Fable Readalong: Day 3

Beautiful photo by @thefearlessreader

Hello! Welcome back to day 3 of the Fable readalong. ?

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Alright, let’s read! Today we’re reading Chapters 16-24!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Fable by Adrienne Young, Chapters 1-24! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


We catch up with the crew, who have just left Dern and are now on their way to Ceros.

On the way, they encounter a terrifying storm, and then chuck a crate off board which happens to have a man in it? Like, what the heck?! This crew is ruthless! We know who this man is, but what do you think their reasoning is for practically murdering this man?

A lot of things starting to be revealed! We find out who gave Willa the burn on her face, and why that dagger is special. And when Fable is talking to West, she says that he didn’t have to take her on, to which he replies saying that he did. Do you think he knows who she really is? And that is why he is wanting to keep her as safe as possible as “cargo” on the ship? Or is he just super controlling?

They have arrived on Ceros, and Fable can finally see her father after 4 years!! She sees him in the crowd on the dock, but Saint makes no move of recognition. He completely blanks her. This makes me ask, why is Saint so concerned with no one knowing who Fable is to him? Is it really to keep her safe from being vulnerable and used by others? Or is there something more? Is she even his daughter? Is that why he abandoned her? Or is he just a really horrible family man?

Fable tells us in greater detail what happened 4 years previously. Oh the feels! One thing she said, if her mother were alive, Saint would never have left her behind. I personally feel she needs to stop justifying her father’s bad actions and realise what is actually going on here. But then, what is going on here? Why did he abandon her?

She steals her mother’s necklace from her dad’s room – I feel like this is important. What is it about that necklace that made her steal it? But also, it was on her mother when she died. So how is it there? Did Saint murder her? Or is she really alive? Is she a mermaid??? When Saint finally enters the room, he won’t let Fable say her mother’s name. Says it was a mistaking letting her on the ship? He won’t make the same mistake with fable?

Fable learns that her inheritance is the Lark ship which is currently in the depths of Tempest Snare. Is this a joke?

Finally it is revealed why West was going to Jeval in the first place! In a way, it is kind of nice that Saint was paying someone to look out for Fable. He made sure West would buy Fable’s pyre and only her pyre. Made sure she had money. But this means that West did know who she was!

We also learn exactly what the scar on her arm is meant to be for. Oh jeez.

To finish, Fable is obviously feeling very fragile and angry. Who can blame her?! She meets up with West’s crew and is actually considering joining them again. Oh, maybe they could be her new crew on the Lark! Do you think she will be raising the ship or just picking up the cargo?

I feel like so many questions we have had are starting to be answered now, but these answers have only lead on to more questions!

Having finally met Saint, I can say that I don’t like him any better than I did before, so I really hope Fable bands together with West and his crew and find a way to overthrow Saint and his power, because he clearly has too much and doesn’t seem to care about his family. What do you think?

As always, please comment down below with any theories, quesitons, or comments that you have relating to today’s reading! We are over half way now – well done guys!



35 thoughts on “Fable Readalong: Day 3

  1. So I might *accidentally* have read the whole book ? I’ll keep spoilers to myself, don’t worry, I just…really liked this story ? can’t wait for Namesake!

    However I’ve posted my photo, my instagram handle is Sputnik.Books ✨

    1. Why is this me tho ? I totally read this book in one sitting since it was so good! I am so jealous of people already reading Namesake as an ARC, i cannot wait!

    2. Me too! And I actually have a digital ARC of Namesake and read that too!!! I’m so hungover from this book/series. Love it!

  2. Wow, I didn’t see coming that Fable inherited the cargo from the Lark! She ‘only’ has to dive it up… I really hope that she can persuade West and the crew from the Marigold to help her :).

    Besides, Adrienne Young says in the author interview that the sequel to ‘Fable’ (‘Namesake’) will explore more around Fable’s mother. Does that mean Isolde is still alive? It would be so much fun if she is indeed a mermaid 0:)

    I have entered the giveaway. My Instagram account is @pimpelmees_

    1. This is my assumption, too.

  3. “I feel like so many questions we have had are starting to be answered now, but these answers have only lead on to more questions!”

    That’s exactly how I feel! The book is getting hard to put down – I want answers!

  4. I’ve read ahead so I don’t want to make too many comments, but I love how the story is unfolding and all the tangled webs that are slowly being revealed. This is so well-written and although the pacing has felt a little slow at first, I feel like it’s really picking up now!

    I submitted my photo: Instagram handle @real.life.reader

  5. I’ ve entered! ☺ My bookstagram handle is @stormynightreads_

    But, I haven’t finished all the chapters yet so I’m trying not to read the rest of the comments yet???‍♀️

  6. Poor Fable 🙁 Her dad seems to have issues too. I think she looks too much like her mother and he’s the type of person to avoid pain instead of confronting it. I do think, that with 28 ships he could at least lend her a crew and ship to get to her “inheritance”.

    I’ve also entered: the_b00kish_elf

  7. I’m really enjoying this book so far. I’m kind of glad Fable has finally figured out what an arsehole her father is, even if it was heartbreaking for her. I’m excited to see what else happens with the Marigold crew!

    1. Also will be entering tomorrow! @thelondonfaerie

  8. So we have learned why West went to Jeval, how Willa got her burn, what Fables scar represent and that Saint has dead wife issues.

    New questions??
    – Why does Saint regret Isolde’s place in his crew > maybe the sinking of the lark wasn’t an accident…
    – how did Saint get the necklace back? > did he find the remains of Isolde or is she still alive and left him the necklace as a reminder of their life together.
    – does West know Fable is Saints daughter or was he just ordered to keep an eye on her.
    – will West + crew join Fable on her search for the Lark > chances are high and with the fortune they can start for their own.
    – Zola is up to something > maybe attacking or poisoning West since herting willa didn’t stop him

    I have entered the giveaway and Will post my photo of the book coming friday. My handle is @curlies.stories

  9. Ohhh i am actually a chapter ahead 🙂 was sooo hard to stop reading especially after chapter 26 xD
    I just wonder how did Saint get the necklace if she wore it when she “drowned” also wouldn’t it be a fun twist if her mother is indeed a mermaid!

    i entered the the contest! my handle is @booknerdrox

  10. Things are just starting to get more interesting!

    I feel like its slightly redeeming of Saint that he has sent West to look out for Fable for the past 4 years, he obviously does care for her despite appearances.

    I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Zola. And I wonder what he meant when he said that Fable reminds him of someone. My inkling is he knows/knew Isolde.

    And speaking of Isolde – I’m not convinced she died! And I wonder if Saint sending Fable to the Lark is his way of reuniting mother and daughter?


    I will be entering the giveaway – my Instagram is @tinasparkle04

  11. Seriously!?!?!! He cut a map in her arm!!?! He’s so mean!! It surprised me when he told her ‘You’re my daughter’ as if it really means something to him! You wouldn’t say so from his actions!!!
    I hope Fable is gonna find the Lark together with West and his crew……

    I’m gonna enter the giveaway tomorrow, my handle is @beppie125

  12. I couldn’t believe that he was basically buying her off, Fable’s better than me, but it sucks that her dad has turned out to be such a coward 🙁 I’m glad Willa followed her, West orders or not!

    I’m entering the giveaway, my insta handle is @thecaffeinated.reader

  13. I think I have a theory: Saint loves Fable but he wants to protect her from a danger related to the sinking of the Lark and Isolde’s death. This is why he acts like a jerk.

    I like this book even better. 😀 Chapter 22 was my favourite when Fable tells the story about Saint abandoning her.

    I’m gonna enter the giveaway this week, my instagram is @reanadett

  14. Ok, this was my favourite part so far, I love how this story is shaping up. I haven’t given up on Saint yet, I really think he is trying for his daughter but doesn’t know how.
    I love how Fable is going to be on West’s crew (I’m shipping them like crazy) and I really think their next adventure is going to be dredging up her ship and all the other riches.
    I think mum is still alive, there is so much more going on here.

  15. Hello guys!

    I liked these chapters even more than the ones we read on they 1 and 2. It’s getting harder and harder to stop reading!

    I still have many questions… But I love the new plotline with the inheritance of the ship!

    I’m glad Fable is thinking about going back to the Marigold as a crew member! I love Willa and West so much already and I wasn’t ready to let them go. I’m kinda torn between thinking they are siblings or just childhood friends, but I love their friendship anyways.

    I want to know what did West do at Sowon! I also want to know more about Saint’s motives and about Isola. Where is she? Is she truly dead? I don’t think so….

    I’m going to enter the contest tomorrow, by the way! My Instagram account is:


    See you tomorrow for next day!

  16. I am loving this book and am a couple chapters ahead so I won’t comment too much cause I don’t want to give spoilers. But I am finding it so hard to put this down every day, I can’t wait to see what else happens and what is up with Fable’s mother? Is she really dead? I am going to be so sad to see this book end and not have Namesake until next year. It’s going to be torture!

    Can’t enter the contest cause I wasn’t a member then that book went out but still loving the read along. It’s so much fun!!

  17. I’m going to enter tomorrow to go with the photo challenge! My IG is @the_ya_assassin if y’all want to check it out. I sadly wasn’t able to finish all of the chapters today because of a couple of tests at school tomorrow, but I’ll catch up tomorrow hopefully! Thank you!

    1. Okay. I finished the chapters just barely.

      Hello my fellow Fairylooters and Lucy! I hope you are all doing well despite the times!

      We learned a lot more during these chapters. We met Saint, Fable’s father, and he seems to care about her, at least a little bit (I mean, he sent her protection and money through West). The storm scene in chapter 17 was epic! I was on the edge of my seat! In chapter 18, we can see that Willa and the crew are warming up to Fable. In chapter 19, we learn a couple of things about the Marigold’s crew, like who gave Willa her scar, how Willa got her dagger, and why they are part of the crew.

      We also found out why West has been helping her all this time.

      I am loving this book and can’t wait to read tomorrow’s chapters!

  18. Ok, back again after having read the chapters? First of all, I’ m kind of disappointed that in the end it’s revealed that West was there on behalf of Saint.. It was kinda obvious, so I really wanted the case to be something else, something maybe a tad bit more dramatic.. I feel like Fable herself should have made a connection when she saw her father’s crest.

    Other than that, I liked that we discovered who hurt Willa and that the crew did something about it?(mw ha haha) I mean, in the world that we read about, it sounded like the logical reaction??

    Also, kinda shocked that Fable’s scar is the map to the Lark and that Saint had to actually CARVE it on her!? Damn man, she could go by with a regular map just fine??‍♀️

  19. I accidentally finished the book as it was absolutely amazing! I couldn’t stop reading and loved every minute of it! I’ve entered the giveaway on my Instagram @storiesandstarlight_

  20. Okay, I didnt realise the readalong and photochallenges had started TT (blaming the deadlines and exames I have at university). Anyways, I like to join this giveaway.

    My Instagram handle is @Bookswithjayjay

    I will try to catch up on the chapters and will post my ‘feelings’ and ‘experiences’ about the chapters here!

  21. so many of my suspicions were right, yay:)but I didn’t think West knew exactly who she was.
    I am really thinking there is something special about that necklace and that it has something to do with who she is, maybe it will amplify her “powers” or something so that she can be even longer under water. I am really looking forward to finding out and reading more, although I am a little behind on my reading.

  22. I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! I posted my photo! I’m @inkstains.and.dust

    I was so sad with the West reveal but at the same time I expected it. It totally complicates the story!

  23. We got a lot of answers in this section but also new questions. I wonder if Zola is actually Fable’s biological father? And if that is why Saint left her on the Island, to keep her safe from Zola who is clearly not a good person. Also I keep thinking that Holland might be Fable’s mother?

    I have posted my photo to my Instagram Jenthebookishbakernz

    1. Ohhhhh now there’s a thought that has not occurred to me about Holland?! That could make a lot of sense!

  24. So I really love West’s affection for Fable even though he’s paid by Saint to buy her pyre and bring her to Saint. He seems to really care for her and is worried about her safety.

    I love the crew of the Marigold. They care for one another and have each other’s backs. Willa following Fable brought it full circle that Willa does care.

    I definitely think Fable is going to try and be the new dredger on the Marigold. She’s going to get them to go to the Lark. I think the reason Saint had the necklace is because he went back to the shipwreck. He probably pulled it up then.

    Still rooting for West and Fable here. They would be so adorable. I can’t believe I’ve read 21 chapters of this book in one day but it’s amazing. I’m so excited to finish and read Namesake.

    I entered the photo challenge! My Instagram handle is @alwaysbookishlovers.

  25. This really had a lot going on. I wasn’t expecting a loving father daughter bond come back to life but the way Saint blanked Fable and didn’t really seem to care was really harsh. It was good to learn about West’s motives for everything. I also think Fable might be more than she thinks/knows she is and it will be interesting to find that out.

    I have posted on instagram today and I am @awitchisreading

  26. Entered the giveaway. Thank you ?

    Loved this readalong


  27. I’m soooo behind y’all lol
    But I am reading at least.

    I’m happy that Fable is starting to grow. To realize things for herself.
    I am curious to know more about her.

    I entered the giveaway too!

  28. Tossing Cane in the ocean was drastic. But i gess thats normal given the circumstances. What else had the crew and West done so far? I absolutely don’t like Saint, but I’m so reliefed that Fable found Willa and the others again. I hope they find West. And send Zola to the ground of the ocean

    Postet a foto today. Instagram handle is lunas_book_page

  29. I am so glad to see what happened four years ago!! I love all the foreshadowing that happened leading up to the reveal of what happened back then. And still! – there are questions that need to be answered! What happened to her mother? I doubt that she drowned. Something else happened that Fable doesn’t know about! I am so excited to so more hints of what may have happened in this book, but I think a lot of the information may not be revealed until the sequel book!

    I’m not even finished the first book yet, and I’m already thinking about is the next book!! It’s sad how rare I think that feeling is for me.

    Also, as a side note, does anyone else think that Koy is going to be coming back at some point?? I don’t think Young is done with him just yet!

    I have also entered the readalong contest! My new instagram (I just started a book instagram!) is chaos_books_16

    All are welcomed to follow me!

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