Fire With Fire Readalong: Day 2!

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Hey Fairy Friends!

Welcome to day 2 of our Readalong of Fire With Fire! I hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s chapters and are ready to dive in for more today!

Today we’re reading from Chapter 6 to the end of Chapter 12! Let’s goo!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Fire With Fire by Destiny Soria, from chapters 1 to 12. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


Uh oh, I just knew Sadie would be back and now they’re going to be working with each other all summer! I kinda hope they get to talk things out though, would be good closure for Dani!

Uhhh did Nox really just turn up at her work?!? What is this weird connection they’ve formed? Okay waaait! They have a soul bond where their souls and fates are intertwined! Was it just a massive coincidence that they happened to bump into one who was born at the same time?

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So Nox was originally tracking her family to try and kill them but now he needs Dani’s help. What help could a dragon possibly need from a dragon slayer?

Frankie really seems to have a dislike for the sorcerers and she says it’s because you don’t know where their loyalties truly lie but I wonder if if could be something deeper, if something happened to cause such a big distrust between the two ? Eden on the other hand seems to idolise them a bit and really wants them to work together which I suppose makes sense if it would make it easier to hunt the dragons.

Omg Dani is riding Nox! That’s very brave and trusting of her….uhh did she just control him?!?! But they reach their destination safely which turns out to be Nox’s lair…I’m so intrigued as to what he needs help with.

Oh ma gaaawd there’s a nest of dragon eggs and Nox needs Dani’s help to hatch them cos she’s now IMMORTAL! This gal is going through it! Not only is she connected to a dragon and can even hear each other’s thoughts but now she’s basically immortal…how is she going to keep this from her family. Also the fact that she’s helping bring new dragons into the world when it’s her families sole purpose to kill them! This is definitely going to cause some drama! Not only that but if they knew about the nest they would definitely destroy it before the eggs could hatch!

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Ooft it’s a little bit sketchy of Calla to call up Eden to meet don’t we think? Why the sudden interest in Eden after being so interested in Dani? And behind her parents back as well! Do we trust Calla or the sorcerers?

I love that because of the stories Dani had told Sadie when they were younger, Sadie became obsessed with dragons and could potentially think they’re real! Also super funny that Dani has to listen to them talk about dragons knowing all that she knows! I’m a bit sad that Sadie didn’t want to talk about what happened when they were younger though, I feel like it would be good to clear the air! It must be annoying for Dani but I, for one, am enjoying Nox’s sarcastic commentary ?

So Calla captured a dragon and has kept it imprisoned for a few hundred years…but why is she telling Eden and what does it have to do with Dani?

Omg Dani is going to introduce Nox to Eden?? Is that really a good idea? Eden is so focused on how bad dragons are that I can’t see her having a good reaction to this.

Yup that definitely didn’t go as planned! And now Eden thinks Dani has been captured and is essentially going to hunt both her and Nox!

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Has Dani accidentally led the slayers and the sorcerers to the dragon eggs?

Well that was dramatic! What do we think so far? My gut has a bad feeling about the sorcerers but I’m not sure why… What do you think will happen next? Let me know down in the comments below, and I can’t wait to read more with you tomorrow!


36 thoughts on “Fire With Fire Readalong: Day 2!

  1. These sorcerers are soooo fishy. I don’t trust them one inch, especially Calla (Okay, she is pretty much the only sorcerer we know somewhat well…) I’d guess making a sorcerer has something to do with Dragons? Like with the soulbond maybe? Nox did mention that Dani cannot use his magic but it goes through her.
    Intriguing. I’m sure we will find out more soon!

    But Nox is so cool! I love his and Dani’s bond, and that Dani is protective of him. At the same time, I hope Dani and Eden find a way to resolve their differences without too big of a rift between them. I dislike siblings that truly go against each other. But I do feel like they truly care about each other, so hopefully everything will go somewhat well.
    Dani really didn’t think it through though. Unexpectedly introducing a Dragon to a slayer is… not smart.

    1. Such an interesting point.. I wonder if dani can be used as an amplifier to the sorcerers?! Maybe they sensed it and that’s why they’re inviting her to Stonecrest? ?

  2. I don’t trust Calla. She’s seems so manipulative. Nothing good is going to come from her input.

    Loving Dani and Nox! I can’t believe they flew together! This book is bringing back all my love for dragons and dragon stories. Thank you for choosing this book this month.

    I feel bad for Eden but I think she’s going to get manipulated by Calla into doing something she really shouldn’t and end up betraying Dani and probs it her parents too.

  3. Oh no she didn’t ??? Eden didn’t listen to her sister and shot Nox!!!
    I don’t like her at the moment!! Hope their bond as sisters can be fixed after this, don’t know if I could forgive her is I were Dani…??
    I really don’t trust the sorcerers. What if they became sorcerer by bonding with and dragon and then killing it???? It wouldn’t surprise me ??‍♀️

    1. I was thinking a similar thing. The Dragons are used in some way to create a sorcerer.

      1. I hope not! That would be soooo sad

    2. That was my thoughts too, I wonder if the sorcerers are using the dragon they have to make more sorcerers? Or maybe they really do want to end then dragons so they are an exclusive club? Looking forward to finding out more in the next chapters.

  4. ok… So the situation is really bad, and i’m going for hope for Dani and Nox and the eggs!!!

    Could the sorcerers be linked to the dragons so they have magic ?

    (And how could you stop us right this instant !!!? please XD)

    I really liked the movie night, and i hope Dani and Nox really get along well!
    I think Eden is used by Calla, because Calla knows she really want to be a dragon slayer, and she knows what to tell to make Eden do whatever she needs/wants. Urk I hate this kind of character.

  5. The sorcerers are fishy af. They don’t even pretend not to be up to no good. With their history hidden too it makes me think there is a reason the slayers want nothing to do with them.

    I don’t like Eden but she is being used by Calla who has zero qualms about using her to gain Dani which is messed up. Especially since hunting is Eden’s dream not Dani’s.

    Not the SNARKY dragon is my favorite. He brings comedic relief.

  6. Just like everybody pointed out, I don’t trust the sorcerers. Anyone who uses brainwashing should be avoided! Also, what happened when Eden was 9? On the one hand I don’t want her to go to the castle, but I also hope that then Dani and Nox will have a possibility to rescue Eden.
    Edens mistrust was hard to read. I can see where whe is coming from (all her life she was told that DRAGONS ARE BAD), but it was heart wrenching.
    Also, who else likes the fact that there is no romantic feeling between Dani and Tomas? Sometimes it feels that a girl and a boy cannot just simply be friends in books

  7. I can’t believe Eden rang Calla about Dani and Nox. I was liking her, but she’s been an idiot there. She knows her own family don’t trust her.

    I have a theory that maybe Somehow the Dragons are used to create a sorcerer?
    Why keep one chained up and the whole sorcerers are made rather than born.

    At some point I feel that Sadie will find out about Dani, it just has to be with her already believing.

    Really enjoying this book so far.
    It’s becoming increasingly difficult not to read ahead.

    1. I feel like Eden is definitely a bit naive and very much obsessed with the whole wanting to be accepted and seen as superior to Dani that she’s blinded by what’s happening.

      Not sure how much I’m liking Sadie though. She’s very off putting and in your face. Hopefully she’ll start rubbing off on me! 🙂

  8. Calla is most DEFINITELY Eden Who can’t seem to see that’s she’s being used to get to her sister for the reason of her showing promise as a slayer. And I think it might have to do with with this enslaved dragon ??
    Dani just wants to live a normal life which she most definitely won’t seeing as she’s become IMMORTAL! Also the Nox is the bomb!

  9. ‘Try not to be a pedantic twit; it will make all of this much easier.” I LOVE the tone of this book. Easy, kind of nonchalant and yet punchy. Very refreshing from the stuffy textbooks I’ve been reading.
    I’m convinced the dragons made the sorcerers and the relations went a bit sour. . . They’re fishy, I don’t buy the parents going away when they wanted a meeting. Too coincidental.

  10. I feel for Eden again, this time for being manipulated be Calla, I don’t trust her at all. She is giving Eden just enough reassurance to use her for her own ends. Eden is not used to being appreciated.

    Things are really getting interesting now.

  11. No friend of Calla or the sorcerers. Look like to bebad people and you can’t trust them.
    I really like nox and his bond with Dani.
    Hopefully Eden will realise that she is in the wrong and that Dani and Nox are good for each other. I at lest hope she’s not goingto kill Nox. But i think it will take some time to get the mess figured out

  12. Changed my mind, i don’t like Eden anymore, she is reckless and doesn’t know who to trust!!! Do NOT like Calla at ALL.

    I loved Nox yesterday and i love him even more now. A sarcastic dragon ????

    1. I dont like Eden either! I’m not sure there is anything she could do to make me like her now!

  13. The way Calla always seem to say the right thing to get Eden to do what she wants worries me.
    She wouldn’t even listen to Dani.
    Dani should’ve listened to Nox, it was really heartbreaking for me when she had to run from her sister and that Eden just doesn’t have any faith in Dani’s judgment

  14. Oh my gooood. Things are getting super juicy! I almost can’t wait to continue. I wonder if the sorcerers are purposely trying to drive a wedge between the sisters? I mean, the quote on the cover is “two sisters, divided they burn”. Maybe the sorcerers are trying to keep them apart.

    Is anyone else finding Nox ridiculously funny? I find myself genuinely laughing at his input at times. It’s definitely making for a more interesting story.

  15. Like everyone else, I find the sorcerers to be super shady. I hate that Eden trusts Calla so much!

    I’m also a little annoyed by this trope of a war where no one knows why they’re fighting except that the other side is the bad guy. Dragons are clearly intelligent, has no one EVER tried to negotiate and cease the hostilities, especially if dragons are nearing extinction? That’s just so awful! The soul bond between a dragon and a human implies to me that they’re intended to be allies, NOT enemies.

    I feel like a lot of history has been lost with this secrecy between slayers and sorcerers and dragons. I hope we get to learn more about how they got to this point.

    PS- Sadie being basically a dragon fangirl had me cracking up so much.

  16. Calla is all bad. I agree with earlier posts that something prob has to harm or kill dragons (or maybe even unhatched eggs ?) in order to make a sorcerer. Do they get their power from dragons? Does that require maintenance? Do many thoughts…

    I love the actual bond growing between Nox & Dani. I’m really worried she and Eden won’t be able to salvage their relationship if Eden gets in too deep with Calla. Yikes! I have a feeling Frankie will be the first to side with Dani. I hope she’s able to confide in her friends. Ahhhh! I’m hooked!

    Side note: Has anyone here seen “I am Dragon?” Or read the Dragonwatch series by Brandon Mull? Getting major vibes.

  17. Dani is going through it!
    Is anyone else after a playlist for this book? I love all the music that comes up and I want to listen as I read!
    I feel like the sorcerers want Dani because they ~know~ all about the connection – when Dani almost took control when Nox was flying? I think that’s what they want to use to destroy them.
    Cora x

  18. These chapters ended with such drama and conflict. Cannot wait to see what happens next. Loving the banter between Dani and Nox.

    1. I love Nox! This has cemented the fact that I need a dragon in my life! Calla is a pimple on the bum of humanity and Eden, in my eyes, couldn’t be more jealous of Dani. I really hope I’m wrong about Eden as I want to like her, but ibreally don’t at the mo!

  19. Can’t believe how quickly Eden found out about Nox!

    Though also… think missing something on the build-up between Dani + Nox?
    Feels a little too quickly that she’s gone from dragon-slaying to wanting to hatch eggs? Feels like I missed something…

    I’m guessing we are going to be shown that dragons aren’t murderous – and actually I’m wondering if there’s something going on with the sorcerer’s ad the dragons…

  20. Hi Fellow Readers!

    I am seriously hooked on this book! It’s so good so far!

    I starting to think – based on Eden’s strange memory of Stonecrest and the dragon and Calla’s magic she did on the baristas – that Calla may have spelled Eden’s mind when she was young. Despite everyone else giving Eden good reason why she shouldn’t trust the sorcerers, she is still staying irrationally firm on wanting to be part of the sorcerers. Maybe it has to due with her wanting magic, but still…

    I’m so glad to see some more Bi representation with Dani! There were hints on the earlier chapters, but I liked have the confirmation, especially because it’s not presented as a big deal – just another part of her – and not as the main plot point or a major one for the book!

    I almost didn’t want to stop and post but continue on reading! In fact, I’m quite behind on reading the book for the read-along, but now that I’m in it, I can’t stop!


  21. I don’t trust the sorcerers at all.
    Calla seems so manipulative and on the other hand Eden seems absolut naive.
    How can she meet Calla behind the back of her parents and think that this is a good idea?! I’m getting more and more annoyed with her. And why is she constantly trying to push Dani in a certain direction?
    Eden called Calla when Nox and Dani flew away… what a bad idea?! Is she so blinded and obsessed with Calla and the other wizards that she can no longer think clearly? How can someone think that it’s a good idea to call shady sorcerers to save someones sister? Why didn’t she believe Dani about everything she told her?

    I don’t want the two sister devided or on different sides of the war.
    I hope they find each other again and trust each other!

  22. Yeah, let me join the chorus of sorcerers are dodgy and Calla is an evil mastermind of some kind.

    Enjoyed this section a lot. Still firmly on Dani’s side of things. Eden being so enamoured with the Sorcerers doesn’t quite sit with me but I think there’s a lot being repressed from that visit when she was a kid. I wonder if we’d started with Eden’s pov if I’d have warmed to her more. I understand her but I don’t feel what she feels.

    Not sure where the Sadie stuff is going, or if there will be a revelation and a friends to lovers thing with Dani and Tomas… I have no strong feelings either way with that.

    I’m still behind but hope to catch up by tomorrow 🙂

  23. I loved these chapters the development of plot, world building and character development has got me so intrigued, I cannot wait to read more!

    Dani and Nox my favourite, their bond is so precious and sweet! Their banter is great fun too!

    I do feel bad for Eden because you can totally tell she is the one being manipulated which will most likely not end great for her. I cannot wait to read more!

  24. The story is really interesting so far. Definitely don’t trust the sorcerers

  25. I’m thinking this is going to lead to a really epic sister against sister showdown. I just hope Nox survives!

  26. I’m a bit behind, but love the book so far!
    I am extremely suspicious of sorcerers. I’m afraid their power might be related to the hunting of dragons, maybe they somehow use them, since they are “made”..?
    I love Nox! And there are eggs! Maybe we’ll see baby dragons!!
    I’m a bit sad that Eden wants to get on the good side of Calla this bad, she is set up for a big disappointment, plus her actions will endanger Nox… I wonder if Calla wants Dani to touch their dragon maybe, that’s why she wants Eden to convince her to go.

  27. I’m defo getting really sketchy vibes from Calla and the sorcerers.

    I’m really enjoying the character development and interactions (especially between Sadie and Dani).

    I feel for Eden as she seems to be getting caught up with the appeal of the sorcerers but i don’t think anything good will become of it.

    I hope dani and Nox can protect the eggs and hatch them!

    Can’t wait to read more 🙂

  28. read this last night, everyone in the chat like “don’t go to stonecrest!” and i’m over here like SKETCHY CASTLE LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hahahahah 🙂

    not because i like the sorcerers, though, don’t worry. but i want to know more about them! it didn’t occur to me that their power could come from a manipulation or corruption of a bond with a dragon, and now i’m worried !!

    i also don’t read with the book jacket on, so i forgot about “divided we burn” and now i’m double worried!!!!!

    i am really liking the book, due in large part to the pacing. i don’t often read standalones and it’s really satisfying to know that i’m going to get such a cohesive story by the end of the week!!! 🙂

    hoping to catch up and read parts 3&4 today.

  29. Very suspicious that Calla wants to meet up with Eden. ?It’s feels more like Calla wants Eden on the sorceress side so she can get Dani to Stonecrest and go against her parents and theirs suspicions about trusting the sorceress. ?

    Yay Sadie and Dani are starting to talk and does Sadie believe that dragons are real because of Dani’s story’s ?

    My most favorite thing so far is Nox’s and Dani’s ability to communicate telepathically and their growing soul bond.☺️ To understand and see each other’s side and see that not everything is just black and white and that there is more to the story. That maybe what Dani has been told about dragons might be wrong. ?

    I feel for Dani when she couldn’t handle everything by her self. She didn’t want to be alone on this. She wanted her sister. All the hiding and balancing her three lives was a struggle and wanted someone to talk to, tell them about Nox. ?But telling Dani went horribly wrong. ?I hoped Eden would least listen to Dani.
    Can’t wait to read what happens next. Who will Eden go to after finding this out? Is Dani and Nox in danger ? ?


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