Finale Readalong: Day 7

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Hi, friends!

The final day of the readalong is upon us. Am I prepared to see how this ends? Nope, not at all! Are we going to do this? Yes!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for chapters 54-end of Finale by Stephanie Garber. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Tella is super suspicious of Jacks, which I can’t blame her for. But I still feel for him! Many of the Fates seem to want to get rid of the Fallen Star, so together they hatch a plan because Legend is all on his own and we cannot have him dying! Everyone needs to work together to defeat the Fallen Star – I believe they can do this!

In order for Jacks to help, he needs to control Tella’s emotions and make her love him. And whilst she doesn’t want to do it, she doesn’t have a choice because they need him. This is so not going to end well, haha! Jacks does not quit, does he?! His obsession with her will definitely destroy her, but they need to help Legend.

Scarlett is now in the past, following her mother Paloma to try to see what she is like to pretend to be her. She isn’t supposed to be seen by anyone, but she is spotted by Paloma who asks her who she is (she’s actually pregnant with Scarlett!). Scarlett tells her that she is trying to save everyone from the Fallen Star, and Paloma is shocked that he would do all of this but believes Scarlett. She gives Scarlett a dress and Scarlett is now preparing to pretend to be Paloma. Can you imagine how emotional it must be to meet your mother back in the past?

They go back to the future and the Assassin brings Scarlett pretending to be Paloma to the Fallen Star, and we see he truly regrets killing Paloma. It’s so sad, I wish she was still alive! But he still isn’t in love with her… Until Tella almost gets burned but Scarlett shoves her away and talks to the Fallen Star, he starts to feel love, love for her mother and even Scarlett. She couldn’t kill him, but Tella does. It’s so sad, but also how could it not end this way? 🙁 I cry!!!

Now Jacks tries to run off with Tella, but Legend is freed since the Fallen Star is dead and Tella’s love is stronger than Jacks’ spell and LEGEND FINALLY CONFESSES HIS LOVE FOR HER!!! Sorry for my exclamation marks but OH MY GOSH I AM SO HAPPY! Scarlett is also now going to rule and is happy with Julian, and Legend and Tella are together and will go off on adventures. I am SO HAPPY!

What do you think of the conclusion of this story? I thought it was a perfect ending, and all our precious characters are safe!

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5 thoughts on “Finale Readalong: Day 7

  1. What an ending and what a book! So magical and amazing, I loved every bit of it, it was so perfect! Its the most magical book I have ever read, it was such a beautiful story.
    I am so happy I got to take part in this fairytale! It will always be my favorite series.
    Stephanie is such an amazing writer and I really hope she will make a spin off series of this but I am looking forward to reading any of her future books <3

  2. It was a really really wondeful ending. It had pretty much everything you could wish for. Even though I am so sad for Jacks. But so glad about Tella and Legend. I mead FINALLY! *sorry*
    Still I just didn’t want it to end. I wanted to read more. More about Scarlet and Julians happy life at the palace, how she manages. I want so desperately to read about Tellas and Legends life and the adventures and I want to read more about them now that both of those stubborn idiots finally admitted their feelings for each other. I was in the mood for some more sappy romance between them (even though that’s not really their style, but still).
    On the other hand I would love to read about young Paradise and her thieving life in the past.
    In the end I’m just happy we got such a great happy ending, got to love them, right?

  3. Ooooo finely Legend confesses his love for Tella yaaaay and hus love broje Hacks obsession
    Oh poor Jacks he lost her againg that poor obsessed foul I do feel for him But Legend never really trethend her life for his benefit so I am happy that their together
    Oh Scarlet she is an empress now well will be and her and Julian are soo cute together and the way she got the Fallen Star to becone human was soo emotional
    But of course our bad ass Tella becomes faith slayer hehe go girl
    But that ending hmm I dont know if I like it ist funny and soo Tella but it lets you linger and wanting more uuùuu I hope this means theres going to be sam sort of sequel to the series that would be sooo amazing
    All and all I loved the book it was just the perfect amount of eveything and the bulid of tension was perfect can’t wait for what Stephanie writes next because this trilogy was awsome

  4. I finished this book while on holiday with my family and I sat sobbing on the beach for a solid 30 minutes. The ending was PERFECT! I am beyond happy! It was everything I had hoped for.
    But I already miss this world and the characters. I’m really hoping Garber decides to write a spinoff book about Jacks, because I feel his story isn’t over yet…

  5. This was the most amazing epilogue, the most magical FINALE to a new, all-time-favourite series! ?❤️?

    I am going to write my very, very long, packed with spoilers review during the weekend, but I really wanted to share with you some thoughts.
    a) The twins mentioned that Tella and Legend are going to have a baby. Potential spin-off series No. 1, for which I’m already super excited.
    b) Scarlett mentioned that some of the Fates lived in the North. Potential spin-off series No. 2, which could be really, really intriguing.
    c) Scarlett is the new empress and Julian is going to rule by her side. A necessary spin-off series, because I can never have enough of these two cinnamon rolls!

    Overall, this third book was magical, heartbreakingly beautiful, whimsical, with many ups and downs, amazing plot twists and a finale that was worth waiting for! ?


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