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We are so excited to reveal the June theme for our monthly box and it is… A DIFFERENT KIND OF MAGIC!

We all love magic and this month we wanted to celebrate unique magic systems − magic that is a little out of the ordinary, or not quite what you have come to expect. The types of magic that make you think, that make you wonder, that make you wish!

You can expect items inspired by The Bone Season, Avatar The Last Airbender, The Starless Sea, The Shadows Between Us, Alice in Wonderland and Blood Heir! We are thrilled to reveal that this box will have TWO books! The second book in this box is a YA release that won’t be released until spring 2021… and this beautiful paperback edition will have an EXCLUSIVE FOIL-FILLED COVER and SPRAYED EDGES!

Our featured book of the month is a tale of destiny and sisterhood, filled with shaman magic. In this epic story, newly awakened abilities are tested as darkness looms and the kingdom is on the brink of war. This FairyLoot exclusive edition will have an EXCLUSIVE COVER, ARTWORK ON THE REVERSE OF THE DUST JACKET and will be SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR!

This box is NOT available yet. Subscriptions for this box will be available on May 2nd and single purchases will be available on May 8th at 1pm BST. If you already have a subscription you can sit back and relax – you will automatically get this box.




  • kelsie.morton1

    I can’t wait! I only subscribed a few weeks ago and I can’t believe how much amazing things I have missed out on. So I can’t wait to get my may and June boxes! Never to miss out again!

  • Ariana Nelson

    Is anyone else having issues? I was here when it opened and tried to subscribe, but so far, it won’t work. It automatically said everything is out of stock. Super confused and full of angst BECAUSE I NEED THIS BOX.

    • ascott8718

      Same! I did the same thing. I’ve been keeping up for weeks with the dates from all the newsletters and every time I try to re-subscribe it says its out of stock. So frustrating.

      • dominique1374

        I am trying to do athree month sub and it just says sold out. So disheartening.

    • macauley772

      I’m having issues where I try to subscribe and after entering my payment info and clicking submit it gets sticking with a loading circle

  • miranda.coulson

    It seems to be a glitch on the US site/version where it says sold out for subscription boxes. For the UK version I was able to add it to the cart. Sent a message to Fairy Loot addressing this, as I am waiting to order a 1 off box (Can’t afford a full subscription at this time)

    • miranda.coulson

      There also is an error when trying to add a shipping address directly via account

  • ascott8718

    Once again…. claims this would be available today and “out of stock”. This is getting to be annoying as well as disappointing.

    • Ariana Nelson

      It’s frustrating. I know there’s limited stock, but it feels like, since opening the US section, it’s even *harder* to get a subscription or one off. I was up, again, at the crack of dawn and…nothing.

      • ascott8718

        Same. I think I’m just done all together. Instead of being upfront and admitting there just isn’t enough product they keep us hanging on thinking there is a possibility when obviously they’re only catering to already members.

  • Megan Cheang

    I so wanted to order this one. But I only get to order 2 boxes per year as agreed with my mother. When I wanted to order this one, my mother told me to wait for the first box to arrive first.
    I’ve decided that the next box I order has to have 3 fandoms I adore, preferably Grisha Trilogy inspired

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