Eight Will Fall Readalong: Day 4

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Hello FairyLooters!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the readalong so far! What have been your favourite bits?

Tomorrow is the last day of the readalong and I can’t believe it is almost over! But let’s not jump ahead as we’ve still got today’s chapters to read first!

Today we’re reading Chapters 22-29!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Eight Will Fall by Sarah Harian Chapters 1-29! Read only if you’ve finished those pages!


I’m still so sad about Bianca! She could’ve helped Larkin hone in on whatever magic their line was supposed to be good at 🙁

The Passage of the Damned…doesn’t sound dangerous at all! Sounds like quite a lovely place to be walking towards… ?

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They probably won’t be able to figure out who belongs to which disciple just by talking about their personality traits but I suppose it is a good way to pass the time! 

Oh no, Kyran is there! Omg that is horrific! A mosaic of dead bodies! Does anyone have a feeling that Larkin might be Kyran’s descendant? She seems to have the best connection to him. It’s like she was put in a trance! 

Omg do they have to pull the bodies off to get through :/

I wonder how far they’ve walked now that they’ve made it to the sea! It’s like a whole other world down here! 

More soldiers! It seems at least some of soldiers had managed to travel further than they thought!

Omg the wounds created new limbs?? You would definitely be driven to insanity if you were being tortured and couldn’t even die!

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I think I get as much of a fright as Larkin when someone wanders off ? I just need them all to be safe and happy! I can’t take anymore death!

Omg what the heck is happening?? Why is Elf doing that to herself?

They’ve walked so long just to find out that Kyran had been just under the capital the entire time ?

Why is nobody questioning Elf more?? I wanna know why she’s growing herself extra limbs !!!

OMG Kyran has finally made an appearance! 

Oh okay so not actually Kyran but a messenger that he is controlling! Why doesn’t he just kill them if that’s what he wants? Or does he take pleasure in torturing them?

Nooo Tamsyn and Casseem!

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Their group is getting smaller and smaller! The water could now help them get there faster I suppose but it will be difficult for them to stick together.

Oooo Elf has managed to conjure a boat! That will definitely help them get to Kyran faster! But she’s still not explaining the extra limbs…

Ahhhh so Elf is Bianca’s descendant and she’s been growing herself wings!! She had Bianca’s power flow into her when she died which is why she’s been more powerful since they left the village! 

Oh no, blood can only mean more death ?

No no no he can’t have killed their loved ones!! Please let this be a trick!

Oh thank goodness! They’re conjugations!

What’s happening to Amias??? Is he dying? And where is elf going?

Okay what the heck is going on!

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Omg Kyran has been using the limbs of the corpses to spy on them! Watch where they are and listen to their conversations! That’s so creepy! 

Jacque is turning into one of Kyran’s monsters, growing an extra hand in the middle of her stomach! Is there any way they could possibly save her?

Whaaaat why did Elf just jump off the edge??? She has wings now but does she know how to fly? Can she fly yet? Okay what, are they actually dead??

Uh oh, they’ve made it to Kyran! How are they supposed to fight and kill him when it’s just the two of them and he seems so much more powerful! 

AMIAS!!! Please don’t tell me everyone dies ?

Ahhhh was I right? Kyran is saying that Larkin is his descendant! 

Omg above the throne there is an opening to the palace!! Has Kyran been able to wander through freely this whole time??

I can’t believe how much happened in today’s chapters! Does anyone have any idea how it’s going to end?

Let me know and I will see you tomorrow for the last day of the readalong!


21 thoughts on “Eight Will Fall Readalong: Day 4

  1. Ahh I just have so many questions! Why did Kyran appear to look like Amais when he sent the messenger if Larkin is actually his descendant? Also why is he calling Larkin his heir? There’s no guarantee that the power would all go to her. She has a mother and father and brother and sister. Why would she specifically be his heir? It makes sense to me that Elf got so much more powerful when Bianca died because I don’t think she had any more family. I’m pretty sure her troupe is being held hostage by Melay. Most others it was family members. Also what is Kyran’s endgame?? He has access to the palace why even bother playing this game with the eight that went down into the reach if he could just send one of his creatures up there. They killed an entire empath village. I’m sure they could handle whoever is in the palace.

    1. Those are some very good points!! I hope we get to find out the answers in the next chapters!

  2. Nooo, so many deaths! I’m expecially sorry about Casseem’s departure, I really liked him…i mean, he was quite fond of arguing but considering the situation it’s understandable.
    Also thank you for featuring my photo! It made my day ?

    1. I know, I quite liked Casseem too!

      Thanks for such a lovely photo!

  3. Kiss her before it’s too late!!!!

    So much has happened, and I still need to know more. I had a feeling about Larkin being Kyrans descendant! And now we know he has access to the palace the whole time! Do you think he and the queen know each other already?
    I have a feeling we are in for some more shocks before the end.

    1. I think the last few chapters are going to be very exciting!

  4. My heart kept racing throughout the entirety of that read. Wow. I have a feeling Elf and Jacque might be okay by the end. I think Kyran wants to test Larkin, that was the point of all the trials in the Reach, I think he might make her kill Melay to prove herself. Can’t wait to read the rest

    1. Oooo I hope they’re okay too!

  5. So The Reach is geting more and more gruesome with blood and flesh and body parts. Now we know why Kyran has not killed Larkin yet. She is his descendent which make sense. Or at least it explaines Kyran’s motives. Well, I don’t know what else to say so I’m going to read the last part now … Here we go …

    1. Ahhh I hope you enjoyed it!

  6. Why is everyone dying? I really hope Elf knew how to fly when they jumped off the edge. Why is there a passage to Melay’s palace? Is she working with Kyran? This book just gets more and more exciting. Can’t wait to read more

    1. So many questions! I hope you enjoy the last section!

  7. I had my suspicions she was from Kyrans bloodline, I never really believed Amias was a descendant of Kyran, he just seemed too nice.
    I have no idea where it’s going from here though, but the title of the book makes me think everyone dies so that all the people up on the surface survives, but all the main characters can’t just die so I have no idea what to think really. Can’t wait to read the last chapters tomorrow, this book has surprised me in many different ways already so I don’t think I will be prepared for the ending.

    1. I really hope you enjoy the last few chapters!

  8. So much has happened in just these few chapters! Now only Larkin and Amias are left. The deaths of the others seemed really abrupt though.

    I can’t believe Kyran was using the corpses to his benefit…? I’m curious why Kyran made the Reach a mirror realm to the Surface. I suppose it’s because he is bitter from being trapped under group and desperately wants to rule above.

    Can’t wait to see how the rest of the book plays out.

    1. I know, the last few deaths all happened really quickly and I’m so sad about it!

  9. This book has become so much darker than I had expected at first! It really surprised me every few pages. So many deaths.
    I am not that fond of Larkin, but she definitely makes an interesting character. I doubt if the gateway to Melay’s palace is actually real or just another of Kyran’s illusions.

    1. Oooo that would be a good twist! I keep getting caught out by his illusions!

  10. Uh it got sooo interesting. Can’t wait for the next chapters.
    I was really sad when Caseem and Tamsyn died… I had hoped for Tamsyn to have some more importance…
    But maybe they’re not dead. I mean we never saw bodies right… right???

    At first I thought Elf was making herself some form of armor, also it was quite obvious that she was Biancas after that first weird behaviour…
    Not sure if I believe Kyran yet about Larkin, maybe he lied, okay maybe not… Very curious, I hope we’ll get to find out who belongs to which deciple.
    And I truly hope for a nice twist at the end

    1. I really hope we get answers in the next few chapters! I hope you enjoy the end!

  11. Wow! So much happened in these chapters! And so many deaths ??.
    I really thought Larkin was Leander’s descendant, she CAN’T be Kyran’s!!
    And I think Melay has something to do with all of this. Like she knew what would happen, or even allowed Kyran to do what he wanted to do. How can there be an opening to the palace and she never noticed??
    I just realised! Kyran WAS the spy she talked about at the beginning! But why would she do that?
    I hope Amias won’t die ?

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