Finale Readalong: Day 5


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Welcome back!

Today is day five already and we are getting so close to the end. Today’s chapters are CRAZY. Let’s get to reading!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for chapters 38-44 of Finale by Stephanie Garber. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Tella is trying so hard to fall out of love with Legend and I’m just like GUYS. JUST LOVE EACH OTHER AND BE HAPPY PLEASE. For all our sakes, I cannot deal! I need you guys to be happy! Whilst looking for the Immortal Library, Jacks appears whilst Legend is using his powers and figures out that Dante is Legend. I looooove Jacks, but he totally betrays Tella here by giving her an almost heart attack! Although I feel like he would never actually kill her?  I mean he’s totally crazy but I don’t think he’d actually kill her?

The race is on to try to stop the Fallen Star from making his claim to the throne. They need to get in the Immortal Library to find out what other options they have for killing him! I’m really wondering how they will actually kill him… All the while Legend is flirting with Tella and Jacks is interrupting them. I am living for it. Jacks is here to give them the Map of All, which allows them to find the library. He is here to save the day after what he did to Tella.

We arrive inside the Immortal Library and to get into the library you lose your voice and your lips are sealed shut. Isn’t that so creepy but also so cool? To be honest, my university library could have done with this haha! It was too loud and I love a good silent library (I find it really hard to read/study when there is a lot of talking/noise around me). The names of the books in this library are so cool too! Can I PLEASE get a copy of “Mermaids and Mermen and How to Become One”?

Scarlett is trying to get the Fallen Star’s blood, despite Anissa’s warning (who we really aren’t sure whether we can trust!). Now, Scarlett is trapped in a red ruby head cage as punishment because the Fallen Star caught her, of course! I’m so worried for Scarlett! She pretends she can control emotions and the girl that she controls the emotions of plays along, but actually Scarlett can’t control her emotions.

We switch back to Tella now and we find out that on that night that Jacks took Tella’s emotions she actually MARRIED him. Whaaaaaat?!?! I knew Jacks is up to no good but I did not see that coming! She goes over to his gambling den and makes him undo the marriage, which he actually does and that surprises me because I didn’t expect him to.

I feel like today’s chapters were completely action packed – so much stuff happened!

I cannot wait read chapters 45 – 53 with you tomorrow!

With Love,





  • Aurora Sofie

    Just wow. Poor Scarlet, I could feel her terror of having the head caged and I feel so bad for her and I really hope and think she will find a way to take it off.
    I am so sad that the marriage ended, I would have wished Tella could have waited at least a day before they ended it. I just feel so sad for Jacks, I just like him more and more even though he’s not perfect, he’s quite perfect when it counts, at least with he´s words.
    I feel so sad when I see how little is left to read of the book and I wish the story could continue way longer.

  • Ninni

    I was so shocked when Scarlett got a head cage! I never guessed that would happen to her, Stephanie Garber is so good at plot twists, imagination, creativity and has a way of making it all fit perfectly together❤
    When Tella found out she had unwillingly married Jacks I was MAD! Even though he has his charms, and I love the drama between legend and jacks, it just felt so wrong to know he had tricked her in that vulnerable state….. Learn to Play fair boys x,D

    • Anissa

      Yes, Jacks is so tricksy! I cannot explain my soft spot for him haha. I also can’t believe he put Scarlett in a head cage!

  • Danica

    Ughhh the love triangles between Tella and Jack and Dante just frustrates me Stephanie really knows how to write romance scenes that just capture you.

    Legend and Jacks just make me soo angry although in the last chapter Jacks kind of grew on me even thou I was mad at him for nearly killing Tella. But the words that he said at the end of the last chapter were really hearth-braking. How he wanted her to be the one ooooooh and then Tella just ends it. I mean come on I know that it was not fair of how he tricked her into marrying him and ok he did nearly kill her so I do get why she did it but apart of me wishes she didn’t.
    Because he does somehow want to love her but so does Legend. That is why its soooo confusing they both want to love her but can’t part from their magic to be with her so why forgive one and not the other. Ok I guess her feelings for Jacks where because of their bond but still uncool Tella
    Uuuuu the library was soo cool I do agree with you Anissa about the book I want that one to and it makes me think do they have a book unicorns and where to find them that one would be awsome too

    Poor Scarlett and what happen to her damn girl why didn’t you have the vial on you. Can’t imagine having a cage on your head so I hope she can figure out how to get reed of it and defit that bastard of Fallen Star aka the father no one wants

  • Abby

    These chapters don’t make Jacks look very good… I mean he gives his WIFE a HEART ATTACK! He definitely won’t be getting an husband of the year awards…

    • Anissa

      Oh yes, he is absolutely terrible but I do feel for him. 🙁

  • Nina Hilden

    This is just too much.
    I do think Jacks would have killed Tella if Legend hadn’t saved her.
    The places on the Map of All sound great. I wonder do we get to see more of them?
    I’m so in love with the Immortal Library. The animals and the books!!!! Can I just move in there?
    I really hope Scarlett gets out of that cage soon.
    That’s really a twisted way to get married but because it’s Jacks I’m not really surprised. I’m glad Tella finally stabbed him. While reading that scene I was like stab him already. How bad is that?

  • Yaryna

    I was happy screaming when Tella stabbed Jacks and ended their marriage. I was so worried Stephanie would make Tella and Jacks endgame (who knows, we still have a hundred pages left). I just want Tella/Legend and Scarlett/Julian to be immortal and love each other and be endgame. STEPHANIE PLEASE

  • Victoria

    This love-hate triangle is going to be the end of me!
    Legend and Tella are destined to be together, but Jacks needs to find his own happiness, too.

    After everything we found out about the Fallen Star, I feel bad for all the Fates, because it wasn’t their choice to live that long and do all those terrible things.

    I didn’t see the marriage coming AT ALL! Like I didn’t see Jacks breaking that bond either. ??

    I need answers!

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