Jade Fire Gold Readalong Day 2!

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Hi Fairy Friends!

Welcome to day 2 of our readalong of Jade Fire Gold! I hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s chapters and are ready for some more drama!

Today we’re reading from Chapter 9 to the end of Chapter 16! Let’s dive in!


Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Jade Fire Gold by June CL Tan, from chapters 9 to 16. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!

We’re joining Ahn as she arrives in Beishou and this place sounds pretty amazing. Very colourful, very fancy!

Hold up, Linxi is Ahn’s handmaiden? As in TANG WEI’S GIRLFRIEND Linxi? Paths are really crossing!

“Be careful who you trust.” Wise, wise advice from Linxi. I wonder if Ahn will take it? What do we think?

Oh my gosh, the premier knows Ahn. THE PREMIER KNOWS AHN!!! Recap, since Ahn has no memories from before Ama, the premier could be anyone, and he’s a pretty big deal! What will this mean for Ahn’s life stealing abilities?

Altan is off on a mission! It feels like Altan and Ahn seem to be getting further and further away from each other, physically and emotionally, since, you know, Altan is seeking out a mythical magical creature to help him in his quest to destroy the Life Stealer, who just so happens to be Ahn.

This chapter feels very trippy! Poor Altan, he’s had a hard life and now he’s reliving some of the most traumatic moments? Cruel!

Back to Ahn, not only does the premier know Ahn, but she kind of recognises him? And he recognises the ring? The ring that was the only thing she had left from her ancestors?! Interesting, very interesting!

Ahn, Zhao Ahn, is the premier’s DAUGHTER? Why did he leave her though? Something’s telling me there’s more to this than meets the eye here…

Linxi is trying to teach Ahn how to be a lady of the court and wear the proper shoes and Ahn’s just thinking about how she’ll run or climb walls if she needs to! Typical fantasy warrior hero, we love it! Fight the patriarchy Ahn! Linxi comes in with an equally amusing fantasy warrior response, suggesting Ahn clobber’s attackers with her heels.

So we’re learning a little bit about the Dragon’s Triangle. It sounds a bit scary…It’s where the sword of light is, the sword that’s needed to either destroy or save the nation, but it’s in the middle of the sea and makes people a bit trippy. That doesn’t sound ideal…

Something definitely seems off with Ahn’s father! Leiye seems to think so too by the way he’s staring at him as he talks about the problems in their nation and the crown prince. 

Ah, there it is! He wants Ahn to find the sword of light! That’s why he told her about the Dragon’s Triangle. Don’t do it Ahn!

The premier, Zhao Yang, has entrusted Leiye with Ahn’s training. Leiye certainly seems a bit sceptical of the premier. It does seem a bit… suspicious, that after so long away from his missing daughter, the premier’s first call to action is to train Ahn in combat?

Altan has found the Phoenix and the Phoenix has granted him his wish, but for a price! You will find it difficult to treasure that which is most precious to you. Hm, what do we think? Is it worth it to take down the Life Stealer? Can Ahn’s magic really be THAT bad or THAT dangerous? Maybe if Altan knew it was Ahn he’d feel different!

It certainly seems ironic that the first thing Altan checked was his magic, since he says that’s the most important thing to him, and yet Ahn’s magic is the reason Altan wants to take her down! Unfair, much?

Altan and Ahn are very much unwitting enemies right now… Altan hates the Life Stealer (Ahn) and Ahn wouldn’t be too happy if she knew Altan was planning on destroying her. It’s hard for Ahn, she didn’t choose this life, after all, and hid her magic for so long! It’s understandable why Altan wants to avenge his family and why he’s weary of the Life Stealer, is it really Ahn’s fault?

We’re heading to a meeting between The Empress and Ahn, according to Altan, the Empress is not a good person! We’ve heard nothing but terrible things… But she has tea, so we’ll forgive and forget for a second. The Empress offers to do the work Zhao Yang is too busy for, and bring Ama back to Ahn. Can a woman who would reunite Ahn with Grandma Jia, and try to comfort Ahn by having her favourite food dishes made really be so bad?

Leiye seemed really trustworthy up until now… Why would he steal the book referencing the swords and the Emerald sea? After just finding out the Premier wants Ahn’s help to get the sword… Very strange! Ahn is, thankfully, taking Linxi’s advice into consideration and questioning who she can and can’t trust.

Ahhhh now Altan is in the capital! Will he and Ahn cross paths? Will he understand after his meeting with the Phoenix that SHE is the Life Stealer? Surely Ahn’s life can’t end this early on!

AHA! Altan finally knows the notorious Life Stealer is a woman, thankfully:

  1. Altan feels stupid for assuming it would be a man
  2. Tang Wei is there to tell him it was stupid of him to assume it would be a man

Hold up, Altan… Ama is not LEVERAGE.

So… catch up, Altan is in the capital, where his cousin, Tai Shun, the crown prince, is and where Ahn, Life Stealer, is. Let’s also not forget Tai Shun thinks Altan is dead. What if they meet? This can only mean one thing: drama awaits.

Ahn is meeting Tai Shun and they seem to get along well, this is an interesting development! Will they form an alliance? What do we think?

Damn, Tai Shun is DRUNK, and has a crush on Leiye? Cute! Wait, is it cute though? We don’t trust Leiye, right?

I feel sorry for Tai Shun. It can’t be easy to lose your family like that, and harder still if he ever finds out that the cousin he misses so much is not only alive, but also hates his guts!

So we’re ending today’s pages with the promise of an adventure to come as Ahn and Tai Shun escape the palace and go to a puppet show! Let’s not forget Ahn’s super freaky nightmare with the puppets, hopefully the real thing won’t be as frightening!

How are you enjoying Jade Fire Gold, so far? Any theories? Who do you trust? I need to know!

Make sure you leave a comment with allll your thoughts and I’ll catch up with you tomorrow for day 3 ?



57 thoughts on “Jade Fire Gold Readalong Day 2!

  1. Day 2 is eventful so far !
    I am wondering why there is mistrust against the Empress but not against the Premier ?
    As fa

    1. Day 2 is eventful so far !
      I am wondering why there is mistrust against the Empress but not against the Premier ?
      As far as I am concerned both are strangers to Ahn & she should be wary of both. In my mind she was this survivalist who could not trust anyone except herself, Ama & maybeeee Li Guo. So it feel a bit weird that she is going along so willingly with him, and I almost detect some kind of “fascination”, maybe?
      Or I am too cynical & can’t understand the need for a child to reunite with its parents …
      I so wish to see more of Lin Xi’s true character. I absolutely love Tang Wei & am quite curious what makes her being head over heels with Lin Xi. So far her role is limited as being the maidservant. Hopefully a friendship will blossom with Ahn & we will see more of her 🙂
      So far the story “reads” like a Chinese Period Drama (which I enjoy a lot) but without the 40+ episodes; so it is very entertaining!
      There is only one thing missing in my opinion : the timing.
      Maybe it’s because English is not my mother tongue but I have the feeling that a lot of time is passing but it is not clearly expressed. This is messing a little bit with my reading experience.
      And lastly, sorry for the 1st comment ! I don’t know what happened or what I did. The comment just sent itself without being finished :p

  2. Ahn would be smart not to trust anyone. That said, I think she can trust Tai Shun. Possibly Linxi. The Empress should NOT be trusted. She got liar/manipulator stamped all over her forehead. I’m not sure about Leiye. He’s a wildcard. Altan – it’s a no for now, but yes eventually I think. I really hope the Premier isn’t bad, but I’m not holding my breath.

    I love this book. I think Ahn and Altan will end up together but Ahn might end up being sacrificed because of the deal Altan made with the Phoenix. Somebody’s gonna die, right? I bet Teng Wei dies, because she’s such a great friend and support to Altan. Her or Leiye. I’m excited to get into the story more!

    1. Definitely agree! The Empress is not to be trusted ?

  3. I’m loving the story so far!
    I find Ahn’s upgrade a bit suspicious, she was no one fighting for survival and now she’s the ”long-lost daughter” …. it smells like a lie …
    I loved Ahn’s interaction with Prince Tai Shun, I really want to see if it will develop into a closer friendship! ???

    1. Yay! So happy you’re enjoying it ?

  4. Hmmm, some interesting developments here. I’m not sure I enjoyed this section as much as day 1 but I’m hoping we’re building to something and the story also isn’t going in directions I necessarily thought it would which I’m enjoying.

    I’m looking forward to them going to the puppets and think this is gonna trigger another memory for Ahn.
    Her ‘dad’ definitely can’t be trusted is my feeling. Not quite sure how Leiye fits in. Also don’t think she can trust the Empress.

    She seems more foolish in this section but I think it’s because she’s scared and also alone in a whole new world where she doesn’t exactly fit in or understand the rules.

    1. Oh no, I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy this section as much. I hope you enjoy day 3’s section more! ?

  5. Ahn accepted her position as the daughter of the Premier WAY too easily. She also hasn’t taken Linxi’s advice and is trusting too many people. Tai Shun is super sweet and I don’t want Altan to ruin his life. I thought we were supposed to like Altan, but he’s quickly becoming an antagonist in this story ?
    I don’t think the Premier is going to send for Ama and she’s going to end up as collateral ?

  6. I feel sorry for Tai Shun! From Altan memories and his introduction, he really doesn’t seem like a bad guy!

    1. I agree! Definitely wary of his mother though… ?

  7. Caught up! At 3 minutes to midnight, but it counts! ?

    I gotta say, the loveable queer supporting cast has won me over quicker than the leads on this one; I really love all four of the characters I assume are depicted on the reverse of the dust jacket – especially Tai Shun. Ahn is fun too, but not convinced by Altan yet.

    As for the plot, it’s relatively typical so far in that we’re just kind of learning the layout of our home setting and it’s key players. I think it’s refreshing that we’re reading it knowing Linxi is betraying Ahn on some level, though I suspect she will defend her when it comes to push.

    The only thing that threw me was Ahn recognising her father? I thought she didn’t have any memory of her parents? And she thought she was from a peasant background, but doesn’t seem that shocked to find her father is actually very high up? Baring in mind I’m still feeling sick so my concentration has been slipping a bit; did he explain why she wound up lost and I just missed it? That whole bit confused me a lot if I’m honest.

    1. Yesssss! I love Tai Shun and Linxi and Tang Wei sooo much! ?

  8. Lots of things happen in these chapters. I wonder what is the price Altan will have to pay in return for the immunity he got against the Life Stealer’s magic.

    I don’t trust the Premier. I think Ahn is being too trusting towards him out of a desire to have a family, as she doesn’t remember her family and thought she was all alone, except for the grandmother who raised her. But I wonder if the Premier really is her father. Ahn doesn’t seem to remember anything from her childhood, and the Premier looked vaguely familiar to her, but that doesn’t mean that the reason she remembers him is because he is her father. I don’t know. I think he might be lying to her and his only interest in training her is to use her to find the sword.

    I’m not sure what to think about Leiye. I haven’t decided whether I trust him or not. Tai Shun seems nice, and he seems to genuinely miss his cousin Jin/Altan. I also like that Linxi has become friends with Ahn.

    I hope Ahn and Altan meet soon now that they are both in the same city. Looking forward to seeing that.

    1. I couldn’t decide if he’s trustworthy either! ?

  9. I want to say that Leiye has the right motives and is just being painted in a bad light, but I think it would also be nice for him to be the real devious guy that Ahn is feeling like he is. I don’t think that Ahn is really taking in Linxi’s advice of not trusting everyone. The tea that Ahn shares with the Empress is a little sketchy to me as well. She describes the tea cup to not hold a lot and we as the readers know that the Empress had something to do with another emperors death.

    I’m hoping the Linxi warns Ahn off the Empress and drinking the tea. Linxi feels like she is going to be the joining point between Altan and Ahn.

    So as far as who I trust at the moment, for sure Linxi and Leiye. I’m not so sure of the Premier or this Ambassador Tian. Tai Shun seems like he might have a secret plan that no one knows about and is just playing the sweet prince part. Just my predictions though.

    1. I really hope Linxi trully is Ahns friend. I like her

    2. Definitely sketchy! ?

  10. I honestly don’t trust anyone!!! Like Anne-Claire said, Ahn accepted her “father” (is he the man with the melted face from Altans memory?) without thinking about it, she should be more guarded. The Empress offers her a tonic that restores memories? I guess I’m also a bit cynical, but I would be weary of drinking that. Does she really want to help her?
    Linxi is a breath of fresh air, I’m glad she’s helping Ahn, I foresee friendship as well. Where is Ama? I knew her father’s promise to bring her was an empty one.
    I like the prince, so far. He obviously doesn’t want to rule a kingdom. He’s just a boy that wants to follow his artistic passions. If Altan knew this, would he abandon his plans of revenge?
    The puppet show seems like the place where everyone will be! I wonder how Altan will react to Ahn, and knowing that she’s the Life Stealer? Will Altan get to see his cousin? Can’t wait!!!
    (I also think time is a bit disorienting)

    1. I love Linxi ??

  11. I couldn’t believe how willing Ahn was to become a lady of the court, I totally love Linxi already. HOWEVER ALTAN WHAT IS THIS?! You can’t use a granny for leverage!

    It was rough putting down the book today, can’t wait to read tomorrow’s chapters

    1. I know right?! Altan made me so mad ??

  12. Loving the paths crossing, but premier being Han’s DAD… maybe not. Or this could be dangerous. Maybe her mom removed her from him ON PURPOSE. I don’t know who to trust. However I’m living for her friendship with the prince. He seems like a delight. I love his love for music and his interest in healing. I like how he isn’t a typical warrior/brute character. For real hoping he gets to have his love though!

    1. Ahn* autocorrect

  13. Well, I’m still stubbornly stuck on the idea of Ahn being Altan’s sister, even though it’s seeming pretty unlikely, but I seriously don’t trust the premier either. Is he really her dad? Really? HOW CONVENIENT.

    Tai Shun is my new favorite character. What a cinnamon roll!

    1. He’s SUCH a cinnamon roll, I love it! ?

  14. Yes! I loved day 2’s read-along. We are learning a lot more about Ahn and Altan’s childhood. I really think that the reunion of Ahn and her father was a little weird and that he doesn’t seem to be into spending time with his LONG LOST DAUGHTER! I am still a little iffy on whether or not I trust Leiye. However, I think that the whole meeting of Tai Sun and Ahn was too cute and hilarious. Even though Tai Sun and Altan are enemies in Altan’s eyes, I think that Tai Sun and Ahn are going to be besties.

    1. Tai Shun melted my heart ??

  15. I have to say, I love the trope where hero/heroine goes to a palace, finds out they’re nobility, but clues keep popping up to make them distrust this sudden fairy tale. Let’s see how this all plays out!

    1. Me too, it’s such a fun trope! ?

  16. I’m loving the story so far and both of the point of views. Both of their storylines are interesting right now, especially Altan and his encounter with the Phoenix. I don’t know which side I want to cheer on because I understand Altan and his need for revenge, but poor Ahn doesn’t even know what’s going on. Also, Tai Shun is so adorable, like how can you hate him.

    1. I know right?! Tai Shun’s so cute ?

  17. I really do not trust Ahn’s father…. if he is even really her father. I’m expecting him to be the melty face guy who killed Altan’s mother. Possibly also the lover/Co conspirator of the Empress. Tai Shun seems to mostly be sad and not a bad guy despite the whole “I know who killed your Dad” incident from when he and Altan were kids. Also unlike Ahn, I trust Leiye more than I trust her dad. If her dad is a bad guy then Leiye sneaking books from his office is probably for good reasons? So far I am not finding Altan’s sections nearly as interesting but maybe just because his POV is mostly introspection and childhood and not a lot is actually happening with him as yet… hopefully soon Ahn and Altan will reconnect

    1. I don’t trust the Premier either! ?

  18. This is getting interesting. I did not expect Ahn’s background. We are learning about new characters and they are so interesting. I want to know more about the prince.

  19. This was tough to put down last night! I love the pace of this story and I love the side characters!

    With that being said, I think Ahn is trusting way too many characters that she shouldn’t. She is trusting her father even though she didn’t remember him until now?? Seems sketchy. Linxi has already technically betrayed her as well and she trusts her.

    I dont think Tai shun is really as bad as Altan thinks, he just seems a little lost. I also am super wary of the Empress and that potion she gave Ahn to help with her memories. Something is definietly wrong there.

    1. Totally my thoughts, I can only agree to you!

    2. I’m glad you’re enjoying it ?

  20. I’m still taking the advice of “be careful who you trust”! After Ahn’s nightmare with the puppets, I can’t believe she is going to the puppet show. that just seems like bad juju!

    I’m glad Altan feels sheepish for assuming the Life Stealer was a man. #GirlPower. and I’m glad his chapters are starting to pick up a bit more. His meeting with the phoenix was Interesting. The first thought that came to my mind is going to be that the thing that he treasures most (will be Ahn, as they fall in love at an excruciatingly slow pace!) and he will have difficulty reconciling his feelings for Ahn because she is the Life Stealer.

    Can’t wait for Ahn and Alton to meet up! I feel like we are so close!

    Bring on Day 3!

    1. Right?! If I had a nightmare like that you would NOT find me at a puppet show straight after ??

  21. Ok my new favourite character is definitely the prince!
    Hes one of few people i trust. Like Linxi. I really dont like the queen or Ahns father. I actually doubt that he is her real father. And I am so excited for Altan and Ahn to meet. But what price must Altan pay?

    1. Yessss, we love Tai Shun! ?

  22. Wow, I really don’t know how you all keep on track with this readalong during the week with work and all ?
    I just finished the chapters and need to say: why the hell did Ahn trust her father that quickly and didn’t question anything? I would have bombarded him with questions and Never trust him that quick ? she seems to see only the good in all people, but it’s getting really naive I think. I am afraid this will end bad for her…
    But I am super excited and I really like the book so far!

    1. Definitely agree with you ?

  23. It was definitely hard to stop and take a pause to comment on this section of the blog ?

    I’m really enjoying this book, but gosh I feel like Ahn has had a weird character development. It was a trust no one and survive in the beginning, but now I feel she’s become almost too trusting. Like Linxi is playing a double-agent, she’s kinda flirting with the soon-too-be-emperor that was complicit in an assasination from his mom, she’s trusting said mom with the fact of her grandma (nothing better happen to Ama or I’m losing it), and she’s trusting Mr. LongLostDaddy with new information about who is bad vs. good.

    UGH! I’m stressed.

    Also Altan with the whole “you’ll find it difficult to treasure that which is most precious to you.” Gives me that you’re going to find your love, but she’s gonna be the individual you’re seeking to destroy vibes.

    1. She’s definitely getting too comfortable and too trusting! ?

  24. A little late, but not because it’s a slow read at all. I blew past this section! I’m loving the pacing and this book has hooked me in a way that I have so much trouble putting it down. Hopefully, though, this means I can catch up at some point.

    Anyway, I liked this section for what it was, as I feel like it was more for the sake of introducing new characters and plot threads before everything officially gets started. I love that as we got closer to the end of this section, we got to see Ahn’s and Altan’s circles of people and backstories overlap a little bit, from smaller players from the Ambassador from Nandah, to Tai Shun and Leiye, who will eventually have bigger parts. I also appreciate that this story is completely morally grey at this point, in the way that you don’t fully know which side is in the right here. It makes it so much harder because I’m starting to love every character, and I can’t imagine it ending well for all of them haha.

    Regardless, I can’t wait to see how this plays out!

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying it! ?

  25. A lot happens with Ahn in these chapters, This part gets really good. I like that though she wants to learn how to behave in the palace, she doesn’t truly change.
    Her father is the premiere? I did not see that coming. I definitely don’t trust him. I don’t believe the reasons he gave for her mother running away with her. I want to know why she started to scream in her dream when her father turned to her.
    I’m glad Ahn is becoming friends with Linxi, hopefully that will help later on when she meets Altan again. I really like Ahn’s friendship with Tai Shun. I’m sympathetic to him and I hope Altan can get over the grudge against his cousin. He was a child, and not responsible for what adults did. I hope Altan can move past his desire for revenge. The scene where he is surprised the sword stealer is a woman was funny.
    I don’t trust the Empress, I believe Altan’s view of her, not the way she’s being nice to Ahn. I’m concerned with the number of people who know how important Ahn’s grandmother is to her. Not sure about Leiye, what side is he on? He certainly doesn’t seem to be in full agreement with the Premiere, but he is one of the priests.

    1. Agreed! I don’t trust the Premier or the Empress! ?

  26. I’m definitely just echoing many of the thoughts already said but I really don’t trust the Premier! I mean, come on, how difficult is it to send someone to escort Ama? Excited to see how this all plays out though, especially since Altan is set on killing her!

    1. I know! I love Ama too, just wanted her safe with Ahn! ?

  27. And onto more catching up!

    I hate how often characters who are advised to “be careful who you trust” seem to almost exclusively go on to blindly trust everyone they meet or interact with after that. Especially with her father. Part of me doesn’t doubt that he’s been searching for her, but I also find it hard to believe that, if he had made it a priority from the moment she “went missing”, he would have found her looooooong before he did. I mean, he’s one of the most powerful people in the country with an army at his beck and call!

    I’m about to spoil things, so onto more catching up!

    1. Agreed, he’s super sketchy! ?

  28. I am loving Ahn, how she is still such a badass in everything, even though she wants to impress her father, she cares more about Tai Shun’s feelings in that moment, i love it and i hope they will be great friends. Linxi seems like she is not just spying on her but actually being her friend. I don’t trust her father, he has already admitted to her that he is a premier first and foremost when he stopped searching for her qnd her mother to do his duty

  29. I enjoyed part two but definitely felt that Ahn was being too naive and trusting of the premier. I’d hoped she’d be a bit more sceptical. But overall a good section

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