Kingdom of the Wicked Readalong: Day 4

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Hello Everyone!

It’s day 4 of our readalong of Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco and I’m so excited to dive back in!

But before that, we have our semi hush-hush giveaway to cover! What’s that? Oh just a chance to get your next FairyLoot for free as a reward for reading! Doesn’t really get better than that! And your chances are so good too! We don’t really announce this anywhere else as we truly want the person from the readalong to win! If you’d like to try your luck, all you need to do is follow these steps!

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Alright, with that said, lets dive into todays chapters! Today we’re reading Chapters 29-38!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco Chapters 1-38! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Wrath and Emilia head off to meet the real messenger after not learning so much from the previous one but Emilia overhears them talking about her! Wrath I am shocked ?? he better not double cross her or I will be maaad!

Hmm wrath cutting off Anir has me thinking that he’s hiding something! Why so many secrets Wrath hmmm!

Ooooo Wrath wants to use Valentina as bait! I guess it could help draw out the hooded person maybe??

Ahh don’t you just love when a book title is used in the book! It feels so satisfying for some reason! 

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Whaaaat Valentina is already dead! But how? They literally just learned the name of the next potential bride how did someone get there first!


Omg so the spell that Emilia has used to bind Wrath to her, the protection charm, was to bind them together forever in holy matrimony oh my god!

So she’s basically betrothed to a prince of hell wow

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Ooft and she’s dismissed him…Emilia you’re doing great hunny but I think you might need a lil bit of Wrath’s help if his brothers are involved!

Ah so the tattoo is part of the marriage bond!

Uhh the last consort was killed the exact same way as the 5 witches have been…do they also not know who killed her and would it be the same person?

The first witches daughter fell in love with Pride and from there the star witches were created!!
We finally learn that wrath wants to break the curse and give Pride his full powers back as the gates of hell are weakening and lesser demons are escaping!

Ahh Emilia is running basically for her life from the demon but where on earth has Wrath gone! Surely as a prince of hell there’s something he could maybe do to help??

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I spoke to soon, he stabbed the demon in the heart and saved her life but he definitely took his time ?

Another dead-end ?apart from the symbol maybe if it was the one Vittoria drew!

Oh nooo but someone/something has ransacked her room and stolen Vittoria’s diary and destroyed everything else!

Pride works fast! He’s already got somebody else lined up to make a deal with! Hopefully this time they’ll be more successful in getting to her!

Uh oh but wrath left without her…Emilia is not gonna be happy about that!

Emilia tried to use Vittoria’s cornicello to find her own and hopefully Wrath and the other witch but instead finds something else…a bonfire party that she can’t seem to draw herself away from! There’s definitely something otherworldly going on here!

Yaaay Wrath came and found her! Omg the way he said “if you still want to rip your clothes off when we get home, we can discuss it then” ? I can’t deal!

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Of course she’s being affected by Lust! Should’ve guessed it was his turn to show up! It’s incredible how quickly the mood changed and all of her emotions just switched when Lust clicked his fingers and dropped his control over her! So much power!

Ooft yes wrath! Stab him and send him back to hell ?

Oh wow I didn’t expect the affects to last so long! She cares for nothing, not Vittoria, not the curse, not even eating! But the way Wrath is looking after her has me soft!

He even set up a witchy ritual to help her feel normal again! 

Could Wrath… care for her? Just the way he’s teaching her how to resist the powers of the princes…it’s so wholesome!

Is anyone else wondering what Emilias parents are thinking? She’s just disappeared for weeks!

Of course she’s gonna go out when he told her not to ?

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Uh oh, Claudia sounds like she’s lost her mind, she’s not making any sense! Ohh Emilia thinks she must be stuck between realms! But what dark magic did she do for this to happen?

“He shouldn’t be able to leave…” Who do we know that can’t leave? Pride…is he here??

It’s strange for Claduia to mention Domenico no? Was it just because she saw him or is he involved in something? So many questions!

Omggg she was being followed by a vampire who seems to be working for envy! Oh no, they got to Claudia and got her to take down the defences around Emilias house and they have her parents!

I think I need a minute to process everything that just happened! That was insane but in the best way!
I’m so excited to hear all of your theories as they have been amazing so far!

I’ll see you tomorrow for the final chapters!


36 thoughts on “Kingdom of the Wicked Readalong: Day 4

  1. ok, there’s no way I’ll stop reading now!
    I’m so sorry for poor Claudia, I hope Nonna will be able yo help her be back to normal. However I don’t think it was her aunt who told her “to look”, I have the feeling something more sinister is going on.

    So Envy is at the Sea & Vine (which I just now realized I’ve been calling “Sea & Wine” all along ?) maybe it’s time for some answers! At least I hope so, because so far we had a lot of questions over questions but very little answers.

    I’ve also posted my photo and my instagram handle is Sputnik.books

    1. I read it as “Wine” too… ?

  2. I knew there was going to be some sort of marriage bond from when he saved her just because he was like SORRY this is the only way. What does this mean for their future though. ah new i had a good reason not to trust envy. I have so many questions. Also I wish Emelia would give Wrath a chance to explain, she does seem to act very impulsively or emotionally at times

    i have posted under @awitchisreading

  3. I can’t stopp reading!
    It’s so good! Love the interaction between Wrath and Emilia. And the scene at the bonfire ? give me more… Wrath seams to care for Emilia quite a bit. But there are to many secrets. I mean they are basically married. He could have mentioned that.
    I’m not happy that Envy appeared again. Thats not going to end well

    Posted the pic. Instahandle is @lunas_book_page

  4. Finally know the secret behind the tattoo and I had to but the book down and breath before continuing .

    There are still so many questions left, need to read on.

    Also posted my photos under @m.gryniewicz

  5. I have joined the competition with the following Instagram handle @Bookswithjayjay


    A MARRIAGE BOND? Why isn’t Emilia saying “OK LET’S DO THIS. LET’S GET MARRIED ASAP” . Because I would, I sooo would if I were Emilia and had that wicked chemistry and dynamics between Wrath and me (lmao, sorry, is it obvious that I have a crush on Wrath?)

    Now that we know that those tattoos are part of the (marriage) bond, it seems quite obvious tbh.

    Okay, remember I said I didn’t care about the other princes of the Wicked? I was wrong, I like Lust and I like what he does to and can do to Emilia lmao. Other princes still don’t interest me tho, they all seem so boring.

    Okay, hello, it is now VERY obvious that Wrath cares about Emilia and that’s how I’m going to end my thoughts with.

    Do Wrath and Emilia have ship ame by the way? If not here are some possibilities:

    I know these ar crappy, so if anyone knows something better; HIT ME UP.

      1. that’s a good one!

    1. I loooove your ship name suggestions!

      1. Hahah thank you! I was just trying to come up with something for them (bc they’re obviously WAAAAY too cute together and need a shipname)

    2. Wrathilla is superb ???

      1. Ahahaha, I like that one too!!

  6. This book was so good I couldn’t stop reading it yesterday and actually finished today oops!

  7. I don’t want to stop reading!!!!!
    What about Domenico??? What’s going on??
    I hope Wrath will show up soon, and Emilia’s parents and Nonna will be alright!!!! We’ll know soon enough!! See you tomorrow ?

    I’ve entered the giveaway, I’m @beppie125

  8. I was super stunned that Emilia’s summoning spell was actually something more akin to a wedding vow. I’m getting Corpse Bride vibes. Hopefully this pairing will go smoother tho.a

    I was kind of excited to see another demon prince, but I wasn’t that big of a fan of the whole Lust scene. I do have to say, I smiled at the “if you still want to rip my clothes off when we get home, we can talk about it then”

    I bet Claudia’s mad rambling will make sense by the end of the book, and now im even more thirsty for it!!

    I posted a photo in Instagram and my username is @beckettastic

  9. it has been so hard to stick to the readalong schedule because i’ve just wanted to read this in one go!
    i feel so bad for Claudia but hopefully Nonna can help her. but also if nothing could be done for Sofia then i feel there may be a small chance.
    i desperately need things to steam up between Emilia and Wrath, i just cannot wait for the second book! and he’s so sweet! when he did the bath for her <33 and he's teaching her! ahhhhh
    yesterday i was thinking that it might be one of the witches who are killing those potential brides to stop Pride from being released (i was even thinking it could be Claudia's mother?) but now i also think it could be almost any of the Princes- except Wrath of course
    i feel like this book is going to end with Emilia having to go to Hell? because why else would the map be at the beginning of the book? but the question would be is she going to end up there with Wrath or another Prince? perhaps Envy? speaking of Envy, i'm so anxious to what's going to happen next with him- Wrath better turn up and save Emilia if anything happens,, oooh maybe she'll have to agree completely to marry him so Envy can't do anything to her family!
    OH ALSO who on earth invited Envy into the restaurant? or is that easy for them to enter because no one lives there
    i love this book sm already

    ( also- i'm posting my photo on the 13th because that's what my feed has planned! my handle is @pagesofsorcery 🙂 )

  10. Loving the chemistry between Emilia and Wrath. Emilia girl your first time summoning a demon and you betrothed a Prince of Hell!!! I don’t want to stop reading!!! I hope her family are ok and poor Claudia!!!

    I entered the giveaway my photo is posted under @mlh_bookishadventures

  11. OMG a marriage bond that soo cool and a little worrisome because he is the prince of hell but than how he took care of her when she was healling from Lust effect was sooo sweet and I sooo badly want to love him but I still am a bit cautious but I do hope they fall in love like Pride and his first wife did. I am such a hopless romantic hehe
    And that scene with them by the bonfire I mean if she wont take her clothes of for him I will hehehehe

    OMG again poor Claudia what happened to that poor girl and does anybody have a feeling like Antonio is working for Envy or somebody else he is so shady.

    OK I am so finishing the book right after this I need to know what happens next

    I will enter and my IG handle is danica.brnot

  12. I’m definitely interested to see how this book wraps up.
    I loved that they’re betrothed and Wrath with food is just adorable
    I really want to find out who the murderer is! I feel like it’s not going to be any of the demon princes though. That just feels too obvious at this point

    I’ll be entering @thelondonfaerie

  13. Hello fellow Fairylooters and amazing Amy! I hope you are all doing well today!

    When I read about the marriage bond, I was like “WHAT?!” and then “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!” I’ve shipped Wrath and Emilia from the get-go, so my heart did little flutters there. I’m so hopeful! I wonder what Claudia really saw. It was all a bunch of gibberish to me. I hope Nonna can help clear her mind and let her speak clearly again. What connection is there between the female witches and the monastery? Who is the next “bride” for Pride? And what’s going on with Domenico? And if four (five?) of the seven princes of Hell are in Emilia’s world, why haven’t we met the other(s)? I know why we haven’t met Pride because he’s, well, trapped, but the other one/two?

    The chapters for today were spellbinding. One thing I have to say that I don’t like is the constant reminders of the questions Emilia is doesn’t know the answer too. Don’t get me wrong, I love the suspense and mystery, but we don’t need to be reminded every chapter that Vittoria is dead and we STILL don’t know who the perpetrator is.

    And the end of Chapter 38 had me like “Oh no! This is sooooooooo not happening!” Envy at Sea & Vine PLUS a vampire? Um . . . nope. I’m not waiting. I couldn’t stop reading, the book is THAT good! I NEEDED to know what happened!!!

    I can’t wait to finish the book tomorrow!! I need the anguish of having to wait a year for a sequel!!!

    I entered the giveaway and my picture is posted under @the_ya_assassin

  14. I have just entered, my Instagram handle is @magical_book_lover. Thank you so much for arranging this giveaway. ?

    Just finished chapter 38 and omg it’s such a cliff hanger. Also, did anyone see the engaged part? ?That was brilliant. I love how Wrath took care of Emilia, that’s so nice. This guy is winning my heart ? and I am scared he will break it before the end ?

    I hope Emilia’s parents are okay ? I don’t want Envy to get the Horns of Hades. This guy is creeping me out and I don’t like him ?

    I can’t wait for tomorrow. I am both excited and scared. I want to know what happens but I am scared and sad that the book will end and we will have to wait till next year for more.

  15. I really didn’t wanted to stop reading, but I managed it somehow. ?
    Sooo, the Emilia and Wrath ship sails on nicely, it is obvious that he does care about her, even under forced circumstances. I also have a feeling that Emilia might be useful for Wrath in future books, if nothing else, at least because she is a witch. But she is crafty and passionate, so that helps too.
    I’m concerned about Claudia because she was taken by Antonio, who I don’t trust at all. But I hope my distrust is misplaced.
    I wonder what happens next, I fear a big cliffhanger. ?

    1. Right I was screaming at Emilia to no let Claudia leave with Antonio. I couldn’t stop at 38 I had to at least read one more chapter and I’m still dying to read even more.

  16. I will be participating @Thebookcat20

    What an answer to those strange tattoos!!! ?? Um always be careful what you cast and read that fit print I guess… ?


    Lust has entered and things are getting steamy!! I actually love how his power works since I feel a lot of the time lust and regret can go hand in hand especially that abandoned feeling of giving into something without first giving thought to what price you might pay later. 2 weeks might seem a bit long to recover for someone bent on avenging her sister, but only imagine what it must feel like being under influences of some so dark an powerful.

    Ok Claudia has broken and I feel something sinister is going, but does it really involve Domenico? And I know Emilia believes it’s Claudia’s, but did Claudia actually point fingers at her Aunt….. Also still really don’t trust Antonia.

    I admit I didn’t stop at 38 I had to read one more chapter the reveal of Envy is just too good!!!

  17. I kind of finished the book xD I loved it! Won’t say anything here about the ending yet 😀

    I’ve also entered the give away. @the_b00kish_elf

    1. I didn’t see the marriage parr coming, but it did confirm my suspicioun it had to do with their bond. I think it is sweet how Wrath takes care of Emilia. It seems like he is slowly showing her more of himself and I think it is getting harder for him to hide his emotions regarding her. Curious what kind of benefits the marriage will provide and if the ritual Wrath used to save Emilia has anything to do with it since their tattoos changed afterwards. Sad to see Claudia going mental but I keep thinking what all she is saying could mean. I don’t trust Antonio he believed Emilia’s lies to easily. And last of al Envy has returned and is probably keeping Emilia’s family hostage…. I think Emilia is going to do something stupid. Just like Wrath mentioned she is to emotional and doesn’t think in those moments. Can’t wait to read the last chapters.

      Will probably post my photo on the 13th @curlies.stories

  18. A marriage bond?? HOW COOL IS THAT! Now it all makes sense: how freaked out Wrath was when Emilia summoned him, their matching tattoos – accidentally marrying yourself to a Prince of Hell might sound a bit crazy at first but I feel like Wrath is the best choice among his brothers! xD

    All the scenes where Wrath took care of Emilia and showed that he cared through all these small gestures made me so soft o.o

    It‘s impossible to put this book down! Especially since there are vampires too now – who doesn’t love vampires?!

    1. I would also love to join the readalong giveaway!

      I posted my entry today and my Instagram handle is @moonlessreader – thank you for the chance! <3

  19. I’m like a day behind BUT THEY’RE BETROTHED!!!!!

    I haven’t heard good news like this in forever!

    The story has escalated soooo quickly!

    I can’t wait to finish the book tonight. Idk what kind of thoughts I have. This is too much rn lol

    I entered the giveaway my handle is @readingpirates

  20. I am way behind on the readalong but I shall come back and comment once I have caught up. In the mean time I have posted my photo to my IG. My handle is Jenthebookishbakernz

    1. I have finally caught up and about to start chapter 39. I wasn’t surprised at the whole marriage bond thing. We have had more mentions of Domenico bit we STILL have not met him… which is just odd. Is he actually dead? Is he not a human? And now that Envy has Emilia’s family & we are reaching the end does this mean Envy is the big bag villian? I still have a lot of questions

  21. Holy moly, that’s been intense ?

    I can’t wait to find out what’s happening with Domenico and I’m also quite curious about the brotherhood’s involvement… I’m kind of suspicious when it comes to them.

    I still love the constant bickering between Emilia and Wrath ? And then that whole beach scene ?

    And I can’t enter the giveaway as I’m on Insta jail until the end of the day today ?

  22. I just finished the book last night and posted my recent thoughts in Day 5’s comments. I wanted to come back to Day 4 to enter the read along giveaway ?

    I am IG handle @beau.teafully.bookish and I posted my read along pic here:

  23. Thank you for the readalong!
    My Instagram handle for the giveaway is @kirstythereader

  24. I’m so intrigued!! Always a little behind, but I can’t wait to see where it ends!

    My insta handle is @treasuredfibers

  25. I entered @coconutsaboutbooks

    I finished this yesterday and got through day 4 and day 5’s pages, it was hard to stop!

    Yes! I find it rare now that I see a book’s title in a book, so loved that. Does it mean Emilia’s distantly related to Pride if she’s a star witch, who’s a decendant of the first witch? I’m looking g forward to seeing more details come to light in the next book

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