Once Upon A Broken Heart Readalong Day 2!

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Hey Fairy Friends!

Welcome to day 2 of our Readalong of Once Upon A Broken Heart! I hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s chapters and are ready for more!

Today we’re reading from chapters 11–20! Let’s goooo!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Once Upon A Broken Heart by Stephanie Garber, from chapters 11–20. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


The section begins with Evangeline and Marisol travelling to the Magnificent North and meeting Frangelica—their guide for the duration of their stay. As they pass under the arch to the North, Evangeline hears whispers, though she dismisses it as nothing (but it is definitely not nothing). They soon reach Valorfall and are both besotted with the place (as am I! I want a dragon and a cute storefront on the sea). And after docking, they’re greeted by something too familiar: a gossip sheet known in the North as The Daily Rumour (but authored by the same person as the Whisper Gazette). However, the words written about Evangeline are positive, ending the piece with the assurance that she is who he would bet on to take the Prince’s hand. And to be fair, Evangeline is amazing so I definitely agree with the gossip’s conclusion!

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While on their way to their residence, Evangeline’s wrist starts to burn where the marks Jacks left on her wrist reside. Soon, however, she is swept away in the excitement of Nocte Neverending and attends her first event: a dinner with the other ladies competing for the Prince’s heart. While milling before the event, Evangeline spots Apollo, posing for a portrait without his shirt on and also meets LaLa (another one of the girls competing for the King’s hand), who tells her more about Apollo and his brother Tiberius—they had a falling out and the latter is not welcome at the festivities. It’s not long before she feels a cold spike travel up her spine and turns to find none other than the Prince of Hearts crashing the party. Well, Evangeline may not be happy to see him, but I most certainly am…

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Why hello there Jacks!

LaLa spills more rumours to Evangeline mostly concerning Jacks and how he had his heartbroken by a princess in the south: Donatella—(um, who else is loving these crossover moments with Caraval? Because I am!)—and when the two depart, Evangeline soon finds herself in Jacks’ rather condescending company. The two are soon locked in a heated exchange in which he calls her ‘Little Fox’ and gets hers (and our) hearts racing. Wanting to supposedly help Evangeline capture attention, Jacks dances with her to make Prince Apollo jealous (despite the fact Evangeline doesn’t want to make him feel that way) and while she’s distracted, he pricks his own finger and marks her mouth with his blood. Jacks presents Evangeline with a choice: she must kiss the Prince using the magic now sinking into her lips or she will die.

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After the dinner, Jacks leads Evangeline to meet the Prince, but when they’re left alone Evangeline finds herself asking the Prince questions about Jacks, which she fears shows an interest in him (though of course she is absolutely not interested in him. Not. At. All.). But before long, Evangeline senses discomfort and a lack of confidence with the Prince and when she sees Jacks smirking at her, she know she doesn’t want to die: she kisses the Prince. When she pulls away, at first, nothing seems to happen. But then the Prince pulls her back in for another kiss and keeps kissing her, until Jacks steps in and whisks her away with a concerned expression on his face and Evangeline wondering what magic her kiss (and Jacks’s blood) cursed Prince Apollo with.

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Whispers begin to follow Evangeline, now known as the ‘wild card’ in the Nocte Neverending party. While out with Marisol, she notices one of the broken hearts on her wrist has disappeared after her kiss with the Prince. Marisol goes off to find recipes leaving Evangeline to wonder Valorfall alone. While browsing a bookshop window, she meets the soldier she saw at the arch that led to the Prince’s dinner party who gives her a warning not to wander at night. Seems a bit of a creepy dude, but feel like he may be important later?

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When Evangeline manages to get home, after getting a little lost, she dresses for the ball with Marisol. But before they can leave, a note is shoved under the door of their room: a copy of The Daily Rumour, outing Marisol as the Cursed Bride. Despite Marisol’s protests, Evangeline manages to persuade her to attend the ball, though when Marisol ‘accidentally’ touches a flower on her dress and it comes away, she does question whether the move was on purpose. Suspicious, before the carriage departs for the ball, Evangeline sneaks up to their rooms to find out exactly what Marisol was planning on doing with the recipes she’d found, when she is interrupted by Marisol. I do feel bad for Marisol at this point but I can’t help but think something isn’t right…

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They attend another Nocte Neverending event—this time a ball, in a ballroom lined with doors with words adorned like: love, chance, mystery and adventure. It sounds absolutely divine! They soon stumble upon LaLa who introduces them to Kissing Chess, a game which sounds like an excuse for people to kiss as much as possible.

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Soon, Evangeline spots Jacks—and worries over how she will introduce him to Marisol if he comes over—before her thoughts are interrupted by the arrival of Prince Apollo. Dismissing tradition, the Prince announces that rather than dance with five girls that evening he will only dance with one. And though Evangeline thinks it will be her, the Prince chooses another girl much to Evangeline’s (and our) disappointment. Feeling a bout of self-pity, Evangeline retreats to the side of the room, but is soon grabbed by someone who looks exactly like Prince Apollo and who actually turns out to be THE Prince Apollo AND who proposes to her right then and there. And Evangeline’s answer? Of course, it is yes!

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The next morning, Evangeline feels like her life is a dream. When Marisol brings her tea, she expresses how happy she is for her and Evangeline’s suspicions about her stepsister begin to ease. But then a new threat emerges when Marisol tells her who she danced with: Jacks! After much discussion, they are interrupted by Prince Apollo who has come to check Evangeline is safe after reading a concerning piece in The Daily Rumour. Evangeline asks the Prince to stop the gossip column from writing anything more about Marisol and the Prince tells her he will do it as long as she moves in with him…

Well THAT was dramatic! And so much happened too. What do we think so far? Has Evangeline found her happily ever after? Or is there something else at play? And what do you think will happen next? Let me know down in the comments below, and I can’t wait to read more with you tomorrow!


41 thoughts on “Once Upon A Broken Heart Readalong Day 2!

  1. Okay so these chapters have definitely deepened a theory I have, I can’t wait to see where we go form here.

    I love LaLa so much! I think she’s going to do the world of good for Evangeline.

    I still adore Jacks. I can’t help it, I love a bit of danger. Also, calling Evangeline pet and Little Fox? Yes please.

    I also adore Evangeline. She is so innocent and just wants to see the best in people. I think she’s making a mistake with Prince Apollo though, I definitely think this romance is more of Jacks doing than genuine.

    I don’t know how I feel about Marisol. Part of me feels really bad for her, but I also don’t trust her either. ?

    Also, can I play Kissing Chess please? Sounds fun.

    I can’t wait to read more, I had to physically stop myself!

    1. nothing beats a book you can’t put down!?✨

  2. First, let me say how much I’m in awe of Stephanie Garber writing!

    This passage literally made me feel like I was there ” If Evangeline had a dagger, she imagined she could have sliced into that night as if it were a cake and stolen a piece of it to take a bite of all the wondrous dark”

    I was not expecting the wedding proposal this soon and now they might move in? Prince Apollo is acting like he is obsessed with Evangeline, I mean he probably is under some sort of speel so we will see.

    I like Lala, even if I keep imagining her like Lala from Vanderpump Rules ( for people who don’t know what it is, it’s a reality show ) 😀

    I’m loving the gossip column so so much.

    I’m still suspicious of Marisol and I trust no one, especially after they mentioned that Jacks had his heartbroken by Donatella ( I haven’t read Caraval so I don’t know anything about the princess). Isn’t it weird that they picked Evangeline for this mission? I don’t know what to think. I’m usually very wrong with my theories but I thought I’d put it out there.

    Also in this part, there was a description of Jacks that made me fall for him even more ” He looked like a bad decision some unfortunate person was about to make”

    Yes, please. I would personally like to be the unfortunate person!!!

    Can’t wait to see what happens next!

    1. so glad you’re enjoying it!?

  3. Hi guys!
    These chapters flew by.
    I keep thinking…what if Agnes (This name was so well chosen!! I have a aunt with the same name and I really don’t like her! She kinda reminds me of this Agnes in the way she seems to think she’s better than others) told Marisol about Luc and Evangeline?? Perhaps Marisol is secretly really mad at Evangeline??
    Whatever Jacks did with his blood on Evangeline’s lips, it put some k8nd of spell on Apollo. But I’m not sure why? What is he up to?? He hasn’t ordered her to kiss someone else…
    Still a lot to find out! I’m gonna dive in the story again.
    See you tomorrow!
    Love, Sandy

    1. Ps.
      Can anyone please get me a tiny dragon?!?? ❤️

  4. I’m sorry what?! Prince Apollo propsed already?! I can see things going bad for them as Jacks meddles and forces her to kiss another individual and gets caught doing it though…aurgh, the anticipation makes me want to keep reading!
    I suspect the curious knight/guard might be the next target for Jacks. Loving that Evangeline is Little Fox and Apollo is a Hunter. We really are getting the Ballad of the Archer and the Fox!!

  5. So far I am really into this book. I definitely think Marisol is suspish. And this whirlwind romance with so many pages left….not looking good. I’m so excited to keep reading!

    1. I can’t stand Marisol, she’s acting like she’s so sweet but I don’t trust her at all. Ok, the recipe for how to bake like a Pastry Goblin – Sweet Salt: The secret ingredient for everything and then when Evangeline drank the tea it tasted like salt and tears but she never drank much because she spilt the tea. Sounds suspish to me!!!

  6. The Daily Rumour gossip column is so funny, I don’t know that people really believe that informational written there are real. I would like to know who is an author and I guess he can be connected in some way with Jacks (maybe another promise?).

    Apollo can be an interesting character of he will be free from Jacks spell. I totally see him with Evangeline, but when they will make the true way to be together, not the shortcut.

    Gossips about Marisol are like needles for Evangeline like she knows the truth…but maybe Marisol isn’t that clear and white as we think?

    I will say it one more time, I love Stephanie’s writing style.

    1. the gossip columns are so fun ?

  7. WOW! I was not expecting Apollo to propose like that, those chapters went so quickly! Happy for how Evangeline feels wanted by someone but I can’t help shift the feeling that she is wanting Jacks and there is more romance there.

    I absolutely love LaLa and can’t wait to see more from her, I think her and Evangeline have a great friendship on the way. BUT… I am just not trusting of Marisol at all! After todays reading I am very suspicious of her, I hope I’m wrong about the situation but I can help shift the feeling.

    Can’t wait to read more into this book, loving it so far.

    1. I love Lala and Evangeline’s friendship too!?

  8. So as with everyone here im thinking that Jacks blood on Evangeline’s lips put some kind of spell on Apollo for him to propose so soon? I feel like Marisol is up to no good especially with how she acted when Evangeline found her books. Either way im excited to continue

  9. I thought it was really thoughtful to bring her step sister along. I really don’t like Agnes and was glad she want featured much in this section.
    The burning scars was very foreboding! I’m just waiting for Jacks to jump out and then he does at the party!

    Is anyone else getting anxiety over how Marisol will react when she finds out the truth?

    Of course the first person she has to kiss is Apollo! Jacks has definitely changed. Seems very bitter. Though I’m beginning to wonder if the three kisses is a test, to see if she would survive kissing him? And what’s with talking about her for weeks? I thought the fate would forget about her! Seems like the kiss made an impression but I’m really not liking Apollo.

    Marisol – I wonder if she made a deal with Jacks to steal Luc from evangeline before evangeline made the deal?

    Somewhere was mentioned a princess with pink hair, I wonder if Evangeline is actually a princess related to the one mentioned. Everyone keeps calling her one. Plus the arches keep saying “we’ve been waiting for you” – as if she’s returning home.

    Did NOT see the proposal coming? What the-?

    I feel like all my thoughts have tumbled out as I’ve read. I’m loving this book

  10. Jacks and his motives have always been a mystery and I love him for it. My man better be the main love interest in this story.

    This North place is so magical and very strange. It reminds me so much of Legends Caraval.

    I’m yet to warm up to Evangeline, I find her unlikable and very shallow but I do like that she questions everything. She should follow her gut. And girl, I was so embarrassed at the ballroom scene!

    This reminds me a lot like Caraval tbh, I don’t know how to feel about that. Everything is very fast paced which is nice and I like LaLa. Apollo is definitely under a love spell.

    All I see is disaster for Evangeline tho, she’s gotten herself into the worst situations- and for a boy who’s nowhere to be found.

    Also, Wolf Hall anyone? Am I reading too much into it or am I rightly connecting the dots to Luc’s attack by a WOLF to Wolf Hall?

  11. I love this book so much! I was wrong about my theory of Jacks being the prince but Marisol is getting more and more suspicious! I just love the idea of giving a kiss, it being both a curse and a blessing and something both massive to give away and easy to do. Stephanie Garber is the Queen of luscious prose.

    1. love this comment! stephanie garber is very talented for sure?

  12. I loved the descriptions about the Magnificent North. I could feel myself being there in the midst of such a magical world.

    The sudden interest of Apollo bordering in obsession seems to be brought by the kiss with Jacks blood. It is obvious that Apollo has been put under a spell, which is why I think Evangeline shouldn’t have accepted that proposal and is now rushing to a decision that will later turn out to be a mistake.

    I like La La. She comes across like a very interesting character and I hope we get to see more of her.

    I’m not sure what to think of Marisol. Sometimes I feel sorry for her, but at other times I don’t know if she can be trusted. So like Evangeline, I alternate between suspecting her and then feeling bad for suspecting her.

    The whispers Evangeline heard when she crossed the arch were intriguing, and so was the guard she spoke with.

    I really want to know more about Jacks backstory, and why he thought Donatella was his true love. From reading Caraval, I know Donatella did survive his kiss and made his heart beat again, but it doesn’t seem like she was his true love. So what does this mean for Evangeline?

    1. Maybe it has something to do with broken hearts . . . like Donatella was the true love that would MAKE him into the Prince of Broken Hearts, and Evangeline is the true love who will heal him.

  13. I knew Jacks would show up again at some point, he sure chooses his moments, I wonder what will happened when Evangeline kisses the prince :/ will her kiss be fatal or will she turn into a fate herself
    Jacks is up to something, is he secretly in love with Evangeline or has he got a evil plan in store?

    Can’t believe how fast this has all escalated ?

  14. Apollo is clearly under a spell but what is Jacks motivation? I really don’t know if Marisol is trustworthy or not.

  15. So much happened in these chapters! I love the fast pacing of this book, it’s the same way I felt about caraval, I’m really into all the twists and turns.

    I definitely feel like something is up with Marisol, I don’t think she’s as weak as she portrays herself and she’s using Evangeline somehow ? maybe she knows what Evangeline did??

    Also there’s something fishy with Apollo. No way one kiss made him fall in love with Evangeline…he’s got to be under a spell by Jack’s but I’m just not sure what Jack’s endgame is here yet!

    I also loved the kissing chess game, that was so fun! And I totally want a little dragon now ?

    1. yay! glad to hear you’re enjoying it so far! ?

  16. These chapters flew by and wow the DRAMA! It feels a little too easy that Evangeline got engaged so quickly so I wonder if someone else might try to sabotage things?

    LaLa is probably the only one I think I can trust. Marisol seems suspicious and even if she didn’t have a spell book it feels like she’s up to something here. I LOVE Jacks….buuttt he seems like one of those characters that only acts in his best interests.

    1. we love drama! ✨

  17. Wow this is uhhhh twisty? I feel like I can’t trust anyone, even Evangeline (who loved Luc so much and now is happy being engaged to a prince she just met). Jacks is a relentless trickster but also supposedly broken hearted, Marisol is sweet but potentially evil, everyone hates LaLa which admittedly makes me like her, and Apollo seems likely to be enchanted. Alrighty then. I have no idea what to expect next but I doubt Evangeline is going to get her royal wedding.

  18. Oh man it’s so hard to put this book down! I think that Jacks is playing a game with Evangeline. He was her first kiss and she has two more to go. I would love this to be her happy ending since Prince Apollo showed up as a hunter at the ball to show everyone that she was his Fox.

    I truely wonder if this story is going to have some sort of love Triangle. I feel like every time jacks has Evangeline kiss some one they are going to fall in love with her and she is going to be the one to break hearts.

    1. it’s certainly an addictive fantasy! ?

  19. I agree – so much has happened in this section, very entertaining. Obviously Evangeline is going to realize her true feelings for Jacks now that he paid attention to Marisol.

    1. entertaining indeed! glad you’re enjoying it ?

  20. Like many of you I dont trust Marisol either there was just somethimg sinister in Agneses smile when Evangile said she will tha Marisol with her. I wonder if our theories are corect that they put spells on people

    The engagement is a bit quick unless Evangeline is such a good kisser or maybe like someone mentioned she could be royalty or have some special power in this land can’t waot to find out.

    I still think she is Jacks true love I kind of want him to be happy. Even thou he is wicked he is the nicest of all faiths.

    Also I am loving all the dresses that Evangilane wears. I am a bi sad that the dances are over. Or are they

  21. I usually have theories and can guess in the ballpark of the what is to come, but I literally have no clue where this is headed.

    My only theory is that Marisol has made a deal with a Fate too. I’m excited to continue reading.

    1. That’s a really interesting theory, now that you mention it! How much you wanna bet that she made a deal with Jacks for her to get Luc, and that’s what got them ALL into this mess?

  22. I just love those tiny dragons working in the market shops and fireing apples and meat.

    And i love the story, even if there is so much things like magic and fairytale, you totally get caught inside 😮 (I do really like fairytales too !!)

    Just for the dragons, I laugh while reading and decided I wanted one too!

    1. The dragon depictions and the apples are really cool. I have a sneaking suspicion the apples are clueing us into a romance between Jacks and Evangeline (she smelled blood and apples, and she said she’d never kiss him, which usually means it will happen lol).

  23. This is unrelated…but every time Apollo comes up, I think of my cat because that’s his name. But, poor Apollo. I know he means well…but I think he’s under a spell or something because he’s coming on really strong.

    I also love the description of the North and the little dragons that are roasting the apples and such.

  24. I love the Magnificent North, but the deal with Jacks is finally showing up . . . what does Jacks have to gain from Evangeline marrying Prince Apollo? I also have weird vibes from Marisol . . . she’s a little off from the “caring” stepsister Evangeline thinks she is.

    I feel super bad for Apollo. I KNEW what happened was going to happen. Also, I wish we could see more of LaLa, and the pacing is still REALLY fast.

  25. These chapters were amazing! My favourite part was trying to figure out who is who with the character cards from the October box (and the endpapers!).

    Also, I wonder if we’ll ever see Evangeline play a game of Kissing Chess ? And an explanation why musical chairs are banned??

    1. so glad you enjoyed them! I love those character cards, they match the characters so well!?

  26. I feel bad for Marisol, but something has to be going on, I. Need. To. Know. What! That Jacks is suddenly showing interest in her is also suspicious.
    I’m not sure if i really like Apollo right now, but i’m not sure if his feelings are entirely genuine even if he is very sweet and accommodating to Evangeline, she is going to get hurt, i just feel it coming I’m just not sure yet by whom ?

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