Eight Will Fall Readalong: Day 2

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Hello Fairy Friends!

Its day 2 of our Readalong! Now that we know that they’re going on a mission to find and kill Kyran, I’m excited to find out what is going to happen! So without further ado, let’s read!

Today we’re reading Chapters 8-14!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Eight Will Fall by Sarah Harian Chapters 1-14! Read only if you’ve finished those pages!


They begin their journey to the reach, travelling through villages and the rubble that used to be villages. Before long, however, they are having their collars removed and entering the Reach! Why is Devon making it so hard for himself? I get why he’s angry and doesn’t want to go but they’re not just going to let him walk away.

They’ve only just entered the Reach and Elf is already struggling 🙁 but Larkin manages to distract her by asking about the story of Kyran and his disciples.

So Devon is using anger to mask how terrified he actually is 🙁 okay I feel bad now.

Oooo Larkin used her magic which should be dampened and although she gave them answer that covered it up, they must all be a bit suspicious! 

Are they actually going to leave Devon?? He’s annoying and not very helpful but I would still feel bad leaving him. 

Oh god! What’s happened to Devon and how did it happen so quickly?

OMG what! Some kind of creature is absorbing people’s eyes?!?!?

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And now the tunnel has collapsed with Larkin’s pack on the other side 🙁 That’s their exit blocked as well I suppose! Will they have to find another way out? If they manage to make it out…

Ohhhh so Casseem used his destruction magic to bring down the cavern! A good idea to save them in the moment but also destroyed their exit…

What else is going to be down here? A monster that collects eyes and hearts and now a rotting hand beckoning them forward!!

Why would you follow the hand ? that’s so creepy!

They hear voices in another passage! Could it be the soldiers or the farmers? Or something else entirely?

After a brief panic from Elf, they make it out of the tunnel into an opening and find a settlement! I can’t imagine people having to live underground, they must have gone stir crazy! And where have the voices gone? They must have been coming from there? Was it another monster trying to trap them?

How can there be no sign of life at all? Surely it must have been inhabited at one point!

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At least it has given them a place to set up camp for a bit, somewhere to eat and rest and get their bearings before setting off again! Considering the map seems to be missing a lot of things they really need to figure out a plan!

Oh god! They’re going down the chasm!! This is gonna be dangerous.

Oh no, when Kyran was banished, the miners were trapped down there even though they had done nothing wrong 🙁 but where have all their bodies gone :/

So they think someone or something is following them but what could it be? And if it wanted to attack, why wouldn’t it have done so by now? 

They made it down the cliff a lot easier than expected! I thought for a minute something might happen to Elf but the dancer, graceful and elegant as ever, made it down fine! 

They’ve found the path the soldiers took but they find a soldiers body! Has he only just been killed? Had they survived up until now?

Is Larkin starting to believe that Kyran is still alive? 

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Oh wow so each Empath family has a specific skill that they could focus on and excel in but since they’ve had their surnames removed and their families broken apart, nobody knows what their families skill is! This has added a little twist and I’m excited to find out more!

This is getting really exciting now! What do we all think is going to happen next?

See you tomorrow to find out!


32 thoughts on “Eight Will Fall Readalong: Day 2

  1. This book is as intriguing as it’s claustrophobic ? but I’m loving it and I kept on reading even tho I had reached today’s goal (no spoilers)…I suppose as soon as I’ll finish it I’ll be able to breathe again, for the tension or the suspance I could not tell ?

    1. There is so much tension! I’m so glad you’re loving it!

  2. I have so many questions! Why are these 8 so special? What was that creature? Where are those voices coming from? And who is the spy?
    I have a feeling it might be Amais, isn’t it odd the Queen kept him alive, he had a tutor and we know he knew stuff the others didn’t about being an empath! ?

    Still I’m loving the chemistry between Amais and Larkin. ?

    1. I’m really enjoying the book. It’s been such a fast-paced story and we’re in the beginning of everything and so much has already happened. Although we still don’t know what makes this 8 characters so special, we get a little disclosure in the end of today’s section that might help us figure it out. I was really shocked with Devon and the rest of the team’s decision but it was kinda refreshing to see a different solution instead of just making Devon continue and probably damaging the enterity of the mission. Still shocked with his death and all these tunnels and creepy voices and the rage are really bothering me. Can’t wait to read tomorrow’s portion and finding out more!

    2. Yeah I’m really curious as to why the Queen treated Amias so well as a prisoner!

  3. Not going to lie I get anxiety reading this at the thought of being trapped in that cave ?.
    I am enjoying it though! I was shocked at Devon’s death, as for some reason thought him and Larkin would have some kind of romance in the end! (When two people hate each other in the begining if a book it tends to happen).
    Still want to know why it’s just those 8 that have been send down. But it’s been brought up by them a few times so I’m guesing we will get an answer for this as some point.
    I’m excited to see what or who they find next! ?

    1. I definitely feel claustrophobic! There’s definitely some reason that this 8 were chosen and I’m excited to find out what it is!

  4. Then there were seven… ?

    I’m curious to read where the unknown rage that’s following the group is coming from. I wonder if it’s a person—or worse, a monster.

    Larkin and Amias seem to be getting close ?. Perhaps Amias will reveal more of his cloudy, dark past.

    1. Wow! I’ve looked up the actual rhyme from Christie’s book and about the eight one it says that he stayed behind and then there were seven. Could it be a secret reference? 😀 The book is called Eight will fall and with such a creepy monster I won’t be surprised if anyone else will be killed before we will get to the end of the dungeon

    2. I’m so intrigued by Amias and what has happened in his past so hopefully all will be revealed soon!

  5. Is it just me or is someone else getting Moria vibes? Also a bit of Lovecraft’s creepiness? The tunnels are terrifying but I am also very curious to know what is at the end of them. I kind of have a feeling that it might not be Kyran but maybe those miners? It does make more sense to me that they will be angry enough with everyone that they will be destroying both the empaths and the queen’s people.

    1. Oooo that is a really good theory actually!

  6. Now it really kicked in, so amazing. I love that we are thrown right in there. I mean normally it would take a while untill the first casualty.
    I love the feel of everything (even though I would not want to trade places, I love to read stuff like that).
    Something is up with that cavern… or that map, since they don’t match at all. I’m intrigued and hoping there is a story in those writings on the walls.
    Maybe something happend to the miners and they became the monsters? Or did the Empaths of old turned into them… Maybe that is the movie fan part of me talking and might be total bonkers. But I’m hoping there is a good story for those things.

    Anyone else making connections between Kyran’s disciples (maybe Kyran himself) and our group. One made conjured goods, one worked to resist the luminite… Maybe there are more similarities?
    At the beginning of those chapters I felt like each of them was better at something else 🙂 Can’t wait to find out, what else

    1. Oooo you have come up with some really good theories here! I’m so eager to find out if you’re right now!

  7. Ok things really kicked off today, there not even down there for long when the first of them was killed, and then they’re following the directions of a creepy hand. WEIRD!!

    The magic in this is so amazing, conjuring rope and blankets. I love how the claustrophobia is done in this, I could never be down underground, I would freak out like Elf is.

    I like the things we are learning about, with the history of the empaths and all that and I am eager to continue, read to chapter 17 because I was loving it so much oops ?

    1. The creepy hand was so strange! I am loving the magic so much!

  8. Well this changed genres from adventure to horror really quickly. Did anyone else have to think of Pan’s Labyrinth?
    I love how fast paced it is! I originally though it´s called “Eight will Fall” because they “fall” into the Reach, now I’m afraid it’s because they are just all going to die. I really thought Elf was going to be the next casualty when she started to fall.

    I like the chemistry between Larkin and Amias, I think they ballance each other out quite nicely, her eagerness to discover her powers and his reluctance to use his. His calm and her passion. Amias also definetely knows more than he says.

    Did maybe the miners turn into the monster/s we saw because they turned to canibalism to survive? There are a lot of stories with this twist, it would remind me of “Until Dawn”.

    I think mybe our eight were chosen because they are the descendants of Kyran’s disciples?Their powers would definetely match up, at least the ones we know so far. I really want to know what the others special powers are!

    1. I also think that they are chosen because they are their descendants!

      1. That’s a very good theory, I think you might be onto something ?

    2. Oooo that would be so cool if they were descendants of the disciples!

  9. Wow! I have so many questions now!
    Why these 8 (7 if we don’t count Tamsynn) people to go down the Reach? I am sure it’s related to their family skills! And that we will find later on that they are kind of related to Kyran and his disciples!
    I really thought that Elf was going to die but thanksfully no. Devon was enough.
    That’s sad that LArkin forgot her bag with him by the way, and that they way is blocked because they could have gotten his food as well..
    Like you said, following the hand is really creepy. I wouldn’t have done that!
    And where does the rage come from???? Is that from the monster or is there something else down??
    I can’t wait to read the rest of the book!

    1. I’m so glad you are enjoying it! I’m so eager to find out what is going to happen!

  10. I enjoyed today’s chapters so much more than the ones from yesterday! I love that the characters are starting to ask relevant questions (why was it them and ONLY them being sent to the Reach?) and the atmosphere is great. I wish it was a little more immersive but I really like the horror. And whatever’s happening between Larkin and Amias, I’m so here for it!

    1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!

    2. I wonder what Larkin and Amias’s ship name would be ? but I am also 100% for these two ❤ happy to not ship alone ?

  11. I’m so glad I’m not trapped in a cave right now. Especielly with that monster, but it’s more thrilling about the rage. Because we don’t know what it is yet and I hope that it will take some time before we find that out.

    I’m not sure what I feel about the characters yet, maybe because there are many to keep track with. But they will probable not all survive …

    1. Yeah I definitely wouldn’t be able to handle being trapped in a cave!

  12. Such an amazing couple of chapters. I’m hooked on this so much. Bless Tamsyn for his little rebel streak. Also, I sense a little bit of romance blossoming between Amias and Larkin, totally on board with this ship ?

  13. It’s getting creepy and claustrophobic? but the story is really good!

  14. This book is getting so exciting. All the time I’m just waiting for the monster to attack again. Who made the voices and where did they go? And was the soldier just killed? If so did the soldiers just get lost in the tunnels and that’s why they never returned or what happened to them all?

  15. So I like this book a bit better now, it is intriuging and really growing on me. It does not feel like a book I would have chosen myself but I am so far liking it better than I thought I would and I am exited to keep on reading!
    It almsot feels a little scary and I am suspecting that Amias might be the spy or that there isn`t one

  16. Missed reading yesterday so I’m playing a bit of catch up. I’m going to have nightmares about that creature tonight I can just feel it. I loved Tamsyn’s reveal about burning the registry. He must have done it for a good reason to help the empaths. I’m sensing that some feelings might happen between Amais and Larkin. Well if his secret doesn’t ruin anything, I wonder what he’s hiding.

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