bit of a fall out as she has to come to terms with everything.

    The fact that she didn’t kill her sister shows how powerful she is without having to show her actual power. I really enjoyed this book and I’m so excited for book two!!

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