Fire & Heist Readalong: Day 4

Beautiful photo by @lostinficti0n

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Today we’re speaking chapters 13-16! Shall we?

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Fire & Heist chapters 1-16 inclusively. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Do you guys do this thing when you check where you are in the book (mid way or close to the end?) and what is happening plot-wise to decide if that’s the finale or if you should hold on to your seat for a bit longer?

Because, same.

So since the actual heist is happening at the middle of the book I am convinced some stuff will definitely go down still!

The part they trained for actually went by so quickly during the actual heist! I’m surprised. It was mainly smooth too, we only hesitated when it came to Gabriella passing over the flames. I really appreciated Sky helping her with the confidence, granted she would have had to do that for the heist sake but I think it was a friendship moment too and she spoke encouraging words she truly believes.

Ryan is saying that his father has come back and now we sort of lost connection with him because he’s dealing with him! Um. Excuse me, he was supposed to be out! Do we really have to deal with that guy now?

What does make me happy is the fact that they at least had a plan for this situation, because it makes absolute sense that they would! Imagine planning a heist and not considering a possibility that the father will get home. At least Sky seems to be somewhat collected while everyone else is busy panicking. I was worried her nervousness would ruin her efforts to breathe fire when it counted, but alas no, we are IN the vault. Maximus turns into a fire beast himself and fights the other one.


What the hell, man! We trusted you! We liked you! You were funny, we bonded over snacks!! You don’t just do that!

It’s the oddest disappearance too, he didn’t even take the treasure with him, nor do we know if he alerted the father and that’s why he was home now.

Then the father captures them and tells Sky that the jewel was the Door. You know. THE DOOR. He didn’t really have to explain that to us but hey that’s a very villainey thing to do, so thanks! Sky doesn’t really seem to put 1 & 1 together at first; I’m sure we can’t blame her as her situation is very stressful. The father pretty much gives her an ultimatum of either going through the Door with a promise he will not hurt her friends, or she can be killed…


What a pickle.

I wonder what she will pick.

I must admit, the fathers methods and logic doesn’t always make perfect sense to me but hey, he doesn’t seem to want to make much sense either.

So now the question is: why is the council hiding the Door? If they can all go back home, why don’t they? Maybe because they won’t have power there? Or maybe he is the one hiding the door from the Council, so nobody really knows about it!

Is it just me or the other side through the Door  is very unsettling, like a fever dream? She basically wakes up in the other world and it feels like how you’d imagine heaven, but when you just don’t feel right there? Everything seems wrong? Why is perfection always so anxiety inducing? Suppose because we know nothing is perfect!

Oh hello dragons and unicorns! Wish Gabriella could see this! Sky is reunited with her mother, yay!  The mother doesn’t seem that concerned about what happened at home. However when Sky fills her in, she seems so shocked as if she didn’t expect her actions to have such an effect on the family.

Sky is also told that she cannot get back, and there is no wizardry on this side of the World, which is sort of ironic because everywhere we look there’s just so many majestic things happening! But at least it explains why her mother hasn’t come back, nobody can pass the fire beast. And even more so, it explains why Ryans father has the beast on constant guard mode even when it costs so much gold! I like it when things add up.

But we’re stuck.

Very interesting. I really want to know what happens next and how is Gabriela! Ryan too, I suppose. But Gabriella!

I don’t think we ever had a chapter from another perspective though so we may not know until Sky does. But on another hand, Sky probably will learn how to turn into a dragon. I’m sure she will find a way to get back. It was almost sinister how everyone tells her not to worry, that she will love it there. But she is obviously very distressed so it’s very much a weird fever dream situation.

This is terrible. She has to perform and turn into a dragon for this reckoning otherwise she will have to basically live in absolute poverty. Obviously for her especially that would be very hard because she is pretty much a spoiled princess. Go figure something like an extreme class separation is taking place in this world, I knew it was too good to be true. Seriously, that’s so messed up!

But hey, at least we know Maximus’ motivation! I did say I don’t trust the weak reason he gave us before! It was a sneaky thing to do, even if it was for love. Thankfully it didn’t actually change much in how things went down but it could have! Love does make people blind. But are we mad at him? I’m excited to see what you think about that!



92 thoughts on “Fire & Heist Readalong: Day 4

  1. First thought reading was “wait Maximus had a wife?!” What happened to her! I hope we get to see them interact in the future. Then he becomes a fire beast! HOT!
    I FREAKIN’ knew the jewel was the door! Max’s wife is probably “Home” and wants to meet up with her again! OMG! So good!

    Yay! She gets to go see that fantastical Home world! So excited! The whole jewel being the door reminded me of a childhood show “Dragon Tales” where they would be a transported to the dragon world in a similar way.

    What if Ryan’s father is like the Warden of the exiled wyverns but they were allowed to come back within a certain time frame but he wanted them to stay on earth and keep stealing??? That was my prediction but the actual back story was decent too.

    1. Oh wow! I never noticed the similarity to Dragon Tales! You’re totally right!!! 😀

      1. I’m glad someone else sees it too!

    2. It was pretty cool of Maximus to transform into a fire beast! I was really annoyed when he left Sky after touching the jewel. Yeah he wanted to see if this Home place is real but yet he endangers everyone on the crew! x

    3. I sort of want to know more about his wife!

  2. So our theory about the door was correct, we are bunch of a clever fairylooters 🙂

    I really liked these chapters, there was so much suspense! And we got to see the home, yayy.. too bad I don’t like it there, it doesn’t really look like a nice place to live. And I was so confused about Sky’s mother, she didn’t really care about what happened to her husband or children and she gave up on them so soon. I don’t know, that is not very nice behavior.

    My bookstagram is @knizna_vila and I will do the post tomorrow (friday), can’t wait 🙂

    1. Yes we are all very clever! hehe!

      And i was confused too!
      I really don’t like this place called Home. I hope that Sky finds a way out and takes her mum and anyone else who wants to leave the place. I hope that Mr Keene gets punished badly for what he has done! x

      1. Yes!! Mr Keene should get thrown before all those angry pure waywerns and get eaten! Or thrown from a cliff, whatever works for them.

    2. Hehe, we are all the smartest cookies ^^ I know, the mother seemed really distant to me too in these chapters!

  3. First of all, yay I caught up and can FINALLY participate! I’m kind of annoyed at the Mother, I feel like she should have been a little more considerate before leaving or at least told someone and not assume everything would be okay. I get why but if Ryan realised there was a bomb then surely the mother would have considering she’s more experienced and stuff!
    I was surprised about Maximus’ betrayal and I’m really curious about what’s going on in the human world. I’m also not quite sure how I feel about him.

    I think Worm is going to play a bigger part from too. I feel like his amazing power with fire must be somehow related with fighting the fire beast.

    I’ll post the picture later today. My handle is @aseriesofpages!

    1. I totally agree about Worm playing a big role! He’ll probably help Sky finding her way back to earth.

    2. That is such a good idea, about Worm and firebeast

    3. Ooooh that‘s the best idea – using Worm‘s fire power to defeat the beast! I never would have thought of that, but now I bet you are right!

      1. Ditto what they said. Great deducing. Maybe Worm will be happier on earth.

    4. I have a funny feeling that Sky will find a way out and that her mum, possibly worm, Maximus and his wife and anyone else who wants to leave with follow, of course once they figure out how to get rid of the fire beast x

    5. Ooooooh you might be right! ^^

  4. At first I felt betrayed by Maximus. But I am glad he didnt do it with ill intentions. Still like him. But there sinks my shortly lived ship.

    There is something foul going on. Some things are not making sense. Like why Ryan’s dad really wants to keep The Door. And why he just exiles people. Something does not add up. But what smells even more foul is Home. Its like the Returned are being brainwashed to love Home and forget about Earth? Her mom surely does not seem to give two flipping fudges over her sons and husband.

    And the whole Reckoning thing is brutal. Too cruel. A dystipia, like Sky said. The wyverns are almost dictated who and what they are. Its an oppresive system. Why separate who goes where? Why such a harsh control that not even family can help each other? And why has no one even attempted or cared to return? Feels wierd. I think Home wants to keep them from something. Who knows, maybe Ryan’s father is more of an anti-hero and Home are the real villains.

    1. I think a lot of people felt betrayed by Maximus lol xD

      And Sky’s mum did say that Ryan’s dad kept the door because anyone who disagreed with him or doesn’t like the idea that he is married to a human he would send to Home so his secret or people who are in his way are gone for good. I think the door is like Ryan’s dad’s power. If you took the door away from him he would be powerless, maybe something like that would happen? Or the door gets destroyed once everyone leaves or something x

    2. Oh absolutely, it’s so unsettling I just want us to go back to earth haha

  5. The heist!!!
    I can’t believe that things went so smoothly for so long I thought it would have gone pair shaped sooner.

    Ryan really tried to keep things going well but I knew as soon as his dad came back it was just going to go south. At least he tried to keep them safe.

    I knew there was more to Maximus than we thought! But at least his motive wasn’t as bad as I thought.

    I can’t believe that the gem they were targeting was The Door to Home!

    I hope nothing happens to Gabriela! She really doesn’t deserve anything horrible to happen to her. Home would be her paradise! She would spend all her time with the unicorns!

    We found Mom! Oh my days! So she isn’t dead! I really hope we can get back to their family! I really hope we get reunited with Gabriela and Ryan!

    My bookstagram is @velvetshock

    1. Ryan did do a really good job trying to keep everything together!
      And I hope that nothing bad happens to Gabriella too! x

    2. I’m so afraid for Gabriella, I don’t trust the father at all to keep his promise; he didn’t give us much reason to believe much that he says!

      Hopefully they will tell us soon!

  6. Hello everyone ! ?

    So I was looking at the book like “hum… I’m very excited for the heist but why is it happening now I mean, there’s so many chapters left it can’t last this long ?” Guess I was right since the heist was really quick !

    I didn’t expected this to happened !
    I also like the “you will like it here” part hum… sure she just have to give up on everyone she loves, perform at the reckoning and succeed because otherwise she will be in the wrong side of this place, will be poor and starving for maybe all her life… what’s not to like, right ?
    I can’t wait to get the hell out of this place already !

    I also really want to know how Gabriella and Ryan are doing ! And Sky’s family !

    Okay time to read more and hope we leave that place as quickly as we came !

    1. I don’t like this place called Home either, I hope that everyone escapes and everyone is reunited. Mr Keene get punished and Sky’s family gets everything back, Sky and Ryan get’s back together and Maximus and his Wife run the shop together again 🙂 x

    2. Right? Just need to get out of there!

      1. Its amazing how we all are like Earth is better go home Sky! Home feels like a prison. I honestly love how Sky actually had no interest in Home before she got there and her first impression doesn’t change that. For the most part she’s content with her life, or the way it was before her mom went after the Door, and thats so different than most teenage antagonists. Usually they all wish for a different life, but not Sky. She just wants her family back together and to not suffer.
        For the #fairyheist my handle is @dqnelson and I put my picture up this morning!

        1. Protagonist not antagonist! Should drink my coffee before posting online!

  7. Ha!! I knew it!! Maximus did betrayed Sky. Even though, I was wrong and he does have a lot in common with Magnus, he was doing everything for love. So I guess that is ok, still angry with him, but I guess we all do stupid things for love.

    Yaaay!! Unicorns? and dragons ?.

    Does anyone else get a bit of a creepy vibe from Home. Why are they so enthusiastic about Sky? Why are people tested and separated from they’re family? And why they don’t go back to Eaeth, they’re freaking dragons, they can breathe fire, I bet a full transformed dragon can fight the fire beast.. Hmm don’t think I like this Home..

    Hope Gabriella and Ryan are ok. Maybe they’ll team up with Sky’s dad and brothers and make things right. Would love to see some family involvement in this, especially that now it should ring some bells that both Sky and her mom tried to steal the same thing and suspiciously dissapeard while doing it.

    1. Ooh like this idea. Would be good to see more of that brotherly love in action.

    2. I am definaly getting a creepy vibe from Home, I don’t like it one bit!
      I do like you idea of Sky’s dad and brothers teaming up with Ryan and Gabriella to save Sky and her mum and possibly everyone else that Mr Keene has wronged 🙂 x

  8. I was kind of happy that I didn’t have time to read yesterday because I could get right into the heist and omg this book is so good! Ryan’s dad is really weird and he better get his ass kicked in the end xD Home kind of terrifies me it all seems to good to be true and like she said it does sound like a dystopian which immediately makes me think of The Handmaid’s Tale and their horrible life.. I’m curious to see what happens next but yeah I think she’ll eventually turn into a dragon and at point go back but how??? I have no clue what is going to happen next but I am so excited to find out! I don’t remember the last time a book made me feel so excited to continue!:) (also I joined the giveaway! My IG is dewibeulen)

  9. I was suspicious about Home the moment she got there ? though I would love to see fanart from it. All the wyverns!! That would be an amazing sight!

    I kinda understood Maximus. Might have been better if he told Sky about it though.. they could have planned for it ?

    1. Good point, I think fan art would be stunning!

  10. Nice to know that Maximus had good reason to do what he did so he’s not a bad guy after all.

    I just wonder that if magic was born in Home why Maximus can’t be wizard anymore.

    Anyways I’m sure they will find a way back somehow or someone will come find them

    1. That’s true, at least he didn’t do for greed or just because haha

  11. And I entered the competition. My Instagram handle is @ninahilden

  12. Hmmm. The story kinda gets stranger and stranger. I wonder how the world will be in the next chapters. A little sad that heist was over so fast (since it is in the title). But I think this new world will open up so many ways the story could go… I am looking forward to reading more of it!

  13. Wow.
    Things got really intense, really quickly, amIright?
    So, now we’re in Home and it’s really not the land of honey that it was made out to be, is it? I’m not sure that approve of such a highscale (pun totally intended) caste system.
    And Sky only has three days to prepare herself? That’s crazy! She can’t even transform, and we all know how terrible she is at flames. Is she going to end up on the bottom rung of the ladder with Worm? (Seriously, is that his real name?)

    And what about those she’s left behind? Her brothers are going to blame themselves because they agreed to cover for her, and her dad is going to be devastated! What happens to Gabriela now? I’m not so sure that I believe Ryan’s dad is above killing her.
    Ryan! He turned out not to be in on the whole thing after all! I’m surprised, I really had him painted as a baddie. I guess that’s what I get for assuming.
    Although, now I’m not sure I completely trust Novi, what do you guys think?

    Poor Maximus. I completely understand his reasons for betraying Sky. I mean, sure he put everyone in danger, but he was only trying to get to his wife. People (or Wyverns, I guess) will do crazy things for the ones they love. I forgive him, and I only hope Sky does, too.

    Also, I entered the Photo Challenge! My Instagram handle is the same as my username here—@love.the.villain
    Good luck, everyone!

    1. I feel bad for assuming that Ryan was working for his dad somehow. But I hope that Ryan and Gabriella don’t get hurt.
      I have a feeling that Mr Keene won’t keep his promise in a way, he will try and destroy Sky’s family and maybe try to find Gabriella. But if they have another meeting, I think that Ryan is going to step up and tell them about the jewel, and what it really is and possibly tell them what his father has been doing.
      Maybe that was Ryan’s intention all along? He thought Sky could help get back everyone his father wronged including Sky’s mum, now he has to try and get back the love of life and everyone. But this is my idea anyway x

    2. I know, 3 days is NOT EVEN CLOSE TO ENOUGH! I also keep thinking about her family and how they must be going crazy with worry!

  14. Hey everyone!
    I really loved those chapters though I thought the Heist would be much longer and even more difficult!
    I still don’t love Ryan and when Sky helped Gabriella go through the fire, I couldn’t help but ship them a little…
    I didn’t love the betrayal from Maximus but I already forgave him, though I wish he would have discussed beforehand.
    I would looooove to know what’s happening on Earth while Sky is Home but I guess we won’t be able to find out just yet!
    Had to tear myself away from the book not to keep reading. 🙂
    Looking forward to whatever is next.
    I entered the challenge, my handle is @moandh

    1. I think everyone is hurt by Maximus but then forgiving him lol xD.
      I too loved how Sky helped Gabriella through the fire, it was so sweet of them!
      I thought the planning and the heist had gone to quick, is it just me or does this book seem rushed? x

      1. Maximus is hard to hold a grudge against, the guy brought in snacks haha

        1. You can’t say no to snacks lol ? x

  15. I think I’m going to have to finish this book tonight, the anticipation!!

    I feel like now we will definitely get to see Sky in dragon form which I’m super excited for. I also wonder if Dad, Charles, Liam and Tuck might come to the rescue.

    I definitely get a very bad vibe about Home and I’m hoping maybe that could be fixed a bit and then the Door can be left open so the wyverns can come and go from Home. Also then maybe Gabriela can meet a unicorn ?

    Also, I’ll be entering and my Insta handle is sophias.thoughts

    1. Aw it would be lovely if the door was kept open!

  16. I am so mad at Sky’s mother. Even if she didn’t know what the consequences had been for her family, she moved on really fast. She doesn’t even care to try and find another way with Sky… Talking of whom I would have expected a little more of anger towards her mother (even if, I understand the relief of finding her being alive)

    I am so concerned about Sky’s family, I love her brothers so much and now they are going to be outcasted because their little sister broke her promise and did the same mistake as their mother. I am so worried about them they are going to be broken ?

    Also, my girl Gabriella better be okay, I am going to miss her in this Hell that is Home. Ryan’s father better leave her alone as promised (which I severely doubt)

    1. I don’t really like Sky’s mom either. She didn’t even ask Sky about her brothers and dad (although Sky did tell her about them). I can’t believe she’s happy living away from her family and hasn’t tried to find a way to go back to Earth. She seems kind of brainwashed like the other returned.

    2. I didn’t like how Sky’s mum reacted either. It’s like she had forgotten her old life and moved on. I am very surprised that she had gotten remarried and had children lol xD (I know she had only been there a month, just saying lol)
      I love Sky’s brothers so much too! x

    3. Definitely agree, mothers reaction was a bit unexpected but I suppose different people deal with grief differently

  17. I had to keep reading yesterday up to these chapters. I’m kind of disappointed with home it just seems so segregated and everyone seems so fine with it. I’m wondering how they’ll get back. I feel it will be a bit of a disappointment if she can just turn into a dragon to defeat the fire beast. Like why didn’t anyone else who went back do that? But looking forward to her learning how to change into a dragon!

    Post my picture tomorrow! Instagram @erin.bethany.robinson

    1. I would be disappointed too if that is how they defeat the fire beast. But you have to remember Wyverns can’t transform when they were on Earth x

  18. So at first I was a bit dissapoibted that the heist took plce in the middle of the book already. I had noooo clue what could come after that.
    It was a bit strange that everything went so smooth until Ryan’s Dad showed up. There was this scene with Gabriela but…let’s be honest. We all knew that brave Gabi would do it.
    Okay so I was wrong about Ryan. He is a good guy indeed. That’s good news because I’m all here for a romantic reunion <3
    And can we talk about Maximus? He betrayed Sky to find his wife?!? Yasss!!! I am all here for romance nd it was just the cutest. I just found it a little bit weird that his wife just stayed all dragon.
    So Sky's mum seems to live with her jead up in the clouds… i am not sure what to think about her
    But I am sure that Sky will find a way back to her family and they will get their rank back and Mr. Keene will go to Wyvern-jail and every wyvern will have access to home. Hopefully

    I will definitely post a photo on my Insta @pandabooklove tomorrow or saturday.

  19. We all knew Sky wouldn’t succeed in stealing the jewel – it wouldn’t have been much of a story if she did. But it’s going to be so interesting to see her response to the Reckoning and their hierarchy. Especially since Sky forms an opinion and runs with it. And you can tell she’s not completely dazzled by Home.
    I do hope we get to see more of her brothers and her Dad. They really do deserve an explanation.
    Ryan’s father, although slightly crazy and maybe a bit power hungry did start all of this so he could be with the woman he loved. So now every time he faces opposition he sends them home and probably believes in his heart it’s to protect his family. Maybe he’s not entirely evil (at least not to begin with). It’s like Maximum, the things you do for love.

  20. I do have a simple question: Why didn’t they throw a bucket of water over the fire beast? It would have the job easier. ?

    1. Maybe if they did it would just turn to steam because the fire beast is that hot? x

  21. I was hoping that the heist would play a bigger part (I mean, seriously, the word ‘heist’ is in the title!) , because I just love reading about heists! All the things that could go wrong (and usually do go wrong) and the characters having to improvise!
    Home is fishy. I don’t like that everyone is avoiding Sky’s questions and all the wyverns seem waaay too enthusiastic!
    Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.

    I will post the photo for the photo challenge tomorrow (my handle is @ankereads).

    Happy reading everyone!

    1. Yes Home does sound very fishy, I just hope they all get to leave somehow. And people who want to leave just follows sky or something. I just hope they get out soon! x

  22. Why did Ryan tell all about the protection of the vault but forgets to mention the bomb/alarm around the jewel? I still don’t like him haha. Maximus I can forgive. Sky’s mother only seems to care about her self, maybe breathing in the air of Home is brainwashing or something. The systems doesn’t make sense either. The robots feel also out of place, I didn’t expect those in a magical world with unicorns and dragons! I hope we will see how Gabriela is doing, for me she’s the most interesting character.

    1. And my instagram is tessa_elvina 🙂

    2. Maybe he didn’t know there was a bomb on it? But what is puzzling me is why is there a bomb on it in the first place? x

  23. I agree with everyone in that Home is very unsettling. I feel like her mom wanted to go back (especially since she was studying dragons before) but I don’t know if her intentions were to just leave her family or to get the Door and take it back to persuade her family to go back with her. But she does seem convinced that she was never going to see Sky again so I feel like she knew what she was doing by leaving her family. I don’t know 0.0 I love the aesthetic of Home but not all the sketchy sounding stuff.

  24. After a while in yesterday’s reading I suspected her mother could have gotten Home, and she was!
    The actual heist was a little bit boring but its ok because I also don’t think that was the highlight in the story, something more, a big thing, just has to happen. Although I feel we have come so far in the book that there is not enough pages for the story to be complete, I wish this book was a little longer.
    I think in one way sky will be able to go back to earth, I am kind of hoping Gabriela will fix things there and come get sky but I think I might be dreaming.

    and for the contest my instagram is @aurora.sofie

  25. Yay, we finally get to see Home and dragons! I really like Home, well not the class differences but the scenery and such. Also it’s a really nice touch that the dragons speak a different language than the Returned, it makes the world seem more realistic.

    Also yay, a giveaway! I’m posting the pic tomorrow, my handle is @_mari_ml 🙂

  26. The jewel was the Door! Oh my dear, now that I‘ve read it, it seems so obvious! But I didn’t expect this at all! How did I not see this coming???? I feel so stupid! ?

    Anywayyyyys, I enjoyed the heist scene a lot and I loved how Sky and Gabriella walked through the fire together, that was some nice bonding time!

    So now we are in Home and, well… it sucks, pretty much. This place really doesn’t feel the way it should, given it’s called ‚HOME‘.
    I really hope Sky will find a way to get back! Ryan’s dad has to be taken down! And imagine what would happen to Sky‘s dad and brothers if she didn’t come back! ??

    1. I feel for her brothers too! And her dad! I love them too much! ? x

  27. So the heist finally arrived and it was somewhat thrilling and then seemed a bit too easy and then Maximus did what we kind of all expected him to do (even though we liked him – and he did it for love). Looks like Ryan does love her though and his dad is a bully. I wonder if he went through to home initially and decided he didn’t like it. He has a lot of power to send and trap his enemies there.

    And the jewel was a door to Home and then unfortunately for me I felt we went back to it being a bit info dumpy.
    Clearly all is not paradise in this country – that was an interesting twist especially as it is seen as a mythical and perfect place to the wyverns. The ‘Is this a dystopia’ was kind of a funny line.
    So can Sky turn into a full dragon – can her mum?
    And if she can can a full dragon defeat a fire beast? I’m guessing she’ll end up back on earth by the end.

    I’m back to feeling a little confused about what this book wants to be if I’m honest.

    1. I think we are all feeling a little betrayed, confused, creeped out and many other emotions x

  28. The heist went sooo smooth (if we don’t count Gabriela’s little moment) and then BAM, everything went down the hill. Maximus betrayed us and I was like, no man, you can’t do that I actually started to properly like you even though I don’t properly trust you. And then Mr. Keen happens…and Sky is going back Home…Where she finds her mother and I should feel happy for her, but I just can’t be properly happy because of the feelings that Home gives me. I am sure that Earth is not perfect, but Home…it just doesn’t seem right and I have very mixed feelings about it. Also the Reckoning, which will say if you live as a rich or in poverty, I don’t like it. I was thinking that Sky might turn into a dragon, and than she figures out that that is her way out, that she can go back through the door and at the vault she can turn in the dragon and she can fight the fire beast.

  29. I knew Maximus was up to something ?? glad it wasn’t bad tho ?

    The heist went super quick, maybe a little too quick for my liking.. Like everything went so easy..
    Right now I’m not sure how I feel about the book.. I don’t know I just feel like something is missing for my taste.

    Will post my photo tomorrow my handle @mybookishjourneys

  30. I have been really excited for today’s chapters 🙂 It was heist day, but I still have a funny feeling that something bad was going to happen.
    Gabriella made it through the fire YAY! She disarmed the second alarm and the next part was up to Sky, but of course something had to happen. Ryan’s dad had to come home, I wonder what he forgot? or was he double checking something with Ryan? who knows???

    Now i was expecting that! Maximus drank the second potion and turned into a fire beast! that would of been cool to see! but he did defeat the fire beast and got them to the gold. Gabriella got her unicorn horn, which I am sure she will treasure forever!

    I KNEW! I had a funny feeling not to trust Maximus! He must of know from her mothers heist? But now all the alarms are going off! NOOOOO!
    And who is there to greet them? none other than Ryan’s dad! :O
    I am so glad that Gabriella got away! But how interesting is that? The jewel that Sky’s mum was after is THE DOOR! I read from a few comments yesterday and the day before that some of you thought it could be the door, and you were right!
    But now Sky has to protect her friends and family and by doing so, she has to touch the jewel. I wonder how Ryan, Gabriella and her family is going to react (That is if her family finds out) I am certain her brothers will be wondering what has happen.
    I think Ryan might actually got and tell them? What do you think?

    So now that Sky has touched the jewel and is getting twisted (I love the doctor who reference) Will she find her mum? Will Maximus be there? Where is there? and will she be able to leave the jewel?

    Wow! so Sky has arrived at Home! And she has found her mum! who is alive and can transform into a dragon!
    Maximus has reunited with his not dead wife, who had been exiled to Home for a whole year! Now we know why Maximus was so eager to go on the heist.
    However, they can’t leave. If they do the fire beast will kill them :O Sky has left behind her brothers, her father, Ryan and Gabrielle in danger….because who really trusts Mr Keene word about leaving them all alone if she touched the jewel?

    I don’t think I like Home…yeah it is pretty and you can become a dragon and everything but their rules are a little harsh. I felt sorry for Novi’s brother, being all skin and bones and being ranked the lowest of the low.
    I am hoping that Sky finds a way out of Home and takes everyone out of there including her mother. I am hoping that will be the end of the book were everyone is reunited and that Mr Keene gets punished.
    I love that Sky has found her mum but I am not liking Home. Fingers crossed she finds her way out of Home and back to her Earth home…Does anyone else agree? x

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  31. I like stories where the parents are involved! It seems more credible to me (even in fantasy) because to me, parents are an important aspect of most childrens’ lives.
    I enjoy that we get to know Skys family members so well, father, mother and brothers. As well as Ryans father, and the mention of Gabriellas brother.
    Even though her family relations is kinda “Special”, I feel like many of us can relate to the awkwardness, coldness, and hidden love they express for each other.
    This book is so fast paced! Now they are suddenly in the other world. It’s a wonderful place, but I would rather go back to earth, because their society is awful. I feel so sorry for Worm, I hope he manages to show their leaders how unfair they are. Again, more family relations, Worm and Novi, me Likes 😛

    Posted on Instagram: @xxninnixx

    1. I think everyone wants to go back to earth, because to be honest Home is a very creepy place. It’s like it has two personalities. One that is all nice, shiny and beautiful and the other where if you fail you literally starve to death x

  32. Just posted my picture on Instagram!! @myfictionallife15

    I’m so excited to be doing this read along!! It’s the first time I’ve been able to do it while the read along has been happening!!

    I’ve got to say I wasn’t all that surprised that Home isn’t all that great a place to be. I mean any place that will banish its people to another planet can’t be all it’s cracked up to be. I just know Sky is going to figure out how to get back to Earth with her mom and maybe some other people who were sent over, to take down Ryan’s dad.

  33. I participated in the photo challenge

    I certainly hope Sky uses that relentless stubbornness now more then ever and gets back home. I think we can all agree that this world with her mother has a few secrets and or barbaric rules. I’m curious to find out if her mother really does believe its a euphoric dystopia. I cant help but wonder if the mother, given a chance to truly be alone with Sky, would continue to say so or be desperate to make a plan and leave. At first I was upset at how the father always reacted about the mom but if we are to take her mothers words for truth it honestly sounds like she could care less about returning back to her children and husband.

  34. SO.. I really though thar Ryan would have dobblt crossed Sky in the Heist, but he didn’t. The Heist went smoothly until they got inside the vault and then Maximus went and dobblt crossed all of them ? didn’t see that one coming.

    Skys mother is hiding something els from her. I really think there is something she is not telling.
    Novi is showing Sky around Home and it’s giving me kind of Divergent vibes with the different territories or districts.

    We also meet Novi’s brother Worm who has the lowest rank because he can’t transform into a Dragon – but he is able to make a white hot fire – and he is one of the best.

    I think like the rest that Sky I going to become like Worm and be the lowest rank. And then they are going to plan a “heist” again. And she is going to use he’s ability to bet the Fire Beast. And then Sky and her mother is able to go back home to Earth

    My Instagram is @majabooks and i’m also going to participate in the photo challenge.

    1. Yes! I got Divergent vibes too!

  35. I felt so tense up until they actually climbed the cliff to begin the heist. Partly hoping she would stay with her amazing brothers. I was like, “There’s no way they get away with this!!!”

    It’s kinda making me feel like the giver did. Where no one sees anything wrong with the way their society is running, but in reality there is so much wrong.

    Sky’s gut has been pretty right on with certain feelings so something must really be wrong.
    I seriously can’t wait to finish this book. I might not even stop tonight. I’m so drawn in.

  36. I was waiting for someone do double cross sky during the heist and I have a feeling maybe Ryan spilled the beans a little
    Then Maximus just handed her the loot and disappeared?!!! WHAT!!

    I’m sceptical of Sky’s mom and if it were my mom I would have stopped everything and make her explain all before I even moved or went with anyone. If I had family I would forever try to get back to them. And maybe she has and that is why she has marks on her.

    As for Worm I was thinking the same thing he is going to end up helping with the fire beast things are definitely interesting. So many questions so few pages. I just know sky will become a dragon!!!!

  37. I was definitely on the edge of my seat for quite a part of this section, it was quite tense and exciting! I liked that there was more development of Sky and Gabriela’s friendship, it was really lovely how Sky helped Gabriela deal with her fear and help her get through the flames, I think I care more about their friendship than I do Ryan and Sky’s relationship, although I don’t mind their relationship and I can see that they care for each other and I hope Ryan will be alright. I’m just more invested in hoping Gabriela will be alright. And I agree that Home is very unsettling, at first it seems too perfect and then it becomes clear that the way things work there are wrong, but nobody questions it or challenges it even though some of their own kind are left to starve in a wasteland! I’m hoping that in the end Sky finds a way to help the disadvantaged of Home, but also finds a way to get back to her home on Earth and see her family again.
    My Instagram is @showmethe starlight

  38. I have so much anger towards Ryan’s Dad, honestly I’m sort of glad this is all fictional because if not I’d probably get into a lot of trouble for punching his smug face. (Wow, that actually sounds really violent, sorry.)
    Anyway, these chapters were addicting. I will admit, I read a few more than I was meant to but I’m sure that’s forgivable considering how amazing this book it.
    I really did like Maximus and I don’t understand why he didn’t just wait for them to get out of the cell before going through the Door. Slightly selfish but I can’t be too mad all my hate is currently directed towards Ryan’s Dad.
    I think everyone acted really odd when Sky went through the door. Even her Mum was giving me weird vibes. I know the world won’t be as perfect as it first appears, nothing is (that’s a slightly depressing thought.) But I hope that they can get back to Earth because I miss Sky’s brothers…

    Ps. My bookstagram is @outandabout.books

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  40. Maximus, I thought I could believe in you! Noooooo!
    Also good plot twist though I had kind of expect that.
    Really happy that Sky and her mom were finally reunited ! I’m also sure Sky will find a way to return to her real home.

    Home is really a dystopia , poor Worm! He’s the broken character in this book I guess. Really intrigued by him.

  41. Omg i really hope she transforms into a dragon it would be so cool!

    (I entered ^^ @cinnasbooks on insta 🙂

  42. I knew the heist was going to mess up! but I was super surprised that the jewel Sky’s mum was trying to steal was the door to Home! I had a slight inkling that we would get to see Home, but woah it is so different from what I expected. I am very excited to see how they get back to earth (because they just have to!)

    I also entered the Instagram photo challenge, my handle is @elleerose.

    (PS. I am loving this readalong, it is so satisfying reading a book that I just received, and doing it in a big group is so motivating)

  43. Okay, I am a bit late. I finished the chapters a few days ago, sadly I wasn’t really home so this post had to wait a little.
    So of course something goes wrong, how could it not. And as many had guessed the jewel is the door. Curious how her family reacts to her being gone… guess we’ll find out later ehwn Sky does as well.
    I kind of understand Maximus, but that was not okay… There had to be another way…
    And how could her Mom care so little… seems to me she must have known that she wouldn’t see her family again or at least not for a long time and for me it seems she didn’t care much…
    And Home, wow that does not sound like a place I would want to live.

    And for the foto challenge, I decided at the beginning of this year to expand my instagram from only art stuff to books, what better way to do it, so this will be my first bookish instagram post:

  44. I entered the photo challenge on instagram using handle bookwyrmbella.

    There were a couple of things that went differently during the Heist than I was expecting. Like, as much as I like Maximus I found him suspicious but I didn’t expect him to know that the jewel was the doorway and go through it or why he would choose that. His wife is still alive!!! Yeah for him but geez, couldn’t he have helped them remove it so that they could all go if they chose to? He had to cause trouble by going during the heist and activating the alarms.

    Also, what are the chances that Ryan’s dad would forget something and come back to the house early?! Why is he such a greedy jerk? Will he banish his own sun to Home just for helping Sky too? I also hope he doesn’t hurt Gabriela.

    I wonder what Ryan’s father is going to tell Sky’s family. Does her family know about the doorway too? There are so many more questions now!

    I am glad that Sky got to see her mother again. I am concerned about Sky’s chances during the Reckoning though. You would think they would give her until the one after this one at least since she just arrived and hasn’t learned how to transform yet. I will obviously need to read on to see how she handles this situation.

  45. I really enjoyed this book and have enjoyed taking part in the readalongs.

    I have entered the photo challenge for this readalong. My instagram handle is

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  47. Good idea.
    @santchird and @hades_fireheart , as I normally put in both my personal and bookish account

  48. This was a jurney! In the begining i wasn’t that sure what I should think but then the second halve came and WOW! That took me by surprise.

    I finished the book and really enjoyed reading it with all of you. I really liked the blog posts too it and the talks I had about this book with fellow fairylooters via Instagram. It was amazing. Thank you.

    I posted my photo with the hashtag on my Instagram. I’m @thenarratress on Instagram

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