Caraval Readalong: Day 6

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Welcome, welcome my friends!

It’s the final day of the ‘Caraval’ readalong! I have truly loved re-reading this with you all. The ‘Caraval‘ series is one of my all time favourites and getting to kick off this readalong to prepare for the final book in the trilogy has just been a pleasure.

We’re reading chapters 36 – end today, I’m so sad it’s over! Although, I do remember absolutely loving the end to this book, so let’s get started shall we?

It’s time to finish the Game.

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Caraval chapters 36-end inclusively. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


So yesterday were pretty emotional chapters. Scarlett and Julian finally kissed, and then we lost him, all within a couple of chapters. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster, am I right?

We’ve not finally been reunited with Tella who isn’t believing Scarlett’s story. I feel like Tella is definitely in on this plan somehow because she’s being too reluctant to believe Scarlett. And with them being so close, surely she would take her elder sister a bit more seriously. Re-reading this now, it does feel like her story is a little more scattered and she definitely could be lying.

If I were in Scarlett’s position right now, I would be ridiculously frustrated. I’m sure she is, but she just doesn’t want to hurt her sister’s feelings as she prepares to introduce her elder sister to her fiance. However, by now we all know that Caraval is definitely not so simple or straightforward, because when Tella’s fiance enters, it’s Legend before them.

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Legend tells Scarlett that if she takes the leap of faith from the balcony then he will not harm her sister.

However, before anything can happen they tie Scarlett up to stop her. Then their father enters with the Count. This situation just got so much more stressful. Oh dear.

Tella pleads with Legend/Daniel to keep their father away from them. He must be her biggest fear too? Legend turns to Tella and admits that the whole Daniel EeEngl was a ruse. Tella begins to walk closer and closer to the edge of the balcony, knowing that if she jumps, her father will never be able to hold her safety over Scarlett’s head. Tella then tells them that she’d rather die than live a miserable life on Trisda before she steps off the balcony and plummets into the darkness.

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I feel so bad for Scarlett right now, it’s a miracle she hasn’t passed out.

Now that Tella has leapt to her death, nothing holds Scarlett back from facing her father now. She tells him that she will come clean about the time he murdered her friend Felipe. She told him that he will never be welcome back on his home island of Trisda. You go Scarlett!

Scarlett demands her wish from Legend, but he says no after all the trouble that’s been caused. When he refuses, she darts down to the street to try save her sister by giving her blood to her. It’s unsuccessful, and I actually got a bit teary eyed at this bit! I feel terrible for Scarlett. Caraval has caused her nothing but pain.

Jo instructs Scarlett to go collect Tella’s things which leads her to finding a box with the symbol of Caraval on it. Inside Scarlett finds the real reason they got the invitations. Tella had been writing back and forth with Legend for years, coaxing him to be a hero. To redeem himself after Rosa’s death.

It seems that Tella is more mischievous than we thought! 

Scarlett confronts Legend, who admits that it’s not part of his role to tell her what’s going on now that the games are “over“. He introduces himself as Caspar and tells us that not many people have met Legend, not even many of his own performers. Apparently he parades around as someone else entirely.

Tella is alive guys! Queue a chorus of Hallelujahs! Tella explains that you cannot be given a wish, Legend could only provide enough magic to help you along. You had to want that thing more than anything for the magic to work.

Tella explains everything she can to Scarlett, about the whole game, the plans, everything. Even the part about Julian being killed possibly being her fault. Julian was apparently only supposed to get them to the isle, and then leave Scarlett at the clock shop. So why did he continue to help her, hmm? 

We also find out that both Julian and Dante are alive!

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Tella tells Scarlett to get ready for the end of Caraval party, but she doesn’t feel like going. I wouldn’t feel like going either after everything! Still shocked, Scarlett hasn’t passed out from stress!

Dante enters the party with a woman on each arm. Classic Dante. Tella rushes to him with Aiko and leaves Scarlett on her lonesome. But not for long, because Julian finds her and starts off by admitting his name, is in fact his real name. But he also tells us his full name, surnames and all. He explains his side of the story, including the itty bitty important fact that Legend is HIS BROTHER.

Scarlett and Julian thankfully make up, and thank goodness for it, because re-reading this book has been one hell of an emotional rollercoaster and I cannot take more heartbreak.

We’re now onto the Epilogue, switching over to Tella who was wishing she had someone to kiss. She falls into the hands of a new handsome partner, one whom she’d not seen before. Suddenly, he vanishes and Tella resorts to having more champagne when she notices something in her pocket. It’s a note, wrapped around a coin she’s never seen before.

The note tells us that Tella will be able to see her mother very soon. Which leads us to believe that maybe she is looking for her? We were told earlier in the book that her mother abandoned them when they were young. What do you guys think?

The note ends saying that this mysterious partner she just had would return soon to collect what she owes him. The not is signed from a friend, and with that, we have completed ‘Caraval‘!

And that, my friends, is a wrap! What did you think of the final chapters? I honestly can’t wait to hear what you guys think. If you re-read this with us, did you notice anything new that you never noticed before? Did you enjoy it more than the first time you read it?

And if you were reading for the first time, then please let us know what you thought. We really, really want to know!

Thank you so much for reading with us, I have loved seeing your thoughts and I’m sure the others did too! And knowing we’re getting to share one of our personal favourite series with you? It just makes these readalongs that much more fun.

Remember, if you have already read ‘CaravalandLegendary‘ make sure you don’t post any spoilers. G will be hosting the ‘Legendary‘ readalong very soon with you guys and you can find the reading schedule here so you can prepare for it.

Will you be participating in the ‘Legendary‘ readalong?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and remember, it’s only a game. (;

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11 thoughts on “Caraval Readalong: Day 6

  1. It turns out Tella did have a man with her when Scarlett first got to Caraval. A Daniel DeEngl who was abducted with her and is now her fiancé!!
    Scarlett tells her she can’t be in love with someone she has just met. Um Scarlett have we forgotten Julian already. Pot. Kettle and all that.
    Tella is being annoying here tho.

    And Daniel is Legend. We should have known!!!!
    He’s trying to convince Tella Scarlett is mad and to tie her up for her safety.
    And then in comes her father, the count and out comes the truth and Tella jumps!

    The count creeps away. Scarlett stands up to her father threatening to expose his lies. Pity she is only free to do it now Tella is dead. Legend refuses her wish (where she would have to chose between J and T) but she tries to get Tella back with her blood and then Jo says she will want to collect Tella’s things!!!

    Tella sent Legend a letter asking them to help them escape her father.
    Legend isn’t Legend but Caspar. A player. My head hurts.

    Tella was willing to die and she thought Scarlett would wish her back to life. I might be peeved enough to wish for Julian over Tella by this point.

    Tella is alive. Scarlett wished her back. Death in the game is real but not permanent for the players. It would have been for Tella.

    She ends up dragging Scarlett to the party where she discovers Julian is Legend’s brother. She decides to give him another chance.

    Tella gets drunk and we find out she owes Legend something for all this.

    I remember now being pissed at Tella the first time for what she puts Scarlett through. I get why but it still feels a little cruel. Definitely enjoyed the book more this time.

    Rating was 4. Now 4.75 round up to 5. I was much more swept up in the romance of it all this time.

    Thanks for hosting Lauren

  2. WOW!

    I’ve been waiting for today’s post as I got so excited about the way the book was going and all the twists with their father and the Count turning up, and trying to work out what was real and what wasn’t, I actually finished on day 4!

    Such a good book, I loved not knowing what was happening and who was a player or who was taking part in the game. I loved not knowing who Legend was or even who was alive at times!

    I can’t wait to read Legendary and have preordered my Finale box!

    Such a brilliant experience and I’m sure a book which will stay with me for a long time, as it was so intriguing and so mysterious.

  3. I get the reason why Tella did everything, but to be honest I hoped so much that some good Samaritan would just take Scarlett’s hand and take her away from that shitty place. I get it’s a game and all, but I’m not even close to being as forgiving as Scarlett.

    Julian is also on my shitty list. He is not all that inocent either and was forgiven too easily.

    I loved the whole story, but I got a bit set back by the way everybody was forgiven too quickly by Scarlett. Ugh. That’s why the 4 stars.

    I really want to read Legendary to see where this is going. If I don’t read it in the next week, I’ll definitely join in next month.

    Thank you so much to hosting the read-along!!! I tried to read it twice before this week and to finally do it and it actually be a great book is awesome. Thank you again! ?

  4. I am now officially obsessed with Caraval! I flippin loved this book and cannot wait to read Legendary! I finished it this morning and been waiting for the post to go up so I can spill some of my thoughts!

    I’m fully in support that the last chapters were real and magic happened! I was so so on edge with Tella when she wasn’t believing Scarlett, I kept putting it down because I wanted everything to go my way ha!

    It’s such a mysterious book, you have no idea whos playing, and even if you did they bring reality to the roles and you just would never know!

    Despite finding Scarlet a wee bit annoying I did love her and I’m glad she got the guy in the end. Julian had some serious issues and Scarlett did forgive quite quickly but damn you just wouldnt say no, he helped her in so many places when he wasnt even meant to!

    Stephanie wrote this so beautifully and I’m so so glad I finally got around to reading it!


  5. I really enjoyed re-reading Caraval with everyone here. Thanks so much for hosting, Lauren! ??
    I’m looking forward to getting on to Legendary next, too. Personally, I think Donatella is a much better character than Scarlett, so Legendary is my favourite! ?

    1. I totally agree! I think Tella is a much more interesting and likeable character, so I cannot wait to read Caraval!

  6. Since this is the sixth and final day of the CARAVAL Readalong, I thought it would be safe to share my thoughts and feelings about the book in general.



    I know it took me a while to finish Caraval because I was reading other books simultaneously and I was working on the final details of my debut novel, but boy, that was such a PHENOMENAL book! ?✨?

    From the moment I started reading it, I hated Scarlett’s father! He’s the Umbridge kind of character and I do hope he’ll get the ending he deserves!
    I loved the idea of this thrilling, quite dangerous game, and as the plot kept unfolding, I wanted to just get lost into it. Still, I tried to remain as logical as possible. For even though I knew why Scarlett was so overprotective of Tella, I couldn’t ignore the fact that there were times I was afraid she would actually lose herself during the game.

    The person that stole my heart though was Julian. He’s my new favorite beau and I was truly DEVASTATED when for a moment I thought that he was dead! ???
    I was such a relief to find out that, thanks to Caraval’s magic, he was brought back to life, because he and Scarlett deserve a really happy ending! ?✨?

    In terms of writing style and world-building, I was a bit skeptical at the beginning, mostly because many people compared it to The Night Circus, which I didn’t like at all.
    Though the pacing was a bit slow at first, things became literally ADDICTIVE from page 200-ish onwards.

    I cannot even begin to imagine what kind of agreement Tella made with Legend, but I can hardly wait to find out! ? Even if it ends up being more dangerous than Caraval itself.

    Overall, though I am one of the few people that took them a while to read this MASTERPIECE, I highly recommend you pick it up, even if it ends up breaking your heart again and again and again.
    Besides… it is only a game! ?

    P.S.: Huge thanks to Anissa for ranting endlessly about it! ?

  7. I am so glad scarlet has found tella. I wish she had of been in the story a bit more. Tella and Legend That was a shock. I was happy that tella had found someone until i found out it was him. (he scares me). I was shocked after all scarlet has done to find her sister then she kills herself. poor scarlet hows she going to cope with that. I was shocked the tella had been writing letters to legend I never seen that on coming. I had a feeling that casper wasn’t the real legend I don’t no why it was just in the back of my mind. yes yes yes Julian, Dante and tella are back from the dead. scarlet and julian are back together a last.

    I think this book was the best book I have read, it my new Favourite book which I will reread many times. I love all the characters but my favourite has to be Julian. I really lost myself in this book and sometimes forgot it was only a game.

    I can’t wait to read legendary which I will be reading in the readalong with yous.

  8. First time reading Caraval, I finished it in one day! Love Scarlett and Julian, really don’t like tella, she just seems a manipulative spoilt child. Definitely need to get legendary now to join in with the readalong properly!

  9. I love this book. But I don’t know who I like and who I hate. I like Scarlett but think Julian is a little boring. I was only shocked when he got stabbed but when Tella died my eyes where watering. I have a strong bond to my sister myself. Tella has such a minipulative ,explosive and interesting personality. Loved the book, the romance gave me goosebums. Just think the plot could have been a bit more exciting, a bit more happenig in the book.

  10. First I want to thank you for doing a read along of Caraval.

    Wow, this book gave me so many mixed emotions. I don’t know if I love it or hate it. Don’t get me wrong, the story telling of the world is beautiful and the suspense of the mystery and how it was unfolding had my brain on overload. I couldn’t put the book down around chapter 23 (I was I drug addict and this book was my crack), I had to finish it and I stayed up all night till I did. But the last couple of chapters I just don’t get, can someone please help me understand “why”?

    After everything that Scar has been though, watching her friend Felipe be killed by her father right in front of her when she was a little girl and how traumatizing that must’ve been for her to see that. Scar lived to protect her sister and would do anything for her even get married to guy she did not love for Tella. So I understood Scar when she was whining about how she needed to go home so she can get married. Her father built a world of fear around her and thats all she knew..

    THEN THE LAST CHAPTERS, after watching the men she loved die in her arms and watching her sister jump off a balcony to her death. I don’t know how Scar is going overcome this. Also I was thinking this must be part of the game theres a puzel left to solve. Then she finally stands up to her dad and we start to see another side of her strong and brave. Her dad leaves with her ex fiance’ licking thier wounds. I’m hoping she’s going to break hell on earth on caraval. Then Tella appears alive and unharm. Scar discovers that Tella and legend deceive her in such a cruel way. I get it there’s a bigger PICTURE here than Scar mental state of mind and her emotions, but WHY did she have to forgive everybody so fast like everything she went through was just a dream or just a joke; It felt wrong and pushed.

    Then finally Julian tells Scar some truths and Im getting excited because I’m thinking his going to finally tell her his legends boom and she’s going to slap him and then move on to the next book. But Noooo his just the brother of legend, Why the brother and not legend? Julian is great and charming I just wanted more. But i feel Scar deserve to still grow as a character and get revenge from her dad and give Tella and legend a little bit of their own medicine. Even Tella is not evil, but I do believe she’s selfish and untrustworthy and would have been nice if Scar could turn the tables.

    So my prediction is for The second book is going to be about Tella’s debt (or deal) and her falling in love with Dante (who is Legend) and her being a this unbelievable badass and her cleverness . I really hope…….Im praying….. that I am wrong about this and there’s more than this cliche and that I was wrong about Tella in which she has more depth than what I read.

    This how I know it was great written book. When I’m ranting like this. Am emotionally invested. LOL.


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