Circle of Shadows Readalong: Day 7

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Hello Friends!

This is it guys! The last day of the Readalong! I’m so sad! I’ve had a blast hosting my first Readalong with you all.

In yesterdays post, a majority of you were feeling bad for Sora and Hana going their separate ways, it was so sad! They were getting so close again! And many of you agree with the Daemon being son of the Night god. I think we have that theory locked down.

Today, we’re reading chapters 61 – 70! Are you ready for the battle?

I AM. Let’s go!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Circle of Shadows chapters 61-70 inclusively. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


We’ve started today’s Readalong with the best possible news!

Fairy is awake! Let a chorus of cheers commence. FAIRY. IS. BAAACK!

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Reading about Fairy and Broomstick reuniting had to be one of the sweetest scenes in the book. Broomstick was so damn worried about Fairy and they’re like big brother and little sister when they finally hug and catch up. I love hearing about their Gemina bond so much.

Sora finds her way to Empress Aki and explains her plan. This is where my respect for Aki reaches the highest of heights, because she wants to go with Sora to help her with the plan, stating that it would be her honour to accompany Sora. I pray that Aki survives this, she’s just absolutely precious. Now it turns out that Empress Aki is a complete badass with a secret training chamber and everything that only she and her guard know about. I love that. In book 2, I want more of Aki. She even recommends using the piece of wall with the Imperial family’s motto on it just because it sends the right message to Prince Gin. How brilliant! Do you think Sora’s plan will work?

I’m glad Fairy is making a point of pulling Wolf out of this Genka daze as he’s a pretty good fighter, so they will need him. And, I would personally be disappointed if he was stuck in a closet for the battle. I started laughing when Fairy referred to him as ‘Wolfie’ because he was a big grinning lump with drool dribbling down his chin. I just got such a vivid image of my head and found it hilarious.

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Okay, I think Fairy trying to give Wolf the antidote has to be the most comical scene in the whole book. I keep imagining it so well and it makes me laugh so much.

Then, hello, Wolf flirts back with Fairy? Guys, is my prediction coming true? Poor little Fairy’s heart skips a beat just because he flirts back a little with her. Perhaps it’s just the after effects of the Genka? However, he does admit that he was worried about her after they discovered Sora had taken her body to Gin. He tells her how brave that was and how much he admired her for it. Awwww!

FAIRY AND WOLF ARE KISSING.  I repeat FAIRY AND WOLF ARE KISSING. My prediction has happened. Do I ship it? I don’t know, but Wolf nodded to Fairy to let her know it was okay for them to kiss. So far we have had no indication that Sora feels anything for Daemon, so if they remain platonic? I don’t see anything wrong with Fairy and Wolf staring a relationship. It could be cute? And Wolf seems to be all for it.

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It’s just occurred to me that I’ve been jumping between calling Daemon by his real name and Wolf. You guys know who I’m talking about anyway, so let’s continue! 

We jump to Hana’s POV now, and as expectedm, she feels very troubled by Sora leaving her. She feels betrayed again, and I don’t think this will be good when it comes to the battle. I have a feeling Hana and Sora will have a sister showdown.

We return to Sora to see what she’s up to with her plan. I’m very curious to see if it actually works. Does anyone else feel like it’s not a solid plan? Surely blinding the Ryuu will only last a few seconds, and I doubt even the Taiga can move that fast. She is reunited with her best friend and roommate Fairy, but the joy is short lived when she notices Fairy holding hands with Daemon! Now, I’ve been waiting for the moment where Sora realises her feelings for Daemon, if she had any at all. And suddenly they’ve come crashing to the surface like one of the Ryuu’s Tsunami’s. Sora has realised she loves Daemon and that she’s masked those feelings by taking him for granted. Uh-oh!

Did anyone else like the mention of little Daemon arriving at the Citadel and acting like a Wolf cub, snarling and growling at everyone? I thought that was friggin’ adorable, and in book 2, I’d like to request more flashbacks to little Daemon.

But, what could this mean? Sora has realised her feelings. But Daemon and Fairy have just kissed. Do you think this will potentially cause a rift between Fairy and Sora’s relationship in book 2?

I do think, if any romance between Sora and Daemon ensues, then they will be end game. Which makes me feel awful for Fairy. I’m very interested in hearing your thoughts.

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It looks like the battle is about to begin now that the army is approaching the Citadel, however, Sora notices it’s only half. So where do we think the other half is?

Sora’s plan commences and they toss the big crystal slab in the air. To my surprise, it does seem to work for those short seconds. I think if it had lasted a little longer then they could have done a lot more damage, but hey, there’s only so long a slab of crystal can stay in the air right?

As predicted – I think we all say it coming – Hana and Sora are facing each other. Kind of. Hana is fighting the Glass lady and kills her! At the exact moment Broomstick kills Beetle. Aw, I liked him. I really didn’t have any predictions for who might die in this book since this only book 1, but I am saddened by Beetle’s death. I thought he’d become a more prominent charter in book 2.

Plot twist! They knew Empress Aki was alive after Sora left, so Prince Gin and the other half of the army are currently tracking them. Oh dear. Things are not looking good.

Did anyone else grap their book hard when they read that Sora and Hana had a showdown and tossed each other off the wall? That was intense, and I’m genuinely worried Hana might be really injured now. Because, Daemon leaps after his Gemina, and saves her with his mysterious blue electrical magic. But, Hana is nowhere to be seen.

So, Daemon saves Sora. Takes her to a tree and she panics. Because Wolf, is now…a flying Wolf?

Well done guys! We were all right, Daemon is a Demigod, he is the son of the Night god, which is positively wicked. I was truly hoping that this theory would be true. It brings so many things to his character, along with so many more questions. What will he do now? Will he go find his mother? Will he try summon his father? Has he finally unleashed his true magic? I think these are questions we will get answers to in book 2.

We’re now jumping to Empress Aki as she prays and Prince Gin finds her. Oh gosh, so many POV’s, and so much is happening in such a short amount of time. This book is a real page turner guys. No doubt about it.

We get to see some Aki and Gin fighting action as they desperately try to get the upper hand to defeat one another. I really thought Gin would back out of his plan when it came time to face his sister, as he was having doubts at the beginning of the book. But, he now seems solely dedicated to dethroning his sister and commencing with the 200 Hearts ceremony. He proceeds with hypnotising his sister and making her abdicate the throne. She does so, which again, surprises me. I really thought she would fight him more, but he definitely is more powerful than her now with this new magic.

I really found this next part pretty cool. With Prince – apologies – Emperor Gin taking over the Citadel, the Rose Palace is destroyed by a new Bloodstone palace rising from the hill. It breaks apart the Rose palace to make way for Emperor Gin’s home. I really enjoyed this part of the battle, and it makes me wonder if the palace magically changes every time a new Empress or Emperor sits on the Throne. I wonder what my palace would look like. What would yours look like?

I was momentarily terrified when Prince Gin attacked and we almost lost Broomstick and Fairy. I truly thought we had lost one of their characters there and I would have sobbed indefinitely. Prince Gin commences with hypnotising the remainder of the Taigas opposing him and creates his army that he came here for. He’s the new Emperor with more power that Empress Aki ever had. And now only the four Taiga’s Spirit, Wolf, Fairy and Broomstick remain.

Just as the 200 Hearts ceremony is about to commence, we learn that Hana is okay (thank god — I still love her) and that she has Empress Aki. We don’t really know where they go off to as they turn their attention to the ceremony which has to be the most brutal part of the book. I feel awful for all those poor souls, cutting out their own hearts. It’s shocking that even toddlers are doing it. Just…wow…what a sacrifice. I’m speechless. It is successful though, as Zomuri makes an appearance, gathering the hearts and congratulates Emperor Gin. I think now that we’ve seen Zomuri appear, he will make more appearances in book 2. I totally agree with you guys who are saying Zomuri is the true villain. He could potentially be hypnotising Gin, the same way he is hypnotising all the Taigas.

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In the final pages of the book, we are with Sora and the others, still floating around on Daemon’s back. They have declared that they are not going to let this happen to Kichona. They are going to save Empress Aki and their country before Zomuri and Emperor Gin destroy it by going to war with other larger continents.

I don’t know if this will be a trilogy yet, but we will for sure be getting a book 2. Especially with that cliffhanger. I believe these characters will come back stronger than ever to regain control of their country for Empress Aki. And, I believe they will be successful.

After all, they work hard.

But they mischief harder.

And that, my friends, is a wrap! What did you think of the final chapters? SO. MUCH. HAPPENED. We got the battle, some romance, heartbreak, death. A little bit of everything. It was a true whirlwind of emotions and I just know the wait for book 2 is going to be excruciating.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I thought it was a fantastic, fun read and at times I felt it read like a bit of an Anime? And I love Anime, so that’s always good. I know some of you guys felt the same.

Thank you so very much for reading us all, I have loved reading your thoughts and I’m sure the others did too! Reading with you always makes the experience that much more fun.

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Will you be participating in our next one?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and until next time!

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    I am so sad this book is over and we have to wait for more. How brutal and vivid was that ending?! I mean babies ripping their hearts out. I thought we might hear about the ceremony in the next book, not witness it in this one ?

    Not going to lie I was a little bit sick in my mouth when Fairy and Wold kissed. Just no. I’m not here for that ship. Eek. My old shipper angst is coming out and I am totally team Sora. Some one get on the fan art so I can swoon over it to keep me going until book 2.

    I hadn’t thought about the God’s manipulating being the endgame type villain – but Wolf has got to be a massive part of that. I like how him, Aki and Gin are all like representative’s of three gods. The world could expand so much and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

    I really loved Hana and Dora’s dynamic. I have a feeling we are going to have a tragic end with that though. I don’t think Hana is going to see it through to the end.

    I’m really hoping that the League of Rouges leave Kichona and we get to see more of the outside world. This could be a great way for them to learn more about the magic and for us to discover the wider picture.

    Loved. Loved. Loved it.

  • Sheila (@dreamtimebooks)

    I enjoyed a lot once again this readalong!

    So, my heart is broken. I did not expect that 200 heart ceremony like that. It was… I have no words, omg. Poor people. I think that Zomuri is the real villain here because sometimes Gin hesitated, so I like that theory that Zomuri is also hypnotising Gin.

    Thank god Empress Aki is alive, I loved that she trusted Sora with her plan, I hope she makes it in the end.

    So, Wolf is a demigod. I LOVE THAT!!! But, I don’t like that Daemon and Fairy kiss, it came out of nowhere. NO! I ship Sora and Daemon. But then, we see Sora feelings for him, so I think my ship will be safe. ahahaha

    League of Rogues must save Kichona, please!!!

    I enjoyed this book. I loved the world, but I need the second book to be more amazing!

    It’s been a pleasure!


  • Carmen (@thebookpalace_)

    I’m happy that I started reading COS before the readalong because I knew that I would be busy during the week but I was able to catch up and finish on time with everyone!

    Fairy is awake and alive! She just woke up and started getting to work and I love that about her! No bullsh*tting and get to work (sorry for my language *oups*. Though, am I the only one that didn’t see Fairy and Wolf happening? It was SO random (for me, didn’t see any clues about these two!). Like from the beginning until Wolf got back to Fairy and Bloomstick near the end, he was OBSESSED with Sora. He was basically a fanboy over Sora ._. … And then he just confessed to Fairy that he worried about her and then…. THEY KISSED!? Like what?

    And Lauren! You might be right about Zomuri hypnotizing Gin! Because when Gin went to see Aki , I was thinking maybe his hypnotizing won’t work on Aki because they are blood related. Just like how Sora and Hana shared the same invisibility power! But if Zomuri is the one hypnotizing Gin then it makes sense that Aki also can be hypnotized which happened in the temple!

    Can’t wait for February’s readalong!


      I’m with you on the Fairy/Wolf front. It was very sudden – I didn’t see it coming until it was too late. ?

      • Lucie

        I am with you on Fairy/Wolf romance, It just doesn’t seem right. He was over the moon about Sora for almost the whole book and suddenly puff, he changed his mind.
        Even though I saw it coming from the moment they met in the desert, before Sora tried to killed them. He was suddenly like, whoah, Fairy looks beautiful and I was cringing.

  • Mikayla

    So I enjoyed this book A LOT up until about the 80% mark. You’re so right about it reading like an anime and that makes sense. Unfortunately, the thing that personally bummed me out (for me as a reader) was the ending. I really disliked the Fairy+Wolf ship that happened and how quickly Wolf’s attitude changed towards Spirit… And I also just personally dislike endings that put the characters in a ridiculous position (like four against an army, even if one is a magical flying star wolf). I did like seeing Daemon come into his own, separate from Sora, but I felt like the ending (again, for me) was a bit rushed and too twisty.

    What did you guys think? (I read Evelyn Skye’s first book and never read the sequel because of a similar reason with the last chunk of the book feeling off to me and I’m really afraid this might be another I don’t finish.)

  • Morgane (ShadesOfBooks)

    I was curious about that book but to be honest, I didn’t thought I would like it so much ! It was such a ride ! The characters were amazing, I love Daemon and Sora, the univers was crazy, so many plot twists, some of them was obvious (like prince Gin being alive) but other were real surprises !

    I knew Wolf was a Demigod since at the second we heard the story and it’s amazing I believe he will play a big role in saving Kichona !

    The two hundred hearts ceremony was sad and aweful to read about especially the babies part…

    I love empress Aki, I mean we so used to have dictators as a leaders of kingdoms in most of the stories we read that it’s refreshing to have such a good person who really wants what’s best for her country and people !

    I can’t wait for the second book, it’s going to be a long wait…
    And yes I will be joining the next readalong if I can as well, it’s always a pleasure to be here ?

  • Verena

    I didn’t want the book to end…. and so much happened in those last chapters. I also didn’t think we’d get the ceremony in this book, but then again it did fit quite well as an ending.
    Still not sure about Wolf and Fairy. It was cute but also a bit quick and out of the blue. But as someone said before in war times this stuff does seem to happen faster…
    I kind of feel Wolf’s transformation into a Wolf made of blue energy was a tiny bit “overlooked” (missing the right word). But other than Sora no one really freaked out, they just accepted and went for it. I would have thought that they would at least freak out a little insted of just going “oh you are an actual wolf, cool.”
    Glad Aki is still alive and there is no way that Bloodthristy God that apperantly eats hearts is a “good guy”.
    So excited to see what the League of Rogues are doing next, what their plan will be and how they are going to prepare (I’m with Sora on that, I love the name League of Rogues)
    Over all I really really loved that book, and I enjoyed the readalong (as always) with you Lauren =) It was great to have to here and I’m glad you got to experience that as well

  • Carry_On_Kate

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who didn’t like Daemon kissing Fairy. It just came out of nowhere!! My heart was breaking for Sora! She belongs with Daemon.

  • TheLondonFaerie

    I think I’m the only one who liked the fairy and Daemon kiss. I feel like it’s the ship I never knew I wanted. I feel kinda convicted cause I was shipping sora and Daemon so hard at the beginning. I think the fact their characters have spent so long apart kind of made me stop wanting it.

    Anyway I really enjoyed the book in the end, but I do hate a cliffhanger!
    I feel like the end was really fast paced, like I finished it yesterday because I was so into it ?

    • Kirsty @kirstyes

      I’m with you on the Fairy and Wolf ship. It annoys me Sora only decides she likes him because someone else does.

  • Claudia

    Wow! So much happened in these last chapters I’m still processing it O.o

    I am excited to see where book 2 goes, and this read along was great!

  • Sabrina

    Well that was a quick ride to the end! A lot happened very quickly, but it didn’t feel that rushed like other YA books.
    Wolf is a blue wolf, what a beautiful sight. I like he changed to save the other person he loves. The whole Fairy/Wolf romance is a little quick, but if you’re not allowed to fall in love with your gemina, then your second best friend makes a lot of sense. They all do care for each other and there’s been a bit of a flirting battle going on. But
    I’m still disappointed. Will all four survive the coming battle?
    I hope this is a duology and we get to see more of the gods in the second book.

  • Lucie

    I forgot to comment on the last few post, but remembered today – yaaaay. 😀

    Fairy’s and Broomstick’s reunion…I say only this – I am not crying, YOU are…:D
    I was glad that Sora and Aki were on the same page about the war, that they need to find a new way, not like the Glass Lady and the rest who want to fight in old ways becuase they don’t realise how bad it is.
    Aki is such a great leader, she is so brave (as are the others). I hope they will not kill her.
    Cutting the palace was interesting and amzing scene. Imperial Guard caring for Sora’s wound was nice gesture.
    High Sora and Daemon are hilarious.
    I finally accapted the possible romance between Sora and Daemon even though they are Geminas and it is not allowa and it is really not nesessary, but suddenly Daemon stars to feel something to Fairy? Why? When he changed his mind? With the kissing scene, I was honestly cringing because I am affraid that it will cause some trouble between all of them, and I don’t want to see that because that friendship betwwen four of them is something special and if the author will break it I am going to ugly cry.
    I was happy, that Glass Lady finally listen to them!
    I don’t like Hana as a character. At first she was not capable to kill Empress Aki but now she would not hesitate? Hana killed Glass Lady and I hope that somebody will kill her.
    I knew it! LOVE TRIANGLE! And as I said, I am hoping it will not cause any trouble between the friends.
    I wrote down these few senteces but I can’t use them in their original way, lots of bad words…:D I was actually stomping with dispair and rage when I got to the moment, when Prince Gin was saved by Hana, because I was like yes, Aki, go and kill him and then Hana showed up and she ruined everyrhing.
    The Heart Ceremony was hard to listen but the worst part, the god eats those heart, like really? Gross.
    Also, the loyalty of Taigas to Empress Aki and vice versa, is amazing.
    Daemon is a demi-god, I did not catch that but that is a great twist. Also he can turn to wolf, ever better twist. Love it.

  • cassy.kidwell

    I am so sad this book is over!!!

    I am extremely happy that we were right about Daemon being a demigod and the fact that he is a huge blue wolf that can FLY is amazing!

    I am so not happy with him and Fairy kissing! I definitely ship Sora and Daemon and I’m so mad/sad that it took this long for Sora to realize her feelings for Daemon.

    I am already counting down the days for the next book and it already has a title!!! Cloak of Night!!!! Can’t wait!

    • Kirsty @kirstyes

      If book two is called Cloak of Night there needs to be a book 3 called League of Rogues.

  • Amy (@themagicalbookworm)

    Today is the last day and I am really sad that this book has ended. I ended up reading the rest of the book last night, and so much happened! ?

    I am glad that Fairy was okay, I mean I knew she would be okay but I couldn’t help but fear if something happened to her.
    Sora has managed to convinced Empress Aki to use some of her palace to make a magnifying glass. Which I think is a pretty good idea. Broomstick even got the council on board with the plan.

    OMFG! Fairy and Wolf! ???? their make-out session that could of gone even further. I mean I don’t mind Fairy and Wolf being a Item (if that does happen) but I always shipped Sora and Wolf ?

    Anyway, things got tricky. Hana and some of the Ryuu has arrived to attack. The plan was going great for Sora and everyone until Sora got more exhausted and the Ryuu found away around the light. Which isn’t good.
    I was so said that beetle died ? I really liked him! And also Glass Lady got killed by Hana ? (I was starting to like her)
    And omg! I though Sora was going to die or something until Wolf saved her…

    Wolf is a WOLF! ? I mean he is thee Wolf! The demigod! Who knew that he was so special, and it does explain so many things! I am so happy for him! He can fly! And he is blue! ? I love wolves!

    Prince Gin hypnotised Empress Aki! ? for a moment I thought he was going to get her to stab herself or something but instead made her invisible.
    And what was worse is they have capture and hypnotised the rest of the council and what was left taiga’s. But that’s not the worse part! They sacrificed 200 people which Sora and Wolf watched (including the girl that flirted with Daemon in that town) cut into their chest, ripping their hearts out! ?? I mean that imagine is going to be stuck into my head for a while now. I can’t get the imagine out of those children….??????

    Now all there is left is Sora, Wolf, Fairy and Broomstick to try and save everyone and the kingdom. How they are going to do that, I haven’t a clue! I can’t wait to read book two so then I can find out what happens.
    I really enjoyed this read along! It had me excited for each chapter and I just love the characters sooooooo much! x

  • Claire (@love.the.villain)

    So, here we are at the end of another wonderful readalong! Thank you so much for hosting this time around, Lauren. I loved reading your synopsis and thoughts every day!

    I did not see that weird little romantic connection between Daemon and Fairy coming! I know Fairy kind of likes the boys a lot, but I thought Daemon was head over heels in love with Sora? And now, suddenly, Sora decides she’s jealous. *throws hands up in despair* Teenagers, huh!
    But, I bet Daemon looks so cool in his wolf form! I wonder if we’ll get to meet his father, the god of nights, in the sequel? I hope he can manage to find his mother, too.
    I think it was a bit of a bum deal for him though, right? I mean, he decides he doesn’t want to stay in the stars and rather than bring him down and give him back to his mom, he gets left with a pack of wolves to fend for himself. Great parenting, dad!

    I’m really pleased that there were a few secrets in Aki’s belt. I feel like she’s a great character and I really hope she gets a chance to blossom in the next book. She’s much more badass than I initially assumed. This is the kind of Empress you want ruling your kingdom!

    I was so sad about Glass Lady and Beetle! Just when Glass Lady starts warming up to us a little, too. And I feel like we barely got to know Beetle at all, and he was such a cool character. Sad times.
    Can’t wait for the next book to come out, I’ll definitely be reading it!

  • AmbWitch

    So apparently last night Sirius, the Dog Star could not be seen for two seconds…

    I have enjoyed reading Circle of Shadows and think that I will read the next book, maybe not as soon as it comes out but at some point. Here are my thoughts of the last chapters in bullet points because I feel too lazy to write them out in full.

    • The relationship between Fairy and Daemon appears to have come out of nowhere which is annoying, but there is the possibility for it to cause some interesting plot points as Sora is jealous about it. I have enjoyed the friendship between the League of Rogues So I’m hoping that it doesn’t cause too much strife.

    • I was sad to see Beetle die, more so than Glass Lady.

    • The description of the blood hearts ceremony was amazingly gruesome.

    • What happened to Aki at the end was brutal. She now gets to watch what is happening to her land but can do nothing about it. There is a chance that Sora can help if she is able to get close to her as I imagine she should be able to make her visible again.

    • The ending did seem a little over the top. Three friends flying around on a giant wolf wondering how they are going to defeat a whole army of Taiga’s (or I guess they will be Ryuu now). Still, they could join up with other characters in the next book.

    • At the moment there seems to be a lot of the world that has been unexplored and I have so many questions around topics such as the gemina bond. I hope that the next book gives some answers.

    • I’m sure than Hana will come around at some point… please come around at some point Hana. The relationship between her and Sora is complex and I can’t wait to explore it further.

  • Noor

    okay I am done. And i want the sequel.

    Let me get this off of my chest first:
    Daemon & Fairy. WHAT THE HELL!! even though I saw it coming since those weird comments from Wolf started. Ah I felt sick reading it, like i felt dread when it was coming! so out of the blue! and how can Daemon not note the change in Sora’s emotions when she saw them with linked hands! when he could tell her thoughts before she finished forming them! and now their bond is stronger because of him & they could actually talk through it!! I kept trying to comfort myself that since Sora’s emotions finally clicked into place (about time), book 2 would unite Daemon & Sora back romantically >.> Gemina rules who cares! the world as they know it is changing ..

    Ok, the rest:

    1) Glass lady just died! like wah i know she didn’t stand a chance in front of Hana, but that was too sudden for a commander! It was sad since she just started revealing that she was proud of the league of rouges =(

    2) Our rouge of leagues need a massive plan & mega help in the next book to smash the giant wall in front of them! and hopefully they find a way to access the Ruyuu’s powers without the eye jab!

    3) YAS Wolfie is a demigod people! pat on the back for guessing it right! and a royal blue one <3 Though is it me or we saw less & less of his POV?

    4) Empress Aki! well she might just be my favorite character! or right there with Daemon. The way she got more & more involved was awesome! a secret training room? wow! more of her please!

    5) The Society now, thank God they admit their old-ways & that they are going to adapt & change. Sadly, that was short-lived and they were captured by loony Gin!

  • Noor

    Forgot to add. The ceremony!!! the hell! my stomach got upset just imagining the horror unfold!!!!
    I read in the comments that Zomouri might be controlling Gin. Now THAT is a plausible one alright! just like Throne of Glass where the king was actually under the influence of that what’s-his-name creature!

  • Alina

    I finally managed to catch up as yesterday was such a busy day for me. I am heartbroken that I finished the book and a little disappointed that I was late for the photo competition ?

    Right, so last chapters have been full of twists and unexpected things.

    I was so relieved that Sora and Fairy managed to get back and they’re safe, even though I hoped Hana will realize that Prince Gin is horrible and join them .

    It was really funny to experience the drunk-dream Daemon has been caught in because of Sora being drugged with genka. But really cute how he recognised her just by her giggling and how determined he was to help her, that he broke in a council member’s room and took the effects of the drug on himself.

    Princess Aki is now one of my favourite characters. Listening and beliving Sora, and actually joining her was really nice, but finding out she has a secret training room and she’s actually a badass definitely sent her flying up my list of favourites.

    Back to drugged Daemon, Fairy is coming to the rescue, and is the cutest and funniest moment in the book. Like Lauren said, I had them pictured in my head so clearly, that the hole scene made me cry with laughter. I enjoyed the little flirting but I thought that’s where it stops. Wasn’t expecting the kiss and was horrified to think about Sora finding out about it, as she had some dragonflies in her belly watching Daemon a few chapters ago and I thought she’s gonna break if she looses Daemon, even if she didn’t know she loves him yet.

    As predicted , when Sora sees Daemon and Fairy holding hands, thre’s an avalanche of feelings toppling over her, and all the memories of Daemon come back to her, since he first walked in to all the moments they had together and how she always took him for granted and she discovers she’s been in love with him from the begging.
    She has to put her feelings for Daemon aside, because the ryuu are here and the battle started.

    Glass Lady also made a good impression when she listened to Broomstick and told him that she always believed in them and knew what they were capable off, she just waited till they knew it as well.

    Hanna kills Glass Lady and then she’s fighting Sora. They both fall of the wall and Daemon jumps after Sora without thinking about anything else but saving her. And…he’s a Wolf now. A demigod and probably the cutest blue wolf.

    I hate the end of the book. I hate that Prince Gin won this battle, I hate that Aki is now invisible and she’s gonna suffer through exile, I hate that the 200 hearts ritual has been done and that Gin manages to get all the taigas under his hypnotists. I hate that the evil won in the end and I hate that the second book is not out yet cuz I need to know what happens now. :))

    Really loved this book and can’t wait for Book 2. ?

    Thanks Lauren for hosting this awesome read along , it was so much fun ??

  • faith quinlan

    Okay so oh my god! i honestly loved this book so much and i can’t wait for the second one! fairy was my favourite character up until her and wolf!?okay i do still love her! Wolf is my new true love!?
    So i sensed something between wolf and fairy when he saw her in the desert and was like no? oh god pls no? and then when they kissed i was so annoyed, it’s not that i don’t think they’d be cute but like what about sora? i was worried sora would realise her feelings and fairy will end up getting hurt and i love her and don’t want her to get hurt! and then what does sora finally realise? SHES IN LOVE WITH WOLF!! like poor sora and poor fairy argh ??
    And then hana and her fighting? can’t hana just realise she’s on the wrong side already! and poor Aki getting taken by hana (but u gotta give it to her, i couldn’t stop cheering when aki got the upper hand on gin, like yass u go girl?????) i love Aki so much oml!??
    I actually felt sick to my stomach reading the 200 hearts ceremony like it broke my heart when they described the kids cutting out there own hearts!??
    almost forgot! Wolf turning into a literal wolf ahhh?
    i don’t think i can wait for the next book! things i want in the next book: i hope that wolf comes to his senses and him and fairy don’t end up together! him and sora getting together (but not in like a hurtful/cheating way to fairy) Getting empress Aki back! Damon learning how to use his magic so he can un hypnotise all the taigas! and they can take back the palace/kingdom with empress aki! and of course hana joining soras side and them fighting together, ohh and hana being re united with her parents!??
    okay that’s all i think??

  • Kirsty @kirstyes

    Fairy wakes before the action starts awww and she gets upset. Totally empathise and wanted to give her a hug. Broomstick did and then she was back to her funny mischievous self.
    And she wants to make an antidote to the genka but should she actually give it to Sora or Daemon?!

    Hmm. Not sure I would have led with I want to break off part of your palace. But Aki is going to get her hands dirty and join her.
    Dignity, Benevolence. Loyalty. They are all Hufflepuffs ?
    Sora wanted to show her worth and for her to be let into Aki’s confidence must make her very proud.
    Crystal splinters must be sore. But Sora gets the magnifying glass.
    Is Aki going to give up another year of her life in prayer now?
    Fairy calls Daemon Wolfie. That’s sweet. I def agree with The person who said League of Rogues would make a great name for the sequel.
    Their interaction here was kinda cute and maybe I am on board the Wolfairy ship. Kiss and steamy and … then they realise there’s a war on.

    Ok so Glass Lady believed in them all along. ?‍♀️ not sure I completely buy that with how she’s acted.

    Hana turned pissed off little sister quickly ? ?

    And now Sora feel something for Daemon. Jealous of Fairy. I’m hoping this doesn’t harm their friendship in book two.
    I wish there was more clarification on why Gemina couldn’t love. What the consequences were if they did.

    Dramatic battle scenes Taiga against Ryuu. The blinding trick works but Sora is exhausted and 6 apprentices are killed when Hana tips the wall from her. Friends and family against each other. I shared Sora’s hurt and shock when Glass Lady and Beetle were killed.

    And shiiiit. Hana realised the Hearts sacrifice is where the rest of the army is. She says you weren’t a corpse to Fairy. Does she realise who she is or still think she is the empress. Fairy is not allowed to die.

    Invisible sister fight part 2. But this time they mean it. And then they are falling and Daemon Demi-God Wolfs-up. Sparking blue light. He saves Sora. He flies.
    Does Hana fall? Sora can’t see her.
    But she sees the real Daemon. Magic blue wolf boy. And it’s his 18th birthday today. Really ?. Although I do remember now it was foreshadowed at the beginning as they were planning his gift. How fortuitous it coincided with the big fight though.

    Aki is calling Sola but Gin appears. Time for their confrontation now.
    She beats him and then Hana shows up and gives Gin the chance to hypnotise her into abdicating and he lets Hana hide her. I did think she was going to kill her on his command for a moment. Thankful that didn’t happen so she still has a shot at redemption. It would have been kinder to leave her under his spell tho.

    A new castle bursts forth from the ground and Gin is Emperor. The decision is made to retreat and regroup and I think that’s wise.
    Fairy flirts with Wolf god who growls at her. I do wish that Sora just hasn’t had those sort of feelings for Daemon now because things are awkward.

    But the retreat is stopped by Prince Gin and I really thought we’d lose Broomstick or Fairy ? I would not have been happy. But Gin has hypnotised everyone but the four of them saved by Wolf’s magic.

    The Two Hundred Hearts sacrifice is about to happen. They go to stop it but Hana threatens Aki who only Sora can see. I’m not sure the Empress would have wanted to be saved over risking the Evermore though? Although then there might not have been a book 2.
    Btw – How does a baby stab itself? And gosh that scene was gross. I actually thought it happened off the page and that was where all the bloodstone sprung from.

    Giant Zomuri ??????
    I have questions. He has twenty fingers. On two hands, four?

    Gin sets up the premise of another sister on sister fight. Siblings don’t have the most healthy relationships in this book do they.

    Wolf flies them into the sky so they live to fight another day. They have a country to save.

  • Kirsty @kirstyes

    I think my castle would be a chocolate one.


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