Faebound Readalong: Day 4!

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Hey fairies,

I hope you are all loving the story and are ready for Day 4 of the December Adult Book readalong of Faebound by Saara El-Arifi. Yesterday we left off with Lettle running off somewhere!

Today we are reading from chapter 25 to the end of chapter 31. Let’s dive back into the story!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Faebound by Saara El-Arifi from Chapter 25 to the end of Chapter 31. Please only read on if you have finished this section!


I am not enjoying the Faebound fae being really mean about the Lightless fae.

Not there being haba that deliver messages for the Queens I am obsessed with them.

Ohhh Golan has a lover I wonder who it could be.

Not Rayan still trying to be friends with Lettle, there is too much tension going on here for these two.

I wonder why the fae have a map of the Elven Lands are they going to try to attack them?

Not Lettle still wearing the necklace that Rayan made her.

I can’t believe Yeeran still has not told Lettle about the trial where she is more likely to die.

Not all the elves gathering at once then being attacked by Hosta and others! I hate Hosta.

Yessss Yeeran defend your sister!

Please the way Yeeran thought Furi was a sun goddess, fully made me giggle.

Hopefully Yeeran is not too badly injured!

Hmmm Furi and Yeeran are sort of friends but also there is sexual tension between them.

Jay and Furi?? Wait no they are only a friends with benefits type situation.

It is so cute that Furi kept the shell Yeeran moved.

Furi is so protective of Yeeran by not letting Lettle or Pila see her.

Wait Lettle and Yeeran’s father was murdered?

The prophecy that Lettle keeps repeating I think it is the Queens who will die at the flare feast but the elves will be punished for it.

Rayan is supposed to kill the tyrant chieftan, I wonder if he is reading into it wrong?

Why are they giving us heartbreak all the time, like Lettle he may live!

I love that Lettle is taking care of Yeeran and telling her the thoughts she has about Salawa!

This obeah riding makes me want to learn to ride a horse as it seems so fun and freeing.

I don’t trust that Nerad was looking at was the farm maps but more like the Elven lands.

A drum for her to focus her magic on, that is so smart!

Not Jay making a joke of Furi and Yeeran, everyone knows they like each other I love it.

She used the drum for magic and it worked! 

Not Furi and Yeeran having their tension session again, maybe she isn’t supposed to touch another persons obeah without permission.

Little Pila getting jealous about Yeeran touching someone else obeah.

Only lovers get to touch each others obeah but Yeeran got to touch Furi’s I love it! When will they kiss now!

Not Lettle telling everyone off for not doing enough to leave and I can’t believe she went to the Seer Sahar after she was told he is not to be trusted.

Wait Lettle thinks it will be Yeeran and Furi dying and she has been able to ride someone else’s obeah! But whose?

Who is dead I need to know!

Not Yeeran not wanting Furi to go and get ready for the event and the obeah even like each other! Is this how more obeah are made.

Why can’t they just admit their feelings to each other.

It’s the Queens their outfits are of the prophecy, they are the ones that will die. I don’t want it to happen.

Wait is Nerad Golan’s lover? How interesting.

Furi & Yeeran just need to kiss and get it over with, the tension is too much,

I love the dancing trope it makes me so happy!

They have finally kissed! This is what I wanted! I love them together! This was a good spicy scene however ruined by the Queens deaths.  

How dare Furi accuse Lettle and Yeeran of knowing that will die, even though Lettle sort of did.

Sahar is Furi’s father and claims Lettle is his apprentice so he can save her, at least he is being kind right now.

Not Lettle knowing that she loves Rayan which means he will die by her hand.

Rayan and Lettle have finally kissed yessss!!! This is what I needed.

We are being given all the romance in this section and I am loving it besides from the moment being ruined by the Queen’s dying.

Who do you think killed the Queens?
Which couple are you shipping more Lettle and Rayan or Yeeran and Furi?
Whose obeah do you think is letting Lettle ride it?

I am super excited to finish the book with you all tomorrow!


21 thoughts on “Faebound Readalong: Day 4!

  1. Komi is still very suspicious to me. I would not be surprised if we find out he was the one to kill the Queens. After all he was hanging out around the refreshments at the party. And I wouldn’t be surprised if its revealed he (or whoever did it) didn’t act alone. I get the vibe that not everyone was happy with the Queens.
    I have a soft spot for Lettle and Rayan. I’m still unsure about Furi and Yeeran, but I’m not completely against them.
    I think the obeah is connected to Sahar, I think he’s been keeping an eye on Lettle.

    I’m excited to see how everything plays out!

  2. For the amount of times pearls and gold were mentioned with the Queen’s, I knew it would be them. I wish there was more action along with that death. I just feel like I missed something there!
    I also thought that the romance was suddenly rushed 😩 I like a little more buildup or conversation before a sudden change of scenery to smut. So I was a little taken out of the story in this section. But I still really am enjoying the story!
    I just want to know what Rayan is doing at nights! I don’t believe he was raw doggin it with that other lady because I really think he likes Lettle. Is there information he’s getting that he’s waiting to share?

  3. What a ride !! I am shipping Yeeran and Furi a lot more, Initially I shipped Lettle and Rayan, but Rayan immediately going after Bero after Lettle refused him annoyed me😅 I get that rejection stings, but I still don’t like it.

    I have no idea who killed the queens, I cannot wait to find out. Same about the obeah.

  4. Someone from the cabinet or Komi, since it was shared with him that a possible answer was killing the Jani, and, if he’s the old chieftain, then he clearly thinks that’s the right answer. It fits the chieftain’s character.

    Lettle and Rayan, for sure! Though, if I have to choose a partner for Yeeran, it’s Furi, not Salawa. 😒

    My guess is Sahar’s. The broken horn could be symbolic of his falling out of favor with Furi’s mother, the queen.

  5. Who do you think killed the Queens?

    Of course it’s komi,!!!!!!!!!
    I’m sure of it !!!!

    Which couple are you shipping more Lettle and Rayan or Yeeran and Furi?
    Well at first I didn’t trust Rayan, I now kind of like him and Lettle but I prefer the tension between Yeeran and Furi !!

    Whose obeah do you think is letting Lettle ride it?
    Seriously, I have no idea !!!!I was hoping that he would approach her to form a bond, but since he is black, the obeah is already bounded. Still, i kinda wish she could’ve bound with him😂.
    So im thinking maybe Sahar ? He came to her rescue after all. And I really like that he take her to be his apprentice !!
    I can’t wait to finish the book !!!! See you tomorrow

  6. I think it was Rayan or Komi that killed the Queens.

    Yeeran and Furi, I’m too suspect about Rayan to root for him and Lettle.

    I have a theory that Rayan is part Fae and that it is his obeah that keeps popping up around Lettle.

  7. Ahhhhh so much happened in this section!
    I am a SUCKER for enemies to lovers, so I am absolutely loving Yeeran and Furi getting together.

    I have no clue who killed the queens… maybe a human that is in their midst?
    I think the obeah is one that Lettle is going to bond to.

  8. I love Pila! Eyes on the romance even when there is loads of plot going on haha

  9. Who do you think killed the Queens?
    I think it was Komi. I find it hard to believe you can be so happy and carefree after being a prisoner for 10 years.

    Which couple are you shipping more Lettle and Rayan or Yeeran and Furi?
    I think Yeeran and Fury. I don’t think how Rayan was filling around with Berro, but I understand that people do that sometimes when they get hurt emotionally. And Lettle wasn’t being honest with him anyways.

    Whose obeah do you think is letting Lettle ride it?
    I also think Sahar. But I would be happy if it was Golon’s. I like him and he tried to help Lettle. Maybe he was “pretending” to be unbonded. But that wouldn’t make sense.

  10. This was by far my favourite part of the book this far. So much cute romance everywhere but also filled with so much action and speculation.
    I am loving the Lettle Rayan romance, it has been building up for so long and to finally see it play out is super satisfying.
    I have a feeling that this obeah might belong to, HEAR ME OUT, Rayan??? There is something super weird going on about him constantly being away and off page and he is acting super suspicious so it is making me think that perhaps he could be faebound as well??
    I want to say that Nerad was the one who poisoned the queens, there is so much hinting at it especially with the whole ‘nice guy’ act 🤔

  11. 1. Who do you think killed the Queens?
    I don’t really know exactly but I think it is someone who didn’t side with their ideas of letting the elves life

    2. Which couple are you shipping more Lettle and Rayan or Yeeran and Furi?
    I’m shipping both, but Yeeran and Furi more!

    3. Whose obeah do you think is letting Lettle ride it?
    It could be Sahar’s, I wouldn’t know who else it could be haha

    1. I love Yeeran and Furi together!

  12. Who do you think killed the Queens?
    I think it is Golan. The man was in possession of the poison ink and it would be the perfect cover. But his motive? The possibility of new leaders to take on a better plight for the rights of Lightless? Who is Golan’s gentleman friend, and do they have any sway in this?

    Which couple are you shipping more Lettle and Rayan or Yeeran and Furi?
    Lettle and Rayan (Letan? Leyan? Raytle? anyway) are my preferred ship, because I love Rayan and want him to succeed and break this curse. Despite my issues with Lettle being a tad whiny, I want her to be happy and hope this prophecy involving Rayan doesn’t go wrong.

    Whose obeah do you think is letting Lettle ride it?
    Most likely Rayan. Always away training, but everyone else is faebound, and the obeah has black fur meaning it is bound. No other major characters have an obeah with those features. Rayan cares for Lettle so it makes sense for it to be his, but he just has not revealed to anyone he is bound.

  13. Honestly I’m shipping both couples. Despite the murder of the queens I was so happy with how the chapter ended.
    I don’t know who the obeah is, but does he relate to Lettle, him with the broken horn and her with the mingled arm?
    Golan and Nerad? Very interesting but Nerad behaviour sounds suspicious. Are the fae preparing for war?
    Sahar being Furi’s dad, it clearly means he knew who the prophecy was about, hence his tears… will he really teach Lettle?
    Can’t wait to finish

  14. Heehee. I hope Nerad is Golan’s lover. He must be because he sent the haba. It’s so cute that Pila and Amnan are enemies to lovers just like Yeeran and Furi. I predicted from when we were first introduced to the queens that they would be the ones to die because of their gold and pearl crowns. I can’t believe Furi would accuse Lettle and Yeeran after her moment with Yeeran. At least they finally got together. Hopefully, the queens deaths don’t ruin it. I definitely did not predict Sahar being Furi’s father.

    1. Sahar being Furi’s father was such a shock!

  15. Who do you think killed the Queens?
    I really think that Komi did. I honestly don’t trust him and it makes sense that he would kill the Poole that imprisoned him for so long.

    Which couple are you shipping more Lettle and Rayan or Yeeran and Furi?
    Ahhh this is so tricky. I know Rayan just lied idk what about so part of me wants to say Yeeran and Furi because of that. It ahhh that kiss.
    Don’t make me choose hah.

    Whose obeah do you think is letting Lettle ride it?
    I think it was Sahars obeah.

  16. I think maybe Nerad is Golan’s lover? They would be cool together.

    I have no idea who killed the Queens and I have no theories either besides that maybe they just irritated some people too much or perhaps it was because they let the elves live.

    I’m shipping both couples and I couldn’t really pick one, they both kind of make sense.

    I think it may be Sahar’s obeah who’s letting Lettle ride it, but not sure. There have been some twists in this book so it may very well be another surprise.

    1. I love both couples together as well!

  17. I think Golan killed the queens, he mentioned the ink being poisonous to Lettle and he was the one who got them ready! I wasn’t expecting it, but in hindsight it makes sense that they were killed.

    I didn’t ship Yeeran and Furi to start, but they are definitely growing on me as a couple.

    Is it an Obeah that wants to bond to Lettle? Is it possible to get two Faebound elves?

  18. I accidentally read past chapter 31 because I loved how the pace of the book picked up. I was so immersed and had to read past Lettles scream. 🙂

    Who do you think killed the Queens?
    Well my guess is maybe Komi because I just have a bad feeling about him. He isn’t very communicative and I find it so suspicious that he doesn’t involve the others into the information he gains when out drinking. Just shady I think.
    I have the feeling Nerad is hiding something as well with regard to the monarchy but am not sure. I do not think he would kill his mom. He just doesn’t seem like such bad guy.

    Which couple are you shipping more Lettle and Rayan or Yeeran and Furi?
    I think I am more involved into Little and Rayan because there is more of a development. It seems healthier to me than whatever is going on between Yeeran and Juri. Especially because Yeeran seems to still be hung up on Salawa.

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