Finale Readalong: Day 2

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Hi friends!

It’s day two and things are definitely starting to heat up. I feel like yesterday’s chapters really set us up for everything else that is going to happen, and I can’t wait to find out more.

Let’s get reading on today’s chapters! 🙂

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for chapters 10-18 of Finale by Stephanie Garber. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


PALOMA HAS WOKEN UP! I REPEAT, PALOMA HAS WOKEN UP! I never thought this day would come! Seeing Tella reunite with their mother was just the sweetest thing, after everything they are back together. But it’s quickly ruined. Her mother tricks her and makes her go to get her food, and then runs away. WHY? TELL US WHY. THE NOTE DOESN’T DO IT I NEED ANSWERS. Poor Tella!

Being the badass that Tella is, she follows her mother and finds out that she paralyzed the guards and when Tella confronts her mother she tricks Tella again by bringing her close to paralyze her. I’m sure she’s doing to protect Tella but oh my goodness! Something we totally expects comes next – the Fallen Star comes to kiss Paloma and they stab each other! This means that Paloma is dead (is she *really* dead though?) but the Fallen Star will come back to life because he is a fate. What a twist!

Tella watches the whole thing go down, and when she’s trying to crawl to her mother’s body guess who comes? JACKS! My precious evil boy (I have always had a soft spot for Jacks!). He takes her back to his GAMBLING DEN (am I the only one screeching at how awesome this is?) and she’s a mess, which is understandable because she just lost her mother. He can take away her pain, and he does. THEY KISS YOU GUYS. THEY KISS. We just started this book and I have screamed multiple times! I love love love the way Stephanie write’s kiss scenes, and this one is no exception.

Tella then goes home the next day and is arrested because somebody has trashed their flat. I wonder who did this? When she’s in her cell, Legend visits her and he’s totally fine. She’s furious. He also asks her where she was last night since he couldn’t visit her and was blocked and I reckon he must know it’s because of Jacks. I smell drama!

(actual footage of me when I read and am stressed for all of the characters)

There is obviously a lot going on at this point, and I feel like all of the chapters from yesterday have set us up for this – which I’m loving! Legend is trying to contain the fates, and we find out why he did what he did to Esmeralda. We also find out that Scarlett can see people’s emotions now, so I wonder what turn this is going to take on the story!

What do you guys think of today’s chapters?

I cannot wait read chapters 19 – 26 with you tomorrow!

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13 thoughts on “Finale Readalong: Day 2

  1. This book gets so exciting after every chapter!
    Obviously Legend’s weakness isn’t love because it didn’t work with the Fallen Star. Seemed like Paloma thought it would though why else she tried to kill him?
    The kissing scene with Tella and Jacks was so epic!
    Good thing Tella didn’t tell Legend the whole truth about where she was. Girl can have secrets, too.
    I wonder if Legend’s weakness has something to do with losing power.
    I can’t wait to read more!

  2. Oh boy this was something
    I was soo happy that Paloma has woken up but come on she disappears againg only to get herself killed. All though I have this feeling she isn’t really dead
    There I thought it was love that was the weeknes but I guess Esmeralda knows of another weakness than love hmmm I wonder what it is
    Oh that bitch of a witch she created the fated I wonder if she had an relationship with the fallen star and they somehow wanted more power
    Hehe I just love the dinemic between Tella and Legend both soo stebourn but clearly have feeling for each other
    Jacks is starting to grow on me he does not seem as such a villan to me anymore but will see.
    And that scene of him taking her pain away and then the kiss thank God I was at the hodpital when I was readkng those scenes I almost needed help ?
    What is up with Scarlett and her new powers that hot me intrigued
    And lastly I just love Tella she is so firce and badass I just love her sas hehe

  3. I’m doing really terrible with this readalong – meaning I’ve read way past today’s chapters because its soooo good! Don’t worry though, I won’t spoil anything!

    I felt so bad for Tella when her mom ran away and she has to watch her die. Like she just got her back! UGH.

  4. I hope Paloma isn’t actually dead, I feel that’s a waste of a story arc (game of thrones, I’m looking at you for killing needlessly!)
    Tella and Jacks ??? love them! I wonder what legend’s weakness is, I think it will be something we’ve already come across.

  5. I’m really disappointed that Paloma was killed. I was looking forward to finally getting the answers to some burning questions. But I can’t imagine how hard that must have been for Tella to see. Can you imagine someone you love dying in front of you and being powerless to stop it? ?
    Thank goodness my boy Jacks was there to help her back to safety. Not gonna lie—Jacks is 99% of the reason I love this series so much. ??

  6. What a rollercoaster. Paloma’s awake and then instantly leaving her daughters again, and then she’s dead. That was so much to happen to one character so quickly! But is she dead? Or is there at least a reason she had to die? I mean surely she knew a simple stabbing wouldn’t do the trick?

    And what is Jacks up to? There’s always something more with all these deals, taking her pain away for nothing just seems to good to be true. Is this a ruse to get Legend’s identity? All this chemistry with Jacks and Tella and Tella and Legend, I love it!

    Looking forward to seeing where Scarlett seeing everyones emotions is going to go… Loving it so far!

  7. It just seemed too easy to kill Paloma. Why did she go for such a stupid encounter without a better plan? She’s got to have had a plan we dont know about. Maybe she has turned into a fate by being in the cards for so long with the real fates the magics rub off on her?!
    Theres so many secrets! What did Jacks mean when he said he really didnt do Tella a favor when he removed her grief?
    And there was no mention of Nicholas suddenly ? what will he give Scarlett as a present…
    Cant wait to read more tomorrow ♡♡♡

  8. Am I the only one who just wants to hit them and tell them to stop being so stupid an stubborn? I mean come on…
    I can’t wait to find out what Legend has planed and what he is going to do… what his real goal is. He is so wonderfully mysterious
    Also really like Jacks… don’t know why though XD That scene was so great and loved the way it was written.
    Mostly I would really like for the relationship of Julian and Legend to chance an bit… ’cause for me they don’t fell like brothers… not really… And I would really like them to be. Maybe they once were? Who knows.
    Also so so curious about the weekness, might be love… But I would love for it to be something unexpected

  9. I’m so sad, I can’t believe Paloma died! What is with Paloma and the Fallen Star?!? And of course Jacks would show up, he always seems to know when Tella needs him even if she shouldn’t. But that kissing sceen, omg things heated up quickly!

    Oh Scarlett, what is happening? Why can she everyone’s emotions all of a sudden?

    There was so much that happened in these chapters!

  10. I am a huge fan of making characters insanely happy like pure joy and then ripping it away. So while devastating I did like paradise’s death. I feel like her story is definitely a back burner thing and this is the final book so we need to wrap things up. I would actually be sad if she came back to life because there has to be consequences for character’s actions.

  11. I can’t decide is Paloma is an incredible or an awful mum… I understand she’s trying to protect her daughters but she’s actually hurting them even more.
    I have officially been won over by Jacks. Obviously I still ship Tella and Legend but Jacks is seeming much more reliable than Legend is right now (I never thought I’d been saying that),
    The kiss scene was amazing! But I wish it was Legend instead…
    I love how Tella and Scarlet don’t keep secrets. When something happens they tell each other. It really annoys me when book characters keep major plot points to themselves. So it’s refreshing to have all the characters open with each other.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s post xx

  12. So a little late but I finally caught up.
    I juste loved the scene with Jacks! I really like him now and I’m surprisingly kind of rooting for him. But the mother died, and even without meeting Scarlett! She just died for nothing, unless she didn’t, or I kind of hope that she planned to be “killed” and that she’s not really dead although that’s kind of harsh too.
    I still didn’t get any good vibes from Legend so I am still little confused about him and I wouldn’t trust him currently.
    Can’t wait to continue reading!

  13. Hey awesome people!

    Ok… I’m ruined. RUINED!
    Paloma is dead (is she?) and Jacks practically saves the day! Where did that come from? Also, am I the only one worrying that by taking Tella’s grief away (even momentarily) he will practically prevent her from feeling anything at all?

    Legend is pissing me off and I want him to act like Dante again! What’s more, I wonder why he’s trying to keep his distance from Tella. Is it because he ACTUALLY loves her and his weakness is love? ?

    Scarlett seeing people’s emotions makes me wonder how out of control magic has gone. And, by the way, does she faint when Julian calls her Crimson? (Boy, I’ll never get over that nickname, I love it! ?)

    Last but not least, it’s official; I want to see what the Fallen Star is up to. A good story needs a villain… Right?

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