Circle of Shadows Readalong: Day 6

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Hello Friends!

The is the ‘Circle of Shadows‘ day 6 Readalong and oh my gosh. I really believe things are about to get even more exciting than before.

A lot of you changed your mind about Gin in the last part as you thought it was quiet cruel of him to allow his Ryuu to play with and torture innocent citizens. We also all really think that Zomuri is the real villain in all of this, which I whole-heartedly agree with that.

Today, we’re reading chapters 51 – 60! We’re almost finished this book guys!

Let’s do this!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Circle of Shadows chapters 51-60 inclusively. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


We rejoin the story as Sora and Hana take Empress Aki AKA Fairy’s comatosed body back to Prince Gin. I’m pretty nervous when they arrive with her, because Gin and Aki are twins! However, they haven’t seen each other in ten years, so it’s completely plausible that they both changed. Surprisingly Gin can’t really tell, but he does point out how pretty his sister appears and I couldn’t help but think, awww I’m sure Fairy would appreciate that compliment.

Wolf and Broomstick arrive back to the Imperial city to inform Empress Aki of the news and how the meeting went down, which it did, just pretty badly and now Fairy is missing. Just like Broomstick, the council have to assume that Sora is no longer on their side, despite Wolf telling them he can feel her through the Gemina bond.

I’m very curious to know how Sora has resisted falling under Prince Gin’s spell again. Perhaps he has to be actively using his own magic to do it. And I’ve noticed he uses the phrase ‘Everything’s wonderful, isn’t it?”

Sora still has her Ryuu magic, which she uses to her advantage by having it help her create a plan to stop the Ryuu from attacking the Imperial city. She’s approached by Hana and they both have a very lovely bonding moment where Sora tells her sister one of her favourite stories. t’s about the Night god and how he had offspring with mortal women. Once the children were born, he took the children from their mothers and created constellations with them in the sky so their mothers could always see them.

OKAY. So, a popular theory so far is that Daemon is a demigod. I’m going to call it right now and say that this fable is real and The Night God is Daemon’s father. AND, perhaps his constellation is a Wolf. Because, if we remember back to the beginning of the book, Daemon states that he has a need to see the stars at night, they made him feel happy. Perhaps that’s because he’s from the sky?!

Sora decides to tell Hana the truth and my heart breaks for her, because, of course Hana would pick Gin. She’s so loyal to him, he practically raised her.

Image result for sniffle gif

Empress Aki makes a speech to her Taiga, and we really get to see how thankful she is to them for being so loyal to her throughout the years, as at the end of the speech, Empress Aki bows to the Taigas! I just thought that was a great moment.

Sora retrieves Fairy’s body and sets off back towards the Imperial city, determined to save it after everything she has seen whilst in Prince Gin’s army. My heart still breaks for her that she finally realises, Hana won’t choose her over Prince Gin. I do think we have a lot more of their relationship to explore, and perhaps in the second book, Hana will change her ways.

Daemon, Broomstick and some other Taiga are on rest from their watching duties now and he’s suddenly remembering what it felt like to hug Fairy, and how Brave she was. It’s really cute to see him worrying about his best friend like that, but I do feel like after he seen her be brave and impersonate Aki, he’s perhaps seeing her in a different light. We’re very close to the end of the book now and so far there has been no romantic development between Sora or Daemon. So, maybe Daemon’s feelings have shifted towards Fairy. WHich would be adorable since she always flirts with him!

Image result for heart eyes gif

Daemon and Sora connect through their Gemina bond and he discovers she’s back in the city. However she’s quite drugged up on Genka. When they find her, I couldn’t help but laugh at how loopy she was. But then, the transfer the effects of the Genka (what a cool ability?) through their bond which makes Daemon all loopy. I laughed harder, precious Daemon was giggling away talking about stars. There’s reference to a constellation wolf cub too! Oooo.

In the final chapter of today’s Readalong, we see Sora and Broomstick having a moment. She explains why she left with Fairy and Broomstick apologises for his loyalty to her having wavered. Even though, it is completely understandable that it did. I mean, she disappeared with his Gemina, after attempting to kill her. Poor Broomstick must have went through some mental torture worrying about his Gemina.

Approaching the end of the chapter they are discussing Wolf. And Sora. Gets. Butterflies. Oh my goodness! This is the first time Sora has remotely felt anything like this when thinking of Daemon.

As for Sora’s plan, to blind the Ryuu with part of the crystal rose palace, what do we think? Will Sora pull it off? Her friends are confident she will. I’d love to know your thoughts.

Well, it looks like tomorrow is the day guys. We’ll get to see the big battle. And hopefully getting the remainder of our questions answered such as; Is Daemon a demigod? Is there going to be a romance in this book, and if so, who with? Will Sora’s plan work? Will the Imperial city survive the attack?!

There are many questions to be answered!

Tomorrow we’ll be reading the final chapters 61 – 70. I’m so sad the Readalong is going to be over already!

With Love,





  • Amy (@themagicalbookworm)

    I can’t believe that we have nearly finished this amazing book! It’s going to be sad when it is finished, but I am excited for book 2 ?

    Today’s chapters were interesting. I am glad that Daemon got back to the council and described everything he had witnessed. Even though he would be punished, I was glad that the council and Empress Aki know what they are fighting against.

    I loved how Hana asked Sora to tell her the story she told her when she was a little. I thought that was a really sweet part in the book, I just hope we get to have more of those moments in the future. I was shocked how Hana reacted when Sora told her that she wasn’t under the spell anymore, for a moment I thought she was going to take her to Prince Gin or worse…kill her. But thank god she didn’t do any of those things, just breaking Sora’s heart saying their relationship is gone for good now. I mean come on, hasn’t sora been through enough?

    I feared that Fairy had died when Sora saw her in that frozen state. It surprised me that she was still alive ? but i was so happy she was because I don’t think Broomstick would forgive Sora.

    I had a feeling something like that was going to happen. We knew that Daemon trusted Sora but everyone else had doubts, but I knew a council member would have done something to stop Sora from helping.
    However, I was laughing so much at he state in the dream. That has to be the funniest part ?
    I love how when Daemon and Broomstick came to save Sora, he sacrificed himself to be in that state so Sora could help saved the kingdom. Let’s hope it’s not too late.

    These chapters were enjoyable again, and I am sad that tomorrow will be the end of the book. However, it has been a great journey to be on! ? x

    • Lauren

      So glad you enjoyed these chapters Amy!
      I was terrified for Fairy too when Sora found her in that state, I was like god no!

      And Daemon drugged up on Genka was so funny!

  • Claudia

    This is the home stretch and I’m holding my breath for how the end will be.

    The scene between Sora and Hana was sweet, but it broke my heart becauseof how much sense if made for Hana to pick Gin, but at least she let Sora leave (?)

    • Lauren

      Yeah, I definitely don’t think Hana would have been able to kill Sora, especially when they were just opening up to one another again.

  • Tammy (@CrimsonRoseReads)

    I agree with your guess that Daemon is a Demi-God and, I’m thinking, that maybe he’s the answer to Gin’s undoing not Sora.

    And, since there is a Book 2, I’m thinking maybe Gin prevails in this book.

    But I definitely think the OTP is Sora & Daemon. I loved the line, “In a sky littered with asteroids, he was the North Star.”

    I’m very excited to see how it ends and, hopefully, we’ll find out more about Daemon’s origins…very compelling stuff!!

    • Lauren

      I agree with you! I think Daemon will be the saviour in the very end, especially since everyone looked down upon him (except friends) because of his struggle with magic. So it would be a great thing for him to save everyone in the end.
      I loved that line too!

  • Neledar H.

    I’m glad to see, that most people though the same about the Night God Story and the pretty likely idea, that Daemon is his son.

    I honestly am very curious about these last few chapters and can’t wait for second book.

  • Verena

    I cannot believe the book is almost over… I don’t want it to end.
    When Sora told the Story about the Night God I imediately thought about Daemon. that might be it.
    It broke my heart that after this sweet Storytime Hana stayed with Gin… But I am not surprised, a whole live of rainwashing and the connection Hana fells with Gin would not be that easily broken.
    I am not sure about the possible love stories here. Not sure how I feel about the possibility of Fairy/Damon. So far not really convinces that it would fit… but maybe (I think I just wait and see).
    The scenes in the delirium were so cute. Just all around wholesome and cute. I do feel there might be some foreshadowing hidden in there, so I am going to read that part again. But how cool is it that they can actually talk through their gemina bond now? And how much Daemon has to trust Sora that she’ll be the one to handle it and how much must she mean to him that he would take all that on himself and let her do her thing. I hope she’ll take the antidote quickly and he joins her again.
    I too loved the sentence about Daemon being the North Star (again foreshadowing maybe?) but even as a metaphor it such a strong thing to say. Seems the are some more feelings evolving in Sora, thinking about Daemon like that.
    I can’t wait for the finale fight. Might end up as a tie (maybe of sorts at least) to be continued in the next book. I very much hope we’ll find out about Daemon in this book. I think waiting ’till the next might kill me XD

    • Lauren

      I feel the same!
      The wait till the next book will be so stressful, especially if it ends on a cliffhanger.

  • Claire (@love.the.villain)

    Oh, that God of Night’s story kind of reminded me of what I’m imagining with Daemon! I really hope this theory is right, it would be so cool if Daemon turned out to be super special after all. He’s spent all this time thinking he’s not quite as good as the other taigas. I want something awesome for my boy!
    I love that he and Sora can talk directly through their bond now, too! I wish I could do that with my best friend, we’d save a fortune on a phone package!

    I’m kind of glad that Hana stayed behind when Sora left the Prince’s camp. I think if she’d have gone along with her sister it wouldn’t have been realistic enough for me. Hana has spent pretty much a lifetime working at being the best in Gin’s army. There’s no wonder that she doesn’t want to give that up for the sister she believes abandoned her. I’m glad they got some time to bond though, it was nice to see that they still do care about each other deep down.

    Oh wow, I know I’m a total lightweight when it comes to emotional stuff, but that bit where Aki bowed to the taigas made me cry! XD It was just such a perfect thing to do. Honestly, does anyone else get emotional about silly little stuff like this?

    *deep breath* This is one ambitious plan that Sora has planned. I don’t know why I’m surprised, her motto should be ‘Go big or go home’. Girl likes to get things done! I’m totally invested in this end battle. I can’t wait to see the outcome. Last day tomorrow, guys!

    • Lauren

      Honestly my thoughts exactly!
      Go big or go home!
      Similar to their, work hard, Mischief harder.

  • AmbWitch

    After every ten chapters that we read the theory that Daemon is descended from a deity becomes more plausible to me. Just as Lauran and others have said, the story Sora told to Hana further made me think this as it talks about the children of a particular god becoming constellations. Perhaps that is why Wolf likes to climb and see the stars. I might not have thought of this idea on my own so thanks to those who have mentioned it as it is intriguing me and making me want to read more to find out if you are all correct.

    Fairy and Daemon? I prefer this than Sora and Daemon. However, it does seem that his thoughts towards her have suddenly sprung out of nowhere, but maybe that’s because he is separate from Sora and her presence has always blinded him to anyone else. If a relationship does develop between Fairy and Daemon I hope it is one that doesn’t come on quickly but has chance to develop at a more natural pace (keeping in mind that in times of war a relationship may blossom more quickly than in peace time as people worry over not having the chance (it can also prevent relationships forming of course)). I’m not going to lie though, it would be refreshing for there to either be no romance in the book, or for it to be in the far background of the story.

    • Lauren

      I’m glad you think the same about the Daemon/Demigod theory!

      I still think Sora and Daemon will be end game if any romance does occur. But something between him and Fairy could cause a rift if friendships, which could be part of the plot for book 2.

  • Sabrina

    I’ve caught up. Very enjoyable, agree with AmbWitch about the romance thing. Let’s not have friendships get messy.
    The whole demigod theory is a great one and does make sense.
    Wondering where this will end up as there’s not many pages left. Anyone know when the sequel comes out?

    • Lauren

      Oh, it’s next year sometime, not dates or titles have been confirmed yet I believe.


    Ahhhh I can’t believe it’s almost over. I’ve loved this book.

    … But seriously I need me some Sora/Daemon shipping goodness to see me through the wait for the next book.

    I am definitely in team Daemon is a demigod. I mean the hint is so strong. But I just don’t think we are going to find out yet. There just seems like so much to happen in such a short space.

    I love the character relationships in this book, they feel so real and alive. Especially love the treatment of Sora and Hana’s relationship. As a big sister the way that has progressed has hit me right in the feels. ?

    • Lauren

      I absolutely agree! If we find out anything in the next chapters it’s going to happen fast and be a complete whirlwind.

  • Sheila

    Yep, pretty sure Daemon is a demigod. I loved the story about the constellations!

    Sora wants to tear apart the castle, that’s an interesting idea! I hope it works… but I think Daemon’s inmunity is the key!

    The good thing about this book is that it is a fast read! And I love the world…

    Can’t wait to know how it ends!

  • Carry_On_Kate

    I’m so excited to get to the end but then we’ll have to wait for book 2!!

    I’m still really curious about who Prince Gin’s gemina is. I hope that gets answered before the end of the novel.

    Daemon is just the best, connection he has with Sora is so strong. The fact that they could communicate with each other, I hope that they can talk like that permanently.

    I am so ready for a big show down against Prince Gin, not much more to go now.

    • AmbWitch

      I never even thought about Gin having a gemina. Does everyone blessed by Luna have one? I feel that we need more information about the gemina.

  • Ella

    And an other readalong is over… hope eveyone had a good time (I sure did) and hopefully until next time!

  • Noor


    Sadly I missed the giveaway deadline & I am hoping to finish the book today.

    So, thoughts as I read:

    1) I think Daemon is a demigod. that story about the child of the Night God is just what Daemon feels like! oooh im excited for our blue-haired taiga *.*

    2) Sora (a weird name XD) & Hana .. so heartwarming to have them back together, with Hana softening towards her sister =D.
    After reading their separation: wah so sad .. i really hope Hana doesn’t die. because she was raised by Prince Gin in the time she needed her family the most, her brain actually got messed up! but we are clinging to Sora’s hope

    3) Daemon/Sora. They just fit perfectly people! the parts when he thinks of Fairy are so out the blue and makes me .. ugh so wrong! Just look how he looses his head if it’s Sora in danger or how he felt “more than whole” when they connected in her dreams =( AND he didn’t even think of Fairy when he wanted to save her from the council! helloooo!
    It’s so not fair now with Sora realizing her feelings for Wolf =(
    please don’t kill me with a wrong ship *dread*

    On the final 10 chapters people ..

  • Kirsty @kirstyes

    Total James Bond villain moment when Sora debates attempting to kill Gin. Why didn’t she?
    What normally happens to bodies in this culture. Are they burned, hurried or kept for the 30 days? What happens if Fairy wakes early and Sora isn’t there?
    How has news of fake Aki’s death not reached the Empress before D & B?
    I think the chapter between the Sisters was my fave so far. It was so bittersweet with the story telling, stinkbug nickname and kiss. At least Hana lets Sora live and leave though how she’ll explain that to Gin I don’t know. Is there hope?
    And the story lends more weight to Daemon as demi-god theory. I wonder if he was a Wolf in the constellations?
    Finally Glass Lady shows some respect to what the apprentices we’re doing and Daemon has to address the remaining Taigas and deliver the hard truth about what they will be facing. Aki shows she is a great leader and bows to the taiga ensuring their trust but will it be enough?
    Sora is upset about losing Hana but rescues Fairy having to kill some guards along the way. And one of the Hearts is the girl that flirted with Daemon. I think Fairy is going to be pissed if she sleeps through all of the action. And she wants to smash up the Rose Palace to use to blind the Ryuu!!
    I missed the actual attraction with Fairy in the desert despite her flirting but here Daemon is thinking about her again, but what does Fairy think? Are we going to get a weird love triangle?
    Ah so Geminas can be the same sex. We have brothers as geminas. It really seems to be only an emotional/communication bond but we still don’t know much about it. Daemon and Sora have a stronger one but is that because of his heritage?
    Well Bullfrog is an idiot isn’t he? Surely Sora could have been neutralised in a way in which she could still have reported ?‍♂️
    Phewf for the Gemina bond where a high Sora communicates with Daemon. Anyone else a bit disappointed she didn’t flirt with him more like this?
    And when Daemon has the drug he sees the constellation Wolf cub. I knew it!
    Sora has to talk Broomstick round which she does pretty easily and then shared her plan with him.
    Will Daemon and Fairy both be awake to join in? Will the blinding trick work? If it doesn’t they are probably screwed so I’m guessing yes.

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