Circle of Shadows Readalong: Day 2

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Hello friends!

Welcome to the second day of our 4th Readalong! We absolutely loved reading your comments last night about the first 10 chapters of ‘Circle of Shadows’. I can’t even begin to explain how happy it makes us to see you all joining in and discussing the book with each other. It truly brings the biggest smiles to our faces.

From reading your comments and discussions last night, it seems that the majority of you are really enjoying that we’re getting a peek into Prince Gin’s perspective. A lot of you are curious as to why he’s doubting himself and if he’ll really go through with his plans. And I’m seeing a lot of love for Daemon too. As you can tell from the Day 1 post, I’m right there with you all.

Today we’re reading chapters 11 – 20, and stopping at the beginning of chapter 21.

Books at the ready, my friends. And if you’ve already read these chapters, feel free to jump straight into the spoilers!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Circle of Shadows chapters 11-20 inclusively. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


The second part of our Readalong begins with Fairy who’s become a definite favourite of mine already. I enjoy how she seems adorable one moment, and the next minute she’s a fierce fighter. She knows her roommate and best friend, Sora, is planning something risky so of course, the deceivingly cute side character begins telling us about the poisons she carries with her on a daily basis – which she’s now given to Sora – I’ll say it again, I love her character!

I definitely wouldn’t want to be on her bad side.

Daemon and Sora leave for another tip across the land of Kichona to find Prince Gin and his followers. We’re treated to a moment of Daemon being a gentleman and offering Sora his blanket to keep her warm, whilst giving her a longing gaze. And even though she declines, he still wraps it around her once she’s fallen asleep! Isn’t that positively adorable? Before I started reading this book and saw the artwork for our January Fairyloot box, I automatically assumed he would be just as mischievous as Sora. But my assumption couldn’t have been more far from the truth. He continues to be the more mature one of them both, and I really hope to see more of his POV too.

I’m really liking how slowly his feelings towards Sora are progressing too. He seems just as surprised as anyone about the thoughts he’s having about his Gemina. I’m aching to find out if Sora is going to start having similar thoughts too.

He seems like an outsider with a soul that’s aching to be free, just like a Wolf.

Related imageWe are getting another chapter with Gin’s POV, and I’m getting so intrigued about this doubt clouding his mind. Even though he’s rounding up villagers and citizens of Kichona to be part of the Two Hundred Hearts sacrifice, I don’t feel any hatred towards him for doing so, because I feel like deep down he might be a good person? A person not willing to make this massive sacrifice. Are any of you guys curious as to what he’s doing to change people’s minds so suddenly? Making them completely loyal to him instead of their beloved Empress Aki.

It has to be some form of magic that he learned whilst he recovered from the Blood Rift.

I’m so happy to see that we get another Fairy and Broomstick POV! Is it just me, or are any of you guys also wondering how the hell Fairy’s Gemina got named Broomstick? I honestly love it.

Sora and Daemon return to the camp where they spotted Prince Gin, and are greeted with a pack of Wolves. We’re really getting to see another side to Daemon as he decides to make contact with them, instead of fighting them off. Wolves did raise him after all and Sora is more than happy to allow him to take the lead on this one. I also love that he says his Wolfish is a little rusty, yet manages to translate information perfectly to Sora. Communicating with Wolves would be such an awesome ability to him and it’s nice knowing that this is a skill he would have picked up from being raised by them, and it’s not something he relies on magic for.

Image result for wolf howl gif

As Sora and Daemon arrive in Paro Village, they really seem to be flabbergasted by the way people are acting. Especially the one woman they meet who’s over the moon about being chosen as one of Prince Gin’s Two Hundred Hearts. What kind of spell does he have these poor people under? 

And to make matters worse, they begin calling them out as the enemy and pelting them with acorns. Um…ouch?

On their way to Kaede City, they come across Prince Gin and his followers that the Wolves were referring to. The balls containing fire, ice and bugs (gross). And I’m not going to lie, I’m a little freaked that they’re in transparent balls, like weapons that are waiting to be released.

Prince Gin makes his appearance, but this time he’s with a hooded girl. Who’s this girl? Is she one of his loyal followers. He mentions one woman called Virtuoso (I love that nickname too) earlier, but it seems like this woman could be higher in his ranks.

We learn that the magical beings are called Ryuu. What does that mean? I have no idea, but I hope we find out soon. I have a feeling they will be one of the bigger hurdles our protagonists need to tackle later in the book. Sora is practically simmering in rage at Gin, and I don’t blame her. Especially if he really was responsible for the murder of her little sister, Hana. I wonder if the rage she feels will make her act recklessly later on?

Image result for oooo cat gif

In the final chapter for day 2 of our Readalong, Daemon made me laugh. Really damn hard. The poor girl at the stall that he rejected, so innocently, but it sounded so harsh!

“What are you doing tonight? I get off work at four o’clock…”

“I, um, will have left town by then. But have a nice day!”

Brutal Daemon. Absolutely brutal. But at least he wished her a good day, right? That did give me a good laugh. What did you guys think about that?

The explosion that occurs shortly after, I assume, is the Bug person’s ball. Or perhaps he’s created a bug bomb to set off in the City. But regardless of what did happen, Sora and Daemon are still out of their league here. They still don’t have a clue what’s going on. They just want to get their information back to the Imperial city. But it seems they might be too late as Sora chases ‘bug boy’ as he heads towards the city’s Society command post.

Related image

That brings us to the end of day 2 of our ‘Circle of Shadows‘ Readalong!

These chapters were relatively short and quick to read, and looking back on them, I feel like they are mostly setting up the next big scene or fight?

We got more Prince Gin, Fairy and more of Daemon, with a bonus of seeing him in action as he communicates with the Wolves. So I am really happy with what we covered today. I’m hoping we finally see Sora or Daemon confront Prince Gin tomorrow when we read the next part of the book. I feel like we’re really close to seeing that happen and it’s probably what I’m most excited to see right now. I would really like to know more about these Ryuu and what they are exactly as well.

What do you guys think of chapters 11 – 20? I can’t wait to read your comments!

Again, please be mindful of spoilers if you decide to continue reading! (:

I hope you all enjoyed the second day of the January Readathon!

We will be back tomorrow and will be reading chapters 21 – 30.

With Love,


56 thoughts on “Circle of Shadows Readalong: Day 2

  1. The first 10 chapters were a little hard for me to read, I didn’t feel a good connection but I am not one to give up on a book fast. So I started reading today and suddenly realized I was at chapter 26.. OOPS! Though stopping at chapter 21 was really not an option there!
    I really love the enigma bond aspect and whenever I read about communicating with wolfs I get taken back to my favorite book series of Robin Hobb.
    So now I can’t do anything else than like the book 😀

    I love the enigma bond between Sora and Daemon and I feel like we still have a lot to discover about Fairy. Looking forward to that!

    Sometimes I feel a bit lost in the way scenes/settings are described, I had such a hard time envisioning the paro village, also why would they just walk in if possible danger lured? I was a bit confused there.

    Let’s see what the next 10 chapters bring.

    1. I love that you lost track of what chapter you were on!
      That almost happened to me too.

    2. Haha the ending of 20 was definitely hard to stop at ?

      I think they met the woman before entering the heart of the village because i had the same fear that entering just like that might be dangerous!

  2. The parts today felt really short. I managed to get them done in my 30 minutes lunch break (who needs to eat anyway when the fate of a kingdom hangs in the balance, right?…right?) and even had a few minutes left.
    Almost wasn’t able to put the book down. A kid riding on bugs, urgs… but so interesting at the same time. They don’t know what they are getting themselves into…
    I just loved the wolf scenes (well wolf and the wolfs XD man that’s confusing).
    I can totaly see that girl next to the prince being Hana.
    I love that all the characters are so different and seems so well crafted. And I have to agree with you Lauren. Fairy so cute and nice and bubbly handing over the most deadly poison she just likes to mix in her free time, just makes me like her so much.
    It was so hard to stop myself from reading more… I hope times goes by quickly tomorrow, so I can read what happens next =)

    1. They were really short, but a lot still happened! I feel like we’ll get longer chapters as the story progresses. (:
      I’m so so happy you’re enjoying it!

    2. Oh my God i was reading too & postponing lunch ?

      I never imagined Hana might be alive! Let alone a maniac with the prince o.O

    3. Love your theory abour Hana!
      Taking the future aprentices with them would make sense…

  3. I am starting to love this story more and more. Again I have been too excited to read the book in the evening so I read some this afternoon. And oh my god these chapters keep getting better and better.

    I am still love Fairy and Broomstick! I think Fairy is a flirter and teaser when it comes to guys and possibly a player if she is kissing so many guys lol ? Also I am liking how she is really good at potions too!

    So we left yesterday with guards minds taken over and sent back to report that there was no sighting of Prince Gin, which Sora and Daemon weren’t happy about. To be honest, I don’t blame them. By the time the council realise what is happening it’s going to be too late!

    I am loving Daemon more and more, his communication with Wolves just melt my heart so much! But I felt for him when he found out the last member of his pack passed away last winter ?

    Prince Gin is on the move through the villages to find his books 200 hearts! He had already been through one village and taken control of their mind as well as the guards minds before moving on to the next town. It makes me wonder if there is a way to counteract the mind control thing ? I just hope this doesn’t happen to Sora and Daemon or just one of them. Now that I think about it I have a bad feeling that Daemon jumps in front of Sora that will him in having his mind controlled which then Sora heads to the palace to try and warn people ? (I really hope that doesn’t happen)

    Sora and Daemon decide to head to the next town ahead of the prince, to warn the guards what is on the way. However, a few minutes later they realised that the prince and his army has already arrived. Sora and Daemon had already seen the magic they use magic which they haven’t seen before, now bug boy has let loose his insects to attack the town. Which Daemon has gotten everyone out. Now he can’t find Sora! ? but I was so glad he managed to find her, for a moment I thought the prince had taken her or took control of her mind or something.

    Now it’s up to Sora and Daemon to go and help the guards in the tower, since that was where big boy was heading. Let’s hope their not too late. But I do hope they don’t get caught and have their minds taken control ? I would not like that one bit! Anyway, amazing chapters once again! I can’t wait to read tomorrow’s chapters x

    1. It was so sad when Daemon heard about his pack dying. I didn’t realize he felt such love for them until that point. I bet it’s made him want to find his birth parents even more now.

    2. I absolutely love your thoughts!
      I LOVE Fairy too. She’s totally my favourite right now.

      Also, very interesting theory on Hana being alive, that would be mindblowing!

    3. Oh yeah i was sad too when Daemon was informed of the pack’s death =(

      Wah i hope that whatever magic struggle Daemon has would help him against the brain control! Which would help him protect Sora more!

  4. I’m woth everyone else, the chapters are really short and quick to read, and I’m really enjoying that. Feel like I’m getting through the book at a good pace.

    It definately feels like its already building to something big with another reveal, which is surprising as were only 136 pages in ?.

    I’m not sure I liked the wolf talk though, I liked the idea if it more than the execution I think. Sad times about Daemon’s pack though!

    I feel like Hana is a good guess for the mysterious girl’s voice, and such a twist if it’s right.

    Looking forward to reading tomorrows chapters!

    1. I definitely agree, I feel like the story is going at a good pace right now, I’m excited to what happens next!

  5. For a book which is so far quite light in tone, I find Prince Gin a bit on the more terrifying side; zealotry, overpowered and with mind control. Yep, kinda like a horror… Some villians can be gruesome like “look how evil I am with the torturing and the slaughtering, mwhahah” but they rarely feel scary.

    Also, needs more wolves.

    1. That’s so so true Sheila!
      And I agree, more Wolves please. Thank you.

  6. The chapters were really quick to read and left me wondering what happens next, especially given the end chapter for today!

    I’m not sure what anyone else thinks about it, but the brainwashing thing is really creepy, especially seeing the confusion about it once Sora and Daemon get to the village.

  7. This story and characters are slowly starting to grow on me. There is still something that bothers me about not knowing whos PoV we are reading (since there are always more coming) but it’s also very refreshing to have a bad guys perspective.

    Hope everyone is having a great time reading it. I will dive into these next chapters with excitement.

  8. These chapters were a quick read/quick listening and I do enjoy this book very much, story is slowly developed and so are th characters.
    I like the friendship between Sory, Daemon, Fairy and Broomstick, it reminds me in a way The Maraurders from HP. 😀
    Prince Gin, it looks like that he might really not be just one dimensional villain but it looks like he is going to have a good story on his side and we will probably see some other sides of him too, which is good.
    Bug Boy was hard to imagine and someone I would not like to meet in person. 😀
    Daemon and the scene with wolves was amazing, hopefully we will see more of this side of his.
    Also I liked very much that Sora could admit that maybe because of her mischievious past the Society find hard to believe her story about Prince Gin. Usually main characters can’t take blame for their doings, but it looks like that our girl is not one of them.
    I am enjoying this detailed world with these characters that look like they are going to be written well. I am enjoying this more than I thought.

    1. Loved reading your thoughts!
      I think if I met Bug Boy in person I would scream.

      1. Hear hear on the scream! Ugh it gave me creepy crawlies!

  9. I started my day by reading the chapter 11 to 20. The advantages when one has a day off on ones birthday ^___^

    The chapter were flying by so quickly! I really liked that. I think the author did a great job with her writing so far.

    I really enjoyed the scene with the wolves. It was nice seeing Daemon doing his special talent. I mean he can talk to wolves! How cool is that?!? I want to be able to do that too!

    I did not like the scene in the end with the bugs. The discription of them crawling all over…. I almost threw my book as bugs are… my worst enemy!

    It was very nice to see more about our mains relationship and the bond they have. I somehow I wish Daemon finds a way to tell Sora how he feels without ruining everything and so they have the approval in the end… if Sora feels the same way. So far we haven’t heard her perspective on this.

    I also like to see more of the villains POV. He feels like a reasonable person despite his barbaric goal. I’m looking forward to learn more about him soon.

    Have a nice day, everyone, and stay safe~


    1. Happy Birthday Narra!
      I loved reading your thoughts on these chapters (:

    2. Happy birthday ?

    3. Happy birthday!! 🙂

  10. It seemed to be a much shorter section than we read yesterday, either that or I’m enjoying it so much that the time just sped along.

    I am so unbelievably glad that Fairy believes Sora. I feel like if her friends didn’t believe her either she’d have started doubting herself too, and that’s just no way to live, girl!
    I loved that we seem to have learned so much more about Daemon in these chapters, too. He can talk to wolves? That is pretty amazing! I wonder why a society that uses animal based magic would have such a hard time believing it though?
    Also, why does Daemon like the stars so much? My theory is that he’s descended from one of the gods or something. Maybe that’s why he was raised by wolves. Like Romulus and Remus from Greek mythology!

    So in Japanese the character Ryū means “dragon”. I guess that’s why they’re called ryuu, right? ‘Cos they follow the Dragon Prince.
    Also, I’m telling you guys, I have a really weird feeling about Virtuoso. All is not well in waffleville with that girl.
    I’m still loving Gin as a villain, though. I like how he’s forcing himself to do these terrible things for the good of the country. I have a soft spot for a good baddie and Gin is just perfection!

    1. Oh my gosh, Claire!
      What a great theory. If Daemon was some kind of Demi God, I think I would faint honestly. What a fantastic twist.
      Gin is gaining a place in my heart, and I’m worried about that haha.

    2. All is not well in waffleville ???

  11. Today’s portion felt super quick and even a bit choppy. I think because we’re flipping from perspective to perspective and seeing more people getting involved (and the chapters are just short!) So it seems like it’s leading to something big soon.

    I love Daemon. He’s so adorable and I’m totally down. I also find myself really immediately attached to Fairy as well. Sora I liked instantly but didn’t find any more sympathetic or interesting today, so unless she hits a character development high soon, I might find her a bit more annoying instead of sassy.

    I hated leaving on the freaking cockroaches climbing everywhere and now I’m all wigged out about it ahahah.

    1. Hahaha, girl, I feel the same way about those cockroaches!

      I’m really loving Fairy too! Part of me wishes she was with Sora and Daemon all the time.

  12. I enjoyed that these chapters were short. But I would have liked to see a bit more. Either way, Daemon is still wholesome and I adore him so much. My suspicions that he is meant for more feel a bit more confirmed in this chapters. He keeps saying the stars call him. Maybe be is a direct son of Luna? Or has some godly powers related to Luna?

    And I need more Gin chapters. He is slowly becoming one of my favorites and want to see more of what he is thinking.

    1. A direct son of Luna? Wow, what a theory. I’m living for it!

      Gin is slowly becoming a favourite of mine too!

    2. I was getting that vibe from him too when he climbed the tree cause he just so desperately needed to see the stars. And it would help explain why he was left on his own so young.

    3. I thought so too about him descending from Luna! Wouldn’t it be insanely magnificent!!!

    4. I got the same theory about Daemon being a son of luna or something like that. With him not knowing who his parents are, loving the outside and the sky.

      But at the same time he lived with wolves when he was younger so makes sends that he likes the night sky, because the whole howling at the moon thing.

      But I still think it’s forshadowing that he has a stronger connection to luna

  13. I love how this story is so fast paced!! But even with that, I still feel like I’m getting all the backstory and plot forwarding that I need AND getting character development. Not sure how Evelyn Skye managed to do all that so succinctly but I am loving it!

    At this point I’m mostly concerned over how our heroes will combat the green powder stuff that brainwashes people. That seems like a tough obstacle to beat! I hope they’re able to get back to the Imperial City with some intel soon cause I have a feeling they’re gonna need the skills of Fairy and Broomstick (who are the absolute best) to take down Prince Gin.

  14. Really loved the chapters of today. Compared to yesterday, I was really into the story today so I finished them in no time ?

    I really like Fairy too, I like her character and I like how she knows exactly where she stands and how to use that in her advantage. Also I love the friendship between her and Sora, feels like friendship goals there. And giving away her favourite pouch of potions and mixtures just so she can feel close to Sora while she’s away in a possibly dangerous mission was such a big gesture.

    Daemon daydreaming about Sora’s smile, and previous training sessions when she got close to him…So cuuuute? I’m really rooting for them to become a couple. It was heart breaking to find about Daemon’swolf familly, but can we take a second and appreciate he’s having a conversation with.. wolves?! Who needs to be perfect at magic when you can do something that no one else can, magic or not?

    I don’t think I’ve ever felt sorry for the bad guys in anything I’ve watched or seen. But seeing how Gin’s remnants of sanity keeps pulling at his conscience makes me feel sorry for him. Just a little.. his obsession for Evermore seemed avoidable if only his parents would’ve known and did something about it.

    Can’t wait to find out what’s happening next..Will they manage to help the taigas? Will they be captured and forced to join Gin’s army? Will they pretend they are with Gin but actually be undercover and manage to send the message to the Society? Hmmm..

  15. I definitely still stand by my theory that Virtuoso is Hana. And the one chapter in this section with the hooded girl with Pronce Gin really made me more confident on that theory.

    I think it would give conflict to Sora because her sister would be alive and been raised by the enemy.

    Can’t wait to keep reading and find out if I’m right!!!

  16. Despite a slow beginning, I’m starting to really like it.

    I love the relationship between the two main characters and how Daemon get shy when he realises that Sora might discover his feelings. I hope his feelings will be reciprocated! I fear that they will be separated at some point in the book, they make such a great team.

    Also, I have the feeling that Fairy is going to kick ass! Absolutely, love her!

    Now, I want to learn more about Prince Gin, he seems pretty deranged and to be honest, he frightens me!

    I can’t wait to read more!

  17. Ah I kept refreshing the page yesterday waiting for the post before I sleep, but it didn’t pop xD

    Hello =D

    Pages were less today, but I stuck to the allotted portion, which again ended in a pretty cool anticipation of action *.*

    I put sticky tabs on points that I wanted to remember for this post (and because it’s my first time and the book looks cool now xD):

    1) Pg.89: Sora defending Broomstick against the bully was hilarious xD It’s such a Sora thing to stick to her friends ..

    2) Pg.92: The way the gemina bond works is always cool! How Daemon could feel the scheming idea blossoming in Sora’s mind before it was fully cooked <3

    3) Pg.95: Ah that room split between the 2 girls had me laughing so bad! I am neat & would have fights with Sora all the time because even though there is a split, it is still an eyesore xD

    4) Pg.99: The fact that Sora was scared and not just all time brave was very realistic. It is good to see this in YA

    5) Pg.102: Daemon theory: I believe he is somehow related to Luna! Because he loves the night sky, needs to see the stars and be up & free! Wah would be so fitting no?

    6) Pg.104: I know a lot of people mentioned that there were many descriptive details, but so far everything was just right for me to imagine the place =$

    7) Pg.105: Prince Gin, it is so unusual for the villain to have such a conscious on the horrors they are about to commit! He believes he is doing the greater good, yet the path nags at him. Sadly, these people tend to commit atrocities because they believe in them wholly! Which is scarier to me. Who knows, maybe we’ll have a twist for his character opening his eyes somehow

    8) Pg.117: Hello wolfish language xD this was such a unique thing that I totally loved. I kept imagining Daemon being a snow white wolf, ferocious yet cuddly xD awwwh

    9) Pg.122: The fact that for their tenderfoot taiga to-be children they don’t ignore them to a certain maturity age, but give them special posts & nurture them properly. Really nice

    So excited for tomorrow’s read <3

    1. Hello Lauren =D

      They mentioned Broomstick cause he was a scrawny boy when he joined the Society ? though he is the oppost now ..

      Imagining the fire sphere had me in awe! I mean can you imagine such a magnificent site!

      Haha that Daemon rejection part made me laugh too ? i was hoping Sora might get a weird feeling about that but not yet (yes im hoping and waiting)

      Im worried about the upcoming confrontation cause our gemina dont know what they are facing & have no clue or power against it .. im hoping Daemon would eventually discover some hidden power within him that is similar (stronger) than what the Prince has since he isn’t that good with the normal magic ?

  18. These pages went so fast, I was done by lunchtime!

    First off I think a relationship between Fairy and Sora would be awesome, their chemistry is great and it would be better than Sora and Daemon getting together.

    There’s definitely something going on with Daemon’s parentage and I need to know what. I was thinking fairies or something (probably all the Sarah J Maas I read) but son of Luna is a great theory.

    I’m still getting the Thanos vibe from Gin with the whole sacrificing a few to save a lot thing, and I really love it. It’s not often we see this type of villain and I absolutely love it.

    1. I’m really loving this Son of Luna theory!

  19. Can Daemon just be with Sora, dammit! That girl he rejects….harsh but absolutely needed. Wolve boy needs a mate, and I feel Sora is perfect for him. Anyone agree? just me……

    1. I’m very interested to see where their relationship goes, because so far Sora has shown no interest in him.
      But who knows, this could be something that develops over future books.

  20. Don’t get me wrong I love the book so far and think the gemina bonds give a great dynamic between all the characters. But am I the only one who find it irritating the book constantly states that Gin does it for the greater goods and wants to make heaven on earth. After stating it one or two times we get it, we know your not a complete ass. And I know it is him saying it to himself every time he needs to do something horrible to justify it and take the guild away. But for me it just makes reading his chapters less enjoyable.

    1. I agree with you! I find him quite annoying actually. But then most terrible people think they are doing something for the greater good that is actually horrible…

  21. How amazing it is to be able to talk to wolves!! Really liked that we get other characters POV’s, learning more about them and the world.
    Already read the book, I just couldn’t read that few chapters(not only this book if I have time ;D).

  22. I really liked this part. I‘m so excited to learn more about the magic Prince Gin and the ryuus are using. ? And why is Prince Gin doubting about hin goals?
    And I love Fairy and Broomstick. They are the perfect sidekicks.
    Yes, i like that Book. ❤️

  23. I love Daemon I think he is my favourite character!! I’m so intrigued that he has blue hair he has got to have some secret super power, especially because he is not as good as magic as the others.

    I feel like Prince Gin has some inner doubt about chasing the Evermore. I’ve also got a theory about who Virtuoso really is, she seams like an important character.

    ✨ Readalong day 2: basically the adults know it better than the teens. Ughhh whyyy? The teens can be right too! Also, I loved Daemon’s interaction with the wolves! Please tell me that there will be more of those moments?

    1. I really hope there will be more moments!

  25. Day 2’s reading went quickly for me with the majority of the chapters seeming to be leading up to something (the last couple of chapters we read).

    When Daemon started talking to the Wolves I thought, ‘wow, this is amazing,’ but that feeling soon left me. Yes it was cool that he could communicate with wolves, especially as he was brought up with them, but the wolves were humanised in the way that they were able to tell Daemon so much specific information about what they had seen. Then I reminded myself that the book was set in a magical world and I was less bothered about this.

    There was one particular sentence from Sora’s POV that stood out to me, ‘It was worth any price to stop Prince Gin ad everyone else who pursued the unattainable legend of the Evermore.’ It stood out to me because it was similar thinking as Gin had. Both characters seemed to believe that any price was worth getting what they wanted, just that what they wanted was opposites.

    I am curious over how the gemina pairs become bonded and how it is worked out who belongs together. Also, are they all male/female pairings?

  26. The action sequences in this were so awesome. Well paced and described. I’m really enjoying Evelyn Skye’s writing style.

    I love Fairy and Broomstick – I would be totally up for a spin off of these two and their adventures.

  27. I loved the quick pacing of chapters 11 to 20! They really worked well for keeping me turning the pages. I’m still very convinced that Virtuoso is Hana, and that scene when Sora heard a female voice giving a speech just reinforced that theory because it feels like one of those details the author puts in as foreshadowing while leading up to big reveals. While I’m not very fond of Prince Gin so far, I’m very pleased with the fact that he seems to realize that hes about to commit a huge atrocity and is actually conflicted about it, love me some threedimensional villains. On another note, I’m slowly realizing that most of the curses in this book don’t work for me with a few exceptions and also while I liked it to a certain extent, Daemon’s communication with the wolves felt a little too much like a deus ex machina that felt a little off, but also I’m behind the theory that he’s somehow related to Luna? I really like his POV that’s for sure though. Also worldbuilding wise, I’m just so curious about the types of magic! I’m a sucker for magic systems and the one the taigas used was so orderly and nice so now I just cant help but wonder about how this new magic developed overseas and how it works and how the ryuus learned it (loving that name btw). So many exciting subplots and questions to be addressed! I can’t wait for the rest of the book!

  28. Like everyone’s theory that Hana survived but scared if she’s Virtuoso because she is well and truly on Gin’s side.
    Flirty Fairy was funny and I liked how much consent was respected. Her and Spirit’s relationship is very sisterly.
    Fairy has clearly been konmari sorting her drawers. ?
    The contrast of planning for Daemon’s Birthday and having the suicide coins is stark. They are definitely on the crux of childhood and adulthood here.
    I’m hoping to see more of Fairy and Broomstick’s experiments. They seem like good friends and I wonder when they’ll get involved in the main story again.
    I really liked the scene with Daemon and the wolves and like other shave mentioned this would make a great anime movie. I didn’t quite get why Sora was so afraid to start with knowing that he can talk to them. I thought the wolves were going with them but they just disappeared.
    Sora and Daemon still give me Mal and Alina vibes although Sora seems less attracted to him and oblivious of his feelings toward her. He must have to work hard to prevent her feeling this over their bond. I wonder if that ability to hide emotions from each other will play a bigger part later. But maybe that bodes well for those that are after a friendship over romance but not so much fun for Daemon.
    Gin’s mind control powers are scary as is the 200 Heart ceremony. At least he does express remorse or hesitance at doing it.
    And the Taiga powers with flame, ice and insects hopefully means that The Empress’s Taiga’s can two into something more powerful too.

  29. Ooh and reading everyone else’s comments reminded me that I was worried about how Sora and Daemon would revisits the mind control. I mean one of them has to, right?

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