Receiving orders in EU countries

**Please note that this information only applies to customers in the EU**

Since Brexit, shipping to the EU from the UK has changed and FairyLoot takes part in the IOSS scheme, which involves us charging VAT at the point of sale and paying VAT to the customer’s countries.

The IOSS is scheme specifically designed for lower value consignments to EU countries. This means that as long as the value of a shipment to a EU country is below 150€ (135£), the customs department should see our IOSS identifier in the parcel’s documentation and should not require the customer to pay any additional duty or VAT.

Whilst this means that you should not have to pay any additional fees when receiving your order, we cannot guarantee this and FairyLoot is not liable for any additional charges that may occur. From our end, we will always endeavour to provide all of the information needed to help prevent additional charges.

We have been made aware of instances where orders have been mislabelled during the shipping process, despite us inputting all of the correct information from our end. We are investigating what might have caused the incorrect values with our fulfilment partner, who can also see from their end that our information was inputted correctly. They are currently in conversations with Hermes to get this resolved and investigate what has happened. Brexit has caused a lot of difficulties with shipping but we are doing everything that we can to try to make receiving parcels from us as easy as possible.


If you are charged any additional fees when receiving your order, we would recommend the following:

  • Contact your local post office/courier and ask them to check for our IOSS identifier IM3720001511, because if they do then they will see that the VAT has been paid.

Hopefully, this will allow them to release the parcel. If that does not work, then the other options are:

  1. You do not pay the charge, and it will be returned to us. We can re-ship the parcel to you at no additional cost once we receive it, and you should not be charged customs.
  2. You do not pay the charge, and it will be returned to us. We can then refund the order, should you no longer wish to receive it.
  3. You pay the charge and send us an image of the receipt. We refund the VAT that you paid to us on your original order.

If you need help, our fairies our here and you can contact us here.