Daughter of the Moon Goddess Readalong: Day 4!

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Hey fairies!

Welcome back to day 4 of our readalong of Daughter of the Moon Goddess! I hope you’re all enjoying it so far, we’re officially over halfway there and things are intense!

Today we’re reading from Chapter 25 to the end of Chapter 32. Get comfy and let’s get reading!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan, from chapters 25 to 32. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


So, recap! We’ve (I say “we” as if we did all the hard work!) saved Princess Fengmei, we’re searching for Liwei. Fengmei is getting a bit… interested… asking Xingyin if she and Liwei are “good friends”. Then she stiffens and notices Xingyin’s Sky Drop Tassel, glowing red. Xingyin roughly teaches Fengmei how to hold a blade and tells her to run, knowing Liwei’s in danger.

Xingyin follows the Sky Drop Tassel to Liwei, she finds him with company and he’s bound in chains. Not just any chains either, they’re from the Demon Realm. I don’t feel great about this. Who’s this woman???

It’s Lady Hauling, the deposed Flower Immortal. Turns out she had a thing for Liwei’s father, he loved her back and promised to wed her as well as the empress but when she found out she paid Lady Hauling a visit and attacked her. I don’t condone what she’s doing now, but Liwei’s mother literally covered her in scars! Liwei puts way too much trust in his mother since he’s adamant there must be an explanation behind it.

Once Xingyin reveals herself, Lady Hauling makes quick work of establishing exactly who she is to Liwei and goading her about their love. It eventually makes Xingyin realise she’s still in love with Liwei. What about Wenzhi?

Lady Hauling gives Xingyin a chance to escape. Liwei and Xingyin must fight to the death, if she wins, she walks free. As for Liwei, she clearly has no intentions to let him go at all.

Liwei begs Xingyin to go, but we know her better than that. She’s stubborn and cares fiercely for those close to her. She’d never leave Liwei.

We know Liwei doesn’t want to hurt Xingyin, but Lady Hauling has him under her mind control and he is GOING for Xingyin. His jaw twitches as if he’s trying to fight it, and then his sword hits her in the chest.

She uses her power to seal the wound but Xingyin’s energy is dwindling. Xingyin does the only thing she can think of and seals Liwei’s senses with air as she did with her own around Governor Reynu to try and release Liwei from Lady Hauling’s mind grip. Uuuuh wait hold on, has she killed him??????

His hand is cold and Xingyin is apologising, Lady Hauling is clapping. Has she actually killed Liwei?

Xingyin demands Lady Hauling release the manacles around Liwei’s wrists so that she can return him to the Celestial Kingdom. Lady Hauling says she must drain his lifeforce, then she is hurtling away, slammed into a stone wall and engulfed in flames… and Liwei is on his feet? He’s not dead!! Did Xingyin just cloud his senses enough to make him seem so?

Fighting together, Xingyin and Liwei battle the guards and use their force to fling Lady Haulings vines back onto herself and trapping her amongst the rubble, glassy eyed.

They eventually regain some semblance of strength and find Princess Fengmei where Xingyin told her to escape. Then she notices their matching Sky Drop Tassels, is she realising there’s more to their relationship? Xingyin tries to defend them, saying it was a gift of friendship and then has to stand and watch as Liwei comforts his fiancé, helping her up and wrapping an arm around her. Xingyin thinks of the happy days ahead of her if she manages to get there, days hopefully spent with Wenzhi. 

Xingyin is being awarded the Crimson Lion Talisman for saving Liwei and Princess Fengmei! She’s done what she set out to do! Xingyin says her wish is for Their Celestial Majesties to free her mother. Understandably, they’re confused and the empress asks who her mother is… It’s popcorn time again.

Xingyin makes them promise that her mother not be punished for her actions today, but while the emperor agrees to make that promise, he does not agree that she will not answer for her actions.

Xingyin thinks back on what Wenzhi said to her when they first met: “When the battle lines are drawn, advance with a clear mind.” and then she drops it. Chang’e is her mother. They’re… mad. Like really mad. The empress is demanding to know who her father is and Xingyin tells her. 

Liwei steps from the dais and joins Xingyin on the floor to support her… then Wenzhi follows. Then General Jianyun speaks out on what he believes, of Xingyin’s bravery and strength. The emperor tells Xingyin she is still bequeathed the Crimson Lion Talisman but they will not grant her wish to free Chang’e. So instead Xingyin asks for a favour, the right to earn her mother’s freedom through a task the emperor picks. He gives her a seal that will release the four dragons, Xingyin must retrieve a pearl from each dragon and return it to the emperor. This sounds too easy…

Shuxiao is there to greet Xingyin, at least she’s not mad Xingyin hid her identity. Shuxiao tries to tell Xingyin she will go with her, but Xingyin tells her it’s not worth it since she’s in disfavour right now, it might hinder Shuxiao’s hopes of helping her family.

ALL IS GOOD THOUGH, cause Wenzhi appears to say she won’t be alone, he’s going too!! When Shuxiao leaves, Wenzhi and Xingyin have ✨a moment✨ and I am weak. Liwei has appeared, though, eeek. The love triangle is strong in this one. Liwei is mad that Xingyin deceived him. I understand he must be shocked, but surely he understands Xingyin had no choice? It’s been so hard for her! Xingyin goes to strike Liwei but he catches her wrist before the blow can land. Liwei says some pretty nasty things but quickly backtracks, admitting he’s just jealous after seeing her and Wenzhi so close (bruh you’re engaged). He wants to know if Xingyin meant what she said then, that she still loves him and she admits she does. The Liwei tells her he thought if they escaped Lady Hauling maybe they would have another chance. He does have his arrogant moments doesn’t he? I’m not sure it’s fair that he expected Xingyin to wait and use the Crimson Lion Talisman to request him. In the end, he tells her he will accompany her to the dragons, not because they owe each other, but because she is entwined in his life whether they’re together or not.

On their travels, they come across a story teller at an inn, Wenzhi (or young master as he shall henceforth be known) pays him to tell the story of The Four Dragons. After the tale, Xingyin discovers they have one room between them – not awkward AT ALL – and she suddenly decides she’ll take a walk, she’s not really tired.

On her walk, Xingyin is accosted by three men. They have nooooo idea who they’re messing with and she makes quick work of disposing of them, much to Wenzhi’s amusement as he catches the whole thing. After Xingyin divulges the extent of the injuries she inflicted, Wenzhi says to remind him never to get on her bad side and then his hands are slipping around her waist, and he’s KISSING HER! When they finally come apart, he says he has something to show her and guides her over to a river to watch a VERY romantic Water Lantern Festival (does this scene sound familiar? Hint: it’s on one of your endpapers!) He offers Xingyin a lantern to cast into the water to hopefully bring her luck and guidance from her ancestors.

After Xingyin summons the first dragon and it tells her of their history, the other dragons agree to give Xingyin their pearls on the condition that she will never force them to act against their inclination. They clearly have a lot of trust for her!

One of the four dragons comes forth to tell Xingyin that they have news of her father, unfortunately it seems Houyi died. Poor Xingyin, and poor Chang’e. She waited for him all those years, hoping to see him once more. Then Wenzhi’s gripping Xingyin’s arm… and his eyes are silver, Liwei is shouting and someone is apologising… what on earth is happening???

Xingyin has no idea where she is, but she has no access to her power. An attendant comes in and says they’ll let “His Highness” know Xingyin is awake…I’m spooked.

His Highness is Wenzhi, they’re in his home, the Demon Realm. Oh my word I am SHOOK, this plot twist!!! I didn’t see this coming at all. What’s worse is, he’s right! In a backward, deceitful way he had Xingyin’s permission to bring her here. He’s stolen the pearls from her. Her only way of freeing her mother. Is he evil then? Did he deceive her all along?

He says he never pretended to care for Xingyin, it was all real, but he USED he, now she’s trapped here. I’m so sad.

The Celestial Court apparently believes Xingiyn is here as a guest and conniving with Wenzhi to steal the pearls for the demon realm, would Liwei believe that though? Surely he knows Xingyin better than that, but Wenzhi’s point about her having hidden her identity for so long is a clever one.

With a bit of sneaky spying on Xingyin’s part, she understands that the Celestial Kingdom are on their way… and Wenzhi has a trap set up for them. This can only end badly!

I am… nervous. So nervous!

What are you all thinking after today’s section? I don’t want this book to end, I want Xingyin to be safe! I don’t know whether to support Liwei or Wenzhi, I’m so torn!

See you tomorrow for our last (cries) section!



29 thoughts on “Daughter of the Moon Goddess Readalong: Day 4!

  1. Omg the dragon scene was Soo good ????
    Ugh I also dislike the heavenly emperor and empress in most Chinese drama. So conniving. She one the right to ask a question fair and square!!
    And the ending to this section is an AHAH moment! I was so conflicted because both main guy lead are soo good with her.. no cons.. maybe I can narrow down my ship now xD

  2. Still team Liwei! I knew something was up with Wenzhi, he was too good to be true.
    Xingyin’s confrontation with Lady Hualing was a little disconcerting, I was thinking, surely she isn’t going to leave Liwei dead! I feel sorry for Princess Fengmei, who has just been dragged into this mess because of her heritage, but she genuinely seems like a nice person.
    For a short while there I was hoping the archer with the black fletched arrows was Xingyin’s father, but then again he couldn’t be in the immortal realm, could he? But now we know he’s dead ?
    The dragons are precious, I’m sad they’re used in such awful situations because of the power they wield. Imagine just wanting to live a peaceful life but constantly being dragged into war and conflict only because you’re a powerful creature. I really hope they don’t have to use their powers for war and die!

  3. Yes, finally Dragons!! ???❤️
    If she was going to attack them, i don’t think I would’ve kept reading ?? So glad she didn’t!!!
    I had a feeling about Wenzhi being the archer who attacked Xingyin, still I hoped I was wrong about him ? I’m on team Liwei, I hope they’ll find a way to be together, although I really don’t like his parents! Took her long enough to ask about what happened to Liwei!!
    I’m worried about the dragons!! Hopefully Xingyin can escape and retrieve the pearls !
    See you tomorrow!

  4. Ok first up the dragons ? are awesome and lovely and need to be protected at all costs. Xingyin is stupid to take the pearls, no good will come of it! ?

    Secondly I’m devastated about Wenzhi, ? he is my favourite but I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop as I’ve been convinced for a while that this book is meant to be some great love story between Xingyin and Liwei. I am not here for it though! Xingyin should really hear him out as it’s not like the Celestial Emperor is particularly trustworthy. Are those inhabitants of the demon realm really the bad guys? I hope not!!

  5. So much has happened! I need time to grasp everything I have read. I knew something was off with Wenzhi but I did not see that coming. I’m not giving up hope for Xingyin’s father just yet, maybe the dragon got it wrong ?? There has been so much hype around him that I don’t think it will just be a simple case of him already being dead. Can’t wait to finish it tomorrow.

  6. Oh my God!! I am shocked!! I did not expect that plot twist at all!! I literally read these chapters with my mouth open!! Oh my!! so much has happened

    First, let’s start with the dragons – I loved them, I hope they come again in the books. I really wanted to shake Xingyin for taking the pearls, nothing good can come from this!!

    My heart dropped when Liwei actually attacked Xingyin, I thought he might be able to fight the hold Lady Hualing had on him and although I hated Lady Hualing for the games she played, I did feel a little sorry for what had happened to her and it made me hate the Celestial Empress more

    After everything Xingyin did to be awarded the Crimson Tail Talisman, the Celestial Emperor denies her request (what a p****), all she wants is for her mother to be free. I’m glad Xingyin faced owned her truth and her parentage, she shouldn’t need to hide who she is.

    I just can’t believe Wenzhi what a snake!, I really wanted him to be a good guy – poor Xingyin, having her heart broken by Liwei and now Xingyin.

    I wonder how Xingyin is going to escape this situation and will Liwei come for her? I hope he believes in her, especially after everything they have gone through together.

    So many questions – can’t wait to read the final section tomorrow

  7. Wow!! I did NOT expect Wenzhi to be the bad guy, I was really loving him. Though I do still love Liwei, even when he has his moments. I do think though that the dragon scene was too short – this is the task Xingyin has been trying to accomplish for YEARS, and it takes up a few pages and seems too easy. I definitely think the twist was good though, when Wenzhi takes her, and I do understand that he has feelings for her and hopes she’ll love him but…. that’s just messed up! I hope Xingyin is able to make it out!

  8. I really enjoyed this section! I loved the dragons and they sound so beautiful! Loved the twists for this section too!

  9. Omg the dragons! I’m really disappointed in Xingyin for taking the pearls however it’s understandable why she did it. But Wenzhi WHY?! You know I saw this coming, i suspected his identity for a while already. Even though I liked him more than Liwei, I’m not sure whether I can forgive him for betraying Xingyin the way he did. I hope Xingyin manages to escape with the pearls and she gets to save her mother!

  10. The epicness just keeps coming!

  11. I knew to be suspicious to Wenzhi. He is a Demon!!!! Yeah, love and kissing sure…Xingyin doesn’t have luck in love, each man in her life is broken. Seriously!

    Dragon story and chapter about them was marvelous. I love the idea that dragons love peace and don’t want to serve a war.

    Can’t wait for the finale!

  12. WOW What a section!! Firstly I loved the dragons and I’m so sad everyone wants to use and abuse them for their power ?
    And damn Wenzhi’s betrayal was a shock – I originally was a little weary but I never expected this!! This is not going to go well and I Hope Xingyin managed to get the pearls back before the dragons gets used. And hoping she somehow gets free to warn the celestial army about the the trap?! Very exciting section!

  13. I can’t believe I was right about Wenzhi (literally everything I said in my comment yesterday lmao) ??? I even thought he might have the mind powers but I convinced myself that it was really unlikely. I GUESS NOT??!?

    so this makes it easier to choose between Wenzhi and Liwei… although I do love the tension between Wenzhi and Xingyin. I know he’s evil and everything but he’s so teasing. And he clearly still cares about her!!

    and oH my goodness- when I thought Xingyin killed Liwei??? I had to stop reading for about 10 mins to collect myself

    I’m so glad I started to enjoy the writing more (after finding it a bit off-putting on the first day of the readalong) because I’m completely immersed in the story !!

  14. Well, at least she saved Liwei and the princess and got the Crimson Lion Talisman. And she had people stand up for her when the Celestial Emperor and Empress were about to tear her to pieces. God, I’d be so annoyed at having to explain myself over and over like Xingyin did. Also good for Xingyin for laying down boundaries with Liwei. The first few chapters of this section had me thinking that Whenzi is the best and the only guy for Xingyin. BUT I WAS BETRAYED. Of course he was too good to be true! Ughhhhh no. I hate him.

    I loved the dragons and their kindness and deep desire for peace. It breaks my heart that Xingyin received their pearls knowing she’d give up her mom if that was the only way to return the pearls, only for stupid Whenzi to take them from her! What a frustrating end to these chapters.

  15. Ch 30: Yeah I’m making a decision. Team Wenzhi!

    Ch 31: O. M. G. Crushed!

    These chapters were such a wild ride holy cow. I’m super vexed at the whole pearl situation. What was the point of being willing to give the pearls to Xingyin and having her vow to only use them a certain way if anyone can just come along and take them and use them however they want? Ughhh.

    I’m glad Xingyin is striving to be true to herself though. I adored the dragons and her interactions with them.

    But her dad is dead? Noooo…I hope it’s just a ruse and he’s really out there somewhere.

  16. That was so sad about Xingyin’s father. I really hoped for their family’s reunion. ?

    When I read that this book has a friends to lovers to enemies trope, after that fall-out with Liwei, I thought Liwei will become her enemy considering he’s the emperor’s son. But that betrayal from Whenzhi ?

    I would really like to have more of the dragons before the ending

  17. All I can say is that I am here for the ending of this book! I need to know what happens!

  18. Wow. Poor Xingyin really has the worst luck with guys huh? Wenzhi a prince of the DEMON realm?! That was really shocking, even though all the clue were there in retrospect. Liwei definitely seems better in comparison, although at this point I kind of want Xingyin to end up happy alone. The author is really good at tugging me back and forth between the guys smh

    On the other hand, I feel sorry for Lady Hualing 🙁

    I wish the dragon scene was longer but given how peace-loving they are, everything played out reasonably.

    Also, Shuxiao is such a good friend. I’m glad Xingyin has her.

    The part where Liwei confessed he hoped that he and Xingyin could have a second chance after she got the Crimson Lion Talisman had me a little weak. What I do like about him is his unwavering love.

    I don’t see how Wenzhi can come back from his deceit. By taking away the dragon pearls, he took Xingyin’s chance of helping her mom 🙁 Wenzhi can go away now. Although now that I’m thinking about it, maybe this is a twisted opportunity for Xingyin to free her mother and help the Celestial realm at the same time. Maybe there is hope after all….?

  19. The duel scene was so heartbreaking! I was hoping Xiangyin’s mom would sense her danger and be able to break out to save her or send power down – or that maybe her mother and Lady Hualing know each other or are friends. I just wish she’d reveal who she is! I think, at this point, it could only be to her advantage.

    Liwei having to reach the brink of death in order to be free was genius. I wonder if it’ll be similar for Xingyin. Will her near death unlock something within her? I guess not.

    Wenzhi is growing on me. His attention to detail and the way he honors and loves Xiangyin for who she is, where she’s at, for her personality and skill – it’s beautiful to see. I don’t know who to root for! I hope if she ends up with him she can love him as passionately and deeply as she does Liwei. That kissing in the street scene. ??

    I’m gutted. What. A. Troll. Wenzhi is the worst! Gross, gross, gross! Next level betrayal.

    I hope Xiangyin can do something to warn Liwei and save the people she loves!!

    What is happening!?!

  20. I can’t remember the last time I was this invested in a book.

    This part was a damnnnn rollercoaster. I shed a few tears, I swooned and I pulled the knife out of my back. You know the usual.

    I did NOT see this coming, although looking back maybe I should have. I really thought the betrayer was Liwei’s mom. Yeah that was too cliché to believe, but I was blindsided by his greatness.

  21. I had a bad feeling about Wenzhi from the start. He just seemed odd and took a sudden interest in Xingyin so I am still wondering what his plan was all along. I do feel like Xingyin is super dramatic and wears her emotions soooo easily. She needs to use her head and stop giving away how she feels – how else will she get out of situations without a little deception??

  22. I had been so sure that Wenzhi was either Lady Hualing’s son with the emperor and thus Liwei’s half brother or that he was the Dragon King…. so I was close…. son of the Dragon King.

    I very much think Xingyin should just remain single for now. Rescue her mother and go live a happy life with the dragons. Neither of these boys deserve her.

    In saying that though I don’t necessarily think that the Celestial Kingdom is good nor do I think the Demon Kingdom is bad and I do actually understand Wenzhi and what he’s been doing all this time.

    Very interested to see how this ends.

  23. Oof! Alive but in grave danger, according to her tear drop, that whole scene in the cave with Liwei & Lady Hauling was rough. The reunion between Liwei & Princess Fengmei certainly didn’t help. Ugh. Finally winning the Crimson Lion Talisman that she worked so hard for over the years, revealing her family & releasing the secrets she had kept for even longer … Only to have them refuse her request & task her with taking the most precious thing from the Venerable Dragons the Emperor had already unjustly banished for the only hope to free her mother? It pisses me off. I was glad that her friends were there for her though: Liwei, Wenzhi, General Jianyun, & then Shuxiao (who wasn’t allowed inside) waiting just outside for her. All forgiving of her omissions. (Am I the only 1 still wondering what about his family in the Western Sea Wenzhi is keeping secret?) Wenzhi will be going with her & waiting for her to join him with his family in the Western Sea. ? Liwei & Xingyin have a love that hurts each other due to circumstances out of their control, but I believe in their friendship, if only they could stop at that. He finally admitted his jealousy makes him vicious, but it took so long to finally get there. The Jade Dragon Bow chose her? She is the 1 the 1 the Venerable Dragons’ will serve by relinquishing their pearls? Her dad’s dead. ? Wenzhi’s black eyes turned silver? He’s the archer from the Eternal Spring Forest?? And he’s kidnapping her?! WTF. HE’S THE PRINCE OF THE DEMON REALM? No! Her whole imprisonment (harsher even than her mother’s, even if only for a short duration) & how he was so calculating, even spreading those lies about her. ? He’s trapping the Celestial Army, Liwei… Please, think of some way to get a warning to them, Xingyin!
    ** (IG: @TupaKitty_Reads) **

  24. Did I read these chapters alongside the previous lot? Yes, yes I did and I can only say one thing…


    So much happened in these chapters…


    I absolutely loved these chapters! Just when I think I’ve found my favourites, I read the next lot and BAM! It all changes

  25. Honestly, this is the second time she has been betrayed by someone she loves, I say do away with both of them.
    I am so nervous, I hope she escapes soon

  26. So I’m quite behind, but still going strong, these chapters were really something!!! I was so happy, when Xingyin won the Crimson Lion Talisman, but I had a feeling she can’t win her mother’s freedom “just” with that. 🙁 Loved the fighting scene between her and Liwei, it was so good! I hope they have a chance to work out their friendship, would be sad to see it lost. Also, Shuxiao is such a good friend!
    So many things have happened, can’t wait to see how it plays out! (Although I have a fear of cliffhanger, since it’s not a standalone. :’) )

  27. Well I guess I’m team neither guy now ?

    I was definitely surprised to see that Wenzhi was a bad guy and a little disappointed in that. I just dont think Liwei is the right guy for her either but maybe he will prove me wrong later on.

    I also hope we get to learn more about the demon realm as I’d like to know why they’re considered the enemy, as it doesn’t seem like the empress/emperor are really all that great either (considering they wanted to enslave the Dragons too, they’re not the best in my book)

  28. This section was PACKED. Since a little before part 3 I couldn’t put this book down!!! and just went to share my thoughts..
    The entire part when they were rescuing the Princess, the pagoda, Liwei having to fight Xingyin…. OH MY HEART ???? The matching tassel, her scar now.. he still listening to her song… Team Liwei forever!!! I felt bad for him how he thought she would use the favor maybe for their future. And when he saw her with the Captain… BUT dude, you are betrothed to other!!!!
    I knew something was off about Wenzhi. I think I mentioned it in the first section when we met him… There were signs! How he started to be interested in Xingyin not when she was all dressed up but when he realized she was the skilled archer he saw train earlier (that had me at attention, then I let my guard down…). I thought at times he was annoyed / angry and a$$ as if his masked slipped, not to mention his knowledge and suspicious family background or the lack of… And then with the dragons… when he was all for killing them! And Liwei was like “it’s your choice, Xingyin” SWOON. I am not surprised by his betrayal… However, I did like him (that was when I forgot that I had a theory about the demon realm and him) and I didn’t guess he was the mystery Archer!, not before he swept her up on the cloud and they mentioned the eyes again turning from black to silver. I compared something he said to the Darkling in the previous section. And now I am LOL. ?
    I am off to finish the rest!

  29. I forgot to add that Shuxiao is a greta friend!! I hope she somehow gets to be with her family. I almost shipped her with the Captain because of one interaction, now I am like ?

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