Daughter of the Moon Goddess: Day 5!

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Hey fairies!

It’s the fifth and last day of our readalong of Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan. I am so nervous to know how this ends!

Grab your popcorn and let’s dive in and see what this last section will bring!

Today we’re reading from Chapter 33 to the end of the book.

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan, from chapter 33 to the end of the book. Please only read on if you’ve finished Daughter of the Moon Goddess!


Xingyin obviously isn’t going to sit by while Liwei and his army fall into Wenzhi’s trap. Devising a plan, she gets the guards attention and asks to be taken to Prince Wenzhi. After some baiting, they agree, not before bumping into Wenzhi’s brother, the one who “stole his throne” by being born first. I smell drama.

When Wenzhi eventually lets Xingyin in, he’s a lil suspicious but eventually woos her with promises to free her mother and has her favoured wine brought in. As they toast and drink, Wenzhi begins to feel drowsy, realising he was right to be suspicious of Xingyin… she poisoned him.

Xingyin frantically searches for the pearls and her bow, convinced Wenzhi would keep them close to him. But then Wenshuang, Wenzhi’s brother arrives and knows Xingyin is betraying Wenzhi. Will he care?

Despite his betrayal, Xingyin can’t let Wenshuang kill Wenzhi and they enter a battle. XINGYIN IS VICTORIOUS! I can’t imagine she feels good about it though, she always felt guilty injuring anyone in battle. She has her bow and the pearls. RUN XINGYIN!!!

Wenzhi is awake and giving chase, The Black Dragon is here and Xingyin has her arrow aimed at Wenzhi. He knows she won’t shoot though. He knows, she knows, even we know! Whether she likes it or not, there are feelings there and she won’t shoot him down. Xingyin runs and lands on The Black Dragon, to safety and hopefully to warn Liwei and his army!

A dazed Xingyin finds Liwei and the rest of the Celestial Army. Shuxiao and Liwei convince the rest of the army between them that Xingyin isn’t actually a deserter/betrayer… I just hope the army doesn’t turn on her at the last minute.

While they manage to win the fight and escape the demon realm, it’s not over yet. Xingyin has the pearls, the essence and souls of the four dragons. She can’t give them up to the emperor, they deserve more! But clever Xingyin has a plan… I can feel it!

Xingyin is heading to the Fragrant Coral Palace, where the dragons were born, and Liwei is heading with her!

Prince Yanxi is understandably a little confused that Xingyin has the dragon’s pearls, after all he still thinks she’s just an archer in the army. With Yanxi’s help they discover there’s a way to separate the pearls from the essence and return it to the dragon’s but it won’t be easy. It must be done by Xingyin alone and will take a lot of power. To break the enchantment will take half of Xingyin’s lifeforce. I’m petrified for her! All those lessons about how important it was not to drain your lifeforce and now half will be taken at once!

Liwei asks Xingyin not to do this, but we know she will. When Yanxi tells Xingyin she’ll need a powerful weapon, she holds up her Jade Dragon Bow like it’s nothing!! When she summons the dragons, they tell Xingyin they want nothing more than to have their spiritual essence back, but they couldn’t ask it of her before as it needs to be willingly given.

Xingyin is so drained… literally but she did it, she returned the essence to the dragons. I’m so happy for the dragons! As repayment, the Long Dragon offers Xingyin one of its scales, and tells her if she immerses it in liquid, they will come to her. 

On their way back to the Jade Palace, they run into black-armoured soldiers, Wenzhi and his army. He wants the pearls, and he really doesn’t believe Xingyin when she tells him she removed the essence from the pearls. Then he hints maybe he’s not here for the pearls alone. When Liwei gets angry and Xingyin tells him not to attack Wenzhi, he jumps to the conclusion that Xingyin still feels for Wenzhi, but she’s just tired of bloodshed. I feel you, Xingyin! Be the bigger person!

Wenzhi is clearly a little worried about what will happen to Xingyin when Their Celestial Majesties discover that she removed the dragon’s essence from the pearls – join the club! I don’t know how to feel about Liwei piping up with an “unlike you I will never betray her” … how’s that fiance working out for ya Liwei???? Hmmm???

Their Celestial Majesties are furious and even Liwei can’t placate them. The emperor hits Xingyin with SKY FIRE… but she survives it? Protected by the pendant of jade that once belonged to her father. General Jianyun speaks in support of Xingyin, announcing that the Celestial Army – the WHOLE Celestial Army – are waiting in the hallway to support Xingyin. The emperor knows he’s lost. How petty and evil would he seem to punish – or even harm – Xingyin when so many are on her side? When so many believe she fulfilled his task?

Xingyin, is going home… Chang’e is free.

After an emotional reunion with her mother and Ping’er (who’s safe!!!!) Xingyin recounts her time in the Celestial Kingdom to her mother. Her mother is clearly shocked at all Xingyin did, but proud. Who wouldn’t be?! She freed the dragon’s essence, she did so much good, she also got herself in some sticky situations.

Don’t mind me sobbing at the moment where Xingyin bows before Chang’e and she realises she’s free from her lonely imprisonment.

Liwei comes to the MOON to visit Xingyin and she asks if he will escort them to the Mortal Realm. It’s then that Xingyin has to tell her mother that her love, Houyi, who she’s waited all these years for, has died. Liwei takes them to the Mortal Realm, to Houyi’s resting place and the Moon Goddess clears his grave and together they leave offerings and light incense for Houyi.

Xingyin joins Liwei by the riverbank… Liwei has asked Princess Fengmei to break off their engagement!!! He did what he should have done from the beginning and was honest with Fengmei, about his relationship with Xingyin and how his heart could never belong to her. He tells Xingyin he thinks Fengmei knew after Xingyin rescued her, and she noticed the matching Sky Drop Tassels. Liwei admits he was wrong before and he should’ve fought for her, but promises he’ll never fail her again.

Is it all too little too late though? At least he’s not just assuming Xingyin will wait for him this time, and says he knows she’ll need time to consider things.

Liwei returns to the moon with Xingyin and Chang’e, together he and Xingyin protect the moon, setting up wards to protect from unwanted visitors. 

After Liwei leaves, Xingyin has another visitor, in her dreams this time. One with green robes and silver eyes. She thanks him for allowing them to leave and Wenzhi asks her if she would have shot him on that rooftop before the dragon swept her away… She wouldn’t have. He asks if she could love him now as she loved him before, before she knew who he really was. He promises he will wait for her to love, or even care for him again, and then he’s gone. 

Xingyin, Chang’e and Ping’er have many visitors on the moon now that they are free. Shuxiao, Minyi, Teacher Daoming and General Jianyun. Even though they stay on the moon, it’s not a lonely exile anymore.

We leave Xingyin as she contemplates whether she and Liwei can overcome all that separated them and find love again…

What an amazing ending!

Make sure you drop all of your thoughts in the comments. I hope you loved Daughter of the Moon Goddess and enjoyed the readalong!

See you very soon for our next readalong!



25 thoughts on “Daughter of the Moon Goddess: Day 5!

  1. Oh my, what a trip!!

    I’m so happy for Xingyin for finally being able to free her mother. After all she’s been through, I’m glad she was able to do this for Chang’e

    I’ll be honest, there was a part of me that thought Xingyin wouldn’t be believed by the Celestial Army, just because Wenzhi was so clever in spreading rumours about her, but I’m glad they believed her and showed up for her.

    I honestly despise Minister Wu and Celestial Empress! I did think they were going to get their way when the Liwei couldn’t even convince his parents and the Celestial Emperor hit Xingyin with the Sky Fire. My heart was racing.

    Also, I’m glad Liwei finally manned up and broke off his engagement with Fengmei, she should have been honest with her way before this. I do hope Xingyin and Liwei find their way back to each other. I don’t think I can forgive Wenzhi just yet.

    I’m so happy Xingyin, Chang’e and Ping’er are still together and have their friends visiting them, they are not lonely anymore.

    I’m excited about the next book, there are still so many questions I need the answer to – what is really going on with the Celestial Empress? will Wenzhi have a redemption arc? is the Celestial Kingdom’s absolute power coming to the end? who is Minister Wu and what does he actually want? what will happen now, that Xingyin’s true parentage has been revealed? I don’t think the Celestial Empress or the Celestial Emperor will let that go as easily as they have.

    But all in all a stunning book with an epic adventure and twists I did not see coming! what a ride!

  2. I loved the dragons!!!
    Also I’ve got a soft spot for Prince Yanxi.
    I’m glad she returned the spiritual essence to the dragons. I would’ve been really annoyed if she hadn’t.
    This book made me cry, when the soldiers of the Celestial army came to show their gratitude ❤️
    I’ve enjoyed myself, reading this book.

  3. This book was amazing! I loved every page! The writing was incredibly beautiful, the characters were well developed and the plot was well thought out. Definitely a five star read for me! Thanks for doing an amazing edition of this book, and I hope we’ll see a sequel soon!

    1. I agree word for word! 5 star indeed

  4. Wow this book was amazing! It was so much more than I imagined it to be. I loved the characters, their development, the adventures! Im so haiku she gave the dragons spiritual essence back and I got all the feels when the army turned up for her in front of the emperor!
    Being reunited with him mother was so heartwarming and I loved that they got loads of guests and that Liwei visited so much. So happy he ended him betrayal! (I always thought Fengmei was genuinely nice so I’m glad she was happy to do so!) and I that he realised he should’ve fought for Xingyin.
    I can’t wait to see what the new book will bring – definitely more from Wenzhi (redemption arc maybe?!) and I’m hoping that the celestial emperor and empress get supposed since they’re terrible.
    Thank you for creating such a gorgeous edition of this book and hosting the read along!

  5. Yikes this book almost went real dark for a moment with Whenzi’s brother. Thank god Xingyin escaped. Genuinely hope that bash on the head killed him. Thank god Liwei and Shuxiao know her well enough to realize she didn’t go with Whenzi willingly. Im so glad she made it in time to help them fight through the mind mist.

    I’m so proud of Xingyin. She did right by the dragons at every turn and protected their essence with her life.

    That scene where the celestial army bowed to her gave me the shivers. it reminded me of the scene in Mulan when the nation vowed to her. And then the way she returned to her mother, told her the story of her adventures and presented the pardon?! It was all such a wonderfully satisfying and peaceful ending. Absolutely a five star read!

    This ending could stand on its own, but I’m excited to see what happens in the next book of the duology. How is Whenzi going to mess with her next?

  6. I’ll repeat myself but Wenzhi was for me from the beginning too perfect what made him a potential opponent for Xingyin.

    Dragons story was one of the most interesting for me.

    Beautiful and full of action ending. I’m very pleased that everything went fine and Chang’e is free.

    I’m waiting for more books from Sue. Especially if I read correctly, it’s a duology.

  7. Such a good ending! I was worried when I was it was a duology, that it would be an annoying cliffhanger that made me hate everything until book 2 came out. I love books that are part of a series but still tell a complete story on their own!

    I wish the book had had a bit more romance, like for all that Xingyin clearly had feelings for both Liwei and Wenzhi, she never really acted on them much. On the other hand, I appreciate how she owned her life and how her dreams didn’t depend on being in a relationship.

  8. As I was reading yesterday I looked to see that I was on Chapter 31 and I told myself “okay, two more chapters and then I’ll put it down” and the next time I looked up I was partway into chapter 36, so then obviously I had to finish it at that point. Wow this book was awesome. I always liked Liwei more, but I never would have guessed that Wenzhi was from the Demon Realm. It was an excellent plot twist. I’m very excited for the sequel to see what comes of the relationship with Xingyin and Liwei.

  9. What a whirlwind! So much happened in this book! It really reminded me of Chinese xianxia dramas, and I even thought that some parts of the story seemed episodic.

    What a wonderful story. I loved all the complicated emotions that were explored and I’m especially intrigued by Wenzhi because he was morally gray. I wonder if he’ll be able to redeem himself in the second book. He does have some good qualities so I hope he can prove himself.

    On the other hand, Liwei completely fought his way out of the dog house for me. The desperate way he tried to save Xingyin at every point was so heartwarming. He finally fought for them and now I adore them together.

    I loved how Xingyin was able to be true to herself throughout all her struggles. Her pride and her determination to do the right thing were shining points for me, and I really admired those qualities. Her reunion with her mom and father was happy yet sad.

    I’m curious as to how the plot of the second book will go and what Xingyin will do next. Who is Minister Wu and why is he so hateful towards Xingyin and her mother? How will Liwei and Xingyin work out if his parents stand between them? Is the royalty of the Eastern Sea as harmless as they seem to be? Will the Demon realm rise up again? Will Wenzhi’s brother be a problem?

    I’m super excited at all the possibilities! Thanks for this amazing edition <3

  10. I loved this book! I really hope that when book two comes out you do a matching edition for it!! I cannot wait to see what happens next.

  11. Wow!!! What an ending! I am so elated that Liwei ended his betrothal and fought for their love. What a rare gift to be given so many opportunities!

    I’m so happy Xiangyin is back with her family! I am grateful she got away, freeing her mother (mostly) unscathed. A beautiful reunion. A tender courtship with Liwei. Of course it can’t be perfect and Wenzhi has to show up in her dreams. That happens to me every once in a while too. It’s jarring how real dreams can seem, how they can drop you right back in the middle of a moment.

    I wish I could have seen the dragons’ essence restored. What a perfect moment to behold such majestic creatures. Crossing my fingers for some beautiful dragon art!

    I adore this book! It’s my new favorite!

    Thanks for the readalong!

  12. Happy with the reunion of Xingyin ang Chang’e (ang Ping’er of course). Glad to have the dragons got their essences back. Hoping to get to have them back in book 2.

    I totally enjoyed reading this book. Can’t wait for the next.
    Hoping that Wenzhi will have a redemption arc. But I still want a Liwei and Xingyin endgame
    And I don’t really trust the Celestial Empress.

  13. I am so late to posting on this one and it is my favorite read of the year! I loved this so much!

    This one had me CRYING when the Celestial Emperor tries to kill Xingyin with his lightning….and she is okay with dying. JUST NO! I am not okay! I was so moved during so much of this last portion of the novel. It hit me in the feels so hard! And I was truly happy that Xingyin did achieve what she set out to do…She freed her mother from the enchantment and reunited with her once more.

    I adored the imagery and characters…the world (though harsh) and the dragons! It was so truly moving, magical and adventurous!

    This was such an easy 5 stars…i just tossed them to this book…here…take all the stars in the sky! I LOVED it so much! I cannot wait for the sequel!

  14. Oh my goodness!! I loved this book so much <3 I thought the ending was satisfying, but perfectly set up a sequel (which btw I am VERY excited for!)

    Xingyin must be seriously strong to have survived the Sky-Fire (from the Celestial Emperor, no less). I'm looking forward to seeing her become even more powerful in the next book!

    Xingyin and Liwei are so cute!! (but I'm still hoping for an encounter between Xingyin and Wenzhi in the sequel so we can see some more of that delicious tension)

    I also hope that the Celestial Kingdom and its unfair rulers are challenged -and maybe even brought down? replaced by Liwei at the least. And I'm looking forward to seeing what Xingyin will use the dragon scale for!

    Also, I neeeeeed more Prince Yanxi!! (perhaps he, Xingyin, Shuxiao and Liwei can become a team- they would have such a fun dynamic as a little group, and they would always have each other's backs in battle)

  15. I wonder if she killed Wenzhi’s older half-brother or only injured him into incapacitation? ? I don’t think anyone but the Demon Realm King would be upset by his death. ??‍♀️ She got to ride a dragon! How awesome is that? I mean, scary situation, especially with that Mind Talent mist stuff, but so cool! Those generals ?. I see at least 1 took her advice even if he didn’t pass it on to his men. The battle between Liwei & Wenzhi was tense. I could sympathize with Xingyin torn between not wanting to let Wenzhi get away with his transgressions & plots while not wanting to see him injured/dead. I was so glad Prince Yanxi was willing to help, & still had the wits not to trust Liwei until he checked with Xingyin. (Guess that’s 3 Princes Xingyin managed entrance without trying to. ??) That whole finding the loophole in the Emperor’s command was so smart, & in glad it worked out on all sides… eventually. Shuxiao leading the Celestial Army to support Xingyin at her hearing? Best. Friend. Ever. Pretty sure Wenzhi used his Mind Talent to infiltrate her dream. I’m torn between “the audacity!” & “aw?” about that. I mean, what he did was horrible, but he genuinely cares for her (really screwed himself over with how the whole imprisoning her thing because I believe she could’ve tried to understand/forgive him so much of the rest – especially things he was plotting but hadn’t actually executed yet). Liwei broke it off with Princess Fengmei, so I guess it’s alright to ship them again, but there’s still his crazy-ass malicious parents to contend with. ? At least her mom is on-board with her current choice despite that. I’m curious if the next book will have more about Wenzhi’s Demon Realm & those black-hearted “Celestial Majesties” starting shit. I’d like to hear more about the Western Sea & Northern Sea VS the Southern Sea (Ping’er’s family), & how things are going with the Eastern Sea now that the Venerable Dragons have returned & are their own masters to boot!

  16. There was so many emotions in this book, it was beautiful. I am grateful that the story didn’t end in a cliffhanger, I don’t think i could have taken and yet I am already heavily anticipating the sequel.
    Xingyin experiences so much and you can see how much she grows in her journey and it is wonderful to read and experience it with her

  17. Oh hey! Finally finished!

    First of all; thank you for hosting the readalong it was fun.

    I liked this book a fair amount, though more at the start than the ending. I’d give it 4 stars, dropping a star because I felt things that seemed like they ought to be major plot points to me were instead not really explained such as… how did Xingyin know how to release the dragons essence? Maybe its an innate immortal thing to know but I do think the narrative would have really benefited from Xingyin having on page learnt things she used later more often, like as was done with the flowers she used to escape Wenzhi. It would have tied everything together better, and instead to me it felt kind of episodical because there wasn’t much of that.

    That said, the world in the story absolutely had me spellbound and I liked the part especially where the celestial army stood up for Xingyin at the end. I didn’t think either love interest was amazing, though I did much prefer Lewei because i would always prefer a LI who is a flawed person with his own feelings rather than an impossibly over-considerate simp who doesnt have any personality traits that dont put the lead first lmao. It definitely made him more interesting than Wenzhi (until Wenzhi’s treachery, at least!)

    Looking forward to the sequel – especially in the hopes we get to see more of the dragons!

  18. I’m pretty pleased with how this ended. The mother released from imprisonment. The romance still open ended. The dragons free. I will be very interested to see what happens in book two with the three main characters and with the Celestial and Demon Kingdoms. Also interested to see more of the sea Prince.

  19. This book is just …. hang on while I go and scream!

    The story throughout this book has been beautiful and it flows so well!

    I absolutely LOVED it!!

  20. These last few chapters were really something, I did not guess that Xingyin will be successful in freeing her mother right in the first book! But I am really happy for them.

    I am glad Xingyin returned the dragons’ their essence, that was really noble and it was cute how excited war Prince Yanxi about seeing the dragons. 🙂

    To be honest, I liked Wenzhi more as a love interest (before the whole betrayal, obviously), but I am glad things worked out between Liwei and Xingyin.

    It was definitely a five starts read for me, I wonder what will happen in the sequel. Thank you for hosting the readalong!

  21. I didn’t expect to love this book, a five star for me. I liked how in the begging it was very easy to get into. A lot was going on in the adventures they took.
    At the end I felt SO betrayed by Wenzhi and was so mad, I didn’t see that coming!

  22. What a ride! So so good.

    I am curious about the relationship of the Demon half brothers. I actually started to LOVE Wenzhi (I will give him points for not using the mind power on our heroine, and I almost couldn’t believe he let them go just like that… not sold on that it was that easy….). And this section made me reaffirm I don’t want him dead. Yet. And that dream that Xingyin had in the last chapter when she said it was the Demon always, not the Celestial. Oh boy.

    I am afraid Liwei might pass away in the sequel or someone else important… Like it’s not uncommon in historical Chinese dramas to kill a main character. Maybe our girl gets a new love interest even? When the Captain cut Liwei in their one on one battle, I thought there to be poison on the blade. Oh the angst!!! Pheww.
    Minister Wu… What’s his problem????
    I feel like the ending was too good to be true even tho I was more than happy how things played out (the dragons, the reunion….). I expected for the Captain/Demon Prince to wait for Xingyin on the Moon or for the author to leave us with a brutal cliffhanger. ?
    The Prince from Eastern Sea… I need more of him and something like an explanation? Like some things felt quite easy and convenient. I am anxious even now.

    I enjoyed Daughter of the Moon Goddess so much!!!! So many heart stopping moments! I liked how mature Xingyin appeared and her present self-reflection. One of my favourite reads of this year!

    1. Just checked out the sequel. The title has me so intrigued! Heart of the Sun Warrior. ? I am glad it comes out this year! And “seeking aid where she never imagined”? Wenzhi Wenzhi.

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