Girls of Paper and Fire Readalong: Day 5

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Okay, let’s move on to the chapters, which for today are 23-27.

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Girls of Paper and Fire chapters 1-27 inclusive. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!



‘I don’t want an easy life. I want a meaningful one‘ 

Guys guys guys! They kiss! Who’s doing a little happy dance with me? They both deserve it so much and we have had this slow burn build up for a while, so I say we all deserve to see it finally happen too! Are you team Wren & Lei? Do you think they are a good match? Have you been rooting for them?

‘Warmth of the rays seems to indicate that the gods are aware of what occurred between me and Wren.

And some of them approve.’

Lei muses over the simplicity of an 11 year old’s outlook (in relation to Lill), and I think it’s so accurate. Don’t we all miss those days where everything seemed so black and white, right or wrong; with no additional nuances? Sure, we have more awareness now and sure, we probably really wanted to be ‘grown up’ back then, but for a day or so wouldn’t it be nice to get back to that blissfully simple way of thinking? I liked that point, a lot. 

Aoki is drifting further and further away and I think Lei is pushing her. Something might backfire here. When she says that ‘it could have been much worse’ (for Lei after disobeying the king) she somehow seems to insinuate that it’s Lei’s fault and that she should have let him use her. This makes my stomach turn. It’s one thing for Hamura to push the girls to perform, it’s quite another to see one of the Paper Girls succumbing to this propaganda of pride to serve. However chilling, it’s not too surprising. When you think about it, if anyone would have been influenced by this, it’s Aoki: the youngest, purest, and most naive of them all. This can’t possibly end well. 


The attack happens. We learn that Wren is a warrior and after some irrational (in my opinion) anger from Lei, after her shock wears off, Wren actually trusts her to reveal even more about herself. This can’t be easy on her, I’m sure she was not supposed to tell anyone. Can you imagine giving all this power to someone you have a crush on, this information, if in the wrong hands, could ruin her. Her father’s disobedience in orders and in teaching her the art of something the king wanted to banish and erase from history surely is a death sentence.

Hehe, the bath scene.

Blue interrupts the bath scene. BLUE, of all people! I feel that she’s the most unstable. Especially after she was again refused information on her father for whom she cares, but that seems to be very much one sided. This is dangerous, if she puts 1 & 1 together, I don’t doubt she’d use this information to try and win some favours from her father. 

At this point I had a little nagging thought: Has she forgotten about her family? Surely she should go check on those letters??

We have the execution. The king orders people to be dressed in black, which I think is actually a very smart move on his part for what he’s trying to convey – disrespect. It’s a horrible scene but I loved the strength in the rebellious feeling at the end where Lei decides to be the one to discard him instead. 

Lei hears somebody crying and it turns out to be Blue. I’m hopeful this will be an opportunity for us to bond with her, maybe lend a favour that we can have as insurance later, which I’m still 100% convinced that we will need. It sort of makes me feel horrible for having this motivation seeing that the reason Blue is crying is so unbelievably heart broken.  She says she’s the one that’s expected to LIKE ‘serving’ the king, and she cannot refuse it because she has parents that rely on it. And they don’t even care to check in. I feel so bad for her. But I love how our ‘nemesis’ has depth. 

Speaking of friendships, I CANNOT believe what Aoiki just said. I know they argued but WOW. She knows about her and Wren and it might make me eat my words earlier about Blue being the most dangerous with this information. Should we worry she might blurt it out to the king in case that will bring her advantage? Her new goal is, after all, to become a queen.


And that is a wrap for today! We only have 2 more days to go! Have you been enjoying the readalong so far? Leave your thoughts down below, chat to each other, and don’t forget you can enter the photo competition to get your next box free!




51 thoughts on “Girls of Paper and Fire Readalong: Day 5

  1. I think in the next few chapters we’ll see what means more to Aoki – becoming Queen or stqnding with her friend. She was initially hurt that Lei would believe she’d tell, but by the end of the argument it’s not clear where her allegiance lies. It is naive of her to believe promises of making her Queen. Especially if the rumours in the court of him being ‘the Empty King’ are true. A Paper wife would imply feelings and in turn weakness, which we’ve seen he’ll go to extreme lengths to hide.
    I don’t think Blue would use the information against Lei. Maybe threaten to but, she still reminds me of Peter in Divergent.
    The other 3 girls are also starting to show a sort of rebellious streak, especially when they talk about the King. I can’t wait to see what role they play in what’s to come.
    But Aoki is a wild card. Maybe if the King were to stop calling for her or she upset him somehow – it would be one of those moments where the words come spilling out and you want to take them back??
    I’m going to try to participate in the photo challenge, if I can find some decent lighting in my house!!

  2. While it’s really hard to keep liking Aoki, I can see why the author probably made her the character she is (or probably I’m wrong, I’m not a fan of talking like I know what other people are thinking, so it’s just a theorie). It’s easy (easier at least) to ignore the slut-shaming comments from strangers. But people who lived through sexual assault have probably expierenced comments from close friends and family, telling them in some words, that it’s partly their fault. Or that they are being silly for not giving someone what he wants, because it’s their job. (As a girlfriend, wife, woman.) I heard that even happens coming from people who suffered a similar fate. While it makes me want to scream at Aoki all the time, I’m glad Natasha Ngan used her for this … purpose? And not Blue for example…

    On the other hand … I’m not completely sure how much of Aokis love for the king is real, how much born from her own insecurities (feeling finally special and being easy to misguid) and how much could be some way of a Stockholm syndrome. Maybe a way of her mind to save herself and keeping herself sane. Maybe she’s another representative for how victims survive experiences like that? I don’t want to reduce her to a victim or something like that, while her love might be true and she is just a person like that. But don’t you believe that her argumentation for the king wouldn’t be as blind if her feelings would be true..? All her reasons to defend the kings are mostly ‘he has a lot of problems himself’ which doesn’t sound like real, open minded love. Another indicator for that is the execution scene. And the one with the paper people being given away as gifts (which still tunes my stomach.) She is closing her eyes on all the horrible things, happening all around her, while she keeps seeing only the nice things. … While she isn’t the most likable character anymore, I think she is pretty interesting.

    And I like Blue (yes,yes I know). After their talk it’s easy to see where she came from, while she isn’t probably a good person, I like that we get the background informations here. (I would love to get more story to the twins too!)

    But to end with something positive – yesss, the kiss!

    1. That what I thought : the Stockholm syndrome. I don’t see any other reasons or explanations… This is so sad but so realistic and believable…

  3. I finished reading the GIRLS today and it’s so freaking hard not to share all my feelings right now! ?❤️??
    I absolutely loved all that tension between Lei and Wren, though I do believe as well that Lei shouldn’t have reacted like a drama queen.
    Aoki pissed me a bit, but I do understand that she’s only sixteen and she could be easily manipulated.
    At this point, all I care about is to see Lei and Wren being happy and safe and sound together.

    Also, I’m so sad I don’t have the exclusive FairyLoot copy and I can’t participate to this photo challenge… ?

    1. Same here, finished this book yesterday and I try to stay with my comments close to the way I was thinking about things at the last pages of the daily chapters 😉 which is interesting, if this thinking changed since then (and hooow do I change my picture? I don’t find a place to upload one ….)

      1. Mine uploaded automatically as I think it is the ‘gravatar’ attached to my e-mail?!

  4. Aoki is wow I cannot believe it. I mean it’s absolutely realistic to love the person who is not good to you. Stockholm syndrome right?

    I’m happy for Wren and Lei. I hope everything goes well between them and that Aoki doesn’t feel the urge to share that with the King so she can be queen. I mean that what she thinks. But honestly could he do that? Make a Paper Girl Queen? At the same time I’m still waiting to see the Queen. Is she real? I need to hear more of her to believe that.

    The execution was horrible. But I loved they managed to wear some white while going there.

    I took a picture and shared it @thewildsashareads Yaaaaay fingers crossed now!

  5. Well. I was just considering ordering pizza so I’m def in the Mondays suck camp ?

    Here’s my thoughts on these chapters.

    Yes they finally kissed. Lei’s act of defiance and claiming control of her own life.

    Wren saying ‘I keep my promises no matter what they cost me’ sounds like a bad omen.’

    The fire at the Shadow Play seemed to have nothing to do with Lei but linked back to the premonition. I was surprised at Lei’s horror at Wren being a warrior. I was more surprised she wasn’t involved in planning the attack. Was Blue?

    Aoki is well and truly smitten. And she knows about Lei and Wren. Hearts are going to break.

    This section was mostly about the developing romance and the building revolution of the girls. The execution scene was reminiscent of the Hunger Games except their acts of defiance were hidden.

    I’m glad we got to hear more about Blue and I hope their understanding of each other continues to grow. I’m sad about the split between Aoki and Lei. I’d like to actually see her scenes with the King to see how kind he actually is to her.

    It must be nearly Lei’s birthday.

  6. I’ve entered the photo challenge. This is so exciting! My Instagram handle is love.the.villain
    Good luck, everyone!

    I feel so sorry for Aoki. She’s been raised to want this position and she’s convinced herself that she’s enjoying it. She’s showing clear Stockholm symptoms and it’s so sad to read how defensive she’s becoming. I hope whatever happens, Aoki finds a way out of the palace in the end.

    I like that the author included girls that react to the same terrible situation in such differing ways. It’s incredibly believable and just serves to highlight how different each person can be. I also like Blue. It’s easy to think she’s just a bit of a bully, but when you get right down to it, she’s going through the same terrible situation as everyone else and she’s handling it by coming across as arrogant and powerful. It’s just another coping mechanism.

    And then there’s that glorious kiss! I love this slow blossoming romance, it’s so defiant!
    Oh, and ‘I don’t want an easy life. I want a meaningful one‘ is easily the best quote I’ve heard in ages!

  7. I’ve been so busy that I’ve only managed to read the chapters for the earlier days late at night and then just head straight to bed, so this is my first actual comment… whoops?
    But I’m enjoying the book SO MUCH!

    I’m very intrigued about the whole Aoki situation. I think she could still turn out to be a friend, but I’m leaning more towards her becoming an enemy. Blue on the other hand.. I could maybe see her turning into a friend of some sorts. It’s clear that she’s going through some stuff and trying to keep up a mask.
    I also might have squealed at the bath scene! I love those two together so much?

    I’m going to try to participate in the photochallenge. My instagram handle is @inkedbybooks Will I have to post another comment when I have posted for sure? I’m not quite sure I have time to take a picture with work and all.

  8. Wow just wow! So much to digest in these chapters…

    – My heart breaks for the back story of Wren, to have your whole family annihilated and be left alone to survive so young… I am really enjoying learning more about Wren. She is such a dynamic character with so much depth
    – admittedly, I was frustrated with Lei and her reaction to learning the truth about Wren. To have such a vile reaction after she has entrusted you with that information knowing the consequences could be death just really frustrated me.
    While she is in the midst of savings her life nonetheless!
    -Aoki I think, is gonna turn on Wren and Lei, I feel like she is determined to prove her loyalty to the King that she would do whatever it takes despite the consiquences. I’m glad we have a character like her tho, its important to the overall discussion of abuse. It reminds us that there are many forms not just physical. I believe he has no intentions of making her Queen, that he is just playing mental mind game to keep her in his favor. I can’t help but feel like he is going to use her as a weapon against Lei.
    – These chapters were full of powerful, impactful quotes and im here for it!
    “I don’t want an easy life. I want a meaningful one.”
    “But what the Demon King and his court do not understand is that paper is flammable. And there is a fire catching among us”
    Furthermore, the image of Lei and Wren resisting and standing their ground in their own special ways is so empowering! I was first pumping the air at the thought of them standing strong and stoic holding hands during g the execution defying it all with white flower, ribbon and their love for one another!

  9. Wow just wow! So much to digest in these chapters…

    – My heart breaks for the back story of Wren, to have your whole family annihilated and be left alone to survive so young… I am really enjoying learning more about Wren. She is such a dynamic character with so much depth
    – admittedly, I was frustrated with Lei and her reaction to learning the truth about Wren. To have such a vile reaction after she has entrusted you with that information knowing the consequences could be death just really frustrated me.
    While she is in the midst of saving her life nonetheless!
    -Aoki I think, is gonna turn on Wren and Lei, I feel like she is determined to prove her loyalty to the King so much so that she would do whatever it takes despite the consiquences. I’m glad we have a character like her tho, its important to the overall discussion of abuse. It reminds us that there are many forms not just physical. I believe he has no intentions of making her Queen, that he is just playing mental mind games to keep her in his favor. I can’t help but feel like he is going to use her as a weapon against Lei.
    – These chapters were full of powerful, impactful quotes and im here for it!
    “I don’t want an easy life. I want a meaningful one.”
    “But what the Demon King and his court do not understand is that paper is flammable. And there is a fire catching among us”
    -Furthermore, the image of Lei and Wren resisting and standing their ground in their own special ways is so empowering! I was fist pumping the air at the thought of them standing strong and stoic holding hands during the execution defying it all with the white flower, ribbon and their love for one another!
    -I forgot to mention I posted an Instagram photo and couldn’t find an edit button so just reposted saying so, sorry. @foreverfindingfae

    1. I forgot to mention I entered the photo challange @ foreverfindingfae

  10. I really hope that Aoki will stand up with her friends even if i doubt it.

    I love that kissing scene and the bathroom one too, I’m concerned about Lei and Wren, I have an awful feelings about this.

    I was disappointing with Lei reaction after the attack, I don’t understand why she was so angry at Wren.

    I enter the photo challenge and my Instagram is ceresbooksworld

  11. Technically not reading along because I finished it within a week of getting it ?? but I love reading all the comments and following people views ? honestly my favourite book ? I was mad up when then finally kissed such a cute romance!!!

  12. Some nice development, the romance between Lei and Wren feels meaningful. I like that sone secrets have started to be told, though ?I’m certain there’s more to come.
    I’m actually a little ahead, so keeping this chat short so I don’t spoil anything.

    1. Ugh, forgot to mention I’ve posted on Instagram. You can find me @WyrmbergSabrina Hi!

  13. I absolutly love Lei and Wren together! But I think Lei is a bit too cold to Wren after the attack. Especially if you consider what kind of power she gave Lei with revealing who she really is.
    But I`m sad to read that Aoki and Lei are drifting so far apart ? Especially since she’s so infuriated with the King. Because let’s be honest: I really don’t think she’ll become Queen. But in that way she is the perfect Paper Girl: obedient and completely”in love” with the Demon King.
    Blue is a very complex character. At the beginning she was this cold and perfect Girl, a bully. But we are really getting to know a different side of her story. But that doesn’t mean she suddenly turned good. If she tells someone about Lei and Wren…!
    I can’t wait to see how the story continues!

    I`m really enjoying this Readalong and talking to everyone here. Can’t believe there are only two days left!
    My Instagram is @maja.reads and good luck to everyone!

  14. Hey guys!

    I’ve finally caught up!

    The setting of this book is so beautifully written – Natasha builds her world so skilfully.

    Wren is such a cool character (almost too cool? – Lei seems a little bland in comparison? Don’t hate me!)

    I find Aoki to be chillingly accurate of a girl drawn towards a man who is just so wrong for her and she can’t see it. Well done Natasha Ngan for addressing so many important issues.

    I will enter the photo challenge – my IG handle is @dustybooksandteacups . Good luck all!

  15. Anyone else having a hard time NOT reading tomorrow’s chapters? ?
    With the romance in full bloom and confirmation of a rebellion, I’m so curious to know what’s next!!!

    Aoki breaks my heart but I love that she’s not just the token innocent girl anymore (just like we see a more vulnerable side of Blue). But it makes me even more scared for Lill. As the only remaining super sweet cutipie, she’s the most likely to get hurt ?

    Insta handle is
    Good luck everyone ?

    1. Yes, it’s so difficult not to read on! I think if I wasn’t coming here after each part to share my thoughts I’d probably have given in and finished it haha.
      Cora |

    2. Stockholm syndrome yes that’s what I said too…

      yes yes yes yes! I feel you I wanted to read them so bad haha

  16. These were action packed chapters, with the attack and Wren’s reveal. But they were also powerful and beautiful in detailing Wren and Lei’s relationship. Especially this exchange:

    “Can you imagine a world where we’re free to be with each other?”
    “Actually, I can. “
    “Then take me there, Wren. Please.”
    “I will.”

    Gosh, that made me tear up a little. I hope they will get to that world somehow.

    I also noticed more sparks of rebellion in these chapters, with Wren and Lei wearing white in the execution scene and making a symbol that blesses the assassins souls. Lei also thinks that she will be the one discarding the King. I’m so rooting for her.

    I felt sorry for Blue when she explained her situation with her father. Does it make me like her, or make her actions forgivable? Not in my opinion. I now understand why she is acting in the way she is., but that doesn’t mean automatic forgiveness. She would have to change dramatically to get that, in my opinion.

    I think Aoki is becoming more and more wrapped up in the King’s attention. She acts so different than she did near the novels start. She defends him at every turn, and believes that he’ll make her Queen. I find this highly unlikely and that the notion is to just string her along and keep her complacent. With sparks of rebellion going on, there is good reason to in his case.

    I’m entering the photo challenge and my handle is next to my name. I’m so glad I get to talk about this book with all of you!

  17. Okay I finally caught up ? OMG yes, the kiss! I’m totally shipping Lei and Wren they are so cute!

    I think Aoki is possibly going to be the biggest problem for them. She has a chance now to impress the king with what she knows and I think she’ll take it. Yes she is young and naive but she’s being manipulated. The king is making her feel good about herself, making her feel special, of course she doesn’t see through his true agenda. It’s her chance at a better life and I feel really sorry for her. The fact that she thinks she could be queen… well.

    And speaking of the queen… anyone else think it might end up being Lei’s mum? I dunno ?‍♀️ surely we have to see both of them at some point before the end so it would make sense for both to be one and the same. Maybe she’s part of the rebellion. We’ll see…

    I’m intrigued by Wren’s secrets and what else she is hiding. Maybe she knows where Lei’s mother is?

    One thing that niggles me, why hasn’t Lei thought about her family back home and the letters, in like, forever?

    But I’m enjoying the book, looking forward to seeing where it goes and Lei finally opening her pendant!

    I will be participating in the photo challenge, I will post my photo tomorrow. My insta handle is @paperheartsink

    Happy reading all! ?

  18. I think Wren is slowly turning into my favourite character in this book! She’s so strong and fierce and hell YES she‘s a WARRIOR!
    She and Lei are such a cute couple, I just want them to live happily ever after. Please?

    Aoki, thooo….. Gosh, she breaks my heart. What happened to sweet, innocent Aoki? As someone has mentioned in an earlier comment above, I was also strongly reminded of Stockholm syndrom. It must be her way of coping with all of this… I can’t really believe she’s in actual REAL love with the king. But nevertheless, having a girl in the book reacting in this way adds to the story imo.
    And Blue is getting more and more interesting, as well! I fell sorry for her and I’m so furious at her father for just using his daughter as a pawn and not giving a f*** about her… What kind of father does that? So sad.

    You know what is sad as well? Just two more days until the readalong is over! And I don’t even know if I’ll be able to contain myself and not finish the book just RIGHT NOW haha!
    I’m enjoying this readalong a lot, it’s nice to share one‘s thoughts and see what others think!

    I’ll most definitely join the photo challenge, probably tomorrow! My IG is @bookishfairytale 🙂 Good luck everyone!

    1. I have posted the photo on my Instagram @bookishfairytale now! ?

  19. Ahh… I’ve been reading along, but have managed to remain quiet until now… but I finally had to break the silence and share a few things from my mind… (also I’m planning to participate in the photo challenge, my instagram is @mazadabunny)

    I’ve been waiting for a while I think for Aoki and Lei to have this argument, as Aoki has slowly been becoming more infatuated with the demon king… I hope they’ll become friends again, as I don’t see Aoki as vengeful, but it’s hard to say.

    I’m really worried that some point soon sweet little Lill will be punished for Lei’s rebellious behaviour…

    I do appreciate how some of the other Paper girl characters have been slowly built up more finally – Chenna as having this dislike for the king but a reluctant sense of duty, her faith keeping her strong. Blue having another layer to her of familial betrayal and a deep inner pain – keeping going because she must and because she wishes for acceptance and love from her father. Aoki who was sweet and innocent had become brainwashed and is dealing by trying to justify what the abuser has been doing (e.g ‘maybe he’s scared?’ ‘He’s got to much to handle’). When being a warrior doesn’t surprise me at all: her ‘cat-like’ descriptions have always made me suspicious that she’d be an assassin or something, because what is a book without rebellion and revolution? The twins I wish there would be more on – they seem sweet, but kind of neutral when it comes to how they feel about things… in a way they feel younger than Aoki, perhaps because they’re so quiet. It makes me feel like something bad is going to happen to them – one of them being killed or disfigured on the kings command. At this point in time Mariko is the only one who has had the least development and no discussion at all.

    Also something that’s been on my mind for a long time is Wren and the young female leader of the cat clan. We have seen Lei is so practically paranoid about Wren being with someone, ‘her wolf’, and if she’s done this before, not to mention how mad she got at Wren not telling her the whole truth about things and being disbelieving of her. I can’t stop thinking about how Wren whispered the correction of ‘General’ and talked about her. Not to mention the closeness in age and the association of both being fighters against the king strongly makes me suspect that the cat clan leader will be Wrens Ex and will make Lei go crazy about it at some point.

    I wonder if there will be something more to Lei’s golden eyes… sure they’re what make her unique, but I wonder if they mean she has some sort of shamans power, ability to shed Qi, or fortune telling ability.

    It seems like a while since she last thought of home, and I’m thinking something is wrong thanks to the king… like they’re either not getting sent her letters, she’s not getting their replies because he’s holding them back to torment her, or they’re already dead… this book has been pretty violent already at times, but I feel like there is still a lot more horror in store for Lei, and I suspect it will be through either some of the paper girls deaths (one of the twins or Aoki) or the death of her remaining family.

    Also I’m seriously feeling like the book will end around the time of her finding out her birth pendants word (I’m thinking something like burn, ashes, or fire), and I’m very suspicious this will be a two parter at least, if not a trilogy… I don’t see how they can wrap everything up in 100 or so more pages

  20. I’m really loving this readalong so much! Thanks so much for hosting ?

  21. I’ve been quiet the past couple of days because I’ve been staying at my boyfriends but now I’m all caught up and oh my gosh this book!!!

    I actually can’t deal with everything that’s happened and things are getting so good I’ve ended up reading a little bit further ahead (I’m sorry, I just really can’t help it). The first thing I want to say is how much I am loving the fact that Natasha has done such a fantastically, wonderful job of building the romance up. Unlike every other YA book where everything is all rushed, there is a really nice pace to the romance between Lei and Wren and I’m loving it. THE KISS!! IT HAPPENED!!! It honestly made me so happy and proud of them.

    Aoki, where do I start? She’s still so young and naive and my heart honestly breaks for her because she’s so convinced that she’s in love with the king and seems to believe everything he does is right. I agree with a lot of other people and feel like her knowing about Lei and Wren could be extremely dangerous for the loved up couple. As much as I love Aoki, I need something to happen for her to realise how naive she is being and to grow up that little bit more, otherwise I feel like we’re going to see her demise very soon.

    In regards to Blue, as much as I hate it I am starting to feel sorry for her and everything she is going through. I just wish she would open up a bit more and I also feel like she’s going to turn and actually become some help to Lei and the other girls rather than the bully she’s been so far.

    With the execution, the moment Lei and Wren did the Sky God Salute automatically made me think of the rebellion in The Hunger Games when everyone uses the District 12 three finger salute before the start of the uprising. This is the second part I’ve kind of compared to The Hunger Games which I am actually enjoying.

    I’m so excited to keep on going and I really can’t wait to see what is going to happen next. I swear if this book ends on a cliff hanger imma rage! I’d also really like a novella about Wren and her past and everything just because she’s starting to finally open up and just I’m falling more and more in love with her character the more we find out!

    I’m taking part in the Photo Challenge too! My instagram is @kirstyreads 🙂

  22. It feels like So Much happened in these chapters! The pace is really amping up and I’m looking forward to what is to come. Except for Lei having to go to the King again, I am not looking forward to that.

    Lei and Wren, oh my. I love it, I love them. I love their chemistry, their hesitancy to jump straight in but being unable to resist it anyway. They are each other’s escape. I keep looking at the print from the box and smiling because it’s them haha.

    The more we see of Blue, the more I truly feel for her. On the outside it’s like she’s surrounded by such privilege and has been all of her life, but actually she’s just her family’s pawn, used for their gain, discarded. Her attitude is her shield, a hard exterior.

    I feel like Aoki is trapped in her feelings for the King, He is obviously very manipulative and she’s *so* young and caught up in it all, believing her loves her. I do think that there will be a wake up call for her sooner rather than later, but it will HURT, and in the meantime could cause a lot of trouble for Lei and Wren now she knows. Lei could have handled it differently, but also I understand her panic.

    Joining in with the instagram #fairylootfire as @teapartyprincess

    My favourite quote from this part was : “Instead of disappearing, she makes me feel reappeared. Reimagined. Her touch shapes me, draws out the boldness that had been hiding in my core.”

    Cora |

  23. It is incredibly heartbreaking to me that Aoki of all people ends up (at least for now, not sure how it’s going to pan out) being one of my least favorite characters. I’m so mad that she would say such hurtful and close minded things to her bestfriend. I am really worried that she’s going to tell the King about Lei and Wren, so I’m actually really nervous to read tomorrow’s chapters.

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    Aoki’s naivety
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    What do you think she’ll do?

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    ‘We might be Paper Girls, easily torn and written upon. The very title we are given that we are blank, waiting to be filled. But what the Demon King and his court do not understand is that paper is flammable.
    And there is a fire catching among us. ‘

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    – Wren’p and Lei’s relationship is in danger. Blue knows, but she must keep her mouth shut, otherwise Lei would probsbly tell about Blue’s father. Aoki saw Wren and Lei together, but she will definitely betray them, prob. because she feels like ‘that’s the right thing to do’.

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  36. I’m a bit behind but I’ve just finished these chapters…

    I feel so sorry for Aoki, she is clearly suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and is just going. To push Lei further and further away.

    I like Wren even more now that she is being open and honest with Lei. She makes me think of the worrier women from Wonder Woman.

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