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May Young Adult Theme: SCHOLARLY SECRETS!


We are so excited to reveal the May theme for our Young Adult monthly box and Book-Only box and it is… ‘SCHOLARLY SECRETS’!

Is there anything better than spending your time surrounded by the smell of aged parchment, and walking amongst row upon row of leather-bound books? Come step into the world of literature, art, and history as we discover hidden truths and uncover conspiracies in this pursuit of greater knowledge!

In this box you will find items inspired by A Study in Drowning, The Atlas Six, our featured book of the month, along with two fandom neutral items. We’re excited to reveal that this box will also include our next SECRET BOOK, and a useful item we have never done before!

Our featured book of the month follows a main character who possesses powerful and lethal magic that she must keep hidden to avoid the same deadly fate as her mother. Scouring mythological art for answers, she soon comes face to face with a member of the very organisation set to eradicate her. Forced to work with her enemy, their alliance may threaten not just her life, but also her heart. Magical, and steeped with forbidden romance, this book is truly difficult to put down!

This FairyLoot Exclusive Edition will have:
🖤 A DIGITALLY SPRAYED EDGE with a solid sprayed top and bottom edge
🖤 FOIL ON THE HARDCOVER by @no0nedesigns
🖤 FOILED CHARACTER ART ON THE ENDPAPERS by @polarts_ (different front and back)
This edition is a must-have and will also feature a digital signature and an author letter bound into the book.

Spots for new subscriptions are currently CLOSED and the best way to get a subscription at the moment is to sign up to the waitlist – we invite people whenever more spots become available. Links to the waitlist can be found on our website.

Theme art by official FairyLoot artist @taratjah and text by official FairyLoot designer




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