Forest of Souls Readalong: Day 2

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Hello Fairy Friends!

It’s day 2 of our readalong of Forest of Souls!

We left off yesterday with Sirscha and Saengo being locked in the prison camp, awaiting questioning and I’m intrigued as to how they’re going to get out of this one!

Today we’re reading Chapters 6-11!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Forest of Souls by Lori M. Lee Chapters 1-11! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Sirscha is locked in a cell shackled until they can figure out what to do with her.

I love that she can still feel Saengo’s presence! At least she knows she’s still there!

Oooo so Sirscha wants to find out why the Shamans attacked and what they wanted so that she can prove herself to the Queen and become the shadow! But would the queen ever trust a shaman as Sirscha now is?

Eyebrow Tattoos sends a healer in to help Sirscha, she’s a healer but can’t access her magic anymore because she doesn’t have a familiar anymore. Does that mean Sirscha would need a familiar to access her magic?

It sounds like Sirscha had such a tough start to life, being mistreated by her parents and then by the monks when she was left at the orphanage.

Aww Prince Meilek says he’d speak to the guards about hurting the earthwender! He seems like a good person so far!

Ahh Ronin, the Spider King, has summoned both Sirscha and Saengo?? 

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Ohh since he’s the peacekeeper between the kingdoms he wants to hear from a primary source about what happened at the tea house! And Sirscha thinks it will be a good opportunity to ask about how she managed to bring Saengo back to life.

Wow Ronin managed to defeat one of the most powerful Shamans ever after pairing with a spinner as his familiar, making him the most powerful shaman!

And the souls that the Soulless had claimed clung to the trees and that’s how the Dead Wood came to be.

They make it to the camp outside the dead wood and before long they’re heading in with only Ronin’s word and a spidersilk cloak as protection!

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Ohhh I thought the Prince and the soldiers were going to go with them but no, they’re on their own!

I do not like the sound of these woods! It would definitely mess with your head thinking that the trees are grabbing for you all the time but maybe they are?

Wow yup the trees are definitely after them and Ronin’s promise of safe passage doesn’t seem to be obeyed by the trees! 

Whhhaaat just happened? Was that the souls of the people the soulless killed?

Finally they make it to Ronin!

They’re both understandably exhausted and pass out straight away, only assessing their surroundings when they wake at noon the next day. True to herself Sirscha instantly assesses escape routes but is soon distracted by the array of food that’s been left for them.

Oooo I was wondering if the trees attacking them might have been a test and it was! Ronin wanted to test her shaman abilities!

Wooow so Sirscha is a lightwender and a soul guide meaning she can lead souls to the afterlife or back to the living! 

Saengo is her familiar?!?!?

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Ronin reveals the real reason he summoned her here, he wants her help to stop the wood from expanding further and hopefully to stop a potential war! 

And now she has two weeks to learn how to summon her craft and stop a war… That’s a lot of pressure!

Before she has any time to process everything she’s just been told, Sirscha is led to the library to meet with Kazan Hlau for their first training session. Theyen is being a bit insufferable but I can’t help but love his sass just a lil bit ?

Ohh someone cut her ears as a child…I wonder if it was malicious or if they were trying to hide the fact she’s a shaman!

Yay he still agrees to help her! This should be fun!

Oh wow, familiars don’t age so Saengo will forever remain the same meaning she can’t really be the heir to her house anymore. I feel so bad for her and the future that has now been stolen from her 🙁 I really hope it doesn’t ruin their friendship!

Sirscha wakes early for her training with Theyen and before long, he’s using shadows to try and summon her craft but her years of physical training and reliance on her strength stop her from being able to. 

Oooo Theyen needs something from Ronin too which is shy he agreed to help.

He’s harsh but maybe that’s the only way to help her!

Do we think Theyen’s methods will work and Sirscha will be able to summon her craft in time to save the kingdom?

Let me know all your thoughts and I’ll see you tomorrow!



30 thoughts on “Forest of Souls Readalong: Day 2

  1. Today’s chapters flew by! I’m intrigued by both Ronin and Theyen, I wonder if the name of the former is a clue about his character or just a mislead for people who think too much (like me ?), and the latter…well, I am a hopeless romantic, but am I the only one who thinks something will simmer between him and Sirscha?

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s chapters~

    1. It wouldn’t surprise me if Theyen and Sirscha become a couple ?

    2. I know that Theyen’s kinda mean atm, but I love him as a character already haha

      1. He’s not bad! He and Sirscha may become good friends

  2. I hoped the Prince would help her, even though she’s shamanborn…. ?

    The Dead Wood made me think of Lord of the Rings’ Fangorn Forest where the trees took care of the orcs ?

    I feel so sorry for Saengo…. it must be scared not knowing what’s ahead…

    Haven’t made up my mind about Theyen, I’m curious to learn more about him.

    I’m gonna try and read the next chapters,although it’s way to hot to keep concentrating on a story… ?

  3. I was so sad that Sirscha had to leave her giant lizard behind! But I guess he‘s at least safer when he‘s staying behind ? I for sure hope he‘ll make another acquaintance later in the story again!

    I was also a bit sad that Prince Mailek disappeared so fast again but then we got introduced to Theyen and my loss was forgotten haha! I am soooo intrigued by him! He seems to be much more than what he lets Sirscha see and I definitely think he‘ll get her magic activated! That fight scene guyyys (I kinda got Aelin & Rowan vibes??)

    But I can‘t wait to read tomorrow‘s chapters! I really hope Sirscha‘s and Saengo‘s friendship will survive the change in their relationship! When Sirscha comforted her at night, my heart broke a little ?

  4. I love this story so far! Theyen seems really cool and I wonder what he needs from Ronin.
    Also Saengo as familiar.. hell yes! Although I’m sad for everything she lost for it, I think it’s better than being dead.

  5. I think we’ve just got to the point where the synopsis couldn’t have told us any of this information, so I’m def excited to see where this goes next!!

  6. I hope we get to see more of the spider king, I feel like he might know more than he’s letting on.

    I’m liking Theyen so far, he has a bit of sass, I’m not sure about him and Sirscha as a couple though! ? I loved the training scene between them, Sirscha kicked ass.

    I can’t wait to see what happens next I feel like something bigs about to kick off and cause chaos.

  7. Shirscha is a soul guide! I didn’t expect that. So he holds power no one understands and she can’t ask for help cause she’s the only soul guide within centuries. Let’s wait and see what Theyen can do. And Saengo realy is her familiar! I thought it only works with animal spirits. But Sirscha is special… so why not.
    I want to know what happens next! Love this book so far!

  8. I feel bad for Saengo. It’s good that she’s alive but always being the same. I just wonder how Shirscha made Saengo her familiar if she needed a familiar to use magic in the first place. I can’t believe they had to go through that wood all by themselves. It sure wll be interesting to train Shirscha to use her powers instead of her relying on her weapons.

  9. The Dead Wood reminds me of Thangorn Forrest!
    I have a feeling the souls inside the trees will need to be freed in the end. Ronin definitely knows more about them than he let’s on!
    I feel so sorry for Saengo, her whole life has been taken over.
    Shirscha seems to be quite arrogant so I’m not loving her as a main character that much but I’m intrigued with the tasks she has to do now

    1. , *fangorn Forrest

  10. I am so hoping for a bit of enemies to lovers here with Theyen and Sircha as they def had a moment there I think! I love how well she held herself in the fight and the dialogue was tense. I hope he wants out of his engagement. He did come across as a little high on his horse with the ‘i’m a royal’ stuff but I loved that he was a powerful shaman too. Very excited to continue with this one, lots has already gone on, I have so many questions.

    I had some sadness over the revelation about Saengo being a familiar as when Sirscha and her talked about it she seemed a little lost, I think they will work it through, the friendship seems really important to them both.

  11. Still not feeling it unfortunately, my biggest issue right now is Saengo being so down about ‘losing everything’ because of being a familia, she would be dead otherwise, that was literally the only other choice here and Sirshca keeps apologising and feeling terrible about it; girl you save her life, you deserved to be thanked.

    Despite that, still not a fan of Sirscha for someone who is meant to be so browbeaten for such a hard life she’s so freaking superior – not defiant in the way Spensa was (Skyward) rather just bratty all the time. She did not need to bring so much attitude in that conversation with Theyen. Here is someone who is offering you assistance, maybe they have an agenda but regardless she needs help with controlling her magic, take it, stop sulking about perceived rudeness; he’s royal for goodness sake… actually that was probably the reason for her hatred, since apparently everyone who was born with a title she immediately hated including Saengo.

    I like the Spider King, really do want to see what he is up to and the woods, how absolutely creepy, hoping the plot really takes off from here.

  12. I love creepy forests they are so atmospheric. And scary. I think I’m gonna like Ronin he seems cool. I really love the banter between Sirscha and Theyen so far. I feel like they are gonna be enemies to lovers and I am here for it. Very excited to continue on.

  13. So I’m already in love with Theyen, so much broody sassiness!

    I feel so bad for Saengo, she dies, has her braid cut off, has to go through the Dead Woods, and then finds out she can’t age and will fade away if she doesn’t stick around Sirscha forever? How much more can my girl go through?!

    Ronin is a lot more… Meh so far? Like obviously he hasn’t been in it much but I was expecting more sass! We’ve had Kendara just being a sass queen, Theyen being a sass king, I thought Ronin would end up being a sass GOD! Obviously we have to see more of him soon so I’m excited to see what he’s like when he loosens up a little bit!

    1. Must also mention that I have hopped off the SirschaxPrince ship and am steadfastly on the SirschaxTheyen ship, I LIVE for enemies to lovers, and I know they’re not enemies (yet??? ?) But the angst between them is what I need instead of air, I live for it and I want more of it like yesterday

  14. I’m a bit conflicted with Saengo’s situation. On one hand, poor Saengo and the fact that she lost it all, but on the other at least she’s not dead. I hope she’ll be able to move on. Definitely want to see more of Ronin and Theyen. They helped me forget about the Prince disappearing so quickly. I wonder how exactly does Ronin use his magic to control the Dead Wood. Speaking of, what happened to the souls that night? Since Sirscha is a soulguide, did she guide the souls to where they needed to be or just released them from the trees? How does her craft actually work? I wonder how she is going invoke her craft.

  15. So I’m really liking it so far! I love the atmosphere, Ronin, Saengo, and the magic. I guess the only thing I’m not DYING over is Sirscha. I guess she’s meant to be this badass amazing warrior that is too good for the Company and stuff … but it’s more telling than showing? She’s pretty bland so far.

    I really feel for Saengo, the poor girl basically had her life stripped away! I get it, at least she’s not dead, but she has the right to grieve for what she lost. I STILL thing Kendara is a shaman, and hopefully is related to Sirscha in some way ???

    Ronin is actually so cool???? Like he’s not sassy as the others, because he’s like 300 years old, and I find his maturity so refreshing? It’s pretty obvious Sirscha will end up with either Theyen or the Prince, but Ronin is *chef’s kiss*

  16. The part where they’re running through the Dead Wood was so suspenseful and creepy! The way the trees were grabbing at them etc!

    I didn’t see it coming that Saengo would be Sirscha ‘s familiar. That’s an interesting twist and curious to see how that storyline develops. I felt sorry for Saengo that she’s lost everything that she’d hoped for her future, but I think when she’s had time to absorb the news, she will be glad to be alive in some sense rather than dead.

  17. Ok, those chapters created only more questions for me.
    The Dead Wood is so creepy, living trees which aren’t nice and cozy.

    Saengo is Sirscha’s familiar and it changed all her plans for future. I’m felt sorry for her but I hope that they will find some way to change her fate.

    Theyen and Ronin are interesting characters and I think that they are keeping a lot of secrets.

  18. Ok wow. Even more questions. I feel a bit sad for Saengo. Really hope this won’t mean anything negative for her friendship with Sirscha.

    1. Theyen and Ronin are pretty interesting characters. I wonder if anything will happen between Sirscha and Theyen.

  19. The theories where right Saengo is a familiar but that was a shock because them not being able to age. Must suck knowing now that she cant have a normal life anymore but on the other side she at least has a life. Poor her she did need to cray it out now that she knows her fate and has to live with it. It would be interesting to see if they could reverse what has been done.

    I like Sirscha I get how many of you don’t like her because she is being a brat but that is her defense mechanism after living such a horrible life. it does seem like she’s childish but is how she defends herself when feeling attack or pressured. It would be easy if she would be shy about it but on the other side I admire how she stand up for her self something I am not able to do.

    Ronin’s character is defiantly interesting and I wonder what ales he knows and is not letting on yet hmmm

    I like Theyen and he’s sass. I think its the only way to get through to someone like Sirscha even thou it comes out as mean or maybe that’s how he acts because he is royalty. Hmmm romance between them maybe but lets face it spending time together is kind of a factor of something developing ether it’s romance or friendship will see

    A for Sirscha’s power. she is her own worst enemy because her pride and defensing mechanism is preventing her to figure it out but once she lets other help her she will get it right

  20. I’m honestly so glad that this is so fast paced! In Chpater 6 when she was talking about familiars I theorized that Saengo could be her familiar and I was so happy when I was right! It’s so cool that this is the first human familiar. And that sword fight in that final chapter was so great. I love that we learn things through talking with action it makes it easier to get through the information without it being “dumping”!

    1. I think he’s going to try and use Saengo to evoke sirscha’s power. Which will also make Sirscha dislike him even more.

      These chapter had me turning the page quickly to see what would happen next.

      I feel so bad for Saengo but I think she’ll come to terms with it. Seeing as it was that or death. Still pretty sad that she had to give up her life.

  21. I was like “WOAH WHAT?!” when Ronin said Saengo is Sirscha’s familiar! And being a soulguide? That sounds so cool, but also like a huge responsibility… after all Sirscha is now responsible for destroying the Dead Wood? Sounds like is gonna be easy… not.

    I was really confused about Ronin at first, because I always looked at the art on the reverse of the dust jacket and I thought he had to be the one with the white hair in the back, because he has blue (?) eyes and pointed ears and the black haired guy in the front has brown ears, but then the hair didn’t fit and I had question marks flying through my head.. lol
    I mean now I know that the white haired guy is Theyen, but still… WHO IS THE GUY IN FRONT? Ahhhhh

    1. I got confused by this as well! I think the front guy is Prince Meilek?

  22. Well question answered – Theyen is the character on the back of the dust jacket! I really love his character, and I’m thinking there might be some future romance ?.
    At this stage there is so much that could happen I’m excited to see where Lori takes the story.
    Ronin is a great contrast to a lot of the characters introduced thus far as he is a bit more mature. Although the wit and dark humour from Sirscha is great.
    Overall, really enjoying it!

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