Daughter of the Moon Goddess Readalong: Day 1!

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Hi Fairies!

Welcome to day 1 of our Daughter of the Moon Goddess readalong. I hope you’re all as excited as I am! I can’t WAIT to see what you all think, I hope you love it!

Before we start, how are you all? I hope you had a wonderful weekend and got some reading done. If you read anything good, make sure you let me know in the comments below!

Since today is day 1, we’ll be reading from Chapter 1 to the end of Chapter 7. Get comfy and let’s get started!

When you’ve finished today’s section, catch up with me in the comments down below so we can discuss the beginning of the book. Happy reading!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan from the beginning to Chapter 7. Please only read on if you have finished this section!


We’re beginning with a story – a story within a story – I like it!

The narrator tells us of her mother and how there are many legends surrounding her, but regardless of the legends, our narrator’s mother Chang’e became immortal and so did our narrator. Interesting!

They live on the moon (very cool) but it sounds like quite an isolated life. More so when Xingyin is scolded by her mother for reading a book. It turns out the book tells the story of her father, Houyi, and what a magnificent archer he was. Even then, Chang’e only tells Xingyin that Houyi is her father, and they loved each other very much in the mortal realm. We learn no more of him. What happened to Houyi? Which legends are true?

We see signs of Xingyin’s magic, and her mother’s stern words not to drift near the flecks of light that could presumably access her magic. She tells Xingyin it’s dangerous, but doesn’t tell her why.

Damn, Chang’e, some explanations would be nice!

And then Xingyin finds the urge to reach out to the light too overwhelming, nothing seems to happen though…

Wait, Chang’e rushes in to tell Xingyin they have a visitor… on the MOON… and she mustn’t know Xingyin is here or that she’s Chang’e’s daughter. Nobody knows about Xingyin? Why is she a secret? What did Chang’e actually do?

Xingyin is a lil bit nosey and tries to hear what’s going on. The Celestial Empress and her entourage detected an energy shift on the moon and want to know if Chang’e is harbouring a guest and violating her imprisonment. She’s a PRISONER? She did steal her mortal husband’s elixir! Oh gosh… why would she do that? 

We learn that Houyi was gifted the Elixir of Immortality for shooting down the sunbirds and saving the world, but he didn’t want to ascend into immortality without Chang’e and their unborn child so didn’t drink it but hid it. Only Houyi and Chang’e knew where. Did she betray him??? Oh poor Chang’e. She was told her body was weak and neither herself or Xingyin would survive Xingyin’s birth, so in fear of losing Xingyin and her happy life with Houyi, she drank the elixir. 

Chang’e is so clearly torn about what she did. She feels like she betrayed Houyi, I wouldn’t say she did. She did what she had to do to protect herself and Xingyin and she must have been so afraid of what was to come! Chang’e asked Xingyin if she hates her for betraying her father, she’s clearly harboured so much guilt over this! Xingyin tells her no, she doesn’t. She thinks about it though. I like Xingyin, I feel like she’s methodical, she thinks about things, she’s not impulsive or wreckless. Poor Xingyin feels like it’s all her fault that the empress found them, they sensed Xingyin’s lifeforce when she used her magic. I certainly agree with Chang’e that she’s also to blame. Xingyin seems smart, I’m sure if Chang’e had explained why she wasn’t to use magic or to reach for the lights, Xingyin never would have done it. What do you all think?

Now Chang’e is sending Xingyin away with Ping’er to the Southern Sea for her own safety…

This is heartbreaking on all accounts. Xingyin clearly loves her mother and it’s all she’s known, without Xingyin and Ping’er, Chang’e will be completely alone on the moon. 

I hate the thought of people being alone, especially good people and even if she did something bad, Chang’e definitely had good intentions and I don’t think she deserves this extent of punishment/exile. Do you think she deserves it? Would you have drank the elixir if it were you in Chang’e’s position? I’m interested to know your thoughts!

So, they’re travelling by CLOUD? This is the coolest thing ever!

Ok, I’m taking that back since Xingyin is literally fleeing her home and they’re now being chased by soldiers… excitement definitely got the better of me there.

Xingyin tells an injured Ping’er they’ve got a much better chance of escaping the attack of the soldiers if they split up and Ping’er drops Xingyin from the cloud with the promise of cushioning her fall. I hope Ping’er will be ok, I hope Xingyin finds her way back to them. 

As she’s falling, Xingyin notices Ping’er’s cloud has stopped, she has fallen and the soldiers are gaining on her… until Xingyin reaches for something within her and shoots a surge of air toward Ping’er’s cloud. Xingyin lands alone, she doesn’t know whether Ping’er got away, but she takes solace in the fact the moon is bright in the sky, her mother lit the lanterns, which hopefully means she’s ok?

Xingyin wakes up, and she’s not alone! Unsurprisingly, her companion is a bit concerned that she’s sleeping on the floor. I think anyone would find that a bit odd, especially considering they’ve all had word that a demon is on the loose… little do they know it’s actually Xingyin.

Xingyin is given a position as an attendant to Lady Meiling at the Golden Lotus Mansion, but the other attendants sound HORRIBLE. So nasty! I know we don’t know a lot about Xingyin yet, but I don’t think she’ll fit in here. She’s so nice. Jiayi is particularly insufferable, turning her nose up at Xingyin and encouraging others to laugh at her. Xingyin rises above it and tells herself to save her tears for something that matters. YAAAAS XINGYIN, YOU SHOW ‘EM.

Lady Meiling isn’t too nice either. She seems too… yelly. Do not like!

When she tells Xingyin to get her cloak, it’s nowhere to be found… When Xingyin eventually locates it, it has an ink splotch on and who’s nearby with inky fingers and a smirk? Jiayi. DO. NOT. LIKE. Even when Xingyin tells Lady Meiling she’s welcome to inspect them for ink, Lady Meiling tells her off because Jiayi is her senior. The blatant lack of respect this household has for new additions is infuriating!

Poor Xingyin, she runs off with the cloak to the river nearby to attempt to clean it. Thinking she’s alone, Xingyin lets herself cry… but she’s not alone. Enter mysterious young man with a strong, warm, bright aura and radiant skin and flowing long hair. Love interest?

He asks Xingyin why she’s crying and has the nerve to say it can’t be that hard to clean some clothes. In a moment of truth Xingyin says she’s not crying over that, but the fact that she misses her family. Despite his silky hair and lovely aura, this guy is blind to the world. He tells Xingyin to just go back to them. ARE YOU GONNA TAKE XINGYIN TO THE MOON???? WELL???

Xingyin and I are on the same wavelength and she tells him it’s not that simple. She sort of confides in this mysterious stranger and feels like she’s actually being seen as a human again instead of an attendant… until Lady Meiling reappears.

Immediately she resorts to shouting at Xingyin, and then suddenly drops to her knees? Woah! Mysterious stranger is a prince! Crown Prince Liwei! Now I’m laughing at Xingyin putting him in his place for his arrogance, not knowing he’s a prince. 

Liwei can get the benefit of the doubt for his arrogance, since not only did he treat Xingyin like a person, he’s also now interrogating Lady Meiling for her behaviour.

The liar! As if Lady Meiling is trying to get away with saying it was a slip in her composure and she normally treats her staff like family. She’s horrid!

Liwei basically scolds Lady Meiling for her behaviour and then her father appears, immediately jumping to the conclusion that Xingyin has angered Liwei rather than it actually being Lady Meiling. 

It turns out Liwei is holding some kind of competition for someone to become his companion, to study with him etc. Lady Meiling is in the running, but Liwei’s threatening to remove her. THAT’S WHAT YA GET!

Xingyin, clever and methodical, sees her opportunity to get out of the Golden Lotus Mansion and give herself a shot of honing her magic and possibly getting back to her mother and Ping’er and asks Liwei NOT to withdraw Lady Meiling, but to give Xingyin a chance to become his companion too! Liwei demands Lady Meiling’s father sponsor both his daughter and Xingyin to be in with a chance of becoming his companion. Eeeek this is so exciting! I love how headstrong Xingyin is and I love that she’s gotten a leg up against Lady Meiling, I just hope Jiayi and the rest of the attendants aren’t even nastier to her after this!

On her way out of the Golden Lotus Palace, Xingyin bumps into Jiayi who’s as foul as ever. I really hope Xingyin wins, not only because I’m genuinely rooting for her but also because it will annoy Jiayi, and I for one, would very much enjoy that.

Hooooold up… Crown Prince Liwei’s mother is the Celestial Empress. I can’t decide if this is amazing or catastrophic. On the one hand, if Xingyin wanted an inn to try and save her mother, who better to get close to than the woman who had her exiled. On the other hand, didn’t Chang’e say it would put Xingyin in danger if the Celestial Empress knew of her existence? I don’t know if Xingyin should run or keep her enemies close. I mean, I’d run, for sure…

Xingyin is smart! She knows the empress has no idea who she is and clearly has no plans to tell her. So without further ado… it’s competition time.

The first challenge is the art of tea brewing! Sounds easy. There’s soooo many different tea pots and so many tea leaf options. I wouldn’t know where to start. Xingyin’s “murky brown soup” sounds… yummy. 

Well, Liwei certainly has a soft spot for Xingyin. Despite that tell-tale nose wrinkle, he announces her as the winner stating it’s a unique blend, then DROPS the cup letting it smash before anyone else can try it. Sneaky Liwei!

The second challenge is to write a couplet inspired by the painting before them. Xingyin doesn’t win this one, but her couplet is beautiful. 

The final challenge… Lady Lianbao and Xingyin are head to head as the winners of challenge one and two, and they must perform a song of their choice with an instrument of their choosing! There’s no flute though, and Xingyin excels at the flute. Xingyin’s not going down without a fight and asks to play her own flute, the rules only said she had to pick an instrument and perform after all, they didn’t say it had to be one of the instruments laid out before her. She’s got the empress there! The Celestial Empress, ever the drama queen apparently threatens to WHIP Xingyin before Liwei chimes in and admits it’s their fault no flute was provided. The empress has Minister Wu inspect Xingyin’s flute for enchantment, obviously finding nothing, and Xingyin plays.

The empress argues that Lady Lianbao has impeccable heritage and lots of other stuff that basically come from having money and accuses Xingyin of being bad tempered because of her chin….. 

But, our gal Xingyin is the WINNER! She’s out of the Golden Lotus Mansion and she’s heading to become Prince Liwei’s companion! Exciting. Xingyin is taught all she must do, including kneeling to greet Liwei and bowing whenever he speaks to her. That’s a bit much, no?

This is definitely a weird dynamic. Liwei’s telling Xingyin she doesn’t have to be so formal with him and essentially talking to her like a friend, but then has her brush his hair? I’m kind of glad she unintentionally snagged his knots… well deserved.

The next day, after Xingyin claps excitedly at soldiers shooting arrows nearby, Liwei announces he wants to do some archery too (do I sense some jealousy?).

After hitting the target, Liwei teaches Xingyin how to aim and shoot and she hits it! She claims she’ll be better than him soon and obviously, with Liwei’s arrogance he proposes a wager. If Xingyin is better than Liwei in three months’ time, he will have to do her bidding for the day, if she’s not, she will have to do his, which she kind of already does anyway…

Xingyin stays at the archery boards to get some practice in when she’s approached by a soldier. The soldier tells her she shouldn’t have accepted the wager (harsh, but Xingyin is a novice when it comes to archery). The soldier introduces herself as Shuxiao, and Xingyin, unused to having friends awkwardly asks her what it’s like to be a soldier. Bless her! I’m glad Xingyin has made a friend here.

Later, Xingyin plays for Liwei and in return, he draws a picture of her.

Xingyin and Liwei spend the next few weeks learning together. Teacher Daoming has Xingyin doing a lot of meditation to access her lifeforce, her magic, there’s a suppression on her lifeforce and she needs to break the seal. That must be soooo frustrating, knowing there’s power inside you but not being able to access it!

BUT Xingyin stops resisting her lessons and starts to make progress, we see her grow and grow over the weeks until we see her release her energy. She has an affinity for air, fun! Liwei and Xingyin talk about the intrinsic Talents. We learn Mind magic is condemned, there are rumpus that Mind talents are evil and can be used to compel people to do things against their will. That’s a bit scary!

Three months have FLOWN by and it’s time for Xingyin and Liwei to go head to head… but they both score the same amount of points. As a tiebreaker, General Jianyun releases a disc into the air, whoever hits it, wins… Liwei (understandably since he’s had much more practice) hits the disc and wins. Xingyin is so hard on herself, even though Shuxiao tells her it was really close. We leave Xingyin as she asks the General to launch the disc in the air once more, vowing that she won’t lose again!

What a start! So much has already happened in section one. I can’t wait to see where it goes!

Make sure you leave a comment with your thoughts and feelings, I can’t wait to see what you all think!

I’ll be back tomorrow for more readalong fun!



60 thoughts on “Daughter of the Moon Goddess Readalong: Day 1!

  1. Hi everyone!
    I think it was a great start, I really enjoyed these chapters and the storytelling style is so pretty!
    I love both Xingyin and Liwei, can’t wait to know them more! I am heartbroken about Chang’e, I hope she’ll be able to meet her daughter eventually.
    I also have to note, this book is one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen! <3

    1. Hi! I agree, the writing style is stunning. ?

  2. Hi Shannon and everyone else!
    I’m not sure I can keep up with this read along, but we’ll see ?

    I’m starting to like this story and I’m probably falling in love with Prince Liwei. I like the relationship that’s forming between him and Xingyin. I don’t know if they will become more than friends but that’s not necessary. I already love the friendship so I can keep the Prince all to myself, for now anyway ? I’m wondering if we’ll be meeting the girl next door, the one he’s missing. (I don’t know the fairytale on which this book is based so I really haven’t got a clue )
    Maybe I’ll be back tomorrow…
    Love, Sandy

    1. Hi Sandy! It’s a lot to read in one day, if it’s too much you’re welcome to read at your own pace and join us whenever you’re ready! ?

    2. Hi!

      I finally catch up the reading yyyeeesss!!

      I’m loving this. The writing is so envolving and fairytale like, the characters are so lovable and sweet, especially Xingyin and Liwei! And I hope Shuxiao and Xingyin would be best friends ♥️

  3. Ok ok, so maybe I’ve read way too many books where people are super deceptive, but I feel like something sinister is going on with Chang’e. I mean, why would you hide so much from your daughter? What is she afraid of Xingyin finding out?? I also am a bit confused as to why she would get in trouble for drinking the elixir. Her husband won it so isn’t it like.. hmmm a shared thing? Premise is weird but I’ll go with it. Haha. I don’t like Liwei all that much. He seems so arrogant and… Rich. He just screams privilege when he’s like “oh just go back to your family”. So simple, right? It’s like he’s never had to make any money, provide for himself or work hard in any way. Ok ok, he’s a prince. But regardless I wish he had a tiny bit of understanding for the less fortunate. Curious to see where this story goes!

  4. The writing style of this book is so incredibly beautiful, it’s even better that it has a beautiful physical design to go with it! I am really loving the story so far, this book has drawn me into the world so well…plus, who wouldn’t want to travel by cloud!!
    Xingyin is a driven protagonist, and it made me mad to see how the senior attendants in Lady Meiling’s service treated her – the bullies! I had to chuckle at the tea challenge – though it was very obvious that Liwei always intended for Xingyin to win and become his companion. I sense some romance on the horizon, but given how early in the book it is, I fear they’re also going to be torn apart because of his duty as Crown Prince, like they always are ?

    1. I agree, such a mesmerising writing style, I’m in awe! ?

  5. I really loved the way this book started, the writing style is beautiful and easy to keep up with. I had to admire the book and the bookmark so many times while reading because it’s all so beautiful!? I can’t wait to see what kind of shenanigans they get up to for the rest of the book!

    1. So happy you’re enjoying it so far! ?

  6. I really loved this first part! I got to start reading it over the weekend. It’s a bit odd in the timing, skipping around a bit but I like the general vibe of the story and the prose is exceptional.

    I can’t wait to keep going!

  7. Usually I’m behind with the read alongs but luckily I finished only I monster a couple days ago so got a head start on reading this lovely book, the head start turned into me reading 2/3 of the book already because it is that good. The writing is so descriptive and beautiful, I love the that despite everything Xingyin is going through she stands up for herself and puts herself forward for the competition, I love how her and Liweis relationship has formed very excited to finish this book and to see other peoples thoughts

    1. So happy to hear you’re enjoying it! ?

  8. Hi Shannon and everyone, so excited to be joining you all for my 3rd FairyLoot readalong now. This book is without a doubt the most beautiful book I have ever owned and I have to keep stopping reading just to stare at the cover and sprayed edges! I’m going to try really hard to keep up in the evenings after work but this is the chunkiest readalong I’ve attempted in a week so far. I love the story and the vivid image it paints. Love the characters of Xingyin and Prince Liwei. I think the Prince is dreamy – so kind and genuine. Can’t make my mind up about whether her mother should have drank the elixir yet. It seems like a tricky position to have been in. Can’t wait to continue x

    1. Hi there! So happy you’re enjoying it so far. ?

  9. This book definitely has an interesting start. I hope we get more on Change, I feel like there is a lot more story there. The writing is very beautiful, I am curious to see why this is marketed as an adult book as it feels very YA at this point. I dont much like Liwei, but we will see if that changes as we get more on him!

  10. It’s one of my most anticipated books in 2022 and after first 8 chapters I can say that I will love it. I really like books inspired by Chinese mythology.

    But go to the chapters. Could any of you find Xingyin a little annoying? From one hand she is really focus to achieve her goals but from another she is a reason why she had to leave a Moon behind.

    So far I really like Lower, he is really cute and he needs a good companion.

    We will see what will be next. I hope that it will be more things happened because so far we have a lot of introductions.

    1. So happy you’re enjoying it! ?

    2. Really intrigued right now it has a good start! Feel like we have a lot more to come and there is a lot of story right now…. Also love Prince Liwei!!!!

  11. I enjoyed the start of this but did find it hard to visualise them riding on clouds…like is anything holding them in place? Is it like a magic flying carpet?

    I am hoping for more world building as we go on in the story.

  12. I love the way this book has started Sue Lynn Tan really know how to make us feel like we are there. What I would give to travel by cloud!! I like the bond forming between Xingyin and Liwei, who knows if it will develop into something deeper, I, for one, an excited to find out. I like the Xingyin is also forming other friendships. I hope she finds her found family, especially after the heart-rending way Xingyin had to leave her mother. Chang’e had already lost so much.

    I’m excited to carry one with the rest of the book. I’m hoping I’ll be able to fully participate with this readalong.

    I have to commend FairyLoot on the beauty of this book. They have really outdone themselves. Definitely one of the prettiest books I own!

    1. So glad you’re enjoying it, and so happy you love the customisations! ?✨

  13. Hello everyone! I really last minute decided to join this readalong today (as in, at like 5pm today because I happened to finish my current read lol).

    Gosh, this book is BEAUTIFUL. I’m finding it slightly slow going but the prose is so decadently gorgeous I’m loving it regardless – I think it might be the most beautifully written fairyloot pick to date.

    I really like Xingyin as our lead, and Liwei and Shuxiao are great supporting character (though we haven’t had much of a chance to get to know the latter yet, but I have a feeling she might wriggle her way in to being my favourite).

    The book so far reminds me a little of The Bone Witch, mostly in terms of the beautiful writing style, and parts of the pacing – especially in the dialogue exchanges – more so than the actual story itself (i dont see this getting as dark as tbw does lololol). I loved TBW, so that comparison bodes well! I’m looking forward to continuing, and don’t trust that empress at all Yikes.

    1. Oh I also wanted to say, I really like that Liwei (who I assume is the love interest, though I’m VERY here for a platonic epic) is more the artsy, dorkish type and theres a true emphasis on him aiming to create equal footing in his and Xingyin’s repartee. It really makes him stand out against the recent trend for hyper masculine, brooding alpha type love interests and I’m loving it.

  14. Hi everyone,
    This is my first read along and I’m super excited to join you all!
    I am not sure I would have chosen this book for myself but so far I am so glad this was part of the subscription as I am really enjoying it.
    I just want to know more about all of the characters now and can’t wait to see where this goes!

    1. Hi Tina! Thanks for joining us, I hope you enjoy your first readalong! ?

  15. Hi!
    I thought this was a great start to the book – the writing style is very easy to read and compelling and there’s so many unknowns (I really wish Chang’e would’ve just told us ?) so I’m dying to see how everything unfolds and what happened to her father!
    I like Xingyin and enjoyed her meeting with Kiwei and that he turned out to be a prince! The competition was a fun aspect and I like that Kiwei treats Xingyin as more of a friend than a servant. I love that Xingyin is good at archery like her father so I’m hoping to see her get even better and looking forward to more magic exploration?!
    And the whole cloud immortals are the demon place was a shock (but a great twist) so im expecting that to potentially pop up again!

  16. I think this story has such an interesting premise!
    I’m not a massive fan of the writing style so far and even though lots happened in the first few chapters, it felt like it was moving very slowly for some reason. It seems to have picked up a bit in these last couple of chapters though, and I’m a lot more engaged, so I’m hopeful for the rest of the book!!
    I love the banter between Xingyin and Liwei!! Also, Shuxiao seems really cool, so I hope we see more of her!

  17. This book is so beautiful! I love the characters and I’m super curious about Liwei’s childhood friend. I think it’s hilarious that Xingyin is hiding right under the Celestial Empress’s nose.

  18. This book is much faster paced than I expected. Thrilled with how gutsy and take charge Xingyin is with her fate.

    I’m really hoping that the Empress and her Minister won’t be able to identify her magic as the one the sensed on the moon.

    I like that Liwei is a genuinely good person right from the get go. No attitudes to overcome, no having to prove her worth before being accepted and respected. He’s just a decent human treating others with kindness and an open mind. God I hope he doesn’t end up being terrible.

    Loving how much Xingyin is into her martial arts training and how empowering she’s finding it. I can’t wait to see Shuxiao more in the book. It was fun finding out Xingyin’s Talent, but the Mind Talent is going to definitely be back. I’m betting maybe the Celestial Empress has an affinity for it.

  19. I was so excited to start this book! Daughter of the Moon Goddess has been on my TBR for a long time and I was extra, extra excited when I found out it was going to be the Fairyloot February YA book!

    First of all, I absolutely love the writing style! Reading Daughter of the Moon Goddess feels like I have been transported into a fairytale. Xingyin is already one of my favourite protagonists of the year. Even though she is a little naive, due to being kept away from the rest of the world, you can already tell she is quite smart.

    I am also so excited to read more about how Xingyin and Liwei’s relationship is going to develop. I feel like they will be such a cute couple.

    Some things I’m looking forward to is seeing if we’ll get to find out more about Xingyin’s father. Is he going to make an appearance? Is Xingyin going to have more magical talents? Or, maybe, Liwei is going to have some forbidden magical talent?

    1. So glad you’re enjoying it so far! ?

  20. I am in love with the style of this writing! It is so incredibly different, and yet not, from the YA books I have been reading lately, and it is still managed to be in first person, which is always my favorite! It reminds me of the classics, and yet it is still modern.

    About the story itself though, I really like how fast-paced it is so far! I went in with the expectation that it may be a slower read because of the fairy-tale vibes, but I am pleasantly surprised that it’s not! I am very interested in the budding friendship (and romance) between Xingyin and the Prince. He seems like a genuinely good person; however, it seems odd to me that he was seeking out a “study companion” through his contest, but only a girl companion who can accomplish very domestic tasks…seems a little fishy to me. Hopefully, I am wrong, but I have a feeling something either IS at play, or WAS at play, and Xingyin just surprised him by not treating him with as much deference as he was used to and liked it.

    All and all though, a great start to hopefully a great book!

    1. I agree, the writing style is astonishing! ?

  21. I’m already in love with this book even after only reading this first section. It gives me major C-drama vibes (I mainly watch fantasy C-dramas so that’s what this reminds me of). I love how fast paced this is, I just wanted to keep reading to find out more.

    1. Yesss, it’s so good! ?

  22. This is gearing up to be a favorite book of mine! The entire interaction with the prince, Xingyin’s ability to get away from those toxic girls, her transformation into who she’s meant to be. I love it so much!! Prince Liwei is such a beautiful character. It’s hard not to just love him! He’s everything you hope a royal would be: kind, compassionate, genuinely good. He cares about people. That’s the most important trait in his position I think. I’m wondering if (when) Xingyin is going to tell him who she really is. Or will he find out some other way? I hope it won’t be some horrible, dramatic reveal that leaves her on the run (unless Prince Liwei is with her). Maybe she’ll be forced to flee to the moon when they discover her power and he will follow her! I am so excited to read the next part!

    1. So glad you’re enjoying it! ?

  23. Me totally falling in love with Xingyin + Me totally falling in love with Liwei= my panicking as she enjoys the martial arts and war time lessons while Liwei doesn’t know who she is (oh this won’t backfire, at all lololol)

    1. Same same – waves hand –

  24. I know I’m a little late but … Such a brilliant start! Sue Lynn Tan’s writing is beyond amazing. I felt like I was there ? I’m loving everything and everyone! *cough cough Liwei. I always seem to gravitate towards books that include a hidden power. Bring on the next lot of chapters!

  25. I’m really enjoying this so far! I like that Xingyin is a smart and thoughtful main character, all too often I’ll read books where the main character can be dense for plot purposes. Liwei seems so sweet, I love their friendship. The pacing can be a little too quick at times but overall I’m still able to fairly easily follow what’s going on. This book has been my most anticipated read for awhile and I’ve been waiting for this readalong to start it and it has not disappointed me so far!

  26. I am really enjoying this book! The writing style is wonderful and I love all of the imagery! Plus it is beautiful to look at!

  27. I’m intrigued since the first chapter and I’m really loving the writing. The relationship between Xingyin and Liwei seems so real, especially because they seem to have a instant connection. I like how they start like friends, and no like an instant love thing. I’m liking Liwei character so much, i like that he’s not a mean prince and that he “lies” on the competition to make Xingyin wins.

    ps. I love the Fairyloot edition so much, it’s my most beautiful book I own. ?

  28. Ok so this started off a little slow for my tastes. I’m really picky when it comes to retellings so I’m not sure how I feel about this one yet.

    I think the writing is gorgeous though, its perfect fantasy writing. I really like Xingyin as a character! Even though she lived her life “sheltered” basically she doesn’t act like it and she is able to fit in. I’m so happy she won the competition and Liwei seems like a genuine guy, I hope he stays that way!

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    1. Hi! Thanks for joining us! We always encourage everyone to read at a pace that suits them, don’t worry. ?

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    I love the story so far it gives you a lot of questions which is good it makes the story interesting.

    I love Xingyin she is such a sweet girl who is trying to find her self in this world and she is doing a good job so far. I like that she doesn’t the a lot of crap but just when is necessary.

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    1. Hi! Thanks for joining us. We always encourage people to read at a pace that suits them, don’t worry! ?

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    It seems like the prince is already liking Xingyin a lot and I wonder how all the conflict will play out between them both, given that his mom seems to hate Xingyin’s mom. Also is it just me or does Lady Lianbao give off suspicious vibes? They exchanged a friendly smile but I’m always wary of the super nice quiet characters who seem to be the main character’s friend at first….

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