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Hello my loves!

Welcome to day four, I hope you’re enjoying the readalong so far! Only today and tomorrow left now, we’re almost at the finish line! I for one have been on the edge of my seat for most of this book and I expect it’s not going to slow down anytime soon! Who’s ready to jump back into the action?

Today’s section is Chapters 32-41! Let’s do this!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Bone Crier’s Moon by Kathryn Purdie Chapters 0-41! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


We’re back to find Ailesse weakened and felling useless, making the rash decision of venturing out on her own. Not the smartest of moves since without her grace bones she can’t see the dead. Thankfully Bastien finds her and they ride off together on horseback, how very romantic…

The hunt is on to find Jules and retrieve the bone flute and find a way to break the soul bond too of course! It seems they’ve gotten a lot closer since yesterday’s chapters. He’s totally smitten but does Ailesse feel the same way?

Ooh Sabine did kill the jackal, going against Odiva’s exact instructions. She’s a mess as she takes a bone from the animal, I would be the exact same way!

Just as she’s deciding whether to give the bone to the matrone to carve a new flute, the owl appears again. It seemed to nudge her into taking the grace for herself, I wonder what the owl wants? And what graces she will receive from the jackal?

Okay so people have started to get sick implying that the dead have been feeding on their light!

Ailesse and Bastien are being so cute together, he even bought her a dress! Okay Ailesse seems smitten too but she has doubts about his relationship with Jules. Could this be jealousy I’m detecting?

Oh my god he totally set the mood with those candles, romance is in the air!

We find out that the symbol on the bone flute could indicate Castlepoint, the bridge that she chose for her rite of passage! The Leurress do use other bridges for their rites of passage too, so why does the flute depict this one exactly?

Bastien is definitely opening up to her! As he gets emotional remembering his father’s death, it has Ailesse feeling angry with the person in her famille who caused Bastien this pain. My whole heart!

Do we think the plan to break their bond will work? Maybe there is a different song that will do it? They tell each other they don’t want the other to die, this is so sad ya’ll. I’m mad at the gods for them!

Sabine is still on the hunt for Ailesse, this is true friendship folks! I wonder how Odiva will take the news that she killed the jackal?  It turns out the jackal didn’t give her any thing remarkable, a common wolf would have given her the same attributes!

Wait Odiva just told her that Ailesse is dead…again. Is this woman for real?

Oh damnnn Odiva is going to choose Sabine to be her heir, since she’s claiming Ailesse is dead! She was right! Odiva wanted Ailesse to fail her rite of passage, she hoped she’d die without killing her directly, but why?

Ooooh holy plot twist folks! Sabine is her daughter too! Some of you totally called this yesterday! (I see you Sputnik.books! ?) I didn’t see this coming but a round of applause to those who did!! ???

So it turns out she didn’t love her amouré but she loved Sabine’s father, that’s why she has always preferred Sabine! The woman who raised Sabine did it with the promise that if she kept the secret, the god’s would grant her greater glory in paradise

It’s all starting to make sense now!

I’m with Sabine, Odiva is definitely hiding something more. Plus why did the owl seem to change it’s mind about the jackal bone?

Okay so Bastien leaves a message with Marcel’s girlfriend to meet them at the bridge, trusting  Jules won’t try to hurt Ailesse again, I have my doubts pal.

This is so sad, he wants to be with Ailesse but he holds back because the odds are stacked against them. Also a part of him wonders what his father would think, his whole life was consumed with revenge until he became soul bound to his enemy. Yet maybe his father would want him to be happy-as short lived as that might be?  

Interestingly the owl seems to be trying to convince Sabine to take her rite of passage to become an official Leurress by showing her a vision of a weakened Ailesse. Do we think the owl wants her to become heir and is this the right decision? To be fair I have my doubts that taking Odiva the new bone flute is a good idea but Sabine is desperate to save her best friend and …sister!

It seems Bastien has completely fallen for Ailesse now, if only he would confess his feelings to her! Oh wow he asks her to dance!! Like they did on the bridge. Oooh the tension folks! Oh mannnnn of course they are interrupted just as they are about to kiss!

Oh no! A chained one has Jules! Jules does the only thing that can save her, she throws the bag with the grace bones to Ailesse. Oh so now you need her help now, huh?

Things looked bad for Jules there but she’s okay…great ?Oof he said those same words to Ailesse, no wonder she’s feeling jealous, I knew Jules would complicate things for these two.

I agree that it’s cruel to tempt Bastein if she just intends on killing him but now Ailesse is promising to leave their lives forever, thinking that Bastien loves Jules..

But at least she convinces Marcel to give her the bone flute even if that means promising to not return for Bastien. Not you too marcel! he is just looking out for his friend though, like the sweet cinnamon roll he is!

Ooooh but just before she leaves he tells her that the symbol from the bone flute is carved onto the bridge he found in the caves beneath the mines. Okay that bridge is important people!!!

Woah so the matrone is doing some strange ritual, she’s using the hair to pretend to be Ailesse and revoke her claim as Odiva’s heir!?

Ohhh So she has been making sacrifices to Tyrus to atone for her betrayal,she has given Tyrus thousands of unchained souls! All of this to release her lost love from the underworld and for him to become her true amouré!

Is this a moment of redemption we see from Odiva as she begs Tyrus to not make her kill her firstborn daughter? She gave Tyrus everything she could think of, if it meant Ailesse might live but it’s not enough. Oh no! She asked for Tyrus to send her the jackal as a sign that she doesn’t have to sacrifice Ailesse…. but Sabine already killed it. Without the sign will she grow desperate?

Thankfully after witnessing this Sabine will not be giving the matrone the flute. But she has a new plan! She will perform the ritual herself as Ailesse’s proxy? She finally knows how to save her sister’s life, but how exactly? What is she going to do???

Woah just when things couldn’t get more crazy, one of the chained has possessed Jules?! They can do that?

Marcel didn’t exactly do the best job of convincing Ailesse that Bastien isn’t in love with Jules huh? ?

He tells him Ailesse’s plan to try and ferry the dead from the bridge below the mines but how is she meant to hold off that many chained alone? Let’s hope Bastien can get to her in time!

Okay so what is Sabine’s plan? Is she going to fill Ailesse’s shoes as heir and try to raise the gates herself? Will Odiva go after Ailesse to fulfil her bargain with Tyrus? Will the flute even work on the new bridge? Is Jules about to go full exorcist?

There’s so many questions still to be answered and I cannot wait to hear what you guys have to say about today’s section!

Join me tomorrow for what I’m sure will be an explosive conclusion.

See you then!






  • Sputnik.books

    Ah-ha! I knew it! My crazy theory from yesterday wasn’t so crazy after all: Odiva wants to get back her true love and Ailesse and Sabine are half sisters!
    Speaking of which, I’m really envious of their relationship. I think that the frienships described in this book are even more meaningful than the love story, or at least I feel them more.
    As I said yesterday: the romance seems a bit rushed, more told than shown.

    • AmyTeresa

      That crazy theory was a stroke of genius. I definitely agree with you about the relationships though. I know they’re soulmates but Bastien and Ailesse falling in love kind of came out of nowhere.
      I absolutely adore the sister bond between the two girls though. Ailesse was upset about never being someone’s first choice but she’s always been Sabine’s number one ☺️

      • danica.brnot

        Of course its forced they came together by the right of passage but come on to people who are attracted to each other spending a lot of time together and sort of being soulmates of course they will start to fall in love or maybe just with lust hehe don’t know yet

      • Laura

        Right. I don’t feel the love between them. It came to sudden.

    • Bo Rae

      I have to agree with you on the romance part. I’m really loving everything else about this book but I’m just not feeling the romance. It feels a bit rushed, or ‘sudden’, if that makes sense, especially since they were both trying to kill each other.. which seemed forgotten about quite soon, in my opinion. I get that their soulmate bond might make it easier but still.. I’m not fully convinced yet, but maybe that will change soon (:

    • Codie

      You totally called it!! I’m not worthy ? I completely agree, I found that I’m much more invested in the friendships than the romance.

    • mikaylazm

      I loved the way this played out so much but I’m not gonna lie– I NEEDED MOREEEEE on the whole having a second love thing and how the dynamics of that worked. How did they even meet, etc etc. I’m still 100% not trusting in the gods that set up this system, even though Elanas actions with the owl do seem a bit more benevolent.

  • grimmauldplace12hq

    I couldn’t sleep this morning so got all my chapters for today done nearly went past chapter 41. This is my first time taking part in the read along and I’m enjoying it plus added bonus I’ll have read a full book in a week. Love the pace of the story.

    • grimmauldplace12hq

      Oops forgot to put my instagram is grimmauldplace12hq.

    • Codie

      I’m so happy you’re enjoying the readalong and the book too! 🙂 The face is great, it makes it hard to stop reading!

  • danica.brnot

    Oh my the theories where wright they are sisters yeeees so happy no wonder she felt the connection between them all this time and how she knows she isn’t dead but now what is she going to do to save her I am so intrigued . Sabine is really a good character the way she grows with each chapter and is realizing that she is strong not weak you go girl.

    Worst mother of everything goes to Odiva I mean come on that bitch would sacrifice her daughter to get her man back seriously selfish much and how can you even consider killing your child for a man I just cant uuuh

    OK I might be one of the few who likes the ”romance” between Bastian an Ailesse. I say ” romance ” like this because I am yet not sure where it is love or just lust I mean to attractive people together sure something is going to start happening hehe. I do hope love will happen because to me they are so cute together.

    I have these theory what if the bridge is the answer to braking the bond/curse since it is the mirror image of the right of passage bridge at least that’s how I understood it hmmm

    That being said I must read on to hopefully find out since it is the first book

    • Codie

      Yes! You totally called it 🙂 It’s a lovely plot twist I must say! Yup feeling that frustration with Odiva too, oooh nice a mirror image- I love that! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it 🙂

  • Serenity

    I’m so glad Sputnik.books was right and the girls are sisters!!! That’s so sweet!

    Odiva’s fishy secret is more or less out it seems. Things aren’t looking good for Ailesse if her mother only won’t kill her if she gets that jackal… It’s also a wonder how Odiva thinks Sabine will believe anything she says after she admittedly lied to everyone in the past 16-17 years.

    Marcel, sweet Marcel, I know you meant well, but it was a bit hilarious how he pretty much confirmed to Ailesse that her feelings are unrequited… ? It’s no wonder how Bastien wanted to strangle him a little bit… ?

    I wonder if Sabine and Ailesse will do their rituals at the same time and something huge will happen. The tension is killing me! ?

    Can’t wait to see how the story ends! Or at least, more or less ends, since book #2 is announced. I hope it won’t be an unbearable cliffhanger!

    • Codie

      I know! Such a lovely twist right? 🙂 true, if I was Sabine I’d be doubting anything Odiva says too! yeah I love Marcel but good god man you are not helping ?So glad you’re enjoying this!!

    • Laura

      Marcel was soooo lovely! I loved the last chapter and I really can imagine hes sheepish look when he’s talking to Bastian

      • mikaylazm

        I also loved Marcel in this so much. He’s such a good person and I think his inability to read the hidden questions and read people in a more typical manner is a really thoughtful choice for his character. I think he might be my favourite of the whole book tbh ?

  • Megan Wilson

    Ahh that twist! I’m really happy Ailesse and Sabine are sisters! I love their friendship. I have a feeling there will be even more twists and revelations in this last section. What if Sabine can’t kill her amoure? What if her amoure is MARCEL?! Or maybe her new flute won’t work for some reason and she still needs the original that Ailesse has! Also, we still don’t know which leuress killed Bastian’s father…

    • Codie

      Yes me too! I think Marcel and Sabine would be so cute together but I don’t want him to die so… I don’t ship hahah
      Ooh good point! I wonder who the Leuress who killed his father was? Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts once more! 🙂

  • Sandy

    Sisters!!! I’m loving it!! Who doesn’t want to be sisters with her best friend!!!
    And I really like how close Bastien is to Jules and Marcel!

    My dislike of Odiva keeps growing, such a b****!
    Okay, Marcel has a girlfriend but I still keep hoping he hooks up with Sabine, or is that not so nice….. ??
    I’m gonna go on reading…..

    • Codie

      Right?! So cute!! Yeah Odiva is THE WORST ?hahah yeah I love Marcel and I think they would be so cute together but that would mean he might have to die so…I don’t ship…yet ?
      I hope you’ll enjoy the ending ?

  • ninakristiinahilden

    Today’s chapters really ended on a cliffhanger! Wow I didn’t think Ailesse and Sabine would be sisters but now it makes total sense. Why would Odiva pretend to be Ailesse in the praying ritual? Can Odiva fool Tyrus just with Ailesse’s hair? I hope Sabine can save Ailesse and Bastien can get to Ailesse soon enough. How can she think she can find alone againts all those dead people who seem to be stronger than usually? This book has been such a thrilling adventure but i don’t want it to end.

    • Codie

      Such a cliffhanger!! That ritual was so shady right?! I’m so happy that you’re enjoying it, there’s been so many twists and turns! ?

  • a_trifonova

    I read the comments and I was like – Yeees, they are sisters but this is not the biggest thing happening and why is no one speaking about “that” and then I went and checked on which chapter I am ??? I read way past the chapters for today and now I can’t wait for everyone to read them tomorrow because there are more plot twists ahead. ???

    • Codie

      ?? yeah there’s MUCH more to come huh? ?I don’t blame you for reading on!! ?

  • Tiffany Salangsang

    Two Sisters with Two Bone Flutes!! Watch out, people (dead and undead)

    Most of us called it – Sabine is Odiva’s love child. Makes sense why Sabine was able to feel whether Ailesse was alive still. I like this story told through the 3 perspectives.

    I think Sabine deserves to be on the cover as well – like the art inside the dust jacket! The cover can be misleading; I assumed it was mostly a long story told through the boy and girl’s perspectives. Sabine was such a nice surprise!

  • Eva

    All those people commenting that Marcel should be Sabine’s amouré. No, I don’t want this. I want him to be with the Birdie he loves. They’re so cute, even if we haven’t seen them together so far.

    Still don’t like Jules, jealous as she is. But I must admit, I don’t want the Chained steal her Light. Not even Jules deserves to have her soul destroyed. Hope she gets saved from that fate.

    And I really hope, Sabine will not try to offer herself as a sacrifice to Tyrus so Ailesse will be spared. It did sound like this is her plan, though.

    I’m not sure if I want this book to end tomorrow. The next one seems so far away.

  • Tina

    I am SO happy that Ailesse and Sabine are sisters! Their bond is just the best thing ever.

    Poor old Marcel, couldn’t possibly have realised how much Bastien’s relationship with Ailesse has changed, and really put his foot in it. I just worry about Jude’s reaction to their relationship when she hopefully gets the Chained guy out of her- I dont think she’ll be happy.

    Anyway, I cant wait – I’m going to read on….!!

  • Angelica Lichtner

    I was a bit behind in the beginning but when I finally started it I just cant stop so I am a bit ahead of this and OMG this book is amazing. I feel a book hang over coming. I just find it so amazing Sabine and Ailesse are sisters. I didnt even suspect it! Now time to read the last 3 chapters 😛

  • erin.bethany.robinson

    I just caught up on the last three days and wow! I’m really sad I had to stop for today. There were so many reveals. I felt there had to be something about Sabine and Odiva so not particularly shocking to find out shes her daughter but I’m glad that Sabine has finally realised what a villain Odiva is. Most of this book is keeping me on my toes though and I have no idea how it’s going to end

  • Dina CB

    Absolutely loving the book! Didn’t know it was going to be so engaging! I am very curious where is the story going to go (slightly worried we will be left on the biggest cliffhanger ever for the second book). I am enjoying Sabine’s arc quite a lot, she is bringing all the mysterious elements to the story, the silver owl, the golden jackal, Odiva’s revelations. Plus she has such loyalty and heart and courage, she is an amazing character. I feel like the story between Bastien and Ailesse is a bit dragged out, but i have to admit the book has been not predictable at all!

    So i have a small theory… I think I know who Odiva’s love was, the father of Sabine. I think he is the King of South Galle, King Godart, I think it isn’t a coincidence that the Chateau Creux became ruins after he died (like a supernatural curse of Tyrus perhaps?), the fact that the king fell mysteriously ill and finally that Odiva chose the ruins of Chateau Creux to bring the Leurress, perhaps to honor and remember the man she loves? That would make Sabine a ‘perfect heir’, to both the human kingdom and the supernatural power of the Leurress, so maybe she is the only one who can break the bond and save everyone (i am choosing this as my new headcanon!) Looking forward to the last portion of the readathon to figure it out.

    • Bo Rae

      OMG this was my EXACT theory after reading chapters 32-41 today!

      At first I thought that Tyrus might be a secret lover somehow or that Sabine is Odiva’s daughter too and that Sabine’s father is Odiva’s true love (which turns out to be quite right) .. but after reading these chapters and seeing those subtle hints about King Godart.. I mean, why would Odiva choose Chateau Creux for the famille? Ailesse explains that it bears a lot of meaning to Odiva and she also mentions briefly that King Godart died when she was a baby, it would make total sense considering Odiva mentions that Sabine’s father died when she was pregnant with Sabine! Also, a King would obviously be a rich man who would be able to afford the necklace that Odiva carries with her, so it would make a lot of sense!

      So I’m totally with you on this one!

  • sumayyahwaheed9

    Wow so much happened in today’s chapters! I loved that we got to see Ailesse and Bastien on what would be the closest they’d get to having a date with her putting on the green dress and the strawberries it was such a sweet moment. Sabine is Odivas daughter and Odiva is ferrying even the unchained to Tryus and she’s trying to kill Ailesse! I saw Sabine being her daughter coming but did not expect her to do all the rest just to try and get Sabine’s father back. I guess there really is no limit to what a woman would do for love.

  • xochandaox

    Oh man. Like I was so upset with Jules especially the last few chapters and I’m not saying I’m glad her Light is being taken away but like…. She should have let Ailesse do her thing.

  • gypsymommy1018

    Holy plot twists!
    I am absolutely in love with this book! I began wondering in the beginning if Sabine and Ailesse were more than just friends because of how Odiva treated them. I despise Odiva right now, I trust nothing about her and I hope she gets what she deserves for abandoning Ailesse like she has! I didn’t want to stop at chapter 41 tonight but forced myself! Looking forward to seeing how Jules reacts to Bastien’s feelings for the Bone Crier! Is anyone else in love with Marcel’s character? He’s just so gullible! This is my first time doing a read along and I have loved this experience so thank you!

  • purpleabby

    So cool that Sabine gets the golden jackal as her grace bone! I also love the silver owl! I knew O would want to make Sabine her heir! I also love how the timing of this book shows us weeks and months instead of like a whole hook happens in a week 🙂 omg they are real sisters! I still want to know lore about Sabine’s father if we can but that twist of her past and indenity is so interesting! I also think both Sabine and Ailesse each having a bone flute (if they can get it from Jules) can make for a very interesting outcome! That interrupted kiss tho!!!!! I love the tension when Ailesse doesn’t believe Bastien loves her and Jules I right for him the heart pain is so good! The catacomb bridge is interesting! O’s betrayal by giving the light ones to hell is surprising! I’m really interested to see how it all comes together at the end!

  • Bo Rae

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to read these chapters yesterday so I finished them just now and I enjoyed them so much! They were just packed with so much action!

    While reading these chapters, I became convinced of a new theory, which Dina CB has already touched upon as well and I totally agree with her! I think that King Godart was Odiva’s true love and Sabine’s father. According to Ailesse, Chateau Creux bears a lot of meaning to Odiva and that would make total sense if she loved King Godart. Also, he is a king that would be able to afford the bird/ruby necklace thingy.. There are so many subtle hints being thrown at him and Chateau Creux that it just made me think. Odiva also mentions that Sabine’s father died when she was pregnant with Sabine and Ailesse explains that King Godart died when she was a baby.. it fits perfectly! So I’m totally joining Dina CB on this one! I hadn’t thought about the Chateau being destroyed by Tyrus or as a sort of punishment but I love that theory!

    I’m really curious to see where the story will take us and what will happen to all of the characters. Unfortunately the romance has not convinced me yet.. it just feels too ‘sudden’ or something, sadly. However, I’m loving everything else! I’m really hoping that Sabine will not have to perform her rite of passage as she really doesn’t seem to want to do it. I love how her character has grown but it makes me kind of sad to see that she constantly has to do things which she does not want to do. I love how she has become so much stronger in order to save Ailesse but I want her to be happy eventually too!

    Now it’s time for a bit of schoolwork but I’m hoping to read the remaining chapters tonight! I’m really enjoying this readalong!

  • Sina

    Wow ! These chapter got me hooked ! I just fell in love with Marcel ??! Really like his character . But Odiva – meh . She go on my nerves ?.

  • Laura

    Oh Marcel i love you! And you really don’t know much about girl ?
    Super interesting chapters and the story is progressing fast. Abit too fast in terms of the relationship between Ailesse and Bastian if you ask me. I’m not really feeling it. But it’s really great that Sabin is Ailesses real sister. She’s working so hard to safe her. In contrast to her mother. She’s only concerned about her beloved.

  • Sina

    Wow these chapters were so intensive ! Love that the girls are sister! This story development ist great . <3

  • Jessica

    I am so glad that Sabine and Ailesse are sisters! They already acted like sisters anyways so it’s only fitting for it to be true as well.

    Marcel is the best. He is so kind and just wants whats best for everyone.

    Odiva is terrible and selfish. She sacrificed 1000 unchained souls so that she could get one soul back. That is ridiculus! I wish she would become Chained and go through the gate to the underworld; it’s where she belongs!!!

    After Sabine witnesses Odiva’s ritual, she says she is going to do her own to make Ailesse the air again. I am afraid that she is going to use Ailesse’s bone knife to kill Bastian and complete Ailesse’s ritual for her. Ailesse will not be grateful to Sabine if she does that.

    I am also confused by the Silver Owl’s motives now. I feel like she is sent by Elara but I don’t understand why she would be ok with Sabine taking Ailesse’s place as that seems to be what the signs are saying.

    I wonder if the Jackel grace gave Sabine more than she realizes.

    I am curious if the new bridge that Marcel discovered can be used to ferry the dead. I am also curious if it can be used to unbind Ailesse and Bastian from the curse.

  • mikaylazm

    So I’m not gonna lie: I’m so glad that they are sisters. But I think these are some of the chapters that began to feel a bit “lacy” to me (I can see the holes in stuff and it’s bothering me, even though I’m sure it’ll be explained in a later book.) I needed to have more information about Ailesse’s father… Like the amount of hatred doesn’t seem on par with what you might expect from a “meh” amoure. I expected so much more there! I guess it gives me more to be intrgued by later!

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