Forest of Souls Readalong: Day 3

Gorgeous photo by @cititoreasa

Hello Everyone!

It’s day 3 of our readalong! I can’t wait to get back into it!

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Alright, with that said, lets dive into todays chapters! Today we’re reading Chapters 12-16!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Forest of Souls by Lori M. Lee Chapters 1-16! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Sirscha and Saengo spend the rest of the day searching through the library for anything that can help them but Sirscha thinks that Ronin may be withholding vital information that could help.

Would anyone ever be interested in a book on the history of cutlery and napkin folding?? it’s definitely a very niche subject but each to their own! Hopefully it won’t be missed if Sirscha breaks the glass with it!

Oh wow the gardens sound beautiful and so relaxing…well apart from whatever that was that was watching her! A spider?

And now she’s being attacked! She really doesn’t get a break!

Sirscha does not hold back when she’s fighting and breaks the attackers wrist before stabbing him to try and get information about why he attacked her! He seems to be one of the people Theyen was talking about who thinks all she’ll bring is destruction! 

Oh no! He ran into the trees! He won’t last long in there with the trees after him and now Sirscha can’t get any answers!

ryan reynolds ugh GIF

Oh wow their dresses sound gorgeous!! I’m always a sucker for pretty shiny dresses and glamorous fashion ?

Oooo Sirscha thinks that Theyen might have sent the assassin? Does he really dislike her so much that he would have her killed? And if so, why agree to help her initially?

Whaaaat! What’s happening to Saengo and why hasn’t she mentioned it before ? oh no, the rot is sickness of the soul! Is this because she’s Sirscha’s familiar or something else?

So the rot is something that happens when you go through the dead wood! That can’t be good! There’s another incentive to find out what’s happening to the wood and how to destroy it!

 I guess she’s right that the best way to summon her craft is to put herself in danger and the only true danger is the trees! 

No way are all the trees mouthing run!! That is the creepiest thing ever!

canadian wtf GIF by CBC

What is this creature!! It sounds like something out of a horror movie and not something I would want to encounter in a dark wood!

Omg it’s the shadow blessed assassin ?? but only what is left of him!

Running away is definitely what I would do ? these woods really do sound horrific!

Oh wow, so the previous soul guide could basically strip shamans of their power by detaching them from their familiar! I guess I can understand why some people might be wary of her!

Poor Saengo has a way out and people that would fight to get her back but what would happen if she returns now that she’s a human familiar? Would her family still accept her? She would also need to free Sirscha to make sure she doesn’t fade. She basically doesn’t have any control over her life which is exactly what she had wanted to get away from by joining the queen’s guard.

After facing the woods in real life I definitely wouldn’t want to face them in my dreams!

Omg the healer! But how can she be there?? 

The soul renders power had been so intense and so horrific that the knowledge of it was removed from books and they killed all the families that may have passed down the gene! That’s crazy!

Late Night Wtf GIF by Team Coco

Did Sirscha’s parents know that she would be a soul guide and that’s why her ears were cut and she was left at an orphanage?

Ohhh so something is wrong with Ronin’s familiar and that’s why the woods are growing! But how are they supposed to fix a familiar?

There was an escape from the prison which must be how the healer was out but someone is trying to help the Shamanborn escape on boats! And Sirscha thinks it could be Kendara! What do we think? Is it Kendara?

Oh no, they’d caught the shaman that had tried to kill her but he escaped with the other prisoners! That’s so frustrating! 

Ooo yay she gets to go and speak to the other Shamanborn and try and find Kendara! This should be interesting!

happy the goldbergs GIF by TV Land

They head into the dead wood and it seems to be going okay until one of the soldiers gets caught by a tree! I thought Sirscha was going to be able to summon her craft and save Audri 🙁 if she wasn’t able to then, will she be able to before the woods take over?

The souls have been silenced…uhhh what does that mean?

The shamanborn escaped for her ?? they must really trust in her to help them, putting even more pressure on Sirscha!

Omg it’s the shaman from the teahouse! Whhaaat the queen sent them? To kill her own Shadow? I am very confused!

Oooo Sirscha feels a duty to the Shamanborn now and feels like she needs to help them! Now she just needs to find Kendara and find out whether she knows!

I feel like we learned a lot of information today but it all raised a lot of questions that I can’t figure out the answers to! Does anyone have any theories?

Lets discuss in the comments and I’ll see you all tomorrow!



40 thoughts on “Forest of Souls Readalong: Day 3

  1. Ok, from chapter after chapter I’m bitting my nails harder. This is insane!

    The killer who run to the Forest and something ate him…welp, I am not sorry. XD but Forest scared me, especially that maybe some spiders life there too.

    Saengo is sick and wanted to keep it in secret. Oh Girl! Her sickness is connected with her journay and hospitality between the Dead Wood trees. I hope she will be fine because she has already lost a lot of things and Sirscha will be davastated if something wrong will happen Saengo.

    Ronin’s familiar is sick too or maybe died? This creature freak me out because I am pretty sure that it will be a spider!

    The Queen sent shamans to kill her own Shadow! What?! Why?! Did Kendara know about that or she is a victim too? I don’t know but why Kendara’s sward name is Suryali, the same how Shamanborn’s child name Sirscha at the camp?

    Sirscha’s decision to help Shamanborn, even if she doesn’t feel connected with them as far, is so adult and responsible…even she sees in that her own chance.

    I think Queen’s relation with shamans is a little different than this what she presents outside. Maybe, she hates them but in the same time they’re powerful weapon against her enemies.

    Ronin actions aren’t clear for me too. Especially after his meeting with escapers. It looked like he was ready to kill them all but only Sirscha presents at the camp stopped him.

    I’m a little lost who is a friend and who is an enemy. -_- I only hope that Theyen is better than he showes himself.

    1. And of course that I wrote all my thoughts but forgot to add that I will participate in #fairylootforest photo challange. My Instagram is @motive_of_the_witch.

  2. So, one thing is 100% sure: no one in this book is being completely honest with the others ? and I love that! I love a good deception, like in magic shows when you keep staring at a hand but the trick is done with the other one.
    So I’ll just take every theory in this book and flip it upside down ?

    however I posted my photo, my instagram handle is Sputnik.Books ?

  3. I posted my Fairyloot readalong photo challenge ☺️

    I really can’t wait to see what the Kazan Halu’s motives are and his background. He sounds so mysterious!

  4. I’m so excited about this book!! I entered the readalong giveaway, my instagram is:

    There are bodies inside the trees omg… The shadowblessed inside the tree freaked me out!
    I really hope Saengo is going to be alright.
    Sirscha feels a lot of pressure, I wonder how she’ll deal with everything… Excited to read more tomorrow!

  5. I also joined the readalong giveaway!

    Saengo has the rot, and it’s incurable, I’m so shocked and sad right now.
    But I’m also desperate to know more about Sirschas powers, maybe she can cure Saengo somehow? Also, I think the human prince is the one helping the shamans escape. At least I hope so, I want to see him again!

  6. I will be joining the photo challenge as @katcandyfloss

    I was really sad reading about the rot of the soul, it sounds awful. For some reason I don’t think everything will turn out with kendara I’m not convinced it’s a good move and maybe she is actually the one behind the shaman deaths? we will have to see.
    The death of the assasin in the woods was horrid!

  7. Entering the competition and my handle is @ninahilden

    This book is getting so interesting. I can’t decide if Ronin or someone else sent the assassin since he was working at the castle. What happened to Ronin’s familiar? Can Sirscha help the familiar? How will she handle under all that pressure from the shamans? i wonder who shot the arrow and if that person is working with the queen? Has the queen found out that the shadow is helping shamans escape and that’s why tried to kill her? But why would queen help the shamans? So many questions.

  8. I think this might be one of my favourite Fairyloot book choices! There’s so much going on and so many mysteries to solve. I really hope they can cure Saengo!

    I posted my photo on my instagram: @AlwaysBookishBecca 🙂

    1. I agree!! And the characters aren’t annoying as in some of the other books ?

  9. I really love this story. I need the sequel ASAP! Hope it doesn’t end with a major cliff hanger, because I WILL cry. HARD. xD

    1. I hope not!! ???

    2. i saw a goodreads review that said IT DOES ??

  10. I loved the fruitfight Sirscha and Saengo had!! Made me want to start one here at home….if only it wasn’t so hot today ?? (and I would be the one to clean it ?)
    Can prince Meilek be the one to help the shamanborn?? I’m still hoping we will read more about him!
    Maybe Sirscha couldn’t save Audri because Saengo wasn’t with them??

    I really love this story and the characters!!!

    I’ve entered the giveaway, my Instagram handle is @beppie125

  11. I think kendara is a shaman tbh but I’m just guessing.

    From what we know about the queen, I wouldn’t put it past her to want to kill kendara (see my hypothesis on kendara being a shaman haha)

    I want to know more about Ronin’s weaver and what happened to Jonyah in the end?

    Also, considering the spiders shown everywhere on the cover, spine, and art inside the book, there seems to be a lack of them ?

  12. I will enter the giveaway my instagram is danica.brnot

    First of all poor Saengo how much can this girl take at once first they cut of her braid then she finds out she is a familiar and now the rot I really feel for her pain of how trapped shes become

    And poor Sirscha how many burdens shes got on herself by being the only one who can stop the forest and save her friend and on top of that be the hope of shaman born. I just love her strong will and strength to go on and fight for what is wright

    So many things happening it leaves even more questions that are not answered. Like what is Ronin hiding is his familiar really dying and is he loosing control. Who is helping the shaman born. Why is the queen helping shamans and sanding them to kill her own shadow. is Kendara bad or good and is she shaman or maybe even shadow blessed
    and so many more

    this book is intense

  13. The forest is very very scary and creepy. I have no idea how to fix it but I hope Sirscha can fix it and also heal Sango. I’m not really surprised that the Queen is behind the Tea house attack, we haven’t even met her but I already distrust and dislike her. I have a lot of questions about Kendara…where is she? Who is she? Is she a Shaman? Is she still working for the Queen or against her? Does she intend Sirscha harm or not? I find Theyen hilarious and think he is probably a good guy even if Sirscha doesn’t trust him. Posting my readalong challenge photo to my IG Jenthebookishbakernz

  14. I just read yesterday’s and today’s chapters back to back I cannot get enough! I have this feeling that Kendara is gonna be the reason for the souls trapped in the forest. They mentioned her sword and there’s definitely more to her than what we know so far! Plus with the pages torn out about the soul ripper… I feel like that kind of plays into Kendara’s story somehow but I’m not sure.

    My instagram is and I entered. Is it cool to enter with a photo I posted just yesterday and just add the hashtag? If not I’ll post a different photo before the 16th!

  15. Woah these woods are CREEPY! I am a super chicken so I could not handle them. The plot thickens, What is Ronin hiding? Who is helping the shamanborn? Who is trying to kill our girl? Too many questions. Will require further reading. Really enjoying so far.

  16. Poor Saengo, hopefully Sirscha can save her. I definitely agree with everyone that said that the trees were creepy! I wonder why the queen would turn against Kendara. What does she gain from eliminating her? Does Sirscha still want to be the queen’s shadow? Also curious as to how Ronin lost control of the Dead Wood? Did something happen to his familiar? What else could he be hiding? I can’t wait to see Sirscha master her craft. Still have so many questions. My instagram is @bookishdeseos

    1. I don’t know if its possible for sirscha to be the queens shadow any more. Now that she met the shamonporn and saw how miserable they are because of the queen

  17. I feel like we got some answers in the last few chapters, but all we really know at this point is that everyone has their own secrets.

    The spider king knows more than he is letting on with those trees. I hope he doesn’t turn out to be the bad guy.

    The queen sent that assassin after her own shadows. What!!! Is this linked to Sirscha some how.

    I can’t wait to see what happens next.

    My instagram is @books0507

  18. First of all I have to agree with the others. The forest is super creepy and really scary. Looks like the dead just won’t rest. But what about Sirscha’s dreams? And i don’t really trust Ronin. He’s hiding something. I hope she finds out what the forest is all about. She has to help saengo too. I haven’t quite figured out the queen either. She sends shaman to kill Kendara. So people she loathe and doesn’t trust should kill their greatest ally? I’m confused. Maybe the Queen freed the prisoners?

    1. My instagram handle is lunas_book_page and i will enter later today

  19. There are so many answers I demand and I’m starting to get nervous thinking about which ones we’re going to have to wait until book 2 for lol

    My instagram handle: @thecaffeinated.reader

  20. Anybody else want fruit shaped like animals? Haha. I am really enjoying this book.
    Also have done the photo challenge, because why not?
    My Instagram is han_pan__
    Best wishes everyone ?

  21. The Dead Wood is so spooky! I was really hoping Sirscha would be able to save Audri, but in a way I’m glad she couldn’t because it would seem like she’d worked out how to use her powers way too easily. It’s not going to be easy for her to learn to use her magic and I like that.

    There is something mysterious going on here and I’m not sure what it is. I’m suspicious of Theyen, Ronin, Kendara and the queen at the moment, but I’m not sure who is up to what… someone is up to something… I’m anticipating a big twist before the end of this book!

    I’ve entered the giveaway, my handle is @m.t.wilsonwrites1891

  22. This book took a turn for the dark and I loved that! I actually read forward so will write a bit more on the next post to avoid spoilers!

    I’m entering the giveaway and my insta handle is @late_blooming_wallflower

  23. The intensity of this book is killing me ahh! I have so many questions!

    I was so shocked when we found out that Saengo is suffering from the rot – I really hope Sirscha will be able to find some kind of cure! I mean, she‘s not an awesome lightwender for absolutely no reason so she has to save her best friend! And here I was wondering if Saengo would be able to forgive Sirscha for making her a familiar – now I‘m just glad if they both live in the end! ?

    I also have a lot of conspiracy theories but somehow, Theyen isn’t in any of them haha. I don’t believe he had something to do with the attack by the other shadow wielder (the scene where Sirscha found him in the trees gave me GOOSEBUMPS), but I do suspect Ronin and the Queen to play a bigger game ?
    I can‘t wait to find out more – the story has be absolutely hooked!

    And of course I‘d love to join the competition! I just posted my picture and my Instagram handle is @moonlessreader ?

  24. Does anyone else think it’s not going to be Kendara that’s helping the Shamanborn? My bets are on Prince Meilek. Sirscha is so sure it’s Kendara so it can’t be right?

  25. Entered the giveaway! Handle is @readingpirates

    I’m very intrigued by all the mystery that is surrounded in this book. I need answers now lol I can’t wait and I’m a day behind. Oops….

  26. Loving this so far! Can’t wait to finish up!

    I entered the giveaway. @tessahoven is my IG.

  27. This book is well on its way to becoming one of my faves of the year!
    I’ve entered the giveaway, my insta is @megreads1

  28. Not gonna lie it was at this point where I binged the rest of the book ? and then didn’t come back to comment any more until the readathon was done in case of spoilers. This section was absolutely BANANAS. I loved the author’s sense of humour and the jokes about the boring books and the jokes with Theyen and how he developed a friendship by basically tolerating someone kinda rocked my world.

    Entering the giveaway with the handle @madamepincers ?

  29. SO. MANY. QUESTIONS! I can’t wait to see how the end goes!
    I’ve entered the challenge, my ig is @treasuredfibers. ❤️

  30. I have entered! My IG handle is @bookfairy95 :))

    Now for the book: I must admit I have some trouble with the political aspects of this book. I always get confused with the diferent kingdoms and who the firecrowned (?) queens are and about this arranged marriage with the shadowblessed guy. I think a glossary or something similiar would have been really helpful for this, because I can’t really keep track 🙁

    Also about these shamanborn that were smuggled out of the country through ship… Sirscha thinks Kendara is probably behind this, right? But with the trap and the queen apparantly having paid that assassin (or promised him safety)? I am not so sure about Kendara being the “good” one.. I think Sirscha might be seeing her in a too good light…. I don’t really trust her..
    Also Sirscha thinks that Ronin might be the bad guy, but I don’t see this either. Sure he has secrets. MANY secrets, but I don’t think he has ulterior motives.. I think he would help these shamanborn if he could, but his hands are bound…

  31. The first few chapters I found very hard to get through and was afraid I might have to DNF it, but it has really picked up and I’m very intrigued to see what happens next!

    I’ve also entered the giveaway! My IG handle is @hi_immarkus

  32. So I feel the more I read the more questions I have! Nobody is being very truthful, which keeps it interesting, but makes it hard to predict what might happen.
    The spider in the garden and the trees definitely makes me think that Ronin is keeping something hush hush. Sometimes I feel like he may be contributing to the problem, and doesn’t want Sirscha to prevent his control over the woods. Although I could be completely wrong.
    The exploration in Sirscha and Saengo’s friendship is also great.
    At this point I just need to know more!

    I’ve entered the challenge, my handle is @readingbytorchlight (

  33. Bit late to the readalong but loving so far. So much info in this chapters. I really like that i have no idea where this is going.

    IG handle is @penguinograce

  34. I’ve entered the giveaway 😀 My instagramhandle is @the_b00kish_elf

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