Fire & Heist Readathon: Day 3

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Hello FairyLooters!

Happy Wednesday, one day closer to the weekend! We will also be half way through Fire & Heist after today, it’s going by fast isn’t it?!

Welcome to Day 3. I loved how we all pretty much already fallen in love with Gabriella yesterday even if we only had a few pages with her. I’m here for all the friendships in books!

Without further a-do, let’s talk chapters 9-12!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Fire & Heist chapters 1-12 inclusively. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Gabriella basically figures out what the dragons are really all about and confronts Sky about it. Sure she got some details wrong, but damn girl can do her research! I’m so glad that Sky did decide to trust her with all the secrets; as I understand it’s a big no-no to tell a non-wyvern about some of this. I feel like Gabriela’s reaction is basically what any of us would be if we were told Hogwarts is real and we are possibly going there, at least that’s how I would feel. Sobbing seems appropriate.


Gabriella is now officially part of the crew and I’m really happy about it!

Maximus has a car plate that says THE WIZ and then comments that he’s hiding in plain sight. I think I love him.

Sky really seems to be made to lead, she is very headstrong and seems to radiate confidence. Of course we are in her head so we know nothing is as smooth and effortless as it can seem, but when ever is it? They go through the plan in detail, which I really like as a reader because it almost feels like Ocean 11 and when they speak about the plan you can sort of see what they’re doing as they speak. Or is it just me who plays a suspenseful music in her head to add to the effect?

One thing I don’t think they really focused on is the fact that Sky needs to use her fire breath to open the lock, of which I don’t think that she is capable of just now. We also note the fire beast will only be down for 30 minutes. They brush it off as plenty of time. Plenty of time for THINGS TO GO WRONG more like! I swear, books made me paranoid, I’m just looking at all these things and think what could be the end of us. Am I okay?

You must be sick of hearing this, but I just really love Gabriella, she is so sweet and mesmerised by every magical detail. I mean come on, she is wearing a unicorn themed T-shirt every day she tries to drink the fire repelling potion and go through the fires unharmed. Because her prize is a unicorn horn. Because of course it is. Hopefully no unicorns have been harmed in the retrieving of the said horn.

Okay my current theory is that something will go wrong when they get to the fire beast and from the stress of the situation and her friends being in danger she will turn into a dragon herself and that’s how they’re going to go past it. Maybe unlikely, but I’d be down for that!

Many of you theorise that either the talon, the gem or something in Ryan’s house will be related/or will be the Door. And I have to absolutely agree with you, it’s a very good plot device that would be silly if it wasn’t used somewhere.

Sky is really betting on the family giving her information on her mother when she has the gem of theirs. But why? That’s a risky assumption about a man who doesn’t seem to be the most cooperative. Even if he did speak, we don’t even know that the family is holding her mother or that they would know enough to let her have that information. What do you guys think?

I quite like this training stage everyone is sort of trying to best their weaknesses. And Sky did after all focus on hers, so I’m relieved. She actually has managed to breathe fire even though it was only because she was angry at Ryan. Uh, still can’t trust the guy but he does seem to be trying to help her and I can’t see why he would betray her later unless it’s concerning something that we are not yet aware off.

Quite a lot of things happened at the last chapter for us today.

The brothers obviously choose such an inconvenient time to be the best brothers in the universe, how dare they? My feelings!

They barge in on the night of the heist and demand sibling time with popcorn and the movie. After some further convincing her brothers do let her know that the reason they are laying low is because the council has threatened to shun the family entirely, almost to make an example out of them. But Sky is right, that seems very disproportionate for the ‘crime’ her mother committed. What nonsense! She decides that there is something not quite right and with this unease we continue on with our heist.

I’m nervous! Ready, but nervous.

It’s the evening of the heist, and you know what that means! IT’S HEIST TIME TOMORROW! I will not be surprised if a lot of you have struggled stopping after chapter 12 so if you did read on just please be mindful of spoilers in the comments! ^^

Hit us with your thoughts!

We’re on to chapters 13-16 on Thursday! See you then!



56 thoughts on “Fire & Heist Readathon: Day 3

  1. Still love Maximus. Gabriella is a sweet addition. Her fascinatiom with magic is cute. I think Ryan is as interesting as a sea cucumber tho. I am curious to really know who Maximus us, why he wants in onnthe heist, and if maybe he knows something we dont about thr Door, Home, and/or the mom’s crime.

    I also think its too wierd they were almost outcasted for a failed heist. Maybe Ryan’s dad knows one of tbe treasures leads to the Door and he doesnt want anyone to find it?

    I bet the heist will go very wrong and Sky will be punished. The plan layout is way too smooth and its only half way the book.

    1. I also think it eill go horribly wrong, and I really hope there will be some turning into dragons ?

    2. I am starting to love Maximus but he did say he wanted trinkets from the vault, but I have a funny feeling that he knows more.
      Gabriella is so cute! I am so happy that she joined the crew! x

  2. I am honestly enjoying this book so much more than I thought I was going to! I’m really loving Sky as a main character and love how headstrong and determined she is. Gabriela is just adorable, she’s just so naive and lovable and precious and she must be protected at all costs because I would be absolutely devastated if anything happened to her!

    Sky’s brothers are actual goals, I know that they don’t seem interested half the time but the whole “we’re not leaving you alone” idea was just so sweet but I’m so mad THEY PICKED THE WRONG TIME TO BE NICE!!!

    I’m also very wary of Ryan’s dad, why is he so hell-bent on banishing/shunning Sky’s family completely? What is he hiding and what does he know?

    Sky stealing Liam’s Ferrari is just a typical Sky move and I LOVE IT!!!!

    I have a huge feeling that something is going to go wrong and there’s going to be a lot of people hurt, maybe even killed. I really hope I’m wrong because I’m not prepared to lose anyone.

    1. I LOVED the brothers scene it was so cute but it was at the wrong time! I hope we get more times like that with her brothers.

      I have always had a bad feeling about the heist, there is bound for something to go wrong everything can’t be perfect x

  3. I agree that it’s a bit strange that Ryans Dad wants to banish Sky’s family completely. I have no clue why he should do that. Maybe he had a secret affair with Sky’s Mom and that is how she learned about what’s in the vault?
    Ryan is super suspicious. His motives are a bit unclear to me. I love Gs theory that Sky will turn into a dragon! Maybe only her mother and Sky have this ability and Ryan’s family knows that?
    The brother-scene in Chapter 12 got me straight into the feels! Toooo cute! Oh I would love to have at least one older brother. They were just too sweet.
    I don’t understand why Sky’s Dad is completely fine with her “working” for THW WIZ/ Maximus. He knows something but doesn’t tell even his sons.
    Gabriela is basically me fangirling about everything magical/dragon-related 😀 She’s like Mr. Weasley trying to understand Muggle-things. I hooe she gets her unicorn horn.
    The heist prpbably won’t go according to plan. I am so excited to read the next chapters!!!

    1. I’m completely with you on Ryan, I don’t trust him 100%. I feel like he’s hiding something.

  4. I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t trust Maximus. I mean it’s nice of him to give Sky an alibi so that her family don’t suspect anything but I feel he knows something about her mom’s heist that he’s not telling us or Sky.
    I think maybe part of the reason Ryan wants to help is because it’s a way for him to stand up to his father and not have his dad control his life and who he can associate with.
    Gabriela is me in that situation. If I was told dragons and unicorns exist I would be screaming. I think it’s so cute she had unicorn T-shirts. I wish there was some way she could meet a unicorn. I bet she’d explode with happiness.
    I think that something is bound to go wrong because this is YA and everything has gone pretty smoothly so far.
    I hope that she does find her mother or at least information about where she is.
    Oh my goodness! Her brothers are the sweetest! Treating her with her favourite food and just hanging out together. I hope they don’t get too mad at her for stealing Liam’s car.

    1. OMG! Thank you for mistrusting Maximus. I felt like I was the only one who isn’t trusting him. He is just so suspicious and way too casual about the whole heist. He is definitely hiding something and probably knows more then he leads on.

    2. I don’t trust Maximus either, I like him with his cheeky personality and everything but he must be hiding something! x

  5. I LOVE Gabriela. I feel like the training montage is great, and now that I’ve seen more of Maximus, the more I’m convinced he’s a goofy side character rather than a possible love interest. I still don’t love Ryan, even if he is the only apparent love interest…. Tbh, the way Gabriela and Sky were interacting (and all of Gabriela’s memories around Sky) I’d super ship them if I thought it could happen..

    Even Ryan’s broody artist thing didn’t get me interested, and I love a good brooding artist.

    I’m guessing that Home is where Sky’s mother is and that somehow one or more of the heist team is going to end up there. It seems like the world building of Sky’s life is really centered in the present world though, so maybe it’s an empty zone or a dystopia or just not appealing for some reason?

  6. Since Ryan’s dad is so againts Sky’s family I wonder if he made sure Sky’s mom would fail her heist so the family would be shunned. He may be keeping Sky’s mom somewhere.

    I love Gabriela. She’s such a sweet personality. I do like Maximus but not sure if he can be trusted

    1. Oooo! good idea! maybe Sky’s mum did everything right and he somehow sabotage her heist in a way and kept her locked up? x

  7. I feel there is definitely more to Ryan than what we’ve seen so far. He’s the one who told Sky about the jewel and I feel like he might be the quiet mastermind behind all this (or that’s just wishful thinking, because so far I don’t find him very interesting).

    I found Maximus so completely relatable when he started bringing snacks, he definitely went up in my estimation. That being said I think he could still absolutely betray everyone for his own gain. I can’t wait to see what he’ll do.

    As for Gabriela, well she’s all of us isn’t she? I really would like to know more about her apart from all the fangirling (is that a word?)

    1. I’m with you, Ryan seems a bit boring, I’m kind of hoping he does something daring or has something up his sleeve. I don’t think he has an evil side but who knows, maybe he’ll pull a prince Hans type of transformation on us lol. Maximus and Gabriela are best characters for sure.

    2. Oooo what happens if this is Ryan’s first heist but he is making Sky think it’s her’s and that Ryan’s dad is testing Ryan :O x

  8. I love how Gabriella represents all of us bookish people, her enthusiasmus and hope that magic is real and she could go on an adventure is totally the same as ours ??

  9. So many feelings today! I am definitely becoming much more invested in the book. Although I do wonder what all is going to happen because we’re pretty much at half way. Maybe the heist is going to be longer? I don’t know but I have the feeling I’ll be reading past the reading goal tomorrow. They all are awesome, and let’s be honest Gabriella is just us if we found out anything magical (especially dragons), were real. I think that’s why we all love her so much. Not that Sky didn’t have a lot running on this heist to begin with, but now that she knows about Ryan’s dad she absolutely cannot fail. I love that extra element of pressure on the eve of the heist. Very excited for tomorrow!

  10. Of course, of course her stupid endearing brothers would want to make up for weeks of neglect on the exact night she’s planning her heist. That was so cute of them all to come barging into her room trying to cheer her up on a date that they knew she’d be upset.
    I’ve got three older brothers of my own and they’ve never done anything like this. I’m jealous! *crying*

    I’m so, so worried that Ryan is going to betray us. I really hope he doesn’t, but I just feel like he and his father are laying a trap so they can ostracize Sky’s family for good. I’m going into serious anxiety about this book, it’s pretty tense!

    I really want to carry on reading, but no—this is the first time I’ve gone through one of these readalongs and limited myself to the daily sections. I’m enjoying it so much, I just can’t wait for tomorrow to arrive!
    This isn’t the sort of book I would normally pick up, but wow, it’s good! Great pick FairyLoot!

  11. Hi everyone !
    I see I’m not the only one who find it really hard to stop after chapter 12 ! But I did it though because I think it adds up some suspense, and it makes this readalong so intense ! But I can’t wait to be tomorrow to know what will happen ! 😀 (how am I supposed to sleep now ? :P).
    So. There are dragons AND unicorns ? Really??? Please tell me how can i get to this world ? This book is definitely so much better than I expected.
    I really like Gabriela, she’s nice and sweet and cool and I kind of feel close to her because I think if someone told me dragons and magic exists (and unicorns !) I could react just like she is. About Maximus, at first I was suspicious, but now… well I’m still a little bit suspicious BUT I like him in the same time. Totally not trusting Ryan however… I don’t know why because he’s helping, but… I don’t know, he’s the one who came with a part of the truth about what happened to Sky’s mother, he revealed her a lot of things, about his family, about his vault, and he seems really into the heist, maybe a little too much in my opinion. It gives me the feeling that he wants this heist to happen. Can he be a super mastermind and have planned all of this since the beginning ? What are they hiding, him and his dad ?
    In any case I’m curious about Home and the Door, and wonder if there can be a relation with the talisman or the jewels in Ryan’s family vault.
    Will Sky transform tomorrow ? So many questions !!!

  12. This might turn out to be one of those books where I enjoy the side characters a lot more than the main. Loove Gabriela and THE WIZ (aka not Dumbledore) and of course the food (yeah it’s a character to me).
    I kinda don’t like how Sky seems to be immune to other peoples advice which I kinda don’t like. Guess I’ll have to keep on reading ?

    1. I am sort of like that too! Sky to me is a person who wants to prove herself all the time. No matter when someone gives her advice or guidance she likes to it her own way. There is some funny moments, but I feel I LOVE Gabriella (I know i keep spelling her name wrong but they probably sound the same) and Maximus the most as well as Sky’s brothers 🙂 x

  13. To be honest I was a little bit bored with today’s chapters, hopefully tomorrow there will be more action with the heist. The plan seems simple enough so probably things will go wrong. I like the idea of Sky turning in a dragon during the heist.
    The chapter with her brothers felt strange to me, they barely speak to her during the first part of the book and now suddenly they were all caring and sweet because of the anniversary date? I thought they were on to her plan and were trying to prevent it but no. Now I really think that Ryan is setting her up because of the date, don’t think that is a coincidence. We shall see.
    The shunning is also strange for something so small as a heist going wrong, something is not right there. Maybe Ryans parents do have the key to Home but try to prevent others from knowing because they don’t want people to go home or keep the door closed to prevent other dragons to come to our world.

    1. Oooo! I never thought of that! That he chose the date of their anniversary and when his parents are going out (If they are actually going out that is) x

  14. So I really do not trust Ryan. I just know he’s going to betray her and that kills me inside that Sky is getting attached again.

    I actually love Gabriela and Sky’s brothers. Maximus is growing on me but I’m so paranoid he’s going to betray Sky as well.

    Honestly, I’m so proud of myself for not carrying on reading the rest of the book. I’m really enjoying Fire and Heist and cannot wait till tomorrow!

  15. Wow i was really tempted to read past 12 and see how things pan out but i holding off like a good read alonger lol. I have to say i really am hoping she gets to burst into dragon form that would be so awesome since they pretty much telling us that never happens anymore. Though i not sure how she going to get her fire breath going unless she able to conjure up her own anger. I am scared for our human part of this equation as she so sweet so i hope that all works out for her as well. I having trouble really determining the age of our wizard anyone have any ideas on that one.

    Also how can she really go through with the heist after her brothers drop the bomb about them being outcast if one of them screws up. Don;t ya think Ryan should of mentioned something by now i really think this all gonna end up very badly for this mixed mashed crew.

    1. If i was in Sky’s shoes I would of stayed with her brothers and enjoyed the night.
      And i think that’s what Ryan is hiding or something. Maybe he is trying to get her exiled along with her family? What happens if they have already exiled her mum? :O x

  16. That’s more like it. The heist crew practising was a lot of fun. Maximus is still my favourite character. And he loves musicals. Where can I get one?

    And OMG her brothers are suddenly super sweet with very rotten timing. Loved the Spaceballs reference. Classic film.

    So do we thing the heist is going to work with the stakes being so high. The risk of being outcasts.

    I do find some of Sky’s inner monologue repetitive but that is pretty true to life I guess with people ruminating on things.

    Leaving this section much more willing to read on.

  17. I totally agree that Maximus knows more than he is letting on, especially about the gold claw and about the mum’s heist.

    I don’t actually think Ryan is in on it, I think he might actually just be a bit clueless.

    I also don’t think there is a hoard in the safe, no jewel, no horn, no trinkets, no gold. Too easy, there’s got to be something more going on and I think the Door and Home must be involved, especially since the mum was researching their origins. Also would totally make sense if the claw is the key.

    Also, I soooo hope you’re right G and Sky goes full Dragon!!

    Eee so excited for tomorrow’s chapters 😀

  18. Oh, I am little worried for Sky, I am afraid something will go horribly wrong.. but maybe we will get turning into the dragon, so it would be worth it.

    Gabriela is so precious. I love her and her unicorn shirts ?

    And her brothers, aaaaw.. I want to hug them all and watch Star Wars together. Overall, nerdy references in this book are making my heart very happy ?

    Can’t wait for the heist!

  19. Okay that scene with her brothers??? My heart ? it was so cute!!
    Honestly I could imagine that Maximus could turn his back on Sky.. Like we don’t really know him ? are we sure we can 100% trust him?

  20. I have finally caught up with the readalong! I don’t know what took me so long tbh but now I’ve made it! ???

    First of all, even though I can’t really say I like Sky as a person, I really do enjoy her voice! She is so hilariously sarcastic and I love all of her comments! It just gives the whole book its humoristic vibes.

    As everyone else, I really adore Gabriella! She‘s so darn precious! How she’s wearing unicorn shirts and wants magic in her life and her excitement. So cute.
    My fave character though is Maximus! He’s just hilarious. And QUESTION – does he remind anyone else of Magnus Bane from The Mortal Instruments or am I the only one? ?? They don’t exactly act the same way but I‘m kind of feeling the Magnus vibes. Maybe it’s just the name. Maximus… Magnus… ??

    Oh and then there’s Ryan… my least favourite of all. Mostly, because we just don’t know much about him. Except for his part in a cheesy high school romance, which I am only mildly enjoying tbh, oops. I’m kinda hoping that he betrays her again, cause them getting back together would just be too much cheesy cliché.

    I really hope we’ll find out more about Sky‘s mother soon… For now this is all such a big mystery. One of my theories is that there might be something completely different in the vault and Ryan’s father wanted to outcast Sky‘s family because he didn’t want anyone to find out?
    But we’ll see!
    Oh and there’s totally someone going to turn into a dragon at some point! I’m betting my unicorn horn on it!

    But now IT‘S HEIST TIME!
    I really think something is gonna go terribly wrong – and I can’t wait! ?

    1. Maximus remind me so much of Magnus, as well! To the point I might have read his name wrong once or twice ?

    2. We all referred Maximus to Magnus Bane lol xD

      And I fear that there won’t be anything in the vault too, that Ryan and his dad is trapping Sky to get her and her family exiled/outcast x

    3. Hahaha glad I‘m not alone with the Maximus/Magnus thing!

      And I like that theory, Amy, with nothing in the vault at all! That would be one amazing twist!

  21. I think Sky believes her plan is sound… but something is going to go horribly wrong.. I can feel it! Maybe the heist ends badly, or maybe Ryan’s family don’t know anything about get mum.. I guess that she can blackmail him to reinstate her family?

    Maximus is great but he is sneaky and I feel as though there is something more he wants, he may even be the one to ruin the heist by going into the vault when he is told not to and sets off some other alarm?

  22. A lot of you really love Maximus, but I don’t really trust him. I think he knows more about what is in the vault and maybe even why her mother wanted to steal there. None the less I like him, I just don’t fully trust him.

    I don’t really know what to think of Ryan. I do think he loves her but I’m not sure what he would do for his father. So maybe there is a bigger plot. it is also he does know more about what is in the vault. The door could be there and he needs Skys help to get to it.
    On the other hand, omg Gabriela, she is just us in the book. Love it!

    I really hope there will be dragon transformations. That would be too cool 9I would be jealous as well).
    The brothers are really the sweetest, I hope the are going to appear more in the next chapters.
    I do think there could happen a lot ands can’t wait to read what is going to happen next.

  23. Gabriela is such a smart cookie. UNLESS she knows everything there is to know about wyverns and pretented to do reseach to cover it cause she has secretly partnered up with Ryan’s dad to push Sky to go on with the heist and get her family disgraced ? What? Too much? In heist stories, the crew is always betrayed by the least likely ??

    Can’t stop now, this story is getting too addictive. Let’s start tomorrow’s chapters ?

    1. Hahaha I call that a theory! ? I would totally not expect this but maybe that makes it an even better plot twist!
      My precious Gabriella though! It would break my heart if she turned out to be a baddie! ?

  24. Another good part and I am really enjoying this book much more thatn I thought, I think it is because of the light and fun writing.
    I liked the parts where everyone was practising for the heist, it was nice seeing that they are struggle with some parts.
    Yeah, I think I really do not like Ryan as a main love interest, he really is just so blend and there is nothing much noticeable about him, I would rather see Sky single or with someone else.
    I just LOVED the scene, where her brothers came to her and watched movie with her and were actually bonding with her, because it did seemed that they did not pay much attention to her, but after talking “feelings” it was crystal clear that they love her and that they do, pay attention to her.
    I have this feeling, that something is going to go wrong with the heist, it would be too easy, if she could do it, honestly.
    I am also wondering, why Ryan’s dad was so pushy about Sky’s family, I mean, it is common in their society that they steel from each other, and they might get caught, but for that you only get that shunning things as a punishment, so I am really wondering why he did push so hard this time, why did he wanted to outcast her family. Hopefully we will learn some answers soon.

  25. I like you get a little glimpse into Sky’s celebrity status and how she still hesitant to fully forgive Ryan. That those feelings of betrayal and heart break don’t just magically disappear because of an apology.

    I also loved finding more about the Wyvern history. The Indiana Jones reference tho! So good with the pop culture references!

    I’m so glad Gabriela is finally on the guest crew! Who will betrayal come from I wonder?

    Random thought while reading this, why doesn’t she have a car or a drivers license at sixteen? Was this ever explained? They are supposed to be rich so they would be able to afford a car and Gabriela who is in her grade can drive one so it feels like all this chauffeur nonsense is a way for her to have conversations and make connections with other characters. Not to say I don’t like it just an observation.

    If Gabriela was older or more mature I think would definitely ship her and Maximus. Also, Ryan’s art getting darker??? Is he going to betray them all? I need to know! What if there is no jewel???

    I loved how the magic system was also further explained in these chapters how the spells were potions or powders not incantations.

    I loved all of chapter twelve and those sweet moments with her brothers so heartwarming!

  26. Oh gosh, I’m so excited for tomorrow’s chapters!!! This book is already a 5 star read, I am so glad that Fairyloot decided to put this book in the December box because I wouldn’t have read it if it hadn’t been.
    With every page I’m realising that I share a lot of traits with Sky, and not all good ones. I noticed this when she said the line:
    “Ooh, insult me again.” I said.
    “Um, you’re hard to insult,” Gabriela said. “You’re pretty much perfect.”
    “I know.” I said. “Make something up.”
    I’ve had jokes like this with friends on many occasions and these lines just prove that Sky is one of the most relatable characters.
    The last few pages were so sweet, her brothers are honestly goals! But I will admit that if I was her I would’ve backed out of the heist a long time ago and done what her family advised, lay low and wait for everyone to forget. But that’s probably why I’m not the main character and she is?

  27. A lot happened in these chapters. Gabriela is so smart! She definitely knows how to do her research, even if she got some of the details wrong. I am so excited she gets to be a part of the crew! Her training was just the cutest. She is so excited for the unicorn horn. I also hope that it was given freely and the Unicorn wasn’t killed.

    Sky really does need to work on her part more too. I am glad she worked out the lock but she needs to concentrate on her fire breathing. She won’t get anywhere if she doesn’t learn how to control her Fire better.

    Also, with the run down, there is definitely A LOT that can and probably will go wrong with their heist. It sounds easy but nothing is ever as simple or easy as we expect it to be. My concerns are, Gabriela getting fried, Sky not being able to breath fire, the Fire Beast harming them all or coming back quicker than they anticipate, acquiring the items taking longer than the 30 minute time frame they have free of the Fire Beast and Ryan’s parents coming home early. There is also the possibility that Ryan or Maximus will betray the crew.

    Sky’s brothers were actually being nice to her! It was so strange but also really nice to see them all bonding. It got a little tense there for a moment when they were talking about their Mom and the heist again. I think there is still more that we don’t know about what happened with their Mom. Unless Ryan’s Dad is really that much of a jerk, the punishment doesn’t really fit the crime. Especially the more drastic move he wanted to take.

    I am excited and nervous to see how the heist goes because no matter what happens it is going to seriously affect what happens in the rest of the story.

  28. I really loved the planning and the practice for the heist. And I can´t wait for tomorrow´s chapters! But I´m afraid that something might go terribly wrong.

    1. Something’s pretty much guaranteed to go wrong since the heist is already happening and the book isn’t even half way done XD

  29. I also feel like Maximus can’t be trusted. I feel like his hidding his reasons for wanting to join this heist. Definitely knows more then he tells Sky. Also his interest in the medalion and the excitement he shows for it seems very suspicious. Maybe it’s somehow related to his late wife?

    I like the forbidden love story between Sky and Ryan. He’s just so sweet for trying to help her and I really think he’s telling the truth about what happened. Really hope the similarity between they’re story and Romeo and Juliet stop there though, don’t want to see them dying.

    Can’t wait to see what happens next, I really hope we’re gonna see Sky turning into dragon fighting the evil ex-boyfriend’s dad, maybe some unicorns getting scratches from Gabriella ????????

    Also, this is the first readathon I’m joining, and besides the fact that I’m enjoying this book so much more than I expected, I love the fact that here are other people nerding about and guessing at what’s gonna happen next.
    Love reading everyone else’s thoughts ❤

    1. Welcome to the read along community hehe xD I joined in last months read along and it was really fun! I hope you enjoy it! x

      1. I love it!! Like I said is fun to read other people’s thoughts and ideas about it and see how everyone’s feeling about characters ?

  30. I’m frustrated with Sky. Why couldn’t she just listen to her brothers and call of the heist or now after learning what is at stake? Also at the start of the book (and at the back cover) it was said that when you plan a heist, you have to have backup plans. I think that Sky and her crew’s heist is way too risky, it’s all riding on this one elaborate plan. Since each person has their own area of expertise that others can’t do if one fails, all fail. I’m guessing that the heist goes wrong because someone betrays them or Ryan’s parent’s come home early.

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