Fire With Fire Readalong: Day 1!

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Hello everyone!

How are we all doing today? Its been a while since I have hosted a Readalong and I’m so excited to be back for Fire With Fire by Destiny Soria!

In today’s section of the Readalong, we’ll be reading Chapters 1 to 6 so be sure to get cosy, grab a snack and a drink, and bundle yourself up in blankets as we dive into this epic read! When you’ve finished reading this section, you can join me back here in the comments to chat all about it!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Fire With Fire by Destiny Soria, from Chapters 1 to 6! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


You always know a book is going to be good when it mentions attempted murder in the first sentence 😂

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I already know I’m going to love the dynamic of Tomás and Dani’s friendship! They seem very sarcastic with one another, just like I am with my friends!

Ooft Dani’s mum seems quite strict, wanting her back ASAP from school to train with her sister. I do, however, always love hearing about how people train and it always makes me wish I could do it 😂 I would be a bit more like…

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Eden and Dani don’t hold back at all! Trying as hard as possible to best one another but even with her apparently sloppy technique, Dani manages to get one up on Eden.

Oh wow I wouldn’t want to face El Toro even with all the safeguards on! But Dani proves herself and bests it fairly easily! Eden on the other hand could have been stabbed by a spike if their father hadn’t come in and stopped it!

Ooo their father is Scottish! Love when there’s a Scottish character but I might be biased 😂

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I wonder who tonight’s dinner guests are and why its so special! I do feel for Eden as well! She obviously works so hard on her training and making sure everything she does it perfect and it would be frustrating to see your younger sister swan in and just be naturally good at everything!

The dinner guests turn out to be sorcerers, some of the best and oldest and the night seems to be going well until their true intentions are revealed. They want Dani to go with them to their Manor to learn more about dragons and dragon slaying and Eden, of course, is not so happy that Dani was chosen over her.

Ooft, I wonder what would hurt more, not being invited at all or being invited as a second thought but only on the condition that your sister goes?

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I love the contrasting sides this book has so far as one minute we’re sat with sorcerers, talking about dragons and the next we’re at a high school party where the complicated ex-best friend has just shown up! I wonder if we’ll see more of Sadie later!

Oh nooo! Dani does well in practice but this is her first time seeing a dragon in real life right? Will she be able to handle it on her own? Okay whaaat just happened? She was definitely a goner there but the dragon just stopped? And Dani somehow knew his name…that’s suspicious 👀

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The secrets are building up now! Dani didn’t tell Eden or her parents about the dragon which, in my opinion, is crazy! And now Eden didn’t tell Dani the real reason the sorcerers were there…but maybe she wanted to let her parents tell Dani. Still, if my sibling knew, I’d want them to tell me!

I feel James with the weather! Us Scots don’t do well in the heat 😂

Ah Eden Rivera, the great dragon slayer and…cat rescuer? But at least we got to see her loosen up a little while talking to Nate! Did anybody manage to guess the songs they were referencing before it was said? I got Taylor Swift and Journey 😂

What a start! I’m already loving this book and I’m so excited to see what else is to come!

What did we all think?
Let me know your thoughts on the first few chapters of Fire With Fire, and I’ll be back again tomorrow to talk more about it!


51 thoughts on “Fire With Fire Readalong: Day 1!

  1. I really like the beginning of this book. Especially that the dragon doesn’t take until halfway through the whole book to appear! I’m intrigued by him!
    And I really like the dynamic between the sisters. I have two brothers, and yes, I get Dani’s annoyedness with Eden, and Eden’s suppressed envy. I love that it is still shown that they care about each other and that it’s not all about rivalry. Hopefully, their dynamic will stay that positive.

    But yeah… My head is simply screaming “Dragon!” right now.

    1. Hi Amy,

      I think Fire With Fire started off much stronger than I thought it would as It’s got me hooked from the start!

      I feel like the sorcerers are untrustworthy so Eden might be lead down a dark path if she sides with them? There is definitely something more to the death of the person that has caused such a divide between the Dragon slayers and the sorcerer.

      I think Nox is adorable! I love him already and I know he will be my favourite character in this book lol. I am intrigued with how Dani will develop now she has came face to face with a Dragon?

  2. Hi Amy, hi everyone!

    I was super excited to begin this book and so far it does not disappoint!
    I have a weakness for sibling relationships, especially if they are bittersweet and relatable like this one.

    I’m already a huge fan of all the witty banter, and I wonder if dragons also have a human form? Or they can speak? I imagine Nox and Dani having the funkiest conversations.

    P.s. I don’t trust the sorcerers. Not even a bit. They just give me bad vibes.

    1. Oh, would be amazing if they have a human form!
      I imagine them
      Maybe communicating telepathically?

    2. I like the idea that the dragons have a human form.
      Maybe dragons and humans can communicate through some form of bond between them?Like the bond Dani felt with the dragon Nox? So they communicate not in the way of speaking but with their thoughts or something like that?

  3. I enjoyed these opening chapters. I feel for Eden being overshadowed by Dani. I hope she will get the recognition she deserves. I’m looking forward to learning more about the connection Dani has with Nox and also the incident at stonecrest when Eden visited.

    1. I think she’s going to go through some hurt if it turns out the dragons aren’t evil and she’s been missing out on life due to training. However I feel she may end up with the biggest character development.

      1. Yes, totally agree! I hope there will be a big character development for Eden.
        I think the two sisters will go through a prozess of realizing how much they need and complement each other.
        But yes, I think Eden will be hurt if it turns out that dragons are not evil like they thought and she “wasted” her time.

  4. I adore the sister dynamics! I especially feel for Eden and her insecurities-it always frustrates me when I work hard on a skill and some people get it on the first try. And if it is your sister (who is actually not interested in it), it is even worse (or so I imagine) 😀 Also, the sorceres are very suspicious, I get a bad vibe… I hope Penelope will return and be a Cupid figure for Eden

  5. I was going to pick this book up a few weeks ago but wasn’t feeling it from the blurb. I’ve now picked it up for this readalong and I’m now kicking my past self. This book is amazing so far! I can’t put it down. Do we know if this is a standalone or going to be a series?

    I love both Dani and Eden but I feel so bad for Eden. She has sacrificed her teen years to become the best and now Dani comes in and just finds it naturally comes to her. I’m definitely more like Eden here, even with the anxiety haha.

    The world building has been really good so far and I love how it’s set in modern times! I can’t wait to keep reading and see what’s going to happen next. I’m looking forward to more happening with the dragons and finding out what on earth happened with Dani and the dragon!

  6. Hi Amy, Hi everyone o/

    I pretty like this first part! A little bit surprised by the car, with the cover i was already gone in a medieval world with dragons xD
    A lots of secrets with the two sorcerers, but I like the relations between the two sisters, even if Dani seems gifted (she just don’t care, right ? so in admiration with her sister :o)

    I’ll wait tomorrow for the next part !

    1. I love how much Dani admires Eden 🙂 It feels so earnest and very much like a sister thing – the being annoyed but actually adoring the other one thing.

  7. So far I am joying reading for both of the Rivera sisters and relate to both sides. I have to two sister, so I feel this book book will be very relatable 😄 I feel that Eden should listen to her parents on not trusting the sorceress. Seems like there is something mysterious and darker that is not being said about them. And Eden not know that, I feel like that will but her on there side at the wrong time.
    Dani and Thomas friendship is so golden from the start and I can’t wait to see more. Loving the second generation Mexican rep.🇲🇽 as I am too. I hope that Sadie and Dani can talk about their past and see where it does. The DRAGON 🐉 🙌 yaasss! A soul bond with your enemy it’s everything it’s definitely gonna stir up something when Dani tells Eden.

  8. Hi Amy and everyone reading along!
    I really like the friendship between Dani and Tomás. (And Tomás riding a Toyota Corolla as do we, our ‘Betsie’ is older, from 93… and yes, we gave her a name 😜😂)
    I recognise the sister bond and mixed feelings towards each other.
    At first I was afraid that dragons would be the bad guys in this story, but I’m so excited that Dani formed some kind of bond with Nox!! So that makes me dislike the sorceres from the start!
    Hopefully I can continue reading soon!! I love dragons 🐉 ❤️

  9. Hi everyone!

    At the minute I think I prefer Eden to Dani. I think she feels a bit left out with her sister being better in training, getting the opportunity to go to the manor even though she doesn’t really want the dragon slayer lifestyle.

    Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  10. I’m generally not a massive fan of books that are written in multiple POVs, however I’m really liking the pace of this book so far. I think it’s cause both Dani and Eden are so likeable. I’ll admit, the first scene with Eden had me feeling a bit… iffy, but to have an insight to what she’s thinking and feeling in the following chapter really opens you up to liking her.

    I’m super excited about Nox! And the fact it didn’t take forever for us to actually get introduced to a dragon. I feel like this story is just getting started, and I’m *so* excited to continue this book tomorrow. It’s already feeling like such an easy read. Looking forward to how each relationships develop with the girls too – Tomás, Sadie, Nate, the sorcerers. Excited doesn’t even cover it 🙂

  11. I am not a fan of action scenes, I imagine them too well! I was ducking all over the place reading them training and then confronting the dragon haha.

  12. I really liked the friendship between Dani and Tomas. The fact that Eden is so envious of her sister when in Dani’s POV you can see how much Dani admires her even when she is sassing her made me kinda sad.
    Though i have to ask when that moment came berween Dani and the dragon, did anyone else get like a minor Eragon flashback, or was that just me?

  13. I like the book so far, though I didn’t think this book would be something for me.
    It’s well written though and I love the jokes and banter. I do find the encounter with the dragon suspicious, vut I guess we’ll find out what happened soon enough.

  14. I’ll be honest, I was a little reluctant to start this one, as I haven’t had a great relationship with urban fantasies in the past and wasn’t sure how I felt about in the first couple chapters but I have to say that I’m more intrigued to find out what happens next. I feel like because of how Eden described sorcerers that maybe because of Dani’s run in with Nox that maybe she’s actually a sorcerer? I’m always bad at predicting so I’m probably wrong. So far Eden is my favourite character and I really enjoy the chapters from her point of view

  15. Hi everyone.
    So far I’m really enjoying the book. I like the sisters relationship, they are not super close but you can tell they care about each other and look out for one another.

    I can’t wait for Eden to develop and hopefully open up to a life that’s about more than just training.

    Very curious about the Dragons and what the history is there. Who said they are bad? Do they kill because they are attacked to begin with?

    The witches definitely seem shady, do they know something the slaters don’t? If they have magic why are they not helping to erase the dragons?

    Looking forward to tomorrow.

    1. Oh also curious what happened years ago when Eden was at the Sorcerers home.

  16. Love this I love the way Dani and Nox have this weird connection am so hoping he speaks or at least can communicate with Dani. I find the sorcerers really sus and I feel like gonna be a massive oh damn moment with them later 😑

  17. I already feel sorry for Eden. It is not nice to compare yourself to your sibling and feel inferior to them. I feel like this will lead her to making bad decisions

  18. Hello!

    This is my first FL read along and I’m really interested in this first section. Not only did Dani kick El Toro’s ass but she met a dragon. I will say that I am not sure how I feel about all the secrets. That usually comes back and bites our characters. I get keeping Nox as a secret since she didn’t want him dead but I’m not sure why Eden wasn’t honest with Dani about the invite. I think she was bit by jealousy.


  19. Wow. That was a lot of stuff going on. I wonder what’s up with the sorcerers??? Like what happened. Also the dragon bonding thing while fighting?? *chefs kiss* I kinda feel bad for Eden. As someone who’s always trying (but nothing always the best) it’s hard! I find Dani to be really funny and charismatic. I’m excited to continue!

  20. I love books that feature strong sister relationships that are complicated and messy. I am looking forward to learning more about Dani’s connection with Nox and what the deal is between the sorcerers and slayers.

  21. Hello everyone!

    I’ve really enjoyed this book so far, and I can’t wait to see where it goes next! I’m also excited the dragon comes in so quickly, and I’m such a sucker for sister dynamics in books 😅❤️

  22. Hmm I find myself making some odd assumptions about this book. Like I really expect one of the sisters to become the hero and one to become the villain. The whole time I was reading I would catch myself thinking, “ah Eden is more committed to this dragon slayer thing, she’s going to be jealous of Dani and end up turning on her sister” or “wait Dani has some kind of a bond with a dragon, she’s going to turn against her whole family to protect it” or “nooo Dani is keeping the dragon a secret, Eden is going to feel so betrayed when she finds out and there will be an epic sister battle!”

    There was some great setup in these chapters, I can’t wait to find out where it all goes.

  23. I have enjoyed the open chapters, loving the dynamic between the sisters, having 4 brothers I always wondered what it would have been like to have a sister and how our relationship would pan out, would we be close or rivals or a mixture of the two. I love that this book falls into the magical realism one of my favourite genre when you here dragons you expect a medieval or fantasy world but I love that this is routed in our world. There is so much intrigue already, why don’t the Rivera Parents trust the sorcerers, and why is Eden so drawn to them . How is Dani able to connect with Nox is this connection mean she has sorcerers abilities is the Conection how th sorceresses are able to track dragon even better then slayers. Yet Dani senses the dragon is not her energy what does that mean is she something else not a slayer or a sorcerer but something new. I feel the sisters are initially going to be drawn down different and conflicting paths but will ultimately have to come together for the final resolution to take place. Can’t wait to continue reading this book

  24. I really like the start of this! I do feel for Eden being overshadowed but I feel for Dani as well, she wants normal things in life and Eden puts added pressure on her. But. That scene with her being invited to tag along, oof, poor Eden!

    It was interesting to see Eden flirting with a guy, seeing her not thinking about dragons! I’m looking forward to tomorrow!

  25. Immediately hooked, super easy reading too. Anything with dragons, you can count me in!

    Just a note, readalong schedule and content all suggests today we were doing Chaps 1-5 but you noted 1-6?

  26. Out of the sisters im more of a fan of Eden. I have 4 sisters myself and they are younger than me bar 1, so i get it 🤣🤣 and i also love Nox, even though we only saw him for 10 seconds!!!!

  27. Hi everyone!
    I already love Nox, even though we barely know anything about him?! But I’m biased about dragons.
    I like both Dani and Eden. I’m a bit sad that Eden feels like she gets disregarded because of her sister, but I hope she’ll find her own strength and they’ll get closer later.
    I’m very suspicious about the sorcerers! I feel there might be some huge secrets, which also probably related to bonding with Nox.
    Can’t wait to read the next chapters!

  28. I’m enjoying this so far! I mean DRAGONS!! 🐉 what’s not to like? Im just waiting now on what’s to unfold next with all these secrets they’re keeping from each other already 🤔

  29. I’m loving this book right away…the style is just a perfect balance of myth and magic and usual teenage scenarios. The sisters dynamic is the one I’ll be watching… it’s really intriguing where this is going to lead!

  30. So far I’m really enjoying the book! I adore the dynamics between Dani and Eden and overall their relationship. <3 As many others I also love that the dragon appeared early especially since it is a standalone. I'm very excited to read more about the adventure I feel like is about to unfold! (and the dragons ofc ;D)

    I hope everyone is enjoying the read! 😀

  31. This book flowed so nicely and is an easy but funny and engaging read – I’m really enjoying it so far!

    As the oldest of four sisters, I definitely have felt similarly to how Eden feels about Dani. I feel like as the oldest sibling you are expected to be the guiding example for the younger ones, so it can really hurt and make you feel inadequate when your younger siblings are better than you at certain things in life. But you still love them all the same! I’m very excited to see where their relationship takes them in the coming chapters.

  32. I’m definitely liking this one, and really intrigued by the premise!
    Glad it didn’t take too long for the dragon to appear – though also we haven’t seen much of him yet, so this has me super intrigued!

    I’m also looking forward to seeing more from Eden and Dani as they will likely clash heads… So far, I am really liking them both however!

    I think there’s definitely something shady going on with the sorcerers however…

  33. Here we go and we already have a dragon!
    I really like Dani and her sister. But i hope the dragon and rivality or the sorcerers are not comming between them. I definitely don’t like it that they are not telling each other things. Not a good start

  34. This is my first fairyloot readathon and I’m super excited!
    I finished the first five chapters and love the book so far.

    I was so blown away by the fight scene between Dani and the Dragon that turned into something so completely different.
    The writing style is so good and took me right in this other world full of dragons, dragon slayers and sorcerers.

    I’m also very sad about Eden, her spirit and her infinite will to become a dragon slayer, because I think dragons aren’t as evil as she’s been taught.
    But I’m all in for a great character development!
    I loved her in the scenes with Nate, while driving to her aunts house. She seemed free und happier.

    But what about the sorcerers? I don’t trust them at all! I think there will be so much happening in the next chapters.
    So, let’s grab the book and let’s read the next chapters!
    If someone’s looking for me I’m hiding behind my book, diving into the next pages! 🙂

  35. okay so i LOVE this!!!!!!
    i’m already a day behind, but it’s such a quick read, hopefully i will catch up soon!!

    i love the sister relationship, giving me such Brooklyn Bruja vibes, with their different priorities regarding family business

    can’t wait to hear more about Eden’s secret past hehehe

    and i love that the romance is clearly laid out early on in the book
    i don’t need a slow burn in my standalone, so thank you Destiny!!!!!

  36. Hi everyone! I just received my book in the mail so I’m a day behind.

    I really like it so far. I am going to make a prediction, having read no spoilers. I think the sorcerers are just power hungry and the dragons aren’t as much of a threat as the slayers have been taught. I think the bond Dani and Nox share is going to tear the sisters apart because Eden is going to be so anxious to prove herself to the sorcerers, her parents, pretty much everyone. In the fight that’s coming Dani will side with the dragons. Just my guess.

    I like the relationship between Dani & Tomás. I think it would be fun to see something blossom between Eden and Nate also. 🙂

    Happy reading everyone!


  37. I’m glad this is a contemporary fantasy. I find them a little easier on my brain. I’m looking forward to learning more about the dragon.

  38. I love the dichotomy between the sisters. How one is studying so hard to be a slayer and the other just wants to be a girl. I will say, the whole soul bond and talking to Nox was pretty cool and if it continues, I can see this being one of my favorite books so far. Also dragons!

  39. So love Dani so far, she has been pushed into a life she is expected to take but like any teenager, wants to live her own life. I think I like Sadie, she will become pivotal to the story I think (or I might be wrong!!!) I’m not sure of Eden ans those Sorcerers are evil, I can feel it in my bones!

  40. Hi Everyone!

    I’m so glad to be back for another read-along!

    I love dragons and sister relationships! This book is meshing two things I love so much and will probably become one of my favourites books by the end!!

    I relate so much with both sisters. As an older sister myself, I completely get Eden’s insecurities when it comes to her sister and got emotional during the dinner as Eden heard about the sorceries wanting her sister instead of her. I GET that! Destiny Soria writes sister relationships really, really well! I cannot wait to see how the sister get on as the book continues and how their relationship will be by the end of the book!

    As for Dani, I love her characterisation and her thought process about why she lives her life the way she does and how different it is to how her sister lives her life. I’m really looking forward to seeing how her relationship with Nox flushes out! I am also very intrigued to see how Sadie plays into the story and her friendship with Tomás! Love their dynamic.

    I have a prediction that the sorcerers are evil and are taking magic from dragons to see for themselves! Maybe that’s not how they get their magic, but they are definitely up to no good!

    I’m looking forward to reading more!


  41. Hi everyone!

    This is my first FairyLoot reading (although a slightly late start 🙂 and im super excited to read this book!

    So far I’m really enjoying this book, I love the pacing of the book and the fact that we’ve jumped straight into meeting Nox within the first 100 pages. I also love Tomaś, he’s giving off some fab vibes (lol). However, im getting some really sketchy vibes from the sorcerers.

    I can’t wait to see where the story is going to go!

  42. I’m late as usual to start this. I’m pleased to report that I’m really enjoying it so far. I was a bit skeptical at first as I hadn’t heard of it before I received it in the monthly box but I’m finding it to have solid world building and we’ll defined characters. I prefer Dani so far but I was really happy to see Eden get some more depth in the cat rescue. She’s not just uptight.

  43. I am catching up with the readalong (yes, I decided to start the book in day 3 😅)
    So far I’m really enjoying it. I loved the song references. I absolutely love everything dragon related so I hope I will love this book

  44. I love the dynamic between the sisters and between Dani and Tomas. Liked the early introduction of the dragon and what is is about Dani that draws the dragon in and makes the sorcerer want her to spend Summer with them?

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