Fire & Heist Readalong: Day 5

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Happy Friday!

Do you have any plans for the weekend? Other than finishing this book, of course 🙂 Because tomorrow is the last day! But we still have a lot to do in the book and a lot to learn, especially about certain characters we were forced to leave behind!

So let’s see if we can do that! We’re reading chapters 17-20 today.

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Fire & Heist chapters 1-20 inclusively. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Sky’s mother tells her that she needs to rank the same in the trials to stay with her? Oh wow so they seperate families like that without a second thought! I mean we knew that because of Worm (so uncomfortable calling someone like that). But still, wow.

And then the moment we have all been waiting for arrives. We are thought how to turn into a Wyvern! It’s surprisingly cheesy haha. The key is to believe in yourself. And then she jumped off the cliff and turns into a dragon. 

I mean it makes perfect sense; there’s a lot that our main character struggles with but self-confidence ain’t one of those things! It would have made no sense for her to actually struggle with this. But at the same time, GURL maybe try a big rock or something before a cliff? She could have died! What a weird society they have there!

She makes a deal with Worm that he will teach her how to breathe fire if she will give him food and take him with her when he goes back. As soon as they mentioned his fire being white I instantly understood where they are heading with that. I mean, it’s the only way past the fire beast, isn’t it. I hope he likes it over on the other side! I find his relationship with his sister very interesting, clearly there’s so much resentment there but how can one be openly angry about being saved from a fall to death? Not easily.

And the day of reckoning arrives.

She’s definitely right, this is stupid. They are treating the ones that can’t do these two very specific things as someone not worthy of food and shelter? Wonder why so many on-comers seem to be okay with it. Maybe this is a comment on our actual society? But it’s Friday, I feel it’s too late in the week for the topic, I will think about it later. 🙂

Oh my God Maximus starting to dance in Dragon form for his wife is the most hilarious thing ever.

Sky escapes with Worm, however the mother had to stay back to hold some people from stopping them, damn I really wanted her to go with us! Must be so scary leaving her behind after all the effort to find her. And after the fire beast returns she will not be able to cross! It’s okay, we have a fire beast of our own now! Take that, magic!

I like the part where Sky tells Worm after he defeated the fire beast that if he’s going to fall in love with someone he should fall in love with himself. Awww.

Through all this time I constantly thought about her family at home freaking the heck out about her. They held her a funeral. This is so heartbreaking, can you even imagine????  Damn. Right in the feels.

They have a little reunion with Ryan and without delaying anything she jumps out the window with Worm on her back and flies away towards her family.

This is exciting!

We are almost there guys! One more day and this will be the end of our first read in 2019. How do you feel about it so far? What do you reckon will happen now?



40 thoughts on “Fire & Heist Readalong: Day 5

  1. I just finished this book! I really liked Sarah’s writing style – it’s different, humorous and filled with relatable moments (and of course dragons!).
    But… I was missing appearance discriptions. Does anyone know how these characters actually look like? I was really excited to know at least what Sky’s dragon form color is.

    1. I felt the same way about the descriptions honestly :/

      1. Amd I thought I hadn’t paid attention in the beginning… I feel the same way

    2. I totally agree with you about the lack of characters’ appearance descriptions !

    3. Yes!! I agree about the discriptions, I have no idea how any of them look like 😀 at least we have the beautiful art print 🙂

    4. When you mentioned it , you are right. I finished the book and went to put it in that black sleeve, in which it came and I saw the art and I was like, oh, so this is how Sky looks. 😀

    5. I hadn’t even realised there were descriptions missing until you guys pointed it out.
      But maybe that’s not a bad thing? Or probably even on purpose? Since it’s not important for the story how anyone looks like, this way every reader can imagine the characters the way the want, without the author interfering.
      It happens to me a lot actually that I quickly get a picture of the character in my head right after starting a book – and then suddenly the author slides in a description and I’m like ,Whaaaaat that’s not how I pictured this person‘ ?
      So yeah, I don’t really mind the missing descriptions.
      But I can see how it might bother some of you. ?

      1. I like to have a description of my characters when reading a book. It helps me get into the story, but everyone is different x

    6. Yeah I felt that this book didn’t really described the characters to be honest. That’s were it lack imagination tbh ??‍♀️ x

  2. Wow. I was surprised tha Home-scenes went by so fast. In comparison to the other chapters they were a bit boring. It was cut way too short.
    I really like the way Sky transformed into a Wyvern. But I’d love to know how exactly she looks as a dragon.
    We were right that Worm would play a big role. Such a cut boy. But I think the scene where his parents showed up was a bit random. I feel so sorry for Sky. She had to leave her mother behind! I’msure her family is devasteted after her funeral. Super creepy btw. They will be more than willing to join her. They will probably steal the Door and present it to the Council. But I don’t know how they’re going to rescue her mother. Sky will probably also change into dragon form so everyone believes her.
    I am sooo excited to see more of Gabriella again!!!!

  3. I started shipping Sky with Worm, and then she says he can’t have a crush and her and I was like NOOO! DO IT!

    WAAAA? They had her funeral?! Excuse me?!

    1. I was like that about the funeral part, it just shows how evil Mr Keene really is. It’s like he was destroy Sky’s family all over again ? x

  4. I almost kept on reading to the end I was so invested in the story! But I managed to stop so I could save the end for tomorrow. I’m really glad Sky and Worm managed to get through, I wouldn’t have liked it if they couldn’t find a way back to Earth, and it was so heart-breaking to hear that Ryan’s father had told people Sky was dead, it must have been so horrible for Sky’s family and Gabriela and Ryan to hear that, I’m looking forward to them finding out she’s alive! Sky managed to come up with a plan quite quickly, and it sounds like she has more planned, so hopefully it all works out!

  5. The pacing of this book is really difficult for me. Wish the heist and the worldbuiling of ‘home’ would have been longer. And somehow I feel strange about Skys mother. But I love the writing style it’s very diffrent from what I usually read.

    And I am so sad the readalong is almost over! Hope everyone had a great time!

  6. I have so much love for Worm ❤️ Honestly Home is a shitplace for treating people/wyverns like this..

    I actually wished we would have gotten a look into the home world to see what happened when Sky wasn’t there. It all felt a bit.. emotionless

  7. I am so glad we are finally away from Home and back home 🙂 I didn’t really like it there and I am so glad Worm/Benden came with Sky.

    And that part where Sky forbade him to have crush ob her was excellent! Fell in love with yourself is the best advice.

    And I can’t believe they had funeral for Sky, poor Gabriela and her family.. hopefully everything will end up great 🙂

    1. I laughed at the part where she told worm to fall in love with himself lol ? x

  8. I wish this would be made into a movie so I could see Maximus the dragon dance ? but maybe it would be ruined.

    I knew she could find a way out of Home and I’m glad Sky managed to escape with Worm but sad that she had to apart with her mom again.

    If they had a funeral for Sky, how long was she gone? It felt like very short time in Home.

    Can’t wait for the finale but I also don’t want to say goodbye to these characters yet

    1. I think 3 days in Home, since she had that long to train for the reckoning..

    2. Well if you think about it Mr Keene would of told Sky’s family the lie saying to ran off the cliff. Because they could find her body, they probably wanted to try and get past another loss ??‍♀️ x

  9. I want to see more of Home. And of that society. Is this a duology or a standalone? I feel there is a lot that needs to be resolved and probably won’t be.

  10. I have the feeling that the story is rushed, also it goes way to easy for Sky to turn in a dragon, breathe fire and escape from the vault. And mom staying behind was a little bit predictable.. But I’m excited to see how the story ends!

  11. This book just keeps getting better and better. I have to admit it was hard to put it down today after chapter twenty, I just wanted to keep on reading! But, I managed to tear myself away. I can’t wait for tomorrow, though!

    I can’t believe Ryan’s dad would just let her family think she was dead. How cruel is that? And poor Ryan! (I feel so guilty for thinking he was a bad guy all the way through! Now I’m just over-protective of our poor little soft boy!)

    It’s great that Sky can still turn into a Wyvern now she’s back in our world, and Worm took out the Fire Beast all by himself, and while he was injured! How can the other Wyvern’s think less of him? He’s amazing!
    I hope her mom will be okay over in Home. They probably have sent her to the lowest rung of the ladder because she helped them escape.
    And Maximus! I would have loved to see that dragon dance for myself, but G managed to find a great gif to represent it. Made me chuckle. XD

    Roll on tomorrow so we can see how this ends up!

    1. I feel bad for thinking badly of Ryan but now I love him!

      And the GIf that G put up of that dragon was so funny! I could just picture Maximus doing that lol ? x

  12. The fact that the family held a funeral for Sky broke my heart ?
    But I have to say the pacing of this book is kind of messy in my eyes. I don’t know but I think a couple hundred pages more to fully develop the world and everything would have been a good choice.

  13. The reckoning came quick and Sky’s transformation into a dragon was easy for her but it was pretty cool. As I thought – Worm was used to tackle the fire beast. Maximus dragon song and dance routine I’d have liked to have seen. ??
    The bit were she ordered Worm not to fall in love with her was funny. Might him and Gabriela find a connection?
    Ryan is good. And his dad let everyone believe she’d died. Her poor family.

    I did carry on and finish but I’ll save those reactions until tomorrow

  14. I wanted to finish it so desperately!! But I used my near non-existent will power and didn’t ( I think it’s grown).
    Maximus is honestly the best. He is so funny and I think she described him as handsome. On that point, I do agree, the descriptions that were given weren’t great and we never found out what Sky looks like or her brothers, there is a lot of words used to describe personalities though and that could be why we didn’t think much about the physics descriptions until now.
    I think Worm will love Earth because it is so different to the Wyvern society and Sky will make sure he is looked after.
    Also, pretty sure Sky will come to the reckoning and be like “hey guys I’m alive and can shift so nerrrrr” and then show off her Dragon form. I want to know what colour she is!
    Super excited to read the final chapters!

  15. Must admit I’ve struggled with this one. I don’t feel very invested in the characters. I think it’s because there isn’t as much description. I kind of wish the story had been fleshed out more, possibly over more books.

    I kind of feel like the end is going to be obvious. That she will call out Ryan’s dad and they will get her mum back. I’m not feeling any tension.

    It’s not been a bad read but I don’t think it’s a new favourite.

    1. I didn’t feel invested into the story either. I would of liked more character description so I could have had a picture of what the characters looked like ??‍♀️ x

  16. I had to finish the book, I coudn’t wait till tomorrow, but no spoilers.
    I wasn’t suprise that Sky managed to turn into dragon at the first time, I mean, she is so self-confident that I would be suprised if she would actually not turned.
    Home is really not that nice place and honestly I don’t understand how some exilers want to stay there, it is not a good system and I felt really sorry for Worm and the others, just because they can’t fly doesn’t mean that they are not worthy.
    Well, I had idea yesterday that Sky will turn to dragon in the vault and fight the beast, but instead we brought Worm, yay!
    And for the first time in the book, I was actually ok with Ryan as a love interest.

  17. I still love the story and I love that she can turn into a dragen!
    I dont know if her father will be shocked to see that Sky is alive, just that she’s there, I think her father suspect the same happened to her as to her mother but he was forced to have the funeral because of Ryan´s father.
    I can’t wait till we get to meet Gabriela again, and I really wonder how this story will turn out.
    Really enjoying being part of this read along, I don’t think I would have gotten to read as much as I do if it wasn’t for this<3

  18. I was honestly a little bit surprised when it ended up being a portal. Then there was this whole other society? I don’t feel like there’s enough time in these last eight chapters to describe everything going on. I wish I knew more about the mythology of the world. I also wish that she’d taken more time to describe the training, the character descriptions. I love the basis of the story but I find I’m wanting a bit more. This book could’ve been six hundred pages easy.

    I’m going to be finishing the book now. I need to know what happens and if they’re successful with the second heist.

  19. It’s late so I won’t write my thoughts on the chapters today but I do want to say what an amazing post this was. I am loving this readalong so much and today’s has to be my favorite!
    Thank you for working so hard on these posts, I have enjoyed reading your thoughts everyday and have been constantly laughing at the amazing memes you put in your posts!

  20. Hum… I finished the book earlier than what I had plan because I just couldn’t stop. Also, I really wanted to pass to an other book (i cannot read to books at the same time in general).

    Crack moment ; Maximus dancing AND singing in his dragon form. I won’t completely forgive him for what he did to Sky (though I can understand him) but he did great. So I’m here now, enjoying his cheesy jokes.

    Nooo! Don’t leave your mom behind Sky! I’m so afraid that she’ll be punished or even killed!

    Worm… I mean Benden, you are amazing and so strong! I’m glad Sky told him to love himself, it’s so important. Being able to love yourself means being able to be happy.


  21. Same with the descriptions.. I had to reread a couple times to make sure I didn’t miss it, I tend to skim read sometimes, I was very sad that there weren’t very many details about how everyone looked

  22. I’m not missing the physical descriptions of the human characters, unlike a few others. I never remember them anyway and always create something totally different in my head. I would have liked more world building for Home. It seems so surface-level. Is it a whole planet? It seems too small and simplistic. There’s the rich area, a middle class area, and the poor area. I know there’s some meaning there, maybe social commentary, but it should be explored deeper. It seems like all they do is worry about their next Reckoning. Their jobs, social status, and even their clothes and food can change from month to month? As a reader, I want more complexity and more understanding of the scope of the world and the society. As for the rest of the story, I’m on board. I liked Sky’s ability to see everything everyone has ever criticized her for as strength. I love how her relationship with her mother is evolving into a trust and friendship. Things happen a little too quickly and easily, but I’m not too annoyed by that. I don’t know how Novi would’ve had enough time to tell her parents, find Worm, tell him the plan, and then make it to the Door all in 10 minutes. It’s a bit unrealistic, even in a fantasy. Very last season Game of Thrones, if you will. Overall though, I’m enjoying this story way more than I thought I would.

  23. Hmm. I agree with most of the other comments. I dont really have any idea about how any of the characters look. There hasn’t been any really character describsion.
    But that being said, I enjoy this book. Even though it’s a bit cheesy at times. I really think the scenes in Home could have been longer.

    And when they got back home home – to Earth – Sky is told that they held jer funeral yesterday. Aww. Her father must be devastated 🙁

    I can’t wait to see what happens in the last part of the story!

    1. I know! That broke my heart when Ryan said her funeral was yesterday. I felt sad for the whole family, Ryan and Gabriella ? x

  24. She became a dragon! A real live, fire breathing dragon! Hell, yeah!
    And I am so glad she was able to leave Home, even though her mother had to stay behind… Home seemed like such a disturbing place.

    But I cannot get over the fact that Ryan’s father told everyone that Sky is dead. They held a funeral!!!! Her poor brothers and dad, they must be devastated!
    I can’t wait until Sky gets home (like ACTUAL home) to show them she’s alive.

  25. I didn’t get chance to read yesterday’s chapters so I am read yesterday’s and today’s chapters all together. So we start off with the reckoning being three days away, yet Sky’s mum is acting weird. She wants to know how everyone is and what they have been up to, but not how they are going to leave the place. I wonder what he mum is hiding?
    Maximus is happy, he is finally with his wife and also training for the reckoning.
    Sky has now transformed into her dragon self after getting terrible lessons from her mum and Novi. But it does make me wonder why Sky’s mum doesn’t want to help as much as she should.

    Sky has finally mastered flying, but as we all know it she struggled on breathing fire. I had a funny feeling that it would of been Worm to teach her how to master her fire breathing.
    However, it makes me wonder will she keep her promise in getting him out of there when she finds a way out?

    It was time for the reckoning, i’m Not liking how Home is being run but I am enjoying how Sky is getting to fly. She is even trying her best to improve her fire-breathing skills.
    I thought they had a chance to head back to earth, but of course Novi had to go and ruin the moment. To be honest, I never really liked Novi, I find she is too cheerful for a place like Home.
    So now because of what Novi did, Sky’s mum is left in Home (hopefully still alive when Sky comes back). Sky and Worm are going to face off with Fire Beast. Let’s hope that nothing terrible has happened since Sky had been at Home.

    Sky and Worm was now back on Earth, and with help from Worm they defeated the fire beast, destroyed the cameras and raced up to Ryan’s room.
    I loved how sweet it was of Ryan to kiss her so passionately aweee.
    I can’t believe that Mr Keene had told Sky’s family that she had died! Hadn’t they been through enough already? And her funeral was yesterday too! Fingers crossed that she can turn this all around and get help from her family and Gabriella before the reckoning happens. It’s a good thing that it is set at Ryan’s house too!
    Plus is it just me? Or do I have a funny feeling that Worm and Gabriella are going to get together?
    And!!!! Sky flew as a dragon on earth! I wonder how she is going to explain that to her family after they get over her not being dead.

    Well now I am on to today’s chapters ? x

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