Jade Fire Gold Readalong Day 3!

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Hello Fairy Family!

I hope that you’re all loving the readalong so far! It’s now day 3 and things are really speeding up.

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Ok, let’s get reading!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Jade Fire Gold by June CL Tan, from chapter 17 to chapter 27. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


We’re joining Altan in the capital, with Tang Wei and Linxi in their safe house. Linxi’s giving Altan an update on the Life Stealer, including giving Altan her name! Altan responds by saying ‘it’s a pretty name. Unfortunate that it belongs to the most dangerous person in the world.’ in the WORLD? That’s a heavy statement for sure!

Altan tells Tang Wei and Linxi of his horrid plan to use Grandma Jia as bait/levereage!

At least we know Linxi believes in Ahn, and her goodness. Tang Wei things Altan’s going too far as well… Hopefully they can convince him Ahn isn’t evil.

Altan’s fear stems from what his great grandfather (another Life Stealer) did, so it’s understandable why Altan feels so much responsibility to make sure another Life Stealer doesn’t go down the same path, but with his fear to protect his nation he’s definitely forgetting that not all people are the same! Tang Wei, his Shīfù and Linxi all try to convince him otherwise. Hopefully he’ll listen to his Shīfù since he’s kind of a father figure to Altan.

It’s a real predicament! Everyone’s telling Altan Ahn really isn’t so bad… but then adding that pressure on him like ‘oh, just a heads up, we don’t THINK she’s bad. Buuuut just in case she is, don’t forget you’re legit the only person who can stop her…’ This is hard for Altan.

Altan, relax for the night, enjoy the puppets. You need a break!

Altan’s break is short lived when he bumps into none other than… Ahn, Life Stealer! Will he connect the dots? He’s so smitten with Ahn! Surely he won’t want to hurt her once he realises it’s her.

Uh oh… Ahn has asked Altan to help her with a very drunk Tai Shun. Here’s hoping he’s too drunk to realise Altan is his supposedly dead cousin, Jin.

Nevermind, no such luck! Well. This is awkward, isn’t it? Thankfully, Ahn’s there to pretend Tai Shun is just drunk and missing his cousin and Altan can nod and play along.

MIC DROP MOMENT. Linxi’s name dropped. Altan knows ‘mysterious bazaar girl’ is the person he’s wanted to kill for, oh I don’t know, his entire life? AWKWARD.

Turns out, everything Tang Wei, Altan’s Shīfù and Linxi said earlier has gone in one ear and straight out the other, Altan’s still hell bent on killing the Life Stealer, even knowing it’s Ahn, the girl he’s evidently crushing on. *cue the violins*

DRUMROLL!!! Ahn REMEMBERS. She remembers everything! Her father is evil, and wanted to use her for her magic. And, as if using her wasn’t bad enough, Ahn’s father is the head of the Diyeh priests… now that is a plot twist if I ever saw one!

From one plot twist to another, an old friend of Altan’s is adamant he won’t let Altan kill the Life Stealer, and it’s none other than Leiye! Does this mean he’s on Ahn’s side? Can we trust him?

Poor Ahn has been imprisoned by her own father. So much for a happy family reunion!

But hold on, who’s this? Leiye! With some food for Ahn and a carefully concealed note telling her to stay awake. Rescue mode: activated!

And her rescuer, is none other than PAUSE FOR EFFECT Altan! Well, here’s hoping Leiye convinced Altan not to kill Ahn or this just became a very sticky situation. 

Altan’s convinced Ahn, he’s just doing this for the money Leiye is giving him, but we know Leiye isn’t actually giving him anything, right? What IS Leiye’s plan that it made Altan drop his plans and follow Leiye’s. Very mysterious! 

Altan and Ahn are under attack, and Ahn is using her power to control Altan? Or is that HIS power? And a mysterious masked man has given Ahn something… judging by the mask colours it has to be Leiye! Is it something to combat the impact using her magic has on her. After all, Altan doesn’t seem so good and ONE of them has to be healthy right?

Altan’s awake!

“Your eyes are so… beautiful”  so I know he’s ill, and all kinds of sleep deprived and maybe slightly delirious, but my heart just did the thing the Grinch’s does at the end of the film.

Despite that… Altan still thinks how the world would be safer without the Life Stealer, without Ahn. But she’s so good hearted! She doesn’t want to hurt people. Why can’t Altan see that?

Wait, are we having a breakthrough? Altan says Ahn is someone he can TRUST. Trustworthy people don’t take down the world Altan, Ahn is good!

Ahn just caught Altan red handed flirting! He’s so embarrassed. She really got him there!

My cackling is short lived as we discover that Ahn’s father is recruiting CHILDREN for his army. Children!!! This is heartbreaking!

I feel like we’ve ended on a sour note, I just hope Ahn and Altan can save the empire before it goes to war, with children at the helm!

Well, we’re over halfway through now! I hope you’re all enjoying this as much as I am. I’ll be back tomorrow with some more thoughts on Jade Fire Gold.

See you then!



65 thoughts on “Jade Fire Gold Readalong Day 3!

  1. I’ve joined! What a magical read so far! I’m ALL IN (@starsandfairytales)

  2. Oh my goodness… I am in love with Ahn’s character. She is so powerful and has such an enormous responsibility that rests on her shoulders. I know that she doesn’t want any of it right now but I think she will eventually step into the role that needs to be played to save the world from the desert. She and Altan are too cute when they quip at each other and I cannot wait to see their relationship build more. I knew that her father was a little shady but I could NOT believe that he would go so far as kidnapping her and keeping her alive only for what he wanted.

    1. I agree, I think Ahn’s too good a person to not step up ?

  3. This is my favorite part of the book so far. Tons of action. Lots of backstory.

    So sad for Ahn. Her dad is the devil. 🙁 Having met my biological dad for the first time as an adult, I cannot imagine finding out he was a wicked person. That is heartbreaking.

    I think the internal battle Altan has had its important because it should make their love that much stronger in the end, right? ? I’m still just wishing Ahn won’t have to die for the greater good. I hope she’ll turn her power into something that can be used for good.

    I LOVE the flirting.

    I entered the giveaway. @bookladyjes

    Side note: I’m amazed how well June CL Tan was able to create such a rich, vivid story with so many complex characters in just a few hundred pages! Mind blown.

    1. Yesss, so happy you’re enjoying it! ?

  4. Leiye seems to be turning into the guy with good intentions just less than ideal alliances. I still want to hope that maybe he has his own plan that goes against the Premier and possibly against Altan and Ahn. Like a third master plan that no one knows about yet.

    But anyway, Ahn’s slightly mistimed joke is the type of humor that I love. The awkwardness is very relatable and makes her seem more fleshed out. Altan feels very real in the way that he thinks that everyone has a motive behind what they do for and/or around him. I feel like this fits his character very well.

    I loved the one bed situation that Altan and Ahn stumbled into near the end of this section. Their arguing and Ahn’s huff at sleeping on the floor after telling Altan that’s what she wanted made me crack up.

    1. She does have really awkward humour! I love it ??

  5. I’ve added the hashtag to my photo – my Instagram is @onlybooksiveread

    I enjoyed this section a lot. We really got through a lot of action and I love how Ahn is all flustered everytime Altan is shirtless haha

    I think that even though her magic might seem scary, is what she does any worse than killing with weapons? Altan has no issue with doing that.

    Anyway, I’m still not sure if Leiye is a true ally or not. I’m on Ahn’s side if it comes to a fight between her and Altan – but I’m hoping it won’t come to that.

    What are Tang Wei and Linxi doing now? Having a love in I hope, but somehow doubt…

    1. You make a very good point about Ahn’s magic! ?

  6. YES! Tai Wei (and Shifù)!!! Put some judgment in this boy’s head! What kind of ideas does he have about turning Ama into a form of blackmail!?!?! She didn’t hurt anyone!!

    OMG what will happen to Altan’s head when he finds out that mangosteen girl, Ahn/Life Stealer are the same person!?!? ….. He already know! OMG he already knows!! ?

    These memory passages while she’s sleeping are confusing me, but one thing’s for sure, Ahn’s dad isn’t turning out to be who he really is…

    What??? Was Xima Leiye best friends with Altan!? What plans does Leiye have? Can we trust him or not? I still don’t know…. what a mystery…

    Okay, Leiye got Ahn out of prison! +1 point in his favor! ?
    But it was Altan who set her free! Will it bring them closer together, or will he continue with the stupid idea of killing her in the end? ?

    Did they really find us or were they just mercenaries!? They’re dead so I don’t think it makes a big difference to know anymore… but what about the person with the mask!?!? Is it a new character or is it Leiye? The mystery continues and I just want to read on!!

    It seems to me that the relationship between Altan and Ahn is improving (I really hope so! ?)
    It’s becoming more and more difficult to control myself and follow the reading schedule, the story is wonderful and I want to know more and more what’s going to happen next, but I’ll make it!
    I also joined the giveaway, hoping that luck knocks at my door! (@rita_and_books)
    PS. Sorry for the weird comment, I had to write what I felt as I read ?

    1. Well… sorry also for the big comment! I didn’t imagine it was this big ?

    2. I’m loving reading all of your thoughts! ?

  7. Ooof, poor Ahn! How brutal! Though if I’m perfectly honest I think the book could have used a bit more build up before her fathers betrayal – more scenes of them connecting would have been good. More attempts to ask what happened to her mother before since, uh, I don’t think she really did ask and that kind of feels like the first thing you should probably question ?

    It’s fun seeing our leads interact, but I so miss the fun supporting cast already. Also, does anyone else think that Altan’s sister might be alive after all? It feels like he didn’t see her die, so I question it…

    Will post my photo tomorrow lunchtime!

    1. Yes I agree! But I also think that since this is a standalone (I think) the author couldn’t go into much details before she had to change let’s say the tmosphere since she’s got one book to do everything. Also if I’m not wrong this is also a debut novel…?

      And I’m pretty sure dear sister is going to pop up soon, not a fan of these but maybe I’ll like it ?

  8. I entered as well:) Loving the book so far! A magical story! (@juicy_report)

    1. Glad you’re enjoying it! ?

  9. It was so sad to see Anh’s father turn on her if not entirely unexpected – she finally got some family back and then it turns out not to be anything she would have wanted. I am hopeful that the family reunion between Altan and his cousin will eventually have a happier ending!

  10. Altan bumping into tipsy Tai Shun and Ahn was my favorite! I really hope he gets off his vengeance kick and realizes these people aren’t evil. Except the premier. The premier can go.

    I’ll be posting on IG as @sonata_ix!

    1. Ahahaha I loved that bit too! And poor Ahn just escorting him away blaming it on the drink, having NO idea! ?

  11. I really guessed Ahns father being the evil one and dang was that still painful to read ? I love Ahn and Altans banter, it’s so cute and I’m really enjoying them getting closer to each other. Also love the one bed trope even though nothing happened ?
    I think my favorite part of this book is all the twists and turns, it makes it really hard to put down each time!

    1. I’ve now entered the read along giveaway @x_late_night_reads_x

    2. Definitely agree, soooo hard to put down! ?

  12. I was wondering if Ahn’s eyes didn’t change colors the way he seemed to focus on them at the end there? I really hope we get some time with them on a boat I love boat settings in books lol

  13. I am truly enjoying this so far. I’m loving the fast pace of it, but I sometimes feel like Ahn’s character is a bit overdone. I feel like she should be more in shock over killing another person, but I also understand that the plot needs to advance. However I am very curious to see how their relationship is going to work and I can’t wait to meet grandma again, especially when she’ll be meeting Altan!!! Oh and everything still feels very murky, but I think and hope everything will fit and we’ll get some answers, because there’s only 40% left to the book now!

    Ps: I’m so happy to have finally gotten some insight on Altan’s past with the phobia ish to sandstorms. It was enlightening and also I think I’ve fallen in love with him and his dark dark past.

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying it! ?

  14. I knew it!! What a horrible father, especially since the boys being recruited are literally children. I really like Ahn and Altan’s growing relationship! I wasn’t too sold on Altan until this section. Excited to read more tomorrow!! (Also, totally joining the giveaway @nookofnatalie)

    1. Her father’s so horrible! ?

  15. Uhh if course I will enter on @lolas_lesefieber!

    Whyy did Ahn take the medicine from the empress without any worries? ? I never thought this would work out, I already imagined Ahn lying unconscious in the bath when somebody strolls in and helps her. But nevermind, it really worked and she remembers a lot! I knew her father was a bad guy, this is so cruel what he has pushed her into even as a little child. I hope we will find out what happened to her mother and if she maybe is still alive.
    I like the tension between Altan and Ahn. I am sure Altan will see Ahn able to help the world without killing her.

    1. I thought that too! I guess she just found it too frustrating living without her memories, which I can kind of see, but still a bad move ?

  16. Tai Shun and Leiye are by far my favorite characters! They feel so real! Poor Tai Shun, he really needs some help (and know his cousin is alive!)

    My handle is saralovesherbooks!

  17. Oh my gosh, so much is happening! We finally got the fated *proper* meeting between Ahn and Altan but ugh this hidden identity thing with Altan is so frustrating! Waiting for moment when Ahn finds out who he really is…and predicting a small implosion when it comes out. I really hope Altan can forgive Tai Shun, the Prince/Emperor-to-be seems to have such a kind heart.

    I have entered the readalong giveaway! @miyah

    1. Agreed! I just wanted him to be honest ?

  18. Things are really starting to build up now. Finally starting to get into it and can’t put it down now.


    1. Glad you’re enjoying it! ?

  19. Altan’s character is just so problematic. I hope he has his moment of clarity soon and sorts his priorities out leave Ama alone! I’m glad he has Tai Wei and Shifù to help keep him grounded. I’m sure it’s tough deciding between Duty and love.

    The tension building up while when Altan is so close to figuring out that the mangosteen Girl is Ahn/The Life Stealer is AHHH! and the horror when he finally finds out.

    Ahn is taking the tincture given to her by the Empress! Is it going to help her remember?! YEP! and Woah! She’s going to confront her dad!..and is now a prisoner. that was fast.

    just glossing over the fact that Altan removed his eye himself?

    What’s going on with Leiye? can he be trusted? did he get Ahn out of prison to serve his own agenda or out of the goodness of his own heart?

    The world cannot be safe while such a powerful being exists.
    I knew this was a slow burn but mannn! Come on Altan!

    Things between Ahn and Altan are finally starting to heat up and I’m here for it! Ahh all this flirty banter!

    Altan killed his sister? I wonder if shes actually dead or if he thinks she is.

    Can’t believe we’re almost finished with the book!


    1. Right?! I was so angry at Altan in this section! ?

  20. FINALLY! I’ve caught up, and now NOTHING I know is a spoiler!

    This post will be so much easier to write, since I don’t have to censor myself. ;D

    ANYWAY – I’m really loving Ahn and Altan’s interactions, and basically every side character! Even the morally gray/”bad” side characters. No one yet feels super shallow or artificial, which can happen sometimes. I love them all!

    I seriously cannot wait to see where this all goes. I’m intrigued to see if Altan’s “team” is able to get to Ahn’s grandmother first or what becomes of her. She was very sick in the beginning – maybe she isn’t doing too well now? Although, I do feel like that would be terribly convenient – for the one “thing” that can control Ahn to be taken out by illness, I mean. I feel like that would take away from the tension and depth of the story.

    The scene with the little boy being drafted into the military just sort of drives home why I was so suspicious of Ahn’s father not finding her earlier. I understand that she was in this remote, out-of-the-way town, etc., but if they could track down and drag that little boy in, they could certainly have found Ahn over the roughly-decade time he had to find her. I just don’t buy it.

    ANYWAY! I also don’t 100% buy that his twin sister is dead. “Dead people” who aren’t CONFIRMED as dead tend to show up as live more often than not. I’m excited to see if/when she makes her appearance, and if she’s actually someone he knows already somehow!

    1. I thought the same about the characters, they’re all very realistic! ?

  21. @penguinograce

    Really enjoying this book so far. It feels really fast paced and an easy read. Love the dynamic between the MCs

    1. Glad you’re enjoying it! ?

  22. Posted my photo @brinreadsbooks!

  23. Lots happening again! I’m recalling rooting for Ahn, I hope she can find a way to control her power and the sword will help her to use it in a different way. I figured her mother took her to protect her from her father, but I can’t believe he put her in a jail cell! And now he’s recruiting for an army, even taking children.

    I feel like Altan is making some progress, I think spending time with Ahn has been good for him. I like that they’ve found some common ground. I hope Atlan can come to terms with all his guilt and move in the right direction. The people around him seem to be a good balance for him, especially Shifu.

    Leiye is definitely the most secretive character with the least info about. I think he will turn out to be on the side of good. It sounds like he helped saved them from their attackers. I’m wondering if they were just random bandits or if they were specifically after Ahn or Altair.

    I’ll post this weekend @sun4kathleen. I’m a day behind in reading, but I’m really enjoying it, and should finish by Saturday.

    1. Definitely agree his time with Ahn has been good for him! ?

  24. I’ve just caught up and boy was it intense!!

    I’ve also entered, I’m @your.bookish.princess ?❤️

    1. Sooo intense! ?

  25. The last chapter with the mother and her boy was so emotional. Realy like Altan more now because he wanted to fight the soldiers for her.
    I’m really enjoying the book. Now we have mor action an finally Ahn and Altan meeting. I hope all the secrets don’t brake their new gained friendship.
    I’m a bit worried what Ahns father will do next…

    1. Glad you’re enjoying it! ?

    2. And i will enter the giveaway: lunas_book_page

  26. Yes, Ahn got rescued by Altan! I’m so excited for what’s next! I’ve entered the giveaway as well (@offwithdragons).

  27. Omg this book is so good! I’ve entered this photo challenge 🙂 My Instagram handle is @wickedly.bookish

  28. I’m definitely falling a bit behind with all the hectic pre-holiday stuff, but I’m really enjoying this books.

    Thank goodness Altan rescued our girl Ahn and he didn’t try and kill her. Her father sucks and I really wish she hadn’t trusted him and began to question him sooner. Also, leader of the priests?!?! He’s the basest of the bad. Anyways…


    Also, my Instagram is @litte_red_cover

    1. I did enter on Instagram btw!

  29. I have posted my photo to my IG Jenthebookishbakernz

    I am wondering what happened to Ahn’s mother & why Ahn cannot remember her face? Also why does no one seem to know that her father even had a child? For some reason I am suspicious that the Dowager Empress might be her mother? Either that or he isn’t really her father. Just because she remembers him from her childhood doesn’t really prove it. Maybe she is remembering him out of context?

    Also am suspicious of the fact that her father does not seem to be pursuing her… I feel like he probably has a really stealthy spy following her who will turn up right after she finds the sword.

  30. Ahhh! This book was amazing ??. I actually devoured the book one day 3, I couldn’t wait. (There was just so much happening!)

    I entered into the giveaway! My Instagram is @bookish_westie. ??

  31. Wow I’m really loving this book! The descriptions are so vivid and the characters are excellent ?
    I’d added the # to my post, check it out at storydrinker xx

  32. I was surprised that Altan came to save her but I’m so happy because I really like them together, they have a lot of potential. This book is really awesome.
    I’ve entered the giveaway, my instagram is @acourtofbooksandfaeries

  33. I posted my Fairyloot Jade Fire Gold today! ? @dg_reads

  34. I knew her father was shady but the GEAD PRIEST?!! And he alluded to her mother being a priest as well. I just don’t understand, if he knew she was the life stealer why didn’t he search harder for her then and now? Hopefully that question will be answered soon.
    My Instagram handle is @reading_is_joyce

  35. I’m falling behind and have no one to lose to blame but myself. Reading multiple books at once during this time of year is a challenge lol.

    I’m glad I’ve made it this far though. It was a slow start but we are finally getting more action. I did squeal when Altan showed up.

    I entered the giveaway and my handle is @finding.fiction_

  36. I loved this part!
    I also entered my photo ?

  37. I absolutely loved this book!!
    I entered the giveaway and my IG handle is @rygurl

  38. Just posted! Handle is @mia.s_books_

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