Kingdom of the Wicked Readalong: Day 3

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Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the readalong so far! What did we think of yesterday’s chapters?

We’re in for a treat today so lets just dive in!

Today we’re reading chapters 20-28!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco Chapters 1-28! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Okay but Wrath asking if the cannoli is poisoned has me crying with laughter ? also how horrified he seems at the thought of eating it!

But even Wrath can’t resist Emilia’s wonderful baking.

I’m very intrigued as to why their tattoos keep changing and what it could mean? Anyone have any ideas?

I can’t believe Emilia is actually going to try and get the amulet back from the Viperidae  on her own! Do we think the sleeping spell will work? Ahh she almost managed but just when she reached the amulet, the Viperidae has awoken and bitten her ?

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Oh wooow she pierced it’s brain through its eye with the amulet! That is fierce! But how is the venom going to affect her?!?

Ahhhh it’s Wrath right?!? He’s the only one who knew her plan and can sense her if she’s in danger! Thought he said he wouldn’t come and save her? ?

Wrath basically brought her back from the brink of death and used some quite powerful magic to do it! Maybe he doesn’t hate her as much as she thinks! Also waking after such an ordeal to a half naked Wrath wouldn’t be the worse thing on the planet ??

Aaaand Emilia is ripping off Wrath’s clothes! Calm yourself girl ?

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Ahaha omg she tried a containment spell that didn’t quite go to plan and she made him disappear ? did she send him back to hell? 

Aww but he got her a new dress since hers was ripped in the attack, what a thoughtful lil demon! 

Ohhh she’s finally decided they need to work together to find Vittoria’s murderer! This should be fun!

So it was an umbra demon that attacked Nonna and Umbra demons usually sell their services to a royal house so it must have been one of the Princes that sent it but which one? And was it just to try and retrieve the cornicello?

Oh wow! Wrath just vowed to not hurt a witch or force one into a marriage with Pride! He must be serious about helping Emilia but I’m still not sure what he’s to gain from this arrangement!

suspicious GIF

I love that Wrath has a sense of humour! Saying he saved her so he can get more cannoli’s ?

We finally have a reason as to why Wrath was licking Vittoria’s blood at least! He was testing it to see if she’d aligned to a Royal house but she hadn’t…

OMG shadow witches have demon blood!! Makes sense as to why they’re the ones to try and stop demons of hell from interfering in the human realm! And Vittoria was summoning Greed?

Wrath doesn’t think it was a demon that killed Vittoria? Or just not a lesser demon? He always speaks in half truths it’s hard to know what he’s thinking! 

Ooft the last sentence of chapter 23 is so badass! Emilia is definitely coming out of her shell!

Oh it’s Antonio! I had forgotten about him ? I literally have no idea how I would explain a sudden matching tattoo with a man my friend had never met!

I don’t know about you but I don’t think Wrath was looking her up and down to side her up for a coffin ?

Ahh it’s time for Wrath to contact the next witch on his list ? this could maybe draw out the murderer to them?

OMG Antonio is such a tattle-tale! Telling on Emilia like that! It’s none of his business what she does or who with! I’d be so mad!

Look Whos Talking Now Reaction GIF

Hmm okay so maybe he had a reason to check she was okay since another witch had been murdered ?how did someone get to her before Wrath and Emilia!

Emilia still thinks Greed has something to do with the murders but it’s seeming less and less likely since Wrath hasn’t sensed him near the crime scene…could it be witch hunters like Emilia thought? Or could Greed have hired someone to do his dirty work?

Wrath has taken up residence in an old palace and spelled it so nobody can get in without an invite! Aaaand he wants Emilia to live there for the time being?!?

Wrath basically just told Emilia that she told him her biggest weaknesses and he would know exactly how to get the upper hand with her…I hope he doesn’t use that against her.

Omg they were so distracted with goading each other that they didn’t even notice the messenger arrive! But wrath doesn’t waste a second and quickly has him pinned against the wall.

Emilia used a truth spell on him but he doesn’t seem to know much since the person always wore a hood ?so we’re nowhere closer to knowing who the murderer is!

The real messenger?!?

Woow so much happened today and I, for one, am loving it!

We’ve got two more days left of the reading and I can’t wait to find out what is going to happen tomorrow! Let me know all of your thoughts in the comments!


23 thoughts on “Kingdom of the Wicked Readalong: Day 3

  1. I love the interactions between Emilia and Wrath! The tension, the irony, the sparkles…the bathtube scene ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    There’s just a thing that doesn’t seem right, unless…do you think it’s possible that demons have a mate-sense, something like “I knew she was my soulmate the moment I first laid eyes on her”? Because Wrath seems very invested in Emilia since his first appearance, even if her first reaction to him was yelling and punching ?

  2. I love the relationship between emelia and wrath so much, I am sus of antonio, I don’t think all is what it seems with him at all.
    I really don’t think greed has anything to do with any of this, or at least the murder, again I think there’s more at play!

    1. I think antonio is highly suspicious ?

    2. I’m really suspicious about Antonio something is completely off, but it could just be my love from Wrath. ?

  3. Wrath and Emilia are sooooo freaking cute together. The way they keep calling each other “witch” and “demon”. It’s so freaking precious.

    Anyways, the cannoli scene was adorable and funny and I loved it. Again, I love their dynamics.

    STEAMY SCENE. YAY. I love Steamy Scenes, I don’t mind if they’re not there, but I do love them when THEY ARE THERE. Rip those clothes off gurl (lmao).

    I said it before and I’m going to say it again: I HATE ANTONIO. GONE WITH THAT LOSER. He had no business about telling on Emilia. Fudge him.

    I’m not that interested in the different princes of the Wicked, all I want is MORE WRATH (and maybe some more steamy scenes between him and Emilia lmao).

  4. I don’t really trust Antonio. I can understand why he went to her mother, but I got a feeling that perhaps he is a witch hunter?????
    Also I’m really curious which witch will be named as bride to be….maybe Claudia or Emilia ??
    Can’t wait to find out more! See you tomorrow!! Xo

  5. So they’re finally teaming up together to hunt down who killed emilia’s sister.

    The mystery still remains.

    But we get more banter with them being together. And it’s incredible to see their dynamic!

    I’m legit dying to finish this book!

    So many clues and details left in place.

    I’m loving how she’s doing everything she can to find her sisters killer as well. She clearly valued their relationship despite vittoria lying to her.

  6. I ship Emilia and Wrath quite a lot. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    I’m suspicious about Antonio, but he might be intentionally suspicious and the real one who is related to the baddies is actually the merchant guy… ?
    I hope Emilia won’t be named the bride, I have more suspicion about Claudia.
    Can’t wait to read more, dammit!

    1. I have the same feeling about Antonio too. I am not sure if this guy is trustworthy ?

  7. So happy that wrath came to save her ? give me more
    I love the interaction between them. But i also wonder about the Tattoos. I think thats not normal when you summon a demon
    But first i want to know who the real messenger is!

  8. I am falling in love with this book! I love the interaction between Wrath and Emilia! The bath scene was so steamy ? I laughed when I read the scene with Antonio ? and how Wrath just slip in ”my Emilia” that was so cute ? I know we still can’t trust Wrath but wow this guy is winning my heart already ?

  9. The bants were cute, but I hope we get to see more of the mystery solved in the next section. I have so many theories!

    I’m super sus of Antonio.

    My favorite theory right now is that the Church knows more of witchcraft than they let on and they’re killing witches to keep demons in hell. I think Antonio knows that Emilia is a witch, and he’s trying to protect her. I wonder (if that is even is true at all) if he’ll pick the church or his childhood friend/crush?

    1. I’m sure he knows more about witches and Emilias family than he let us know. I hope he is not too deap into that brotherhood thing

  10. I love chemistry between Emilia and Wrath, but well it’s nothing new.

    Antoni is annoying with his “Emilia, you shouldn’t do this, but do that” and he thinks that he had some rights to her. Come on Boy! Be adult! She doesn’t want you! She prefers one of the devils, but shhhh… it’s not your business.

    Plus I think Antonio is not that innocent as we think. Or as he wants to be. Xd

  11. I am absolutely loving this book!

    The chemistry, as Anna Szarek put it, between Wrath and Emilia is hot. I was sooooooooo happy when Emilia admitted that the thought of her and him did not disgust her as much as she thought it was supposed to. ? (especially on pages 212-213

    I totally agree with you Amy – When Emilia brought Wrath the cannoli, I thought it was hilarious how much he was suspicious of it and then wanted more! ?

    And for the question about why their tattoos keep changing . . . I think it might be because they are beginning to trust each other a little or becoming more connected somehow.

    As soon as Wrath said that no one should go after a viperidae using a sleeping spell, I knew Emilia would try to prove him wrong. Go her! She is such a strong heroine and I love her original shyness and then her sassiness as she gets to know people. She reminds me of myself in that way – where books are the best (especially with steamy romance ?) and I’m a little quiet unless I’m with my friends. Why did Wrath go after her and save her?

    When Antonio told Emilia’s mom about her and Wrath at the monastery, I was upset. I couldn’t believe he would feel that he should do that, especially since he couldn’t even kiss her – he shouldn’t be that possessive of her. It was also VERY awkward when Wrath asked about (ahem) them being together after Antonio left. I don’t know which was more mortifying for Emilia – her mom or Wrath asking her.

    I get weird vibes from Antonio. It’s a little suspicious that he happens to be a priest. Maybe he’s a witch hunter too. He used the shapeshifter story to cover up Vittoria’s murder. He would know where Emilia went and maybe even who she was close to.

    When Emilia and Wrath interrogated the messenger, I was like “dang, Emilia is tough.” It was a completely different side her that we saw and I know she is powerful. That scene was tense! What part of Emilia’s soul did she give up?

    Also, why did Vittoria agree to marry Pride? When will we find out?!

    AHHHHHHHH! I can’t wait to read more tomorrow (or maybe if I can’t wait, tonight)!!!!

  12. Hello, guys!

    I think I enjoyed this few chapters the most until now. I absolutely love this couple chemistry and the sarcasm they both use xD I was right to say Wrath had potential to be a new crush material.

    I want to know so many things and I don’t even know who to trust and who we can’t trust! Antonio sounds very suspicious and I don’t like him, but we’ll see if my intuition is right or not. I don’t really think the Princes of Hell have anything to do with the murders… somehow xD

    I’m eager to continue reading this book with all the hate-love relationship’s conversations and the mystery of the murders! I’m liking it quite a lot and I really like Kerri’s writing style!

    See you tomorrow (hopefully with more sarcastic steamy scenes between these two xD) 🙂

  13. “I do not wish to taint my body with the foulness of human food. But desserts are acceptable.” – Emilia mocking Wrath

    “I see. You brought me here to commit murder while we investigate one.” -Wrath

    I absolutely love the banter between Emilia and Wrath and that bath scence!!! Very steamy and extremely comical!! ??? Normally I’m not the biggest fan of the enemies to lovers trope, but there is something about these two that makes it so good. I think it might be this mystery shrouding Wrath. I feel like it’s obvious which way their relationship will go, but then there’s also the fact that he is a Prince of Hell…

    Lastly anyone have an inkling that the person we met as Greed isn’t really Greed? Ugh I love that we are halfway through this book with still so many mysteries that still need to be answered.

  14. I just love the banter between Wrath and Emilila and their chemistry ufff. Kerri really does know how to write the scenes to make us fall love the one person/demon we shouldn’t yet hehe loving it thou

    I just love that Emilia is cooking again especially for Wrath and that scene whit cannelloni soo funny

    Getting that cornicelo from the snake was not one of the best ideas Emilia had but I am glad it led to them working together

    I also think Antonio is being sketchy I really don’t like his behavior towards Emilila. I just have a feeling he is a bad guy.

  15. I looooove Emilia‘s and Wrath‘s interactions so much!

    The whole cannelloni thing was so hilarious, I love how suspicious Wrath was at first and how quickly he became absolutely addicted to Emilia‘s baking!
    I keep hoping she‘ll bake a few other sweet things for him! ^.^

    Somehow, I stopped trusting Antonio immediately after it was implied that he could be the murderer – but that would be too obvious now, wouldn’t it? Ahh, I‘m very suspicious now; that would be a hell of a twist!

  16. Am I the only one who is curious what Wrath and Emilia needed to sacrefice in order to safe Emilia’s life? I really love the dynamic between them. They are so sarcastic. I hope the changing tattoo means their bond is getting stronger. I think Antonio has a role in the bigger picture but don’t know yet if it is on the good or bad side of the murder mysteries.

  17. I’m behind in the readalong as per usual ? but I’m really enjoying seeing Emilia and Wrath’s relationship develope. Enemies to lovers is 1 of my favourite tropes and they seem to get under each others skin. I know Wrath told her he wouldn’t lie, but I’m wondering what he’s withholding from her. However, I trust Wrath more than Antonio right now and kind of loved it when he called her “my Emilia”

    1. A lot more Wrath in these chapters. And my question about whether or not he needs to eat got answered. And he loves her food….. What is the likelihood that Emilia and Wrath end up joint ruling by the end of the book?

  18. This part of the read along killed me!! First of all, I love the constant bickering between Emilia and Wrath ? But that Viperidae scene and everything following to save Emilia was just heartbreaking.

    And anyone else got a really weird feeling about Antonio and also that Wrath might know something about him?

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