Incendiary Readalong: Day 3

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Hey Friends!

Welcome back to day 3 of the readalong! I can’t wait to dive into today’s section!

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With that said, I know everyone struggled to stop reading yesterday so let’s dive in to today chapters! Today we’re reading Chapters 14-18!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Incendiary by Zoraida Córdova Chapters 1-18! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Ren wakes up after her first night in the palace in a lavish bed and can’t help but think where the others are currently sleeping. Her thoughts are interrupted when a man walks into her rooms singing at her ? 

Leonardo is to be her attendant, help her dress and look her best for the audience with the King. Could he be Illans magpie? Or another spy? Or should he be someone Ren shouldn’t trust altogether? 

I didn’t expect them to be on their way to the King so soon! I’m nervous about what he’s going to think and say!

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Ren is worried about how she’ll react when she sees Castian but she doesn’t need to worry as he’s not even there.

It definitely seems like the King doesn’t initially trust her and puts her through a few tests, but luckily she knows how to cheat her way through them and the King believes she’s telling the truth. He doesn’t waste time and straight away brings in someone who has betrayed him for her to torture, but she can’t do it. I’m glad she managed to come up with a way to get out of it!

She has 12 days to find the weapon, destroy it and kill the prince… Can she manage alone?

I don’t know what to make of Leo yet, he convinced the King to trust her but also seems to be a very trusted advisor so could rat her out to he King if she says or does anything wrong… He seems to want to help her though so I just don’t know! 

How is she supposed to kill Castian if he’s never there? Will she have to wait for the sun festival for her chance?

I can’t believe how horrible the courtiers are to Ren! I get that she is feared and is thought of as less than them but she’s also one of the kings greatest weapons so you’d think that would earn her some respect! But maybe they’re doing it out of fear?

I may not like Mendez but I am jealous of his floor to ceiling bookshelves!

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Renata thinks she’s going to be trained in the same way she used to be but Mendez instead leads her to the alchemy laboratory where she discovers that the King is trying to duplicate the flowers from Dauphinique to enable them to cease trade with them.

Oh wow! They’ve found a whole temple of alaman stones! And Mendez gives one to Ren so she can be his eyes and ears in the palace and find the traitor! Could the traitor also be the whisper spy?

Everyone knows that the best way to gain knowledge in a palace is to get in the good books of the servants and this is exactly what Ren plans to do…and it works a charm! Servants can’t help but spill gossip and Jacinta is more than happy to tell Ren that she is the one that strips Castians bed, so that is who Ren really needs to befriend! 

I am glad that at least some people in the palace are being nice to her and I love how many secrets she managed to find out in just a few days, even if they aren’t all that helpful!

Oh what happened to the other Moria?? And the same thing happened to the last Robari?? That seems very strange.

Yay Leo has let her go to the party and there’s wine involved…this should be fun!

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Ren wastes no time in searching out Jacinta and finds her asleep…the perfect opportunity to search through her memories.

Lady Nuria was once engaged to Castian?? I wonder what happened to stop the engagement and how she came to marry Judge Alessandro?

And once again, Leo steps in and saves Ren from Alessandro and once again Ren suspects him of being the magpie…but then makes a mean comment about the whispers…I really don’t know what to make of him!

So the engagement ended because Castian found Nuria with someone else in her bed. But then he fought for her to keep and her land and and titles when others wanted her tried for treason and excommunicated! Why would such a bad man, as we’ve been told, want to help the woman who betrayed him?

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Oooo Ren thinks perhaps the materials for the weapons came from Lady Nuria’s homeland and that’s why he wanted to keep her and her family on their good side!

She’s been left alone! She finally has her chance to sneak into Castian’s rooms and search them! I wouldn’t even know where to start and it doesn’t seem like she’s going to find anything…until she realises the prominence of the portrait of Castian’s mother. And there it is, a hinge in the frame! And behind it, a hidden vault.

Oh no, Leo has found her in Castians rooms, but he’s not going to tell Mendez?? 

And Nuria has been keeping in contact with Castian through Leo and is now back at the palace!

Ren seems to think Mendez placed alaman stones around the palace to spy on Castian but now the stones have gone missing…could the one in his vault be one?

Lady Nuria doesn’t seem to mind at all that Ren is a Moria and even stands up to her against one of the other lady’s! I must say I kinda like Nuria!

Ooo what memory could be so bad she’d want it gone?

Wow so Castian was actually nice and sweet once! But came back from Riomar a completely different man and suddenly didn’t want to marry Nuria anymore! 

And they kept mentioning secret rooms…could he be hiding the weapon in one of those?

Things are getting exciting now! There’s something weird in the fact that Castian, who we’ve constantly been told is horrible, was nice to the woman that betrayed him but I can’t figure it out! Any thoughts?

I’ll see you tomorrow!


48 thoughts on “Incendiary Readalong: Day 3

  1. Hello. I have entered the #FairyLootIncendiary contest. My Instagram name is @jhuienmeganc

  2. I love Leo and Nuria.
    Alessandro is an annoying pest. Leave Ren alone in peace!
    I share Ren’s disappointment in Castian’s disappearance. I have a weak spot for princes and had hoped to see more of him while Ren was at the palace.

    1. I know I need Alessandro to go away ahaha! I also love a Prince and I wish he would just show up!

  3. Oh this is getting so exciting! It’s really hard to stop reading and wait until you can read more. My heart skipped a beat when Alessandro started accusing Ren and when Leo found her in Castian’s rooms. I kind of like Leo and maybe he is more trustworthy but then again he was an actor. I wonder did Castian hid the weapon somewhere else in his room. From the stone Ren saw that he took a box from the vault and took it somwhere and then came back quite soon. I wonder what is happening in the prison since both the prince and Justice Mendez both went there. I like Lady Nuria but there’s something about her like maybe she’s hiding something. I wonder if the things the King needed to build the weapon come from Lady Nuria’s homeland.

    1. I think Nuria might be the spy / magpie?!?
      Can’t wait to find out!

    2. And I’m entering the contest. My IG handle is @ninahilden

    3. I’m so glad you are enjoying it! Its so hard to decide if I trust Leo or not but he’s so kind to Ren that I hope he’s trustworthy!

  4. I’ve been loving the book so far. I entered the #fairylootincendiary contest, and my instagram handle is @aimee.readsalot .

  5. I really like Leo even though Ren doesn’t know if she can trust him. But he seems sincere.
    Lady Nuria seems nice as well and I kind of hope she’s magpie?!??
    I’m really wondering about prince Castian….there’s something I can’t quite put my finger on (is this also an English saying??) Like maybe he isn’t as evil as we think??

    I entered the giveaway ?

    1. I’m beppie125 (Instagram) ?

    2. You’re right there is something I can’t quite put my finger on! He’s so mysterious right now!

  6. I really like Leo, even I’m not sure that Renata should trust him. But so far he’s covering and protecting her. I think he isn’t Magpie. Lady Nuria is super interesting for me, why she wanted that Renata takes her memory about Castian. Is the broken heart only reason or she’s helping Ren?
    Room full of alaman stones, how did they find this temple?!
    Castian and Lady Nuria was engaged! Shock, but it’s possible that battle and fight with Dez changed Castian so much or something strange happened during this event.
    Do you feel here “Throne of Glass” vibes? I really love “Incendiary” but I see a lot of similarities to “Throne of Glass”.
    I can’t wait for next chapters! It’s really hard to not read more. Xd
    I will participate at #FairyLootIncendiary contest. My Instagram is @motive_of_the_witch.

    1. I was definitely getting Throne of Glass vibes and I love it! XD I’m also getting The Cruel Prince vibes, in terms of spying in the castle and whatnot.

      1. “The Cruel Prince” yes, it can be with this spying around the court. But I noticed that after your comment. XD

  7. Loving this book so far! Lots of twists and turns. Possibly Leo is the Magpie? And I keep wondering if Dez is the brother Castian supposedly killed and he’s not actually dead but been spirited away somewhere! Wishful thinking maybe!!

    1. Also I entered the competition @penguinograce

    2. Oooo some very interesting thoughts! I’m so excited to find out more!

  8. Also I entered the competition @penguinograce

    1. I love this whole thing with Castian and Nuria! I don’t know why but it’s really drawn my attention. I find it so interesting. There’s no way of knowing what’s the truth yet so anything could have happened. There’s a lot of intrigue there.

      I’m loving Nuria and Leo. They’re definitely t favourite characters. I don’t trust either of them, they must have an agenda and I can’t wait to see what it is.

      Hate allesandro more than anyone else in this. Can he just go away. He needs a hobby…

      I feel like Davida could be the Magpie because she seems the least likely since she can’t talk. No one would be worried around her as she wouldn’t be able to share their secrets, and she used to wait on Castian.

      I’ve entered the competition on Instagram. My handle is gewi1992 🙂

      1. I love all your thoughts! That’s such a good theory about Davida! I’m excited to find out if you’re right!

  9. The further and further I get into this book, the more I’m convinced it’s one of my favourite reads of the year. There was a lot to take in during today’s chapters but I think I got everything ? I’m so bad at retaining information. But one thing I got from it was that I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Lady Nuria wasn’t so bad. I expected her to be as vile as Castian, but she’s quite the opposite. But then we have the information that Castian was actually a nice person once upon a time! I need more information on that. I wonder why he came back a different man? There are still so many questions that need answering, but I’m trying to be patient XD I also have a very strange feeling that the weapon isn’t in the box that Ren thinks it’s in ? also, I don’t know how to feel about Leo. I like him but his words are very conflicting. At the moment, my predictions for the magpie are either Leo or Nuria, but honestly, with the amount of twists in this book, I wouldnt put it past it being someone like Castian ? I need to keep reading.
    Also, I entered the giveaway. Thank you so much for the opportunity ? my Instagram handle is @sofaereads

    1. I am so, so glad you are enjoying it so much! Oooo interesting theories about who the magpie could be! I’m so excited to find out!

  10. I’m so so enjoying this one!
    I have so many different theories, I’m not entirely convinced that Dez is actually dead and I kind of think that Castien could have some kind of magic?
    So many theories!

    1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! I’m excited to see if any of your theories are right!

  11. I like Leo and Nuria, I really hope they don’t end up betraying her, but I’m still suspicious of them. Even though Leo has saved her from Alessandro and Nuria stands up for her with the other ladies that could just be to get her to trust them

    1. Yeah I really don’t know how to feel about those two!

  12. I’m so intrigued by Lady Nuria’s relationship with Castian. We’ve only heard horrible things about him. Something definitely happened at Riomar that changed him, but what exactly is the question. Possibly something with REN that we haven’t unlocked yet or something with Dez?? I’m really liking Leo as a character and I’m thinking he might possibly be the Magpie. He had to know Ren was in Castian’s room for a reason. Though it was interesting to find out that Castian and Nuria we’re keeping in contact through Leo, kinda feels like there is something significant about that.

    I also entered the contest! My Instagram handle is @alwaysbookishlovers.

    1. Yeah there is a lot of mystery around what happened with their relationship and I hope we get to find out more soon!

  13. Hi i have entered the photo contest on Instagram, my handle is @naomisbooks

  14. I’m absolutely loving the readalong so far. I stayed up late into the night to make sure I kept up ?
    I’m going to enter the giveaway and my Instagram handle is @once._upon_a_flower

  15. I really like Leo, I will be heartbroken if he turns out to be a bad guy.
    Nuria is more fun than I expected! I wonder if we’ll get to know more about her history with Castian. Tbh Castian seems intriguing, and the two memories we saw about him made me think that maybe he isn’t that bad of a person, guess we’ll see.
    Ren’s inner monologue is sometimes hilarious. 😀
    Don’t know how to feel about Alessandro yet.
    I’m going to enter the giveaway and my instagram handle is @serenity87hu

  16. I’ve entered the contest @jodiesbookishposts

    I just don’t know where this is going to go next.

    Why do I get the feeling we are going to get a Maas Style perspective flip on the Prince?

  17. I’m really enjoying this book, I wasn’t sure I would at the beginning but it’s getting really interesting. I’m thinking maybe Nuria is the magpie as she is really nice to Ren and doesn’t seem bothered by the Moria. My Instagram is @storiesandstarlight_

  18. Finally caught up with Wednesday’s chapters !
    I like Leonardo! I don’t know if he is the spy or no, he is very nice with Ren but when he catches her in the Prince’s room he could have said something about being the Magpie but nothing, so I don’t know..
    Nuria is quite something, not what I was expecting! Could she be the spy, tho? Or Castian maybe, and that’s why he was afraid of Illan in Dez’s memory? And maybe he killed someone else instead of Dez but keep him hidden?
    I wonder why the sudden change in Castian in Riomar.. Can’t wait to discover more about this!
    My instagram handle is @French_booklover 🙂

  19. I just posted my picture in participation to the contest and my IG handle is @bookocraze <3

    Guys, loving Leo more and more (especially now that I'm almost certain there won't be any romantic business between him and Renata!
    But, guys, is it me, or will Renata start having a crush on Castian? Kinda enemies-to-lovers trope?
    He keeps being brought up in memories half naked or romanticized, and I mean, it won't really be her feelings…
    I'm so confused, hehehe!

  20. Are we just going to ignore the fact that Ren stole someone’s memories without consent knowing full well that person wouldn’t be able to get them back? Ren sneaked up to Jacinta while she was sleeping and just pulled memories out of her head. Memories that perhaps Jacinta wanted to keep and now can’t have back. I dunno, just seems like an awful thing to do to someone who was nice to you and not at fault for the terrible things going on in the country. And Ren justifies it because she’s trying to get info about the weapon but does so by targeting an innocent bystander. And the fact she does it again to another person is making it really hard to root for her or enjoy this book.

  21. Oh i realy like Leo. I’m not so sure about Nuria but we’ll see what happens next. I’m really excited what will happen when the prince finaly popps up again. Hes not so bad as i first thought. And wat really happend to his brother? Something must have happend for him to change his mind not to marry. He really loved Nuria.
    My instagram handle is @lunas_book_page

  22. I’m finally starting to catching up with reading this book! I’m hoping that I will be able to finish the book today with everyone else. I really like Leo kind of more then the main character due to some of the stuff she does. I’m also excited to learn more about Castin and figure out why his personality changed so much.
    When I realized that Fairyloot does read along I decided to read this book much earlier than I planned, I think my favorite part of reading this book is having people to read it with even though I’m super late but I’m catching up.

  23. I’ve been so absorbed in this book! I’ve taken a picture of this gorgeous edition of Incendiary on my instagram @ beau.teafully.bookish:

  24. I’m going to post a picture on Instagram my Instagram is @allisonbks.

  25. I am entering the competition ? my Instagram is: anneke.jazz.emma.ziva (Anneke Verweij)

  26. I wanted to start already a few days ago, but then university got in the way. ? I’m hoping ti read a chunk tonight and then finally comment on the first few parts. But as the giveaway ends tmrw I thought I’d already post my pic today before it is too late. ?

    So, I posted a photo and my Instagram handle is @bookfairy95 !

    Wish me luck in catching up? ?

  27. I am really loving this book. I can’t believe we are going to be done today. This book has been so hard to put down.

    I am entering. @love2dazzle

  28. Hi, I have entered the contest! My insta is @megreads1. Just popped back after I finished the book and I enjoyed it, rated it 3.5 stars 🙂

  29. I still think there is something family tie going on with Dez and Castian. My gut keeps telling me there is like a blood feud or something. I haven’t loved a book this much in a while!

  30. I’m enjoying this more now that she’s in the palace and more interesting characters have been introduced. I’ve got some theories thinking that Dez and Castian were related and that the younger brother wasn’t killed but taken and that the king, who is the real evil it seems behind this, has pitted them against each other maybe?
    I have entered the instagram photo and my handle is @katcandyfloss

  31. I am way behind on my reading on this one so I’ve scrolled straight past everyone’s comments without reading them. I’ll come back in the next day or so to read & comment once I’m caught up. I have posted my photo to Instagram under my user name Jenthebookishbakernz

  32. This book is incredible! I’ve entered the readalong giveaway. My ig handle is @treasuredfibers Thanks so much for doing these readalongs, they’re so fun!

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