Lore Readalong Day 3!

Gorgeous photo by @bookishly_tiff

Hello Fairy Friends!

Welcome back to day 3 of the Lore Readalong! How’re you all doing today? I hope you’re well!

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Exciting news out of the way, let’s dive back into section 3 of Lore!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Lore by Alexandra Bracken, chapters 22-32! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Luckily for us, it doesn’t take too long to discover why the Aegis is so important. Wrath, at least, believes the original poem everyone is hunting for is inscribed on the shield, and Lore is the only one who can read it. No pressure, eh? Where does that leave Lore?

Needing to know more information on this rather worrying state of affairs, the crew undertake the task of finding The Reveler (the new Dionysus) to find out more about Wrath’s plans and dealings with Hermes. They visit The Frick, a museum and architectural wonder connected with The Reveler himself. Only their arrival shows someone had the same idea…and murdered six people in the process.


Finding the Reveler exactly where expected, though hunting for something left to him by Hermes, they goad him into a temporary alliance to get the answers they need. Wrath is attempting to kill the new Gods one by one, and is after Lore in the process of finding the Aegis.

Lore really does have a lot of angry people on her back, huh? Wrath has always been furious of her escape when he murdered her entire family, and is even more so now with her connection to the Aegis alluding him. Aristos Kadmous remains bitter over her besting him as a child. Artemis seeks revenge in association with Castor and his murder of her brother Apollo.

She needs to watch her back.

Through their temporary alliance with The Reveler, Lore discovers she never did quite escape the mythical world as much as she thought. Remember the grandfatherly figure of Gil, who provided her with home and comforts? Well, turns out he was actually Hermes in disguise, adamant on protecting Lore. The Gods have been unable to trace her since he set out to protect her, with only the Agon and Hermes’ disappearance erasing that protection.

Can she survive without it?

Just as The Reveler is about to reveal more, chaos ensues – has Artemis found them? No, not Artemis. Belen Kadmous, Aristos’ son. The confrontation brings out Lore’s vicious side, the fight ending with her cutting off his thumbs to stop him fighting again, bringing shame to their family. A message has been sent, and the stakes are raised – their escape is met with an explosion which rocks the city.

Safely home and recovering from the day’s events, the news brings up a gruesome story. Two children have been found dead, a mimicry of Lore’s younger sisters and a clear message to her. Lore realises the rage of Gods and bloodlines alike are not limited to her – they will do anything to fuel a reaction. Can Lore hold the weight of that knowledge?

And so, a new plan is needed. The crew undertake a plan of two parts, the first being to find Artemis and hope for a temporary alliance, the second being the steal weapons from Wrath’s personal store. Both include a high level of danger – you you think it will be worth it? Do you think they can ever convince Artemis to have an alliance with them considering Castor’s status?

The plot is well and truly on the move, and I can barely predict where things are about to go next! Do you have any predictions of your own? What has your favourite part been so far? Let me know in the comments below!

I’ll be back again tomorrow for part 4, and no doubt for some more divine drama!



57 thoughts on “Lore Readalong Day 3!

  1. Theory time ✨
    It was told us in more then one occasion that Lore has bested Aristos, but never what she did exactly. My guess is that she stole back the Aegis, but somehow she doesn’t have it anymore.
    Second: Apollo is also the god of prophecy, is it possible he foretold something about this agon and decided to willingly get killed in order to pass his power to Castor?

    And about Gil’s true identity: I thought Gil’s death right before the agon was shady, but I would have never guessed he was Hermes! Well played!

    p. s. now beside Lore/Castor I also ship Miles and Van ?

    p. p. s. I’ve entered the giveaway and my instagram handle is @Sputnik.books

    1. Oh i really like the theory about Apollo!
      And I’m quite sure Lore stole the Aegis. But I dont know what happend to it

  2. Hello, thank you so much for hosting this wonderful readalong!!! 🙂
    I absolutly love Lore so far, it is really amazing!
    I will post the photo on saturday, if this is okay?
    My Instagram is @diebuchreisende
    Thanks for this great chance 🙂

  3. I am loving the pace of this book! I barely have time to formulate my own theories before 5 other things happen yet the storyline doesn’t feel too rushed.

    Boy oh boy was there a lot in this section.
    -We got a hint that Cas doesn’t know how he ascended when he asked Artemis if she knew what happened but now I get the feeling Apollo may have had a hand in orchestrating it this way.
    -I had a feeling Gil was more than he seemed– as most seemingly harmless old mentor-types turn out to be. I don’t know if I feel vindicated that my feeling was right or slightly disappointed that the reveal didn’t wow me.
    -The kiss! I don’t quite ship Lore & Castor yet– hopefully the rest of the book will convince me. I do ship Van & Miles though!
    -Pride and honor are such big parts of this story and Greek mythology overall. It’s interesting to see Belen & Lore use them like additional weapons when they fight in the park.
    -Who has the aegis?? Is it in the basement of the brownstone? Did Lore’s father find a way to hide it? Are we waiting for the reveal of Van’s Kadmides contact? I must know!

  4. I gotta say, I didn’t foresee Hermes’ trick! But I guess that’s expected from the trickster god. Lore is rightfully hurt, but I was surprised by how mad she got. He might have lied, but I think his intentions to protect her and the affection he showed were genuine.

    My brain feels stretched on this one! I’m even more eager to hear some of the histories that keep getting teased. Where did Lore hide the weapon, what happened with Iro, what happened with Castor? I’m constantly on the lookout for hints to these questions. Then, there’s having to juggle the House/Family names, their gods, who’s a new god, and who’s an old god. I’m sure all these details will make for a better story, but right now, the red string on my conspiracy corkboard is a MESS!

    1. Oh, and I would like to enter my photo into the contest. My Instagram is @beckettastic

  5. Todays section was a wild ride! I’m still working through it all. The most surprising reveal for me was, that Hermes had disguised himself as Gil to protect Lore. I had expected something to come up about Gil but somehow this struck me out of nowhere! Even though the feather necklace is a clear hint. Once the Reveler brought it up I was like “oooh, he’s talking about Gil, of course, it makes sense!”

    The introduction of a new god was interesting, but just like the others, he died very quickly. This book IS very gory and I knew that, but todays part was a lot to handle for me. Especially the death of the two girls. It just goes to show that a cycle of revenge is never good, and I hope Lore manages to break out of it and of the world she does not want to live in – even though, right now, she is letting herself fall back in.

    One part that made me happy was the short flirty talk between Miles and Van! It was so cute and refreshing, after all the murdering and thumb cutting.

    Athena helping the citizens get out of a dangerous buiding was also something that stood out to me. It helped me like her more again after all her quite cruel remarks and tactics. It seems that most of the gods are shown as distanced from humankind, but not wholly cruel. Except for Castor and Wrath both of which seem to go for one extreme on the good-bad scale. I think Wrath represents everything wrong with Lore’s world and I’m curious to see where it all goes.

    We only saw her shortly, but I hope Iro makes a more prominent appearance soon. She was really interesting and fierce. In general, I like the characters in this book a lot!
    My favourite parts so far are Lore’s quick jabs at Athena and the gods in general. They are often funny, and show that Lore has thought quite a lot about that specific topic. I want to see where it leads and wether she changes her mind, and if so, in which way.

    I posted my photos under the #FairylootLore hashtag, my IG is @lady_5ofia.

    1. This book is getting better and better by the minute! Absolutely love this!

      Also,posted my #fairylootlore picture over on @wynniereadsandplans

  6. I’m loving the way this story is moving along! I’m hoping the feelings between Lore and Castor prove to be more than she’s worried that they are – that they aren’t “true” feelings. I really like them together, and I hope the end of the Agon brings about a way for them to be together.

    I liked the small moment between Van and Miles, and I hope that turns into something more for them, too! Especially if they do succeed in ending the Agon, and Van can finally live the life he wants to lead, preferably with Miles.

    I wonder how Lore will handle and process hearing that Gil is Hermes. I’ve always suspected there was more to Gil than Lore knew, but this twist is really something! I know she’s upset right now, and she has every right to be, but I hope she’s able to come to peace with it, whatever that ends up looking like. She deserves it.

    I also feel like something is going to happen with Athena – I don’t believe she’s 100% on Lore’s side. She’s got some plan, some scheming going on that is gonna throw another twist into this – I just know it!

    I’m really excited to finish this, and it’s taking so much self restraint to keep to the readalong schedule and not just finish it right now!

    1. That’s what I think about Athena too! She’s goddess of wisdom, so…surely she has a trick up her sleeve…..hmm

  7. Hi there!
    I really don’t know what to think. I keep thinking that they’re gonna be betrayed by Van or even Miles but than I don’t think that at all……..
    I just don’t know! I’m loving the story though!!
    Gil being Hermes….I didn’t see that coming….. what about Miles?? Does he know more??
    Can’t wait to find out ?

    I’m gonna enter the giveaway, I’m beppie125 on Instagram.

  8. I love this book and am so glad it was the book for January! After it was revealed that Gil is Hermes it made so much sense. I’m excited to see how Castor became a God, where the aegis is and learn more about Lore!

    I’ll be entering on my Instagram @storiesandstarlight_ thanks so much for the giveaway!

  9. hi everyone! hi ashleigh!

    today i didn’t manage to finish all chapters (only to chapter 30), but whoops, i did not see that plottwist coming!
    i really liked the other gods making more appearances & i loved imagining the setting in the laundromat or the museum (i can already see this maybe becoming a movie!)

    also, i took part in the photochallenge! my insta handle is the same as on here (kissesbetweenchapters)
    good luck to everyone!

    good night (or in whatever timezone you are) and happy reading!

  10. I’m genuinely so scared for miles! He is a cinnamon roll and must be protected omg if anything happens to him I’ll cryyy?, and the tention between her and castor ??

    P.s. I entered a photo into the contest, my insta is gingerninja_666

  11. So much happened in today’s chapters and I’m honestly loving the breakneck speed of this story – just as I’m trying to figure out one thing, another thing’s going on and I have to start all over again! The violence is surprisingly kind of enjoyable and really adds to the high stakes, I think?

    Ok so top take aways:
    – Hermes’ trick was honestly genius, but I totally get Lore’s reaction to that coming out. But seriously, that god is freaking smart as.
    – Castor and Lore’s make out… I’m all for this ship.
    – Van and Miles’ little moment was adorable! They’re so sweet together and I love Van’s little ways of showing he cares??
    – Athena is a freaking badass and I think more sympathetic than she’s letting on… either that or she’s more sneaky and has a whole master plan to screw everyone over. Could go either way, to be honest, I can’t call it!
    – Wrath is pure evil personified. Those poor girls, I honestly could feel Lore’s heart break. He needs to have his arse kicked soon.
    – I love Iro! Her first response was to try and distract the others so Lore could escape? This girl is everything and I need more of her ASAP. I also still need to know what happened when Lore ran away from Iro’s family!

    Basically, so excited to keep reading – it’s legit taking all my will power not to just keep on reading tonight!

  12. I’m really loving this book. So action packed!

    I didn’t see it coming with Gil and Hermes, and love being suprised!

    Where is the Aegis?!?!? Can’t wait for tomorrow!

    And I have entered… @penguinograce

  13. I’m really enjoying this so far ? but boy is it brutal!
    I didn’t see the Hermes/Gill thing coming, though I do think he was honestly trying to protect her.
    I’m really.curious as to where the Aegis could be! I’m really routing for Castor and Lore, bit can’t see how this could end with any of the gods still living, so that’s depressing.
    And I also think Apollo made Castor Kill him- maybe he was feed up of his half existence and wanted to give life to someone deserving of it? But more likely he’s the god of prophecy and he saw something that required Castor taking his powers?
    I will be posting a picky tomorrow, my Insta handle is @FaeFolkReads 🙂

  14. Still catching up, but I’ve posted my #fairylootlore photo and my handle on insta is @hearthstonereads ?

  15. Wow this section was eventful!!!! This was definitely my favorite section so far and there were a lot of different things revealed.
    I had a feeling that Gil was going to be more than he seemed but I didn’t expect it to be Hermes!
    I think there is something going on with Apollo maybe sacrificing himself to Castor due to a prophecy or something akin.
    I knew ever since Miles and Van met that there was going to be a relationship blossoming and I’m really shipping them.
    I really like Lore’s character! Especially when the Belen scene happened, she has a lot of suppressed anger and I hope that she can use that to her advantage with Wrath.
    I’m curious what’s going on with the Aegis, maybe her father had hidden it somewhere. But yes, I hope we find our way is going to happen with that!!
    Ooo and lastly I am so ready to see what is to become of Lore. I think that her dream and the “I will be called Legend” will be super important and I’m excited to see that play out. :))

    My instagram is @crl.alt.read and I’m so happy for this readalong

  16. I am absolutely loving Lore so far! All the twist and turns of each days reading is driving me crazy and I love it! Every time I think I know what is happening, a bit of new information comes and disrupts my theories.

    As of now, I completely ship Lore and Castor and I hope they end up being able to be together. Friends to lovers, always a cute ship.

    And the new friendship of Van and Miles! I love it! I hope there’s more in store for them together. I posted my photos under #FairylootLore , my IG is @the.blank.page._

  17. While reading, I wonder if the Agon can simply be ended when all the gods (new and old) unanimously agree to end it. So I was wondering if Wrath was killing all these gods for no reason. But if Wrath needs Lore to read the inscription, that means he won’t kill Lore and Athena is spared as well.

    For a second I also wondered if Hermes was the one to steal the Aegis and he pretended to be Gil to see if Lore can figure out where he hid it.

    And I’m always so fascinated about how main characters are able to fight and send a message tellings others not to mess with them. Lore cutting Belen’s thumbs off and letting him get back to Wrath??? Power move, I would never have thought that if I was in that world, I wouldn’t even survive my self defense is lacking haha

    Also, my insta is @chaseshawmila. I’ll post the picture by March 15, I’m annotating as I’m reading and I wanna finish annotating before posting a pic!

  18. So much going on in this part!!!
    I was curious to see if there was more to Gil, but I did not expect him to be Hermes!
    I have so many questions about what has happened before the start of the book, can’t wait to learn more.
    I love the scenes with Miles, and Van too. I love great “supporting” characters.

  19. This book is getting better and better by the minute! Absolutely love this! And that kiss!!!! I shipped but still didn’t see it coming! Cas’ response was so heartbreaking though, like he’d been waiting for her to kiss him for so long, and then for it to happen under those circumstances… These two are just perfection.

    I’m definitely starting to feel romantic tension between Miles and Van, and it doesn’t feel forced, which I am loving too. Can’t wait for the next round of chapters (even if I have read on a bit more!)

    (Also,posted my #fairylootlore picture over on @wynniereadsandplans)

    1. Super intrigued by how Castor defeated Apollo!

      I’m thinking that perhaps Apollo went willingly? Hope we find out more soon though!

      I am loving Miles, but he’s definitely going to get himself into trouble ?

      1. (shall likely be posting my picture tomorrow at @bookdragonbrew!)

  20. I hope they can work together with Artemis, but I´ve kind of noticed that the gods don´t really listen. So I have no idea how they would convince her. I hope though that she knows how Cas killed Apollo, because I´m super curious and want to know!

    Also entered: @The_b00kish_elf

  21. I forgot to comment yesterday. I’m behind : (

    I’m going to try to catch up today (11th of March). : )

    Hope everyone is doing well and having a great day!

    1. I’ll be entering the giveaway later this afternoon @the_ya_assassin : )

  22. Yeeey Castor and Lore kissed I mean it was not the most romantic scene but yeeey.

    What a good twist with Hermes never so it coming I wonder why he protected her was is maybe an order from Zeus to get into his good graces hmm

    I really want to read more about the agis and what Lore did with it she did say she will never go the again where did she put it and I wonder does she already know what the second song is but is pretending to not know hmmm must read on to possibly find out

    I will post a picture as soon as I can and my Instagram handle is danica.brnot

  23. Ooh I didn’t see it coming that Gil would be Hermes, but it actually makes a lot of sense! I wonder if Lore does have the aegis, as she always seems a bit shifty whenever she gets asked about it. Or she knows something about it, I’m sure she does…

    I posted a photo for the giveaway! My handle is @m.t.wilsonwrites

  24. I did not see that coming with Gil!!!

    I’m freaking out and so sad that he is gone…

  25. Soooo, I’m a little behind!! Only just finished these chapters a day late ?

    There is so much going on in this book, I don’t even have any theories brewing in my tiny little mind!!

    I think Lore had the Aegis at some point, and I think she has a way of finding it if really desperate. Gil being Hermes shocked me totally, didn’t see that one coming at all. I am in love with Van and Miles, those two are just adorable together ❤? but I have a really bad feeling about Miles’ next meet up with Van’s contact – I’m scared for him right now ?

    I’ll be entering a pic in the comp – my Instagram is @tinasparkle04

  26. Finally caught up! (To say three… I’m still one day behind)

    It might be because I was stopping and starting and catching pages where I could with this section, but I found it less engaging than the last block if I’m honest.

    Miles is definitely still my favourite, though his recklessness is stressing me out! I did think for a period that perhaps he wasn’t human (maybe even being Aegis himself, or another non-Agon god like… Zeus or something) but then she pulled that trick with Gil being Hermes and it feels unlikely Alexandra would pull the same trick twice!

    It seems I was right about Van being in love with Cas (well, maybe… He denies it but Miles doesn’t seem to be buying that) and I still think he and Miles will end up together, though honestly I can’t remember if i voiced that theory here in the blog posts or just in private to my friend who is also reading ?

    Something that did bug me about this bit – I feel like if you’re gonna make the infamous goddess of wisdom and strategy a central character then, yknow, let her be wise. Her trying to fight Wrath when the odds were monumentally against her seemed SO out of character for everything that defines Athena!

    Also, if im honest, I still don’t know what the pact between Athena and Lore in part one has actually done. I kind of thought it would grant Lore marginal magic powers (not that I had a clue what fractional power Athena could grant? Maybe Lore would suddenly be decent at weaving?), but it seems not!

    Ending on a positive, I am very excited to learn more about Iro. I’m interested in her!

  27. What a shake up of the story in this section! I feel like almost all the main characters got to show another side to them to really flesh them out, with Athena’s kindness, Lore’s rage and Hermes’ great fabrication! Alexandra does an incredible job of weaving the story through each character, not just Lore, and have each one be so real and layered. My heart was racing through this whole section! And not just during the shipping…
    My photo will be under @xennmix on Insta!

  28. Okay, I really love the pacing of this book! So much interesting thing happens so fast!
    That kiss between Lore and Cas was nice, despite the circumstances. I hope they’ll be able to be together somehow. T_T
    I’m skeptic about an alliance with Artemis, she seems too far gone.
    We still don’t know how Cas killed Apollo, but I’m really curious. Maybe he didn’t kill him just was there when he died?
    So many questions still unanswered!

    I’ll enter before the end of the week: @serenity87hu

  29. This book is so good! I’m so glad it was January book! I’m super curious to read the following of the book!
    I would also like to enter the giveaway! My Instagram is @shh.imreading

  30. The entire book is so freaking intense and the plot twists are simply mind-blowing!
    At this point though, I have this gut feeling that there’s something fishy with Athena (even though she’ll always be my absolute favourite Greek Goddess).
    The Reveler’s revelation came out of the blue! I didn’t see this coming AT ALL!
    Belen is definitely a character to hate.

    In terms of romance, I honestly hope that Lore and Castor end up together, and so do Miles and Van (because again, I’ve a gut feeling that Van’s a bit suppressed and he needs to let his true self out).

    I’ve also entered the giveaway. My handle is @ms_victoriousss 🙂

  31. I’m going to post my entry as soon as I finish the book, and instagram handle is @shez_is

    I am actually quite proud of myself. I had an inkling that Gil was a god ever since we found out he gave her the feather necklace. I thought the feather was connected to Hermes’ flying sandals!

    I can’t wait to finish the book!

  32. This has been my first readalomg and I’m really proud of myself for following along and not looking at spoilers!

    This book is so action packed and I love it! The plot twists are amazing and for once i can’t see them coming!

    Ive also entered the giveaway! my handle is : cats_blankets_books

  33. I’ll be entering @awitchisreading on instagram
    I found the revelation that Gil was Hermes so unpredictable – really didn’t see that coming. There is obviously something about Lore that we don’t know yet as he seemed to want to keep her safe for all those years. The reveler made some really interesting points before everything went down. I’m really curious what the aegis will say and what it will mean for the agon.

  34. I’m really loving this book and how the main character isn’t the stereotypical ‘badass woman’ who can sometimes just be uber moral and use a bow and arrow but not be ready to get down and dirty. Lore is very much a badass, and is totally ready to do what it takes to save the people she loves! It’s very refreshing really, I like character variety.

    Really looking forward to finishing this book! Can’t wait to see the dramatic action the ending brings.

    I’ve entered the photo challenge on @alwaysbookishbecca 😀

  35. I loved this so much and have entered the giveaway



  36. I thought there was already a lot going on the previous two parts, but now I am completely mind blown! The pace of this novel is absolutely phenomenal – although I‘m starting to feel exhausted by the fact that none of our characters seem to be able to get a moment to simply breathe!

    I would have never expected that Gil was actually Hermes but it makes so much sense now!! I‘m pretty positive that we‘re getting closer to unraveling the big mystery about how everything is connected – and I cannot wait.

    Also: Miles and Van getting to know each other a bit better made me so soft o.o
    Miles better be staying completely safe and happy throughout the upcoming events, because if he isn‘t riding off into the sunrise towards his own happy ending at the end, I‘m rioting! xD

    I also joined the giveaway! My Instagram handle is @moonlessreader – thank you for this amazing opportunity!

  37. Oh it’s so good!
    I did not expect Hermes to be involved. Why did he do that?
    I guess Lore stole the Aegis. But I have no idea what happend with it.
    Lore can be quite cruel? I don’t want to cross with her

    1. And my ig handle is lunas_book_page

  38. Hey, thanks for hosting the giveaway!
    I’m still behind on the readalong because of work, but there’s so much action and twists in this book! I never really know what’s coming next so I like that a lot 😀 Also many characters to love and hate!
    I’d love to enter the giveaway, my handle is @birdsong.books!

  39. These chapters were….something (-’๏_๏’-) oh this is so cool! My instagram handle is @pumpkin.letter

    1. * I’ve entered the giveaway – my instagram handle @pumpkin.letter

  40. I posted my Fairyloot Lore post today on Bookstagram. I’m @dg_reads!

  41. I’ve finished the beautiful book, so no spoilers, but I wanted to put my name in the hat! My handle is @treasuredfibers <3

  42. The twists in this book have really surprised me… I very often guess the twists in books so this has been a pleasant change. I have posted my photograph to my IG Jenthebookishbakernz

  43. As usual I tried to join the readalong but fell behind on the very first day ? so far I’m absolutely loving the book. Can’t wait to finish it and see how it ends!

    My insta handle is @nathassi

  44. The scene with the Reveler telling Lore about Hermes and Gil broke my gosh darn heart!! It made me so emotional for poor Lore. Sorry the comment is late, life got away from me. My Instagram is @shelfproclaimednerd

  45. This is my first time joining a readalong. And I’m very happy I joined! I’m liking the book and the characters. I have some theories but I think I’ll be wrong. Need all the answers! Instagram handle is @la.hunter

  46. I’m so happy this book was this month’s choice! Thank you! ? I’ve entered in the giveaway ( @sophiesreadingcorner) ❤️

  47. I didn’t see the twist with Hermes/Gil coming so I was very surprised. Also, I hope that Artemis is willing to take part in the alliance because together they’ll have a better chance against Wrath. And I really want to know how Castor became Apollo.
    I posted the picture. @starshinedaughter.

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