Master of One Readalong: Day 5

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Hello everyone and welcome to the 5th and final day of the readalong! Can you believe it’s the final day?! This week has gone so quickly and I can’t wait for the conclusion of this book!

I have really loved hosting this readalong and reading your thoughts/theories each day has definitely made my week! I hope you have all enjoyed reading this book along with me!

Today we’re reading chapters 76 – the end!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Master of One by Jaida Jones & Dani Bennett! Read only if you’ve finished the book!


We’re back to find a worried Rags as Shining Talon isn’t moving or speaking. Locked in grief for his people ? Surely they are going to free those fae?

Wow Dane’s story is truly heart wrenching! Poor rags, he harbours so much grief and guilt over what happened to his friend and he doesn’t want to fail Shining Talon like he failed Dane.

Nevertheless these two are growing closer and Rags changes the nickname from Shiny to Tal, which does sound cooler to be fair! ?

Oh no a raid!! And a KISS?! Einan just kissed Cab! Way to pick the moment. Cab was almost a goner there but thankfully One is fiercesome! Who else loved seeing One take them down?

Interestingggg…they can share power! What does this mean? Damn Hope is a badass too! This book has me on the edge of my seat!

Ah and One can communicate with Two and Three, yes let’s get this plan coordinated!

Turns out Laisrean did recognise Inis but oh no, he’s under arrest for consorting with enemies of the Crown! Do we think the Queen will have him executed? Is she ruthless enough to kill her own son?

Woah Three just increased his size and flew them back to Somhairle’s rooms?! That’s some handy transportation!

Oooooh Tal looks at Rags with a ‘glowing look in his eyes’ as Rags proposes saving the fae. Rags reaction is typical Rags, right?

“Don’t look at me like that. It’s not for you.”

Their interactions are SO CUTE!

Wait is your theory of the rock being a dragon egg happening? ? Something inside is waking up! *Chants “dragon, dragon, dragon!”

Yes the gang have a plan and they’re going underground. When Einan explains the full rescue mission, I have to admit I’m nervous!

They have to sneak into the castle, then the prison to retrive Malachy, rescue the fae and find the others to remove the mirror glass. What could possibly go wrong?

Ah no they make it to the fae only to find the place teeming with Queensguard! Wait what is happening!! Inis just absorbed Two! They can join so Two transforms into living armour coooool! This evens the odds a little no?

Ah ha! Lord Faolan Ever-Learning is being controlled by mirror craft!

Speak of the devil, Morien is here and the blindfold is stopping him from killing Inis, oh no he’s going to have Faolan do his dirty work for him, I CAN’T LOOK!

Oh yay Shining Talon saved her but now the sorcerer has a fae hostage, ugh this guy, I repeat is the worst!

Ah Three comes to the rescue! But Shining Talon won’t leave the other fae behind. Oooooh thoughts on Rags commanding Tal? He had to do it to save Tal’s life, right? But did he just break any trust that had been built between them?

Please let Three be okay! Ooooh is Cab ready to step back into the role of a leader? Ah yes Three is okay…mostly, phew! He turned himself into a thousand daggers?! Damn Three, that’s so cool!

Oh yay they freed Malachy but Prince Laisrean is not looking great. At least the shards have been removed from Inis and Rags’ chests thanks to Sil! It’s a shame about Rags’ hand though!

They’ve made it to the castle courtyard only to find…hundreds of armed guards. They need to find the others and quick! Ah yes Inis and Two are combined again but oh no, it’s no use. Morien attacks them with lightning?! Oh noooo Two!!! Damn you Morien *shakes fist in anger*

Oh my god it’s not just the Queensguard he has under his control, it’s…everyone?!

It doesn’t look good for Inis but wait…here comes the cavalary!

Einan?! YESSSS the swords! So cool and we have a hound! Did anyone guess our next Master would be Einan?

They have joined together to take down the barrier! YESSS TAKE HIM DOWN TAL! Oh no is Sil going to sacrifice herself? Wait Morien just vanished?! What is happening?!

Three’s words to Somhairle guys…wipes away tear

Somhairle has learned to be himself first, not his weakness! This prince deserves good things only! And he wants to free Faolan from the shard in his heart too!

Okay so they are headed to the Heart of the Bone Court, colour me intrigued! Will they be able to hide from the Queen and her sorcerers there?

Oh finally! So the egg sadly isn’t a dragon but it’s a map!

Aw Lais giving Inis the leather cord was a lovely gesture! She now wears her brother’s bracelet whilst fighting for the same cause he’d died to champion! Lais couldn’t save her brother and she seems to forgive him! Oh yeah she definitely forgives him as we have another kiss everybody! Love that for Inis!

Ooh the tunnels to the bone court are a little ominous! Yeah I’m with Rags-seems haunted.

He needed to prove himself worthy before the egg would crack!

Ah a classic miscommunication! What a pair! Yes Tal, Rags did save everyone! Ahhhh Tal says he is devoted to Rags and he’s kissing his hand, is it…gonna happen?!

That kiss was something!! Ahh so after all the fragments of the great Paragon are located Tal will be free of his duty and then maybe Rags won’t feel so creeped out by this? ?

So they only have to find two more fragments: the one destined for Tal and the one Rags’s map leads to as he is to be Master of Five! Nice so the fae they rescued were the score of a lifetime, I see what they did there! We leave Rags with a fae map to follow, a fae prince to snuggle up to, a fae stronghold to fortify and a score to settle with Morien!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how this book wrapped up! Did you fall hard for Rags and Tal like I did? What were your favourite parts and most shocking moments? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you so much for joining this readalong, you made it so much fun!

We hope to see you in the next one and wishing you all a wonderful weekend ahead!



19 thoughts on “Master of One Readalong: Day 5

  1. This book.
    It gave so many feelings, I loved ALL the characters in a fierce way and I crave for more!
    It’s torture to know that a sequel hasn’t be contracted yet ?

    It was a well deserved five stars read in my opinion! 5/⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    I anticipated I would have liked this book, but I didn’t expect to love it so much, it’s a new favourite ?

    1. Yes!!! This makes me so happy, I’m so glad to hear you loved this book!
      Thank you so much for joining us and I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead ❤️

  2. AH! The end of the book at last! In my pervious post, I talked about how I was nervous for the end of this – as I am always nervous when I reach the end of a book – but I was mostly nervous because I thought it was a stand-alone, BUT IT ISN’T! Oh thankGOODNESS!

    I loved how impactful the ending was. The moment when Inis though she was going to die and stood her ground, staring down at Morien the Last, AMAZING! Actually, I haven’t mentioned her in my other posts, but I love Inis as a character! I like how she is angry (though I do think that is sad and tragic), but I like that she is angry and upfront about it. Yes, she tries to reel it in, but she’s angry, and she has a right to be, and she is still enjoyable to read. I don’t know why I feel so strongly about her – sometimes I feel like rage in female characters maybe isn’t done as well in books or something like that – but I get her so well!

    Anyways, changing gears. I am soooo glad that Tal (love the new nickname) and Rags finally have their kiss! I needed them to kiss so bad, and I’m soooo glad it happened! AHH!

    I really enjoyed Einan’s character, POV, and the fact that she is Master of Four! I will say this, I looked ahead at the chapter names as I was reading the book and saw her name pop up and guessed that she must be one of the Masters, so I never brought it up in posts before, BUT the reveal of her being a Master, AMAZING! All the weapons coming right for her and becoming a hound, such an empowering moment!

    I’m really excited for the sequel, and I hope it comes out soon!!

    1. I agree, Inis is a great character and I couldn’t help but feel for her! Yes the scene with Four forming from the swords, so cool!
      I’m so happy you enjoyed this one and thank you for joining in this week and for sharing your thoughts! Have a lovely weekend! ❤️

  3. So last 60 pages I was in panic mode, thinking it was a standalone qnd I knew nothing yet. Who was master of four, where are beasties for Rags and Tal (so happy he got a proper nickname)? What with the fea kids? Will they be able to get to Sil and have mirror-thingymajig taken out? I mean, people panic I tell you… how to fit all that in 60 pages? But I am delighted we get to read more of this. Really enjoyed it. All the couples are cute! But Rags and Tal, can’t wait to spend more time with them! Tnx for picking this little adventure for us, such a pleasure!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for joining us this week and for sharing your thoughts along the way 🙂 Wishing you a fantastic weekend ❤️

  4. I always feel sad when I finish a book I like….. Especially when it’s one out of a series and I don’t know when I will know how it ends…. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for Five to be a dragon ? ?

    I loved the action and humor in this book! The best part of these last chapters was Rags with the kids ❤️❤️

    Thank you for the read along, loved it and I’ll definitely join the next one!
    Love, Sandy

    1. hahah yes keeping my fingers crossed for a dragon too! ?
      You are very welcome, I’m so happy you enjoyed it and thank you so much for joining us this week! Have a great weekend Sandy! ❤️

    2. Oh yes rags and the kids were so cute

  5. I was glad to finally figure out what happened to Dane, but it was so much sadder than I was imagining. I can’t stand hearing about instances like that.

    Everybody is pairing off! I’m glad Rags and Shiny (Tal sounds cooler, but I prefer the funnier nickname haha) finally got to have an honest talk about feelings. AND A SMOOCH! I’m also happy that Einan and Cab seem on track to end up together. She’s so feisty. I love it! I’m also glad that Laisrean and Inis had a moment too. I love seeing childhood sweethearts get together! (cuz let’s be honest, of COURSE, he was going to be enamored with her too!)

    When Einan lays out all the goals of the rescue mission, I kind of got frustrated. The more they talked about how impossible it all was and how much it relied on luck, I just kept rolling my eyes and thinking of “Plot Armor.” Honestly, the team comes out better than they had any right to. Too, I felt a little turned around when the rescue mission was unfolding. There was just so much going on! But, on the other hand, there were plenty of kick-butt scenes! Three growing crazy big and taking on Morien?! Two turning into LIVING ARMOR?! Now I NEED myself a silver fae buddy!

    I’m really interested to see what is going to happen in the next book. I like Somhairle’s idea to try and free Faolan. He seems like he has a bit of resistance in him already! Omg, it was so cute what the authors did with the kids being “The score of a lifetime.” Too, I wonder where Rags’s map will lead? I want to see a port town next!

  6. The last 70 pages of this book were full on roller coaster. And here I’ve been thinking it was a standalone, and there’s so much left unfinished. Please let this be a duology, because I need that now.

    I’m so sad that Sil didn’t make it, although not as sad as other books. But she has the magic.

    So many thoughts now that the book is done. So many.

  7. What happened here?! A lot of things, a lot of feelings and 2nd book isn’t contracted yet?! How is it even possible?!

    Rags finally showed that he can be a true leader. His relation with Tak sounds really interesting and I need more about them soon.

    The best moment Rags with kids. The funniest thing for me were a chapters where Rags shows that he really doesn’t care and Tal is not for him. Xd

    Thanks Codie and Team for reading together this week! Have a wonderful weekend! ❤️

  8. I told you I’d finish it before the day ended (it’s 9:49 here in the SC, USA)!

    Overall, this book was okay. I had a few issues with it, but not a lot! I’m glad you included it in y’all’s December box! We NEED a sequel this year though!

    My favorite part: each master getting their fragment. Each moment is sweet and powerful and I got all the feels each time. I wonder what Rags’ and Tal’s fragments are!
    I fell hard for Cab & Einan more than Rags & Tal to be honest (nothing against them, just felt like there should’ve been more development). Loved Rags’ humor though!
    My most shocking moment was when freaking Three stayed behind (going up against Morien) to save them.
    Loved that Rags changed Shining Talon’s nickname to “Tal” – it sounds more befitting of him!

    The ending was perfect – questions still unanswered, but not too much of a cliffhanger.

  9. I really like the book and especialy how the fragments became to be from different silver objects soo cool.

    But I am a bit mad that there won’t be a second book yet seriously you can’t end a book like this and not give me all the anwsers.

    Ah Reges and Tal their bond is so precious and they finaly kissed yeey but now I need more of it

    It was a lovely read and thanks everyone for you company and comments had fun reading them

  10. I really enjoyed this book… Didn’t want it to end when it did! I want to know what happens with Rags and Shiny, now Tals, piece. Inis was my favourite, closely flowed by Einan – both bad asses. Really liked all the humour and sarcasm in the book!

  11. I finally finished! Only a day late!

    I think I’m in the minority here when I say I resolutely didn’t like this book. Much at all, honestly… ?

    I didn’t fully connect to a single character and there were a lot of little things that really bugged me. I didn’t find the fae not understanding human things as funny as I think the authors intended, tbh I felt kind of uncomfortable at how mocking it felt toward them like ‘haha look how out of touch and ridiculous they are’. Plus I would have liked a bit more to be resolved if its gonna convince me to commit to the sequel.

    Points for trying to write a big cast, which I know is hard, and even more points for it being pretty queer (yay!) but I just feel a bit meh about the whole thing otherwise. Plus kind of miffed Inis went for the conventionally attractive Prince we barely got to know over the Somhairle who was clearly the superior lad lol. I’d give this book ⭐⭐◽◽◽

  12. I’m so glad that they all had the fragments removed from their hearts and that they are all reunited again. Can’t wait to see what the last two creatures are and what happens next.

  13. This last chapters where soooo good!
    And Rags is so cute with the little fae children.
    I really want to know what his map is about. It’s only His and Tals fragment missing. Does that map lead them to these fragments? Really happy that they could safe some fae and nerly aüeveryone made it out alive. And im currious what happend to Morien

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