Kingdom of the Wicked Readalong: Day 1

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Hello FairyLooters!

It’s day 1 of our readalong of Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco and I can’t wait to get into this one!

Before we get into today’s first chapters though, how are we all doing? Read anything good at the weekend? Let’s catch up in the comments!

Alright, now that we’re all caught up, let’s get on with the readalong!

Today, we start from Chapter 1 and we will be reading to the end of Chapter 9! Grab a beverage of your choice and some snacks and snuggle down for a reading session and then join me in the comments to chat about it!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco Chapters 1-9! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Such an incredible atmosphere is created from the first page with the storm brewing and the seven ruling Princes of Hell apparently about to come looking for Nonna or whatever was stolen from the devil? 

And the little witches helping with the chanting a protection spell to try and trick the devil which seems to work!

black and white 90s GIF

Oh wow the Princes are so corrupted by sin that they can only walk the earth in darkness!

Uh oh, the twins have gone ahead and done the one thing they were told not to do and brought their two amulets together! I wonder if Vittoria can also see the auras around people, or maybe she gained a different talent?

That was such a atmospheric prologue and it really set the scene for the book! I’m so excited to dive in now!

Nonna is worried about Vittoria as she’s been sneaking out and tonight is a full moon and she’s still not back but Emilia seems to think she’s overreacting!

I’m already hungry with all the talk of food, maybe I should grab some more snacks!

Season 1 Nbc GIF by The Good Place

Oh no, some witches have been murdered nearby and apparently the wicked are out to collect a blood debt which is what has Nonna so on edge! 

Oh wow she does not hold back ? telling Emilia she’ll end up dead if she goes to cook at the monastery. 

Emilia distracted by Antonio? Nope doesn’t sound like it at all ?

I love the thought of a young Emilia using a truth spell on Antonio to see if he liked her…I feel like it’s something we all would do if we could? but Nonna is so savage! I guess she is just trying to protect them! 

Oh no, a demon or a witch hunter has found them in the monastery?? Orr just Vittoria ? she definitely seems like the rebellious and mischevious twin!

The monastery sounds like such a creepy place at night and I definitely wouldn’t want to be wandering round there alone at night!

jerry seinfeld GIF

Oh no, Emilia don’t follow the buzzing! This is where I’d be awful in a book cos I’d be like nope this is creepy I’m out ?

Hmm something tells me Emilia isn’t quite right about the man’s intentions…eww he’s tasting the blood?!? 

Ahh but why reveal yourself Emilia!

Oh no it’s Vittoria!! We knew it was going to happen but I’m still so sad about it! She was so full of life and just enjoyed being silly with her twin ?Oh wow and her heart had been ripped out!? I wonder what that was about! It’s a very violent way to die!

Anyone else think Emilia isn’t imagining the voice or the fog ?

“A good book was its own brand of magic…” She’s got that right!

Nonna wants her to give up and find acceptance about Vittoria’s death but Emilia wants vengeance and can’t stop going over the details of the room where Vittoria was murdered! The weird thing is definitely her missing cornicello! Why would someone want to take that and only that? Well and her heart…

Ooo Vittoria’s diary! Surely there will be something in there that could be a clue as to how she ended up at the monastery that night? But it’s sealed shut ? what was Vittoria up to and how bad was it that she went to such lengths to keep her secrets!

confused will smith GIF

Her diary stinks of the Wicked and hidden under the floorboard was everything needed for summoning spell! Oh Vittoria what did you get yourself into!

Emilia plans to summon a demon and ask it to open Vittoria’s diary and then use the knife to find the man that killed Vittoria, I’m sure that’s a solid and definitely not dangerous plan… And using your own blood sounds like a great idea Emilia!

Ahh by using the dagger she had thought belonged to a human man she had actually summoned one of the Wicked!! Uh oh…do we think this is wrath then??

Wow! Anyone else already so invested in this story? I’m so excited to see how it’s going to go with the demon!

Let me know all of your thoughts so far and I will see you tomorrow!


46 thoughts on “Kingdom of the Wicked Readalong: Day 1

  1. Hello Amy, hello everyone~

    Here goes my first impression about this book: it’s not good if you are dieting ?

    ok, I’m serious now (but I wasn’t joking about the deliciousness of the food descriptions) and I have to say I already like Emilia. Vittoria also would have made a great protagonist (for who doesn’t love a bold and funny female protagonist??), but Emilia leaves more space to character development as we are already seeing in this first chapters.

    I can’t wait for her interactions with Wrath, I have a feeling things will be ?️ i n t e n s e ?️ from now on!

    1. Ahh! I completely agree about being on a new diet while reading this book! I kept grabbing snacks while reading this book.

  2. I actually started reading this weeks ago!
    I’m slowly pacing myself to it’s awesomeness!!!

    I definitely love our characters and the bond the sister’s shared.
    It’s so amazing to see the lengths Emilia goes through to find out her sister’s killer.

    I definitely have a lot of questions. And not enough answers. Some parts of the book I definitely would say are predictable. Like the gambling chip.

    However, it is still exciting! And I can’t wait to read more. Even though I’m like more than halfway into it haha

    1. I have to agree that some of the parts are predictable right now, and I’ve also noticed that there is a lot of repetition in chapters 7-9 about Emilia’s motivations for summoning the demon. I can’t remember how many times its written about, but I do remember it being mentioned about two or three times in the span of two pages in chapter 9.

  3. I loved how this started, the pacing is really good! I was so sad about Vittoria too but so intrigued about what actually happened and why, especially with what was found with the diary. I got so hungry reading about the food. I may have to try and create all of the recipes in some way haha!

  4. So I guess I am a little nervous, this will be my first time participating i. A ReadAlong!!! My read for the weekend was actually our November fairyloot book!!!! I absolutely loved it and could not put it down! I am super excited for everyone else to read it! ??????????/5!!!!!! We will see how my participation goes though……..

  5. I’ve already finished the book, bc I was toooooo tempted by it. I’m rereading it right now and omg, I’m falling in love with the book all over again.

    That Antonia guy is annoying as hell, didn’t like him one bit (even tho we don’t see much of him anyways lmao)

    So sad that Vittoria is dead.

    The bond between te sisters was short, but lovely. Again, so sad she’s dead. We knew it was going to happen, but still you know.

    And the summoning. OH EM GEE. I want to talk about the description of the Wicked that got summoned, but won’t. Heck, I’m so in love lmao.

  6. Hi, this is my first readalong ever! I really enjoyed these first few chapters and can’t wait to see this interaction with the wicked. I also agree with the others, the atmosphere, the food descriptions and the pacing are all great. I’m excited to get to know Emilia better and anxiously waiting for that diary to open.

  7. During reading this book I’m still hungry…so much delicious food.

    Vittoria dead was something what we expected, but still it was shock for family and Emilia. Emilia wants vengeance and I guess she will be able to do a lot of things to achieve it.

    Summon one of the Wicked is for Emilia the best idea, but I don’t think the smartest one. It’s some reason why Nanny warned sisters from years that Wicked are sneaky and dangerous for Emilia and Vittoria.

    Do you think Vittoria has been killed by one of the Wicked? Because I don’t think so.

    1. I don’t think tho one Emilia summoned killed Vittoria. Maybe some other wicked demon prince?

    2. I agree with both Anna and Laura. I think someone else killed Vittoria and not the demon prince that Emilia just summoned. I think there is more going on here, and I can’t wait to see where it goes!

  8. I’m so happy to finally read this book! But it starts so slow. And some scenes are soooo creepy ? I wouldn’t go anywhere near a dark place when i have such feeling like something guides me there.
    Vittorias dead was predictable so didn’t give her a chance to be liked by me. That would only make me sad.
    I don’t really undestand why Emilia thought it was a good idea or even necessary to summon a demon (and using dark arts) only to open her sisters diary ?
    But glad she did because now we have the super goodlooking Wicked in our circle.
    Let’s see what happens next

    1. I feel you xD I would have left the bag and got it the next day before going there in the dark. And when I would have heard the voice, I would have run in panic xD

      I also felt that it was a bit much for her, always being a good witch, to summon a demon. However there are two reasons why I think it makes sense. First her twin is dead. Twins often share a very close bound, so she just wanted to get to know why her sister was killed and by who. And after no one seemed to help her she decided to summon that demon. Btw I like it that the first reason she mentions is not to kill the murderer, but rather to know the reason. (Of course she then still wants to kill him).
      Second she had the dagger of Wrath for a few days. Maybe that fueled her wrath, because demon princes and things from them maybe influence people.

      1. The influence from the blade might be the case. Who knows what thes demon princes can do

      2. I have to agree with Maggi. I also think that her reasoning for summon the demon may seem – logically – a dumb thing to do, she is being motivated by the lost of her twin sibling. I think if I found my sister’s murder body, I would do anything to try to find answers.

  9. Great intro which provide a little information about the world. I love the family dynamics and the bond between the twins. I think Vittoria ended up a victum because she removed her cornicello. My guess is some witch is behind the murders and needs the hearts of young witches for some kind of ritual. The summoned demoned didn’t surprise me as soon as the grimoire page mentioned gold and she took the knive I knew this would be the intro for the prince.

    1. I agree! I think the family dynamics are really well done in this novel! We – the readers – get so much detail about how their family operates. I can’t wait to see how the relationships change and progress (or digress).

  10. I really really really like this book. The pacing is perfect! It’s hard to stop to read though, so I might read a bit further, haha!

    And like others have mentioned: the book is delicious too. Perfext book to read with some Italian snacks <3

    1. I agree when I saw that it was gonna be nine chapters I thought oh I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to get through all that today. However by the end of chapter nine I was sad and dying for more ?. Definitely loving the pacing

  11. The atmosphere was so immersive! I’ve learned to be more accurate with my expectations with YA writers, but Maniscalco always knocks my socks off!

    I had strong suspicions something terrible would happen to one of the twins, but I was super surprised that it was Victtoria! I thought “the innocent one” would be the sacrifice and “the mischievous free spirit” would do some growing in other aspects.

  12. Hello my fellow FairyLoot readers, this is my first ever read along! I’m so excited to be here! My first impressions of the first nine chapters are that I like to pacing of the chapters. I love the relationship between Amelia and Victoria. Who Who else was drooling or feeling hot when Wrath was introduced and described. Insert heart face emoji’s???? I know that Amelia and Victoria are not spelled the way they are in the book my phone keeps autocorrecting me!? I’m personality wise I’m totally Amelia. Secretly I wish I had a little Victoria in me. Over all I’m very much enjoying myself with this book! I love losing myself into it’s pages! Wrath and Amelia are 100% my OTP of the book!? Love y’all!-McKinley

  13. Hello Fairyloot and readers I’m so excited for my first read along.

    I’ve been dying to get this book, but between first reading Addie and then Chain of Gold I’m glad I waited for the read along because I don’t think I could have handle it inbetween those two. These first nine chapters were so good!!! I love meeting Emilia, Vittoria, and their family and oh am I excited to meet Wrath. I will say by the end of chapter 9 I did not want to stop listening to this amazing story.
    Also the way Kerri describes the setting I feel like I’m there with them and I really hope she makes a short story in Vittoria’s POV because I can tell theirs some good story telling from her view of the world.

    Since I left my book at home I ended up reading the book through audiobook. I gotta say this is definitely a happy accident because I love the narrator her voice really helped in bringing Emilia alive. I admit there were times I was thinking no don’t and trying to keep myself from crying.

    1. Oh! I would have loved to listen to this audiobook! I also have to agree. I didn’t think – as I am writing this/ reading the book a few days later – that reading so far in the book would be a lot, but the pacing is really well done! Every moment feels like it’s there long enough – but also not too long either – and at the end of chapter 9, I really, really wanted to keep going!

  14. Hi Amy, this is the first time taking part in the FairyLoot Readalong and what a great book to start with. Also, why oh why did we stop here. That was such a bad place to stop ? I don’t know if I can stop myself from reading a few more chapters.

    After reading the first few chapters, I now want Italian food. I need to make some pasta tomorrow ?

    I know it was coming but I really wanted to get to know Vittoria a bit more ?

    I think it’s wrath that she summoned and I think he was trying to solve these murders as well. Or it’s just me who hope that it’s true after the description we got about him ?

    I can’t wait for tomorrow, this story is getting better and better.

    1. I agree! I wish we had seen more of Vittoria! I hope we get some flashbacks about her and get to see more of her as a character. One of my fears is that Emilia’s won’t keep bring her up and her grief gets pushed to the side for plot or romance reasons. Please keep bring up Vittoria!!

  15. Hello, guys!

    Here we are again partaking in another readalong. This book is my favourite I’ve received from Fairyloot so far (being a customer since september’s box). There’s no denying that this book is the most astounding thing I own on my bookshelf!!

    The story so far has been great! I love the atmosphere with the witches, the Wicked and the food (omg… can you relate to how hungry this book made me be only a few pages in?). Vittoria and Emilia reminded me of the Caraval sisters, one being the rational one and the other being a fun mess.

    Regarding the plot, I didn’t feel the dead of Vittoria so much because I already knew it was happening, but it was sad nevertheless (and graphic! I loved that!). I also immediately thought of the diary when Emilia started questioning how she could know anything about Vittoria’s past doings, but I didn’t expect it to be closed by dark magic.

    Emilia is having some stupid ideas (summoning a demon, using her own blood, using the dagger as gold for the summoning…), but I’ll forget her just because she’s going to introduce me to what I hope is my new crush xD

    Let’s see how this continues tomorrow!

    1. I never realised that Emilia and Vittoria remind me of Scarlet and Tella from Caraval, but they totally do!

  16. Well this is my first Fairyloot Readalong and I’m so excited to share my thoughts on this gorgeous book!!

    Over the weekend I was reading Cursed but I wasn’t really feeling it. As soon as I read this book’s prologue, my heart just told me it was gonna be so good. It definitely feels like a nice relief from my previous read.

    One thing I like to do with fantasies, is imagine the setting of it so I can later paint it with some of my favorite scenes (I honestly don’t know why I do this, is just fun to illustrate the setting as you imagine it ?). I feel like this book has such a gorgeous setting (at least in my mind) and I can’t wait to do the same for it.

    Regarding the actual story, I’m loving it so far. Emilia seems like a very driven, powerful protagonist.
    She may not be making the best decisions (come on, using your own blood in a summoning spell?? how stupid can you be?? No shade towards Emilia though) but I honestly love her character so much.

    Vittoria’s death didn’t hit me as hard because we knew it was coming. But it was still pretty sad to read Emilia’s reaction to it.

    And on the last part…
    Is that a new book boyfriend I see approaching????

    Overall, feeling really good about this read, can’t wait to continue with the next few chapters tomorrow!!?

    1. Oh! I would love to see some of your paintings! Do you post them on instagram? Also, who wrote Cursed?

  17. Hi everyone!

    I love the book, it’s so beautiful! Those edges! ?

    I like the story so far! All that new food names I have to look up though, I have to face that I’m not familiar with Italian cuisine at all. 😀

    I like the MC, and her circumstances are quite interesting! I haven’t had the chance to get emotionally attached to her twin so I’m not shaken by her death, but it is sad of course. I feel her death will be a great motivator in Emilia’s actions.

    I’m quite interested about the summoned demon, he looks intriguing so far. I wonder if he’ll be the/a love interest.

  18. The first exspression of this book is great. The writing style is very atmospheric, I like that a lot. And the foreshadowing of Vittorias death was great, although we all knew it would happen. However it was a bit foreseeable that Emilia would summon Wrath, after having the suspicious dagger. But I kind of did not mind xD
    Anyone else getting the feeling, that Antonio is going to play a role later and not being a good man xD

    1. I get that feeling! I didn’t trust Antonio at all! xD

    2. I did think about him not being a good man, but I do think he will be coming back! Now, I will be suspicious about him!

  19. I thought she would summon her sister’s killer!!

    I like this story, although it made me a bit sad when she lost her sister. I was taken back to when I lost mine to cancer, the feeling of having to get back to work, to a “normal” life was so hard!!!

    But I’m gonna jump right back in this story…. can’t wait to find out more!

  20. I am intrigued by the book I cant wait to read what happens next.

    Oh all the mentions of food makes me want to eat pizza or pasta or something Italian maybe tiramisu hehe.

    I loved the bond the sister shared and how their passions were so different Emilias was more save just like me and she loved experimenting with food. While Vittorias where more reckless and party like but I did like that she liked making perfumes and cocktails and especially the way she loved her sister it was so precious while it lasted. So I do get her want for revenge poor Emilia losing her twin is devastating

    And now the poor girl summoned the Wicked oh dear oh dear but I have to read on now I have to know what happens next.

  21. I have to agree with everyone, this book makes me so very hungry! I had to go get a snack only a couple pages in so I could continue reading.
    I was so shocked Vittoria actually died, I wasn’t expecting real repercussions, even when Em found her bleeding out on the alter I was certain she would only be on the cusp of death and be able to be healed.
    Clearly not.
    I adore Wrath, that bouness chapter held a lot of information and foreshadowing, I wonder how long it would have taken to piece all those bits together without it???
    Loving this book so far, cannot get over how stunning this edition is.

  22. I really loved reading these first few chapters. Honestly don’t think I’m going to be able to put it down. I settled down with a nice cup of Italian hot chocolate and breezed through the chapters.

    I think the author really captured the desperation you feel after losing someone important to you so well. I could genuinely feel Emilia’s sorrow as she lay in the catacombs and the fact that her devastation has morphed into such rage shows how much we can be affected by loss.

    I’m truly curious to find out what exactly this Blood Debt is and if it has anything to do with the twins and I’m extremely excited to meet Wrath and see their exchanges because I have a feeling our Emilia is about to make him wish he’d stayed in hell.

    1. AHHH! I loved your last comment! I completely feel you on that!

  23. Hello Fellow Fairylooters! I know I’m a little late, but I did read the pages for Day 1 yesterday. I just didn’t have time to post what I thought last night.

    I loved the first 9 chapters of this book – the word’s feel dark, wicked, and beautiful. The foods sounded delicious and made me hungry.

    So first of all, who really killed Vittoria? Why was Wrath tasting Vittoria’s blood? Why was Vittoria killed? Which demon did she summon? And how evil is the secret that Vittoria is obviously hiding, per her diary being spelled?

    So many questions and this book has barely even started. I can’t wait to finish the chapters for today!

  24. Hello everyone!
    I‘m a day late to start reading, but I‘m sooo exited for this book!

    I‘m happy to say that it already sucked me right into the story – I just know that it’s gonna be impossible to put it down again!

    This is my first book by Kerri Maniscalco and I didn’t expect her writing style to be literally 100% up my alley but IT IS!
    I‘m loving every sentence she writes – the dry humor, the amazing dynamics between the characters, and especially the food descriptions *drools* – you can really tell that she knows what she‘s writing about, and as someone who works in a restaurant as well, I can really appreciate the love she puts into those scenes!

    I‘m definitely hooked and can‘t wait to find more about those evil demons 😉

  25. I read this yesterday but just getting caught up on here now. I was already so immersed in this story by the end of chapter 9. I like the main character a lot and I love the writing too. I couldn’t wait to continue on at the end of the chapter!

  26. I’m quite behind the readalong cos I didn’t have much time to pick it up, but I finished the first day and I have to say, it started out pretty well. It’s atmospheric and I love the sensory descriptions. Food-related books are delicious ? I hope that we get more of them.

    Do the sisters remind anyone else of Tella and Scarlet from Caraval? Emilia is like Scarlet and Vittoria is like Tella. I know that it was already told that Vittoria would die but I feel like she would have been a great character! I wish her death scene was more intense and dramatic.
    So far, the pacing is great and I’m liking the short chapters. I also like Antonio (?), wonder if we’ll get more of him. And I just KNOW Wrath is gonna be my favourite!

  27. Hello FairyLoot readers! I, too, am falling a little behind on the read along, but I must say, I think I’ll catch up in no time!

    The writing so far is well done (though I have mentioned in a comment above about Emilia stating her motivations quite a few times too many), and the pacing – as many have stated – is making this book a very easy read!

    The prologue is a great way to set up the story, the relationship between the sisters and their grandmother, and give some exposition about the prices of Hell. My favourite scenes so far are Emilia’s reaction to seeing her sister’s corpse and summoning the prince of Hell. Maniscalco brings a lot of emotion in that moment and holds us there to really feel Emilia’s emotions. A lot of us have stated how we didn’t feel a strong emotional attachment to Vittoria – which was both due to her being there for a very short period of time and knowing going in what was going to happen to her – but we all felt something for that moment because we already cared about Emilia and because of Maniscalco’s great writing of that scene. The summoning scene on the other hand is just great because we can all tell, this is the start of a great relationship – which I know all of us are thinking is going to be romantic! I can’t wait to read more!

  28. I’m falling a bit behind with my comments on the read along as this week’s been pure chaos here… ?

    So for the chapters of day 1… I really love the pace the author has set as well as the Italian atmosphere and food.

    Emilia came across as a total sweetheart first but I’m also intrigued about her personality changes after Vittoria died. I’m quite sad that Vittoria died though, as I liked her a lot with her bubbly character.

    I’m curious if we’ll read more about Antonio and the witch hunters, too. And of course I’m curious as to what happens next with the Wicked prince.

    Also on a side note, this book makes me constantly hungry ?

    Happy reading everyone

  29. Very distracted by all the talk of food. Italian food really doesn’t taste the same outside of Europe, something about the volcanic soil the tomatoes are grown in in Italy. It’s been a long time since I’ve had real Italian food. I then accidentally Googled the catacombs in Palermo and wish I hadn’t… that put me off my desire for Italian food a bit but did help build a sense of dread re Emilia walking through the catacombs eeeeek. I feel like Emilia ignores all the good advice from her Nonna and then takes some bad advice from her friends aunt about summoning a demon. I do not trust that aunt at all. Emilia seems to make a lot of bad decisions…. going out at night, probably trusting the wrong people, summoning the demon. I keep wanting to yell at her. I like her but I want to give her a little shake

  30. This book has me missing my ex’s cooking so badly. Like seriously. Those Italian’s yummy. Ok anyways, I am seriously interested in what was taken, and why the twins. I have no ideas what will happen as I know there will be 50 twists and turns along the way. I can’t wait

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