Eight Will Fall Readalong: Day 5

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Hello everyone!

It is the 5th and final day of this months readalong! I can’t believe how quickly that has gone! However, you still have until the end of this week to enter the little giveaway we have going (see day 3)!

I really have enjoyed this readalong and chatting to you all in the comments has been so fun! I really hope you enjoyed the book!

Today we’re reading Chapters 30 – the end!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Eight Will Fall by Sarah Harian! Read only if you’ve finished the book!


Oh wait, okay, she’s still in the reach ? that makes more sense!

Kyran begins to show Larkin what happened when he and the other disciples were banished. What does we want to gain from showing her this? Sympathy?

Oh my god!! Melay is actually Ilona!!! She’s been alive this whole time! I was not expecting that! But what is she doing with Vania and Garran?

No way, Kyran actually wants her to kill him so that she can absorb his power and kill Ilona! That had been his plan all along?

Jeez what a way to kill someone! Actually going into their chest and squeezing their heart!

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I hope Kyran’s power doesn’t turn Larkin evil 🙁 

Yay she managed to heal Amias!! They just want a happy, safe future together with their families and it’s so wholesome ?

Oh wow! Amias had been given a room in the Palace and the Queen had been teaching him to use his magic so that she could use him as a weapon ! It was only when he started to refuse that he was thrown into confinement.

Ooo yay they have an ally!! But she knew all along that they were the descendants!! Surely it could’ve been helpful to tell them!

Why do I have a bad feeling about Hela! Maybe I’m just suspicious of everyone after everything they went through!

Omg Amias was the spy!!! Has he been reporting to Melay/Ilona??

Yaaayy Jacaue and Elf are alive!!!

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Larkin never felt them die so I had an inkling they may have survived!  Oh great but they’re being brought to the palace to be imprisoned, questioned and probably executed! Larkin better do something fast!

So many parts of their plan could go wrong and if they do, Amias could end up being tortured by the queen again ? I really hope they manage!

I can’t believe they’ve cut off poor Elfs wings 🙁 but wow Larkin is so powerful and manages to take out most of the guards in one go! Maybe they have a hope of succeeding!

There’s so much destruction and so much death but Elf managed to get some people out and there’s still time to help others! 

And now Jacques battalion has arrived to help!!

I’m actually sobbing!! I had hoped that Garran would survive through this and I’m so sad ?

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This is going to build her fury though and she won’t let Ilona get away with this.

Oh no! So Hela had betrayed them and was working with Ilona! And they knew Larkin would come for Amias! 

Omg Hela is one of the disciples!!! Amias’ ancestor but she had never gone in to the reach, instead she had pledged allegiance to the Queen!

They decide, instead of killing Ilona, to banish her to the Reach and if she survives and makes it back to the palace she can live but that seems unlikely with all the creatures and the other disciples that are down there.

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Jacque and Risa got to have their wedding after all and the Empaths now have their own village where they can live and use magic freely! They all experienced so much loss but they got out the other end and can start to feel happiness again and I’m so glad!

What an ending!!

Thank you so much for joining this readalong and I really hope you enjoyed this book!

I want to hear all your thoughts on the book so let me know in the comments and we hope to see you for the next readalong!



12 thoughts on “Eight Will Fall Readalong: Day 5

  1. I loved this book. ?
    Not sure what I think of the ending though.?

  2. Kyran wanted Larkin to kill him, I really liked that twist. Otherwise I feel that this book wasn’t really my cup of tea. I never felt close to any of the characters. But still, I did enjoy the book and the atmosphere of the Reach even if I didn’t feel the horror because I didn’t care so much about the characters. But I had a entertaining week with this book and I will remember it 🙂

  3. Book, how dare you do this to my poor heart? Poor Garran, he seemed like a really nice, caring person. However I’m happy that at least Elf and Jacque are alright.
    This endinnnnnng I’m so relieved that at least the survivors are going to be OK! Since the title is “eight will fall” I was worried everyone would die or turn evil by the end of the book. Thank you fairyloot for another wonderful read ✨

  4. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy the ending as much as the part inside of the Reach. It felt a bit too much stuff thrown together at the last moment.

  5. I’m not a fan. I didnt connect to any of the characters so didn’t care about them dying or surviving.
    Larkin really annoyed me, she just seemed so selfish.
    The ending felt like it was building to a sequel, then just threw a half arsed battle in and happily ever after in the last couple pages.

  6. There were some things I didn’t understand, like why Kyran wanted to be killed, why didn’t he just kill Ilona himself? I feel like there was some missing pieces in the ending.
    Still I was very surprised by this book and how much I liked it, I never imagined that I would read or like this kind of book so thank you fairyloot for widening my horizons. 🙂

  7. So this book was completely different than I expected. I mean it was good but I was expecting a standard fantasy adventure not a story that reminds me of horror video games. Am I the only one that was surprised that it´s a standalone? I feel that it could have benefited from a second part, the ending felt really rushed.

  8. I wish I enjoyed the book more than I actually did; I had such high hopes for it. The ending seemed too rushed. I didn’t feel a connection to the characters and I thought there were some plot holes.

    I wouldn’t normally read this genre of dark, gory fantasy, but I enjoyed the different sub-genre for a change. I really liked taking part in my first-ever readalong and discussion. Thanks FairyLoot 🙂

  9. OH. I wasn’t expecting Melay to be Ilona. I knew she was kind of devil but THIS???
    Wait wait wait. All this time Kyran wanted LArkin to kill him?! But why would he kill the rest of the party?!
    YES. I knew Elf and Jacque were not dead! But now I am afraid for them.
    GARRAN ??
    WHAT A B**** HELA. Of course she is a traitor! Oh she killed herself, better than to be on Ilona’s side.
    So Hela was Rahele?? That’s why she was helping Amias and why Ilona didn’t kill him??
    I like this ending with Jacque and Risa getting married and the Empaths finally having their own village. And of course, Amias and Larkin together, I say a big YES.

    I really loved this book!

  10. Omg my photo got used! That’s so exciting!

    I’m not sure how I feel about the end. I just don’t love the explanation for why Kyran wanted /needed Larkin. Melay being Ilona was really shocking though and explains why exactly she spared one of the disciples and kept her around. I’m so sad about Garran I really goes hoped he would make it. I also found the moment where Larkin starts really using her destructive power and even though she’s trying to help the citizens are scared of her to be really heartbreaking. I kind of feel like the way the author had Elf traveling to the mainland felt like there may be potential for a spinoff novel with her which could be interesting. I also wish we had gotten clarification on who exactly was Jacque’s ancestor since we know the other three who were left alive at the end. Seems unfair she doesn’t know.

  11. This book was amazing!

  12. I just finished this book last night and really enjoyed it! It was hard for me to visualize where they were at but the suspense of the book kept me hanging on. I’m curious as to how long they were in the Reach for.


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