Lore of the Wilds Readalong: Day 2!

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Hey fairy friends!

I hope you’re all ready for day 2 of the April Romantasy Book readalong of Lore of the Wilds by Analeigh Sbrana. We finished off yesterday with Lore starting work tidying up the library!

Today we are reading from chapter 8 to the end of chapter 10. Let’s jump back into the story!

Please be warned, that the following section will include spoilers for Lore of the Wilds by Analeigh Sbrana from Chapter 8 to the end of Chapter 10. Please only read on if you have finished this section!


A week has passed and Lore’s been working hard organising the library, as a treat Asher takes her to the market. In the market, there’s a merchant, Xuong, who’s friendly with Asher and Lore. I wonder why she’s nice, most Fae are mean to Lore?

Asher has turned over a new leaf – he’s now kind to Lore. He buys her dumplings to eat and gives her his own! I wonder if he wants to be friends with her. He even helps her find the right oils and creams for her hair! I’m starting to like Asher, especially once he admits that he offered to be assigned to her protect her from the sentries!

The steward approaches Lore by the library, requesting she finds books on astronomy and magic. Does he believe the answers lie in the sky, like Lore and the elders do?

Tarun and Libb have taken a liking to Lore and made her a present for the autumn equinox, which she’s not allowed to attend. I love that they’re not scared of her and they don’t look at her in disgust like the other Fae do. I feel like the Fae hatred for for humans must be taught. What do we think?

Lore repeats the word astronomy in the library, and it starts echoing the word back to her. Lore decides to follow the sounds to discover some books repeating the word back at her and quivering. Are the books or the library magic?

As Lore’s spending the equinox alone, she decides she’ll at least have sweet treats by stealing them from the kitchen. Asher manages to catch her and doesn’t tell her off! He takes her to a secret garden that only he knows of! Is he trying to be romantic or friendly? Lore seems to think romantic, she’s starting to find him attractive!

Lore’s sorting out more books in the library when she hears a whisper through the book stacks. The voices are whispering her name, and it’s coming from a stack of books in the darkness, where no light can penetrate. That’s a little strange!

Behind the books is an alcove where there’s a freshly brewed pot of tea, with an open blank book on the floor. Was the library setting up the tea and book for her? Lore picked up the book and returned to the library as if she’d never left.

At lunch, Asher chooses to sit with Lore. He tells her that he’s being sent on a mission and that no other guard will replace him while he’s gone. Lore seems sad that Asher’s leaving, does this mean they’re friends? 👀

It’s been around two weeks since Asher left and Lore hasn’t stepped out of line, besides learning more about the Fae from the books. There are two main Fae kingdoms, Alytheria and Rywandall, the former with dark Fae that have animal features and the latter with light fae that have pointed ears only, the kingdoms aren’t allies.

Lore’s decided to keep the book she’s discovered, and takes it to her room to use as a journal for all the information she’s learnt. I’m not sure this is a good idea, won’t she get caught stealing the book?

Lord Syrelle, who’s royalty, wants Lore to give him updates on what sort of books she’s found and whether she’s found any books on magic yet. She doesn’t tell him about the book she’s found, but he acts very nice towards her and lets her know Duskmere is being repaired.

As Lore’s journaling that night, moonlight touches the book, and she’s thrown into an illusion again! The book or the book’s magic has taken her to see that Duskemere is still destroyed and that the Lord lied to her. The book wants Lore to take it away from the palace in exchange for her knowing everything! Why does she believe the book?

Lore believes the book and chooses to run away, back to her village where she can help everyone she loves. However, she’s stopped by Asher, who holds a sword to her throat! I thought he was nice; I don’t want to start hating him. 😭

Asher’s unsure what to do with Lore. Should he let her go or take her to the Lord? He asks her ‘What have you done to me, Lore?’. I think he likes her, that’s why he’s conflicted!

Two more guards appear, and Asher chooses to defend Lore from the guards and attacks them with his earth magic! However, he’ll soon be overpowered by the other guards rushing in! In a split-second decision, Lore accepts the book’s deal and magic rushes from Lore, killing the guards and helping them to escape!

I can’t believe the ending of part two! Asher has chosen Lore over the Fae and they’re running away together?

What do you think of Lord Syrelle?
Do you trust the book?
What do you think of Asher?

I’m excited to see what happens next, fairies!


21 thoughts on “Lore of the Wilds Readalong: Day 2!

  1. So. Lord Syrelle. EXTREMELY suspect now that we *know* that he hasn’t been holding up his end of the bargain and helping out Duskmere.
    I’m not so sure I trust the book. It called out to Lore specifically and just wants to help her for no reason at all. Sure!
    Also, I felt that the romance happened SUPER fast between Asher and Lore. And now they’re running away together?! What’s happening?!

    1. I don’t trust the book or Lord Syrelle. I like Asher the best at the moment. I thought Lore’s decision to escape was very annoying. Asher had no choice to run away with Lore. My favorite part was library/books helping Lore with Astronomy search.

  2. What do you think of Lord Syrelle? – sneaky unless the book is lying? I did have my initial doubts that he wouldn’t hold up his end of the bargain so not completely surprised.
Do you trust the book? – at the moment yes but if Lore reaches her village and it is not the way the book showed her then no. I find it really mysterious that no fae could enter the library and the book called out to Lore. Perhaps humans were the initial magic holders?
What do you think of Asher? – I was starting to like him but wasn’t sure if he’s being nice to Lore on purpose to gain her trust for someone or something. I find it suspicious that he was outside and not away as he said.

  3. Omg ! The end of that chapter !! I can’t wait to start the 3rd part tomorrow. I definitely enjoyed the Fae Market, and I want to eat all of the delicious food Lore talks about. I hope we come back to explore the library, I feel like it held so much more information. I wonder if the book Lore found is also what Lord Syrelle was searching for. I hope what she saw in the vision was false, but I fear that it is true.

    What do you think of Lord Syrelle?
    He is a Fae Royal, he only cares about finding information that is beneficial for them. I also feel as though he caused the earth shake.

    Do you trust the book?
    Yes, I think it searched Lore out for a reason, the library was spelled to keep fae out but a human could walk through unharmed. There has to be a reason for it all.

    What do you think of Asher? I enjoy Asher, I think he seems to be a good one with good intentions. They are moving a little fast but he seems noble and kind.

  4. I don’t think I trust anyone in this book aside from Lore. 🤣
    Lord Syrelle seemed okay until we find out that he didn’t really send anyone to help Duskmere. Although, I had that suspicion from the beginning.
    I’m not sure I trust the book. I wish Lore would have waited and thought things through. She made too rash of a decision. Perhaps she should have waited and confided in Asher first.
    Asher seems the most trustworthy, however, I have a sneaking suspicion that he’s connected closely with Lord Syrelle and the real reason behind the search for these books. I think he knows more than he lets on.
    I am shocked by the way things ended in this section and am looking forward to finding out what will happen to Lore & Asher on the run!

    1. I trusted Lord Syrelle until I didn’t! His mannerisms early on felt believable and I was so flustered that he was a jerk. Shines new light on the upper class of the society.

      The book is magical and sketchy. Have too many questions for it to just be like “trust me”.

      Also stressed about Asher. He’s been kind but then we don’t know his depth or where he is coming from. He threatens her then runs away with her. Their relationship is very basic and surficial for them to be running away together.

  5. I’m not quite sure how I feel about Syrelle yet. Obviously the story is making him out to be the villain, but I’m so used to guys with wings being the love interest in romantasy books that I keep thinking there’s something more going on with him haha. From how he’s interacted with Lore in the past, he seems to be somewhat sincere in wanting to help, but maybe I’m just too trusting and gullible. I’m hoping that it turns out that the book is lying to Lore instead of Syrelle being the liar though. I’m totally ready to eat my words though if I end up being wrong.

    I’m also uncertain about how I feel about the book. I don’t like how it made Lore swear to it before really explaining anything that’s going on. How did it know her name?? I’m very interested to see the role it plays in the story. Is it weird that I almost want the book to be evil? Just for the drama haha.

    I really want to like Asher, but I feel like I don’t know him at all. I don’t think that him and Lore have really had enough interactions to warrant him turning on the fae. I think that there’s a lot of potential in the romance between Asher and Lore so I’m going to hold off on any judgements for now.

  6. **I am adding a disclaimer as I read this before knowing romantasy had readalongs**

    What do you think of Lord Syrelle?
    I thought he was super sketchy. I didn’t trust him. Honestly having a library where you are banned from seeing the books but happen to look for a specific one that Lore can’t read is suspicious. The fairies in this book aren’t portrayed as nice or ones that you want to be around and Lord Syrelle fits that to a T.

    Do you trust the book?
    A magic books. Yes please! Honestly, it seems a little too good to be true but in order to survive you gotta put your faith in something and the book seems like a good out.

    What do you think of Asher?
    I like Asher. He didn’t have to be kind to Lore but he chose to be. It started with little things then worked up to food then defending her. It’s nice hrs treated she like an equal or as much of one as he could when nobody else would.

  7. I didn’t think much of Lord Syrelle up until now, but the minute he started being overly nice to her I had suspicions. When the book showed Lore the devastation in Duskmere though? Yeah, nuh uh. Untrustworthy fae.

    I wouldn’t say I’d trust the book either, though. Lore knows too little about magic, and making a deal out of duress gives the book too much leverage. It’s definitely not an even exchange, and only time will tell how beneficial this magical tome is going to be for Lore.

    I wished there was more development between Asher and Lore. I know it helped to have him absent from time to time so we got to see Lore NOT pining or mentally fawning over him, but I felt like their relationship ship occurred really quickly. We had maybe three scenes where they were genuine with each other, but those scenes were three days out of the however many Lore has spent at the castle. There’s snow on the ground by the time Lore tries to leave, a lot of time has passed, and most of those weeks were without her interacting with her bodyguard fae! For me, it’s too early to tell whether I will root for their relationship, but as a character, I do like Asher so far.

  8. What do you think of Lord Syrelle?
    I’m not sure what to think of Lord Syrelle. Did he really not keep his end of the bargain, or did the book show Lore something wrong?

    Do you trust the book?
    No, I don’t trust the book at all. It wants something, but we have no idea what that is. To be honest, I distrust the book more than Lord Syrelle at the moment.

    What do you think of Asher?
    I like Archer. He seems like a genuinely nice person.

    1. When I tell you I was shook after yesterday’s chapters. So much happened!!!!!
      I currently don’t trust anyone. The fact that Archer just volunteered to be her standing guard and was allowed to do it, no questions. Sus!
      Syrelle is too nice, the fact that almost everyone looks down on humans and he’s supposed to be royalty, would it not be him who keeps her people guarded and kept in her town??
      The fact that the book smelled like her mother, that makes me trust the book but is that a trick?!
      I struggled to put the book down last night, I really did.

  9. What do you think of Lord Syrelle?
    I do not trust Lord Syrelle. We do not know anything about him. He has hardly been in the story with the exception of like…one scene in the beginning and than this one.

    Do you trust the book?
    I do not trust the book either. Things that can talk to you generally give me bad vibes. And then us fantasy readers are usually taught that all magic has a price. What is the price of this magic?

    What do you think of Asher?
    I think this turned into a love story super quickly. I don’t really have an opinion of Asher. Other than, why did he start liking her so fast? And where did he go for all of this time?

  10. I honestly don’t know who or what to trust at this point 🙈 I thought it was daft if Lore to take the Fae lords word that he would send help to her village, but I’m also unsure if the book is manipulating here or showing her truth 🙈🤷‍♀️ I’m glad Asher protected her tho! I can’t wait to see what happens next and am diving stright in to the nest chapter!

  11. When I tell you I was shook after yesterday’s chapters. So much happened!!!!!
    I currently don’t trust anyone. The fact that Archer just volunteered to be her standing guard and was allowed to do it, no questions. Sus!
    Syrelle is too nice, the fact that almost everyone looks down on humans and he’s supposed to be royalty, would it not be him who keeps her people guarded and kept in her town??
    The fact that the book smelled like her mother, that makes me trust the book but is that a trick?!
    I struggled to put the book down last night, I really did.

  12. I think the book is bad and Lord Syrelle is the fox thats been hanging around. I also think he is going to be good, even if he seems shady right now. I like Asher but I think he is definitely hiding things.

    Really enjoying this book so far!

  13. I’m annoyed Lord Syrelle isn’t holding his side of the bargain. He seems to be very sneaky… Unless the book isn’t telling the truth? Which brings me to the fact that I’m not sure if I trust the book, it might be trying to trick her. What if the book is evil and is using Lore??? I’m very sus of Asher. It’s all happening a bit too quickly, and I wonder if he’s the true villain here…. That being said, I struggle with fantasy books that aren’t enemies to lovers – maybe I don’t trust him because he didn’t have an enemy stage. He might just be a healthy love interest. Might be. 

  14. Cant wait to keep reading.
    Lord Syrelle seemed polite at first, but apparently it was just to gain Lore’s trust. I am really curious about the books they are expecting her to find.
    Do I trust the book? As Mr Weasley wisely said, never trust something if you cant see where ir keeps its brains… so as for now, no. I need confirmation about Duskmere first.
    Asher seems to be a low fae which may be a difficult position for him. So far I like him, but I really want to know where he was and why.

  15. 1. What do you think of Lord Syrelle?
    He’s so suspicious! I do’t trust him at all! I think they need something from the library and will let Lore believe anything to gain it.

    2. Do you trust the book?
    No, I think the book has ulterior motives as well, otherwise it wouldn’t be as sentient as it is. I think the price Lore has to pay will be way higher then initially thought.

    3. What do you think of Asher?
    I don’t really know to be honest. I feel like I haven’t really seen much of him yet to really form an opinion of him

  16. What do you think of Lord Syrelle?
    Do you trust the book?
    Fae can not be trusted! And that goes for things they’ve created too!
    I think Lord Syrelle was just doing anything to get Lore on side. If she had stayed and still not ‘found’ anything, i think he would’ve eventully turned on her.

    What do you think of Asher?

    I was initially suspicious and didn’t believe he volunteered for the position as he claimed but given that he’s now sacrificed himself to save Lore, I may be coming round to him. I still have some reservations though cos it seems he wasn’t actually absent after all!

  17. 1) He’s going to play a bigger role in this story, I think, though I don’t know how. Maybe periodic checks on her progress throughout?
    2) I don’t know that I would. I would have asked /far/ more questions of it before eventually deciding to do what it asked.
    3) I know we need a love interest [especially with this being a Romantasy!], but his character’s presence feels . . . odd, somehow? Like, maybe /too/ convenient? Though I don’t know why it would feel that way beyond maybe just seeming a bit random? For a guard not originally assigned to suddenly be there? I’m not sure . . .

  18. Asher traded his castle guard “grounder” duties to volunteer as her detail. I like it. Could he have ulterior motives, sure, but I think he’s mostly good. I need that kind of search function for my growing library, too! I’d love to just speak a word to describe what I’m looking for to narrow my options. As a seasonal/mood reader, it would be a MAJOR time-saver. Asher helping his little Mouse enjoy her spoils. His secret place is a Secret Garden with a spelled swing that Asher seems to have a personal connection with. 🥹 This is the 2nd time she’s seen a fox. I wonder what significance that will hold later. Asher is being deployed but put in a good word for her to keep her from being under guard of an “actual” sentry. She’s feeding & trying to befriend the fox now. Why do I feel like Syrelle has some measure of mind-reading abilities? Magic voices & constellations of stars spring from the magic tome under Moonlight, offering to give her whatever she wants in exchange for removing them from the castle? Also, those visions showing the complete opposite of what Lord Syrelle assured Lore was their deal in the works. She’s even begun to suspect Asher. He catches her escaping & stands between her & his superiors, revealing he wields earth magic. She reveals her magic loot to save him from being overwhelmed in the fight & to cloak them in their escape. The deal has been struck.
    Daily Q&A:
    1.) What do you think of Lord Syrelle?
    2.) Do you trust the book?
    3.) What do you think of Asher?
    1.) I’ve been thinking he has some sort of mind-reading abilities since his “mischievous” look in the apothecary when she dramatically raised the price of the book she sold him. He *seems* to be a good sort of Fae royalty, but being high Fae, is often accompanied by violent swings in personality/mood based on they perceive a situation, so it’s hard to say until he finds a fault with Lore (her stealing what he wants or otherwise unable to deliver what he desires).
    2.) It does seem a bit “too good to be true”/”careful what you wish for”/”all magic comes with a price” for me, but then again, with the Fae being cursed from the library & the magic book calling specifically to her, there’s probably more at work here (that doesn’t necessarily make it any less evil though 😅).
    3.) I still like him. 😋 I’m sure there’s going to be something else to come to light later. I have so many questions: Why was he there to catch her instead of still away? What’s with the Secret Garden & the swing? Is he possibly an ostracized child of royalty – Lord Syrelle or the King, even – a younger brother, maybe? Why did he look so angry at the trash bin originally if he volunteered as he detail – was he even looking at her when he was angry?

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