Defy the Night Readalong Day 3!

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Hey Fairy Family,

I hope everyone is enjoying the readalong so far! It’s now day 3 and things are getting crazy for Corrick and Tessa. It’s time to read chapters 18-24.

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Alright, let’s get reading!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Defy the Night by Brigid Kemmerer, from chapter 18 to chapter 24. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


This section begins with Allisander telling Corrick that his supply run was attacked and that the prisoners are in the Hold. Since he can’t join Tessa’s meeting with the king, he sends her a note telling her to mind her mettle, which was what Wes always told her.

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Tessa’s meeting with Harristan is a little rocky. She believes he’ll hurt her to protect his reign, but he also seems to appreciate her honesty, even if it frustrates him. She’s to present her theory on a lesser dosage that she believes will benefit more people. Do you trust Harristan?

Back in the hold, Corrick isn’t convinced that these prisoners attacked Allisander as they seem too old, innocent and incapable of such a brutal attack. Allisander challenges him but Corrick stands up to him and bans him from the palace.

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Harristan reminds Corrick that he cannot ban Allisander, but Corrick thinks that Allisander is too arrogant. To prove Tessa’s worth, Corrick has to look through files to see if there is any truth in Tessa’s theories.

Quint finds it very funny that Tessa has seen Corick in rags and yet he’s worried about what to wear for dinner that evening. In the carriage, Corrick thanks Tessa for not telling Harristan about their relationship, and Tessa admits that she told the king that she had a friend helping her but they died. Corrick realises that this might be a red flag as his brother is suspicious. What do you think will happen if the king finds out? Any theories?

Tessa breaks down, she can’t forgive him for what she went through, believing that he died that whole time. Corrick explains that he needed to keep Tessa out of the Royal Sector while tensions were high and that he could not leave Harristan behind, because if anything happened to him, Allisander would be in control. Corrick wishes that he was Wes, and gives Tessa his dagger, saying that she can leave, because if she stays trapped in the palace Corrick won’t forgive himself. How do you feel about Corrick, have you forgiven him for his deception?

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Tessa decides to stay because she really believes that she can help find a weaker but more effective cure to save everyone.

They arrive at The Circle for dinner, and Allisander approaches. He doesn’t feel like Corrick is giving him enough protection for his supply run. What should Corrick do?

Tessa asks why Corrick never shared her belief about lesser dosages and he explains that no one would believe him without revealing his identity as Wes and affecting the supply and costs of the moonflower petals. Corrick and Tessa head to the White Room to see if they can find a cure.

Tessa and Corrick lean in and almost share a kiss, but at the last minute Tessa whispers “you’re not Wes.” The tension between these two!

A Breath Apart, by Christina Lee | Wendys Wycked Words

Suddenly, there’s a huge explosion in the Royal Sector and the counsel and king rush inside. Two people have been captured, but the rest of the prisoners within the Hold have been freed. Corrick leaves to murder the two remaining prisoners as a show of strength. Harristan begins to cough violently and Tessa serves him a mix of honey and lily petals. Does Harristan have the sickness?

Harristan questions Tessa on the benefactors and her relationship with Corrick but she denies everything. Leaving, she realises she’s not a prisoner and asks to be taken to Corrick. What’s going to happen next?

What a dramatic section! I’ll be back tomorrow with some more thoughts on Defy the Night.



43 thoughts on “Defy the Night Readalong Day 3!

  1. Grrrrr! I want to throw a drink at Allisander!! I really don’t like that man!!! He’s the cruelest one, demanding the executions. If it weren’t for him I think Prince Corrick wouldn’t have to be so cruel!!

    I’ve entered the giveaway, I’m @beppie125 ?

  2. Hi everyone!

    First of all, I will be posting my photo tomorrow. Hope that is okay!

    Second, I stand by my first comment in thread one saying that I do think the characters could stand to be a little more stand-out. Corrick’s complex situation is making him interesting to read, but in terms of actual personality I think I would struggle to describe the personalities of most the characters if somebody asked.

    That SAID the plot is very fun and I’m struggling to put the book down because of it; I read about 220 pages yesterday and i can’t remember the last time I did that! I love all the intrigue and how much we are getting to be involved with the politics of it. I like that the good side, bad side isn’t so clear cut (except for Allisander, who is a w⚓ through and through). All in all, I’m really looking forward to continuing. I think this is one of my favourite fairyloot books of the year so far!

  3. that ended boldly. I thought her interaction with harristan was really nice to read, it seems he is starting to trust her a little more.

    I am participating in the photo challenge,
    My Instagram handle is @reading_is_joyce

    1. I agree! I like her interactions with Harristan

  4. Lots of things happening here…. I’m slowly warming to it all.

    Still not sure Tessa should forgive easily but maybe what she liked about Wes is actually the real person Corrick is hiding behind.

    I’m entering the comp – my Instagram is @onlybooksiveread

  5. I’m really enjoying this book. I hope that Tessa and Corrick can work past everything. I’m enjoying every scene between them, there is so much tension and chemistry.

    I loved the scene where Corrick was trying on jackets with Quint.

    I’m glad Harristan is giving Tessa a chance to present her theory and look into the sickness and treatments. He definitely sees there is more to Tessa and Corrick than what they are saying, I’m sure he’ll keep asking questions. Interesting that he doesn’t have a fever, with his history of childhood weakness or illness, and his current cough, my guess is he has some respiratory issue, like asthma, or that world’s version.

    Sallister is awful. He’s vain, thoughtless, and greedy, but I don’t see him as a mastermind villain. He’s not coming across as smart enough. I don’t trust any of the consuls. I’m suspicious of Marpetta, she is profiting from the moonflower as well. Roydan and Cherry leaving to have a private discussion can’t be good either.

    I’m curious who the Benefactors are. With their boldness and violence I wonder if they really want to help people or if they are using the issues to take power with no intention of change.

    I’ll post a photo to instagram @sun4kathleen this week.

  6. I’ve got so many hopes that Tessa will find a cure or an easier medecine… Harristan and Corrick are trying so hard.

    But the consuls are all meeting and comploting and scheming. Arrrrg I can’t wait for tomorrow’s part!! It’s so hard!

    happy reading everyone!

    1. And I’m alicelibrarian on instragram and I’m in the giveaway too!

  7. I am living for this tension between Tessa and Corrick! I feel like she’s slowly starting to understand that he wants to be the Wes that she knew, but his position as the Prince and King’s Justice won’t let him be.

    I can’t help being suspicious that the sickness is being caused by Allisander or one of the other Consuls somehow ?

    Really enjoying being involved in the readalong this month, it’s been a while since I was able to join one, and it’s good to have a daily reading target in place ?

    I’ll be entering the comp, my Instagram is @tinasparkle04

  8. I’m absolutely loving Defy the Night. That almost kiss ? my heart was breaking for Tessa and Corrick the whole time.

    And it looks like the King may be suffering from something other than the Fevers as Tessa has helped him and won favour. Now she’s not a prisoner and off to find Corrick, I’m speed reading this the pacing is great!

  9. I am soooooo suspicious of Allisander right now. What better way to undermine the government than by setting up attacks on your own supply runs to get them to do what you want to do!
    I love that Tessa is beginning to realise that Corrick is not just heartless Cruel Corrick and that Wes may actually be ‘real’.
    I have been wondering whether the ‘plague’ is actually being caused by the medicine…where did it come from??
    My insta is @mirlyah and I am entering the readalong giveaway!

    1. Allisander definitly hides something. I wouldn’t be surprised anymore if he is behind the fever somehow.

  10. I wonder what will happen to Tessa
    Will the king spare here life or will he send her to the Hold?
    The price is definitely in love with tessa why doesn’t he just tell her! His comment about her looking like a queen is just adorable I can imagine that she becomes a princes later on
    Wow the king isn’t as nasty as I thought he was going to be maybe he will let Tessa help him and save the kingdom

    I’m actually loving this story so much I can’t wait to find out what happens

    Instagram betwe.enchapters

  11. Entered the giveaway. My Instagram handle is

    Now on the book, wow, what a few fast-paced chapters. I like the way the book is going. I started to understand why Corrick hid as Wes and the poor guy; he and the king are under so much pressure. I think Tessa is correct; it’s tough to understand what goes on when you are not close to these people.

    Why do I have a feeling that Harristan knows about Corrick escaping the castle to help the people? I feel like he is just coaxing Corrick to talk about it. Otherwise, why is he supporting Tessa so much and Corrick’s decision to keep her safe?

    I hate Allisander; this guy needs to sort out his attitude.

    I am looking forward to finding out who the benefactors are?

    I will be honest I don’t have any theory yet, but curious to see what the next few chapters will unfold!!

  12. Okay, the Carriage scene has got to be my favorite scene in the whole book so far. I absolutely love the banter between the two major protags, and the romantic tension never hurt anyone.

    That being said, I’m starting to form a theory that this is a manmade sickness made by Allisander (or maybe Arella, for a twist), and the reason that it affects Counsel Cherrys region the least is because it’s the furthest away from Allisander and Arellas’ respective regions? I’m not sure. In any case, I’m dying for Corrick to tell Harristan already, it breaks my heart to see these two fighting and growing suspicious of each other, and I’m just ready for them to make up!

  13. Loving this book so far!! Even more than the Cursebreakers series. Excited to see where the story goes!

    Entered on Instagram, my handle is @ oliverroseandco

  14. I don’t trust Harristan maybe he works together with Allisander to earn more money for his moonflowers….. I was thinking on how everyone keeps getting sick and I think the easiest way to poison a large group of people is through their food or water supply. Are maybe the moonflowers both cure and poison????
    I love how you read about Tessa’s journey on what to think of Corrick. It is quite clear he loves her and will do anything for her and somewhere deep down Tessa feels the same for him because he sometimes just is so much like Wes.

  15. Entered! My insta is @penguinograce

  16. I have crowned Allisander king of douchebags. He is like an annoying fly that just won’t quit. If he somehow isn’t involved in the trouble with the deliveries or in some way plotting to undermine Harristan’s (and Corrick’s) rule I think I’ll almost be disappointed.

    I really enjoy following Corrick and Tessa’s relationship evolve. Kemmerer has done such a good job with the pacing, and the ups and downs, and how Tessa sometimes see Wes when she looks at Corrick (not seeing them as the same person, but two different people). The mind your mettle-letter got to me too. It’s such a sweet saying between them. (I love a good couple catchphrase!)

    I have also have applaud Kemmerer for her portrayal of politics. It’s not as easy as I wish it would be, and some of the situations we get to read have me truly frustrated (*thinks of Allisander again*)

    1. Forgot to say I am entering the giveaway, my IG-handle is @undecidedbooks

  17. Loving this book ? the tension between Tessa and Corrick is killing me. Is it to much to ask that they just kiss and be happy?!
    I’ve posted @FaeFolkReads

    1. Exactly my thoughts! 🙂 They’re just too cute together 🙂

  18. Harristan and Corrick are trying so hard to do what’s best for their people and their job is really thankless. I cannot dislike them even though they executed a lot smugglers. I’m warming up to the Tessa and Corrick romance, Corrick’s POV definitely helps.
    I have a feeling the Benefactors are (or involved with) the other politicians who are mentioned.
    I still think Harristan ovedoses, or maybe someone is poisoning him. I hope Tessa will find out and cure him! Also I hope Tessa’s theory will be true and more people can be cured with the same amount of moonflower.

    1. I posted on insta, my handle is @serenity87hu
      Thank you! <3

  19. ? I’ve entered as @TupaKitty_Reads

    Now, we’re getting into the thick of it! I feel Corrick has a better sense of things on the whole, though his hands are tied by how he & Harriston decided to handle replacing their parents as rulers while teenagers. Tessa has her heart in the right place, but she’s starting to see that life in the Royal Sector isn’t black & white & is having to learn to muddle through the shades of gray.

    The tension between Corrick & Tessa is killing me! He’s adorably flustered about what to wear to dinner with her, sending her the note (“Mind your mettle”), & trying so hard to get back what they had before the loss of “Wes.” She clearly still has feelings for him, so I hope she can work through processing the Royal Justice mask he has to wear for the good of the kingdom soon! ?? Hopefully, her visiting him in The Hold moves them in the right direction.

    Allisander makes my blood boil. His utter condescension to PRINCE Corrick, The Royal Justice, & blatant attempts to undermine him, the audacity to further line his pockets by holding ransom the key ingredient to a life-saving cure for the kingdom-wide pandemic, his constant cries for even more brutality & “shoot 1st, ask questions later” mentality. Everything. Even if he should turn out not to be the “Big(gest) Bad” of the book, he’s certainly up their with Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter) by my standards.

    I’m very confused about The Benefactors & how these people that were beaten before being brought to The Hold (ones Corrick recognized, even) are linked. On the other hand, I feel more certain about the interactions between Harriston and Tessa. The King seems to have his heart in the right place, & while he may be harboring his suspicions about Tessa & Corrick’s relationship/history, he seems to be genuine in his actions (he may even be growing to like her – not romantically, but as someone trustworthy). At least his Royal Guard has made it clear that she is no longer considered a prisoner.

    Quint’s appearances still make me smile, & I hope to see more of Jossalyn, too. Tessa could certainly use a couple allies (or, dare I say, “friends”?) in the Palace.

  20. And the plot thickens… I am really enjoying reading this book. I trust Harriston. He seems to genuinely care for his people. I think he suspects what is the relationship between Tessa and Corrick, and if he finds out about Wes, I don’t think he would betray Corrick. He would probably try to do anything he can to protect him. I like that Tessa and Harriston are becoming closer. I hope Tessa can figure out what’s wrong with him and help him.
    I especially am in awe of Tessa. She is such a good character. Strong and brave, but able to put herself in other people’s place. She is also inquisitive and smart. I have high hopes she will be pivotal in discovering a solution for the mysterious illness.

    I also like Corrick, and like Tessa I am starting to reconcile the two identities as different aspects of his personality. But I can see how hard it is and how his role as King’s Justice is the biggest obstacle for them.

    I have my theory that the Benefactors might just be powerful people (the councillors are high in my list of suspects) trying to stir problems and cause instability to reap the benefits from it and seize power. But other times I wonder if the benefactors are truly trying to help the people and instigating revolution as they don’t agree with the way they are being treated.

    All in all, a great book. I’ve posted my picture and my insta is @eleanorofwinterdale

  21. I worked a late shift yesterday, so ended up reading days 3 and 4 of the read-along today to catch up. Wow, just WOW is all I can say. This book is such a rollercoaster and it’s hard to predict what will come next.

    I’ll be entering the giveaway in the next couple of days, my Instagram is new so this will be my first post! @bookish.abigail111

  22. I finally understand the reversible cover for the Fairyloot edition! Seeing how clothing is supposed to look is always a favorite of mine.

    I’m glad Tessa admitted her feelings, and that she went to Corrick after he went to the Hold. I am highly suspicious of Allisander at the moment, but that is partially because he doesn’t care for the average population.

    I entered the giveaway as @offwithdragons

  23. Tessa deciding to stay was definitely the turning point for me.

    I entered on IG @rygurl

  24. Hi! I just posted my photo on @brinreadsbooks!

  25. I’ve entered and my Insta is @ScribeWarden.

    My feelings on this book have been an absolute roller coaster! I am loving the political intrigue and the romance. My only minor compliant is I wish the personalities of the characters were fleshed out more. I hope this happens by the end of the book but if not maybe we will see more of the character’s personalities develop in the sequel since this is supposed to be a trilogy.

  26. I don’t have your edition, but I am still participating in the readalong! I hope that still counts! I entered on my account @the_ya_assassin 🙂

    I am really enjoying Defy the Night! I will definitely be picking up the A Curse so Dark and Lonely trilogy soon!

  27. The parts where they were investigating the fever and how it works…wow that hits differently than it would’ve two years ago. I *really* want them to figure this out and be able to help people.

    Tessa is so brilliant, she just rises to every occasion. I wonder how many of the consuls *really* are as bloodthirsty as Corrick and Harristan seem to think, or if it’s just Allisander twisting everyone up with his warped mindset? I feel like if he wasn’t such a jerk, everyone else might be able to actually have real conversations instead of this cutthroat sparring.

    1. Oh, also…no giveaway entry for me this month. I’m in the middle of moving and packed up all my bookish things without thinking to take photos. Thank goodness for ebooks so I can still read along!

  28. So it seems that the King has a different illness? Could it just be asthma. I’m still unsure if the widespread sickness is an illness or a mass poisoning.

    I will be posting my photo to my Instagram account Jenthebookishbakernz

  29. I’m really enjoying this book so far! I totally did not see the twists and am really intrigued. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    I entered the giveaway at @pages_uponpages

  30. Just starting to get into this.

    My instagram are @sammyria and @judging_a_book_by_its_cover

  31. I have entered the giveaway as @finding.fiction_

  32. I entered the giveaway as stardancer2014.

    I’m not a fan of allisander either. I saw a couple people comment about him. I’m definitely rooting for Tessa and Corrick. But I can’t blame her for being so upset and shocked. I am living for the little moment between the two of them. The carriage scene definitely made me smile.

  33. I’m just now catching up but I’m loving the story so far I love Tessa and Corrick and can’t wait to see what happens next. I entered the giveaway on instagram @mybookishbeing

  34. I have entered. Though I’m still behind on the reading schedule ??

    1. Almost forgot my insta handle ?@The_b00kish_elf

  35. Loving this book! I was super wary about reading it in the first place but I’m so glad I read it. This is a fantastic book!

    I enter the giveaway also. My bookstagram is @bookish_westie

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