Once Upon A Broken Heart Readalong Day 4!

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Hello Fairy Friends!

How is everyone feeling today? Have we been enjoying Once Upon A Broken Heart so far?

We left off yesterday at quite an exciting part so I’m very excited to dive back in!

Today, we’re reading Chapter 32 to the end of Chapter 43!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Once Upon A Broken Heart by Stephanie Garber, chapters 32-43 . Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


So, will Evangeline go ahead with the wedding? That is the question we were left with yesterday. And we begin this section with her remembering her imagined wedding to Luc and learning of her angelic wedding dress and the doves that will soar down on Wolf Hall when they wed. Oh, is anyone else feeling so sorry for Evangeline? I just want her to be happy and have the happily ever after she deserves! Evangeline goes ahead with the marriage, but I can’t help but wonder how Apollo will feel after Jacks fulfils his side of the bargain?

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After the ceremony, Evangeline and the Prince return to the Hall for a reception where Evangeline spends the majority of the time trying to work out if the curse has broken or not. Or does Apollo love her anyway despite the curse? Before anything can happen, Apollo’s AWOL brother, Tiberius arrives. Evangeline dances with him and they briefly talk about where he disappeared to and whether she loves Apollo. After the dance ends, he tells her he’ll let her know why he left the next time they meet, but that he doesn’t want to spoil their evening. Ok, so not sure how I feel about Tiberius… There’s something off about him but I can’t put my finger on what!

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At the end of the reception, Evangeline sneaks away to find Jacks in the throne room. Does anyone else detect jealousy in Jacks at the thought of Evangeline making a deal with another Fate? Upholding his side of the deal, he places a bleeding finger of his to her lips and instructs her to kiss Apollo to break the spell he’s under. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m under the spell of tension between Jacks and Evangeline! They’re the ones giving me goosebumps.

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Departing, Evangeline heads to the wedding suite where Apollo awaits with a glean of oil across his bare chest. Wanting some courage, she takes a sip of the wine left on the side and goes to kiss Apollo, but their kiss is interrupted by Apollo crying out and collapsing. Omg! Did Evangeline’s kiss just kill the Prince? And was this what Jacks wanted all along?!

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Once discovered, Evangeline is tied up and taken away, assumed to have hurt the Prince. Unable to stop crying, soon Jacks arrives and wills the guards to leave them alone. He explains to her that it wasn’t his kiss that killed Apollo because there was no magic in it, only that he willed Apollo to love her because he’s a Fate. Realising what has happened to Evangeline and why she is crying (that she’s been somehow manipulated by another Fate and if they don’t help her she’ll cry herself to death), Jacks carries her out of the castle and to a woman’s house—someone who can save Evangeline (thank the FATES)! The woman gives Jacks an antidote to brush across her lips (which he does) and it works, but he still has to hold her close for the curse not to take affect. Oh hello forced proximity!

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When Evangeline awakes, she realises that the person who saved her was LaLa AND not only that but LaLa is also a Fate! The Unwed Bride to be precise, whose tears can kill a person. LaLa explains that she did not poison Evangeline but she did sell off vials of her tears a long time ago and suspects it must have been one of those that was used.

While the curse continues to wear off, Evangeline reads that day’s copy of The Daily Rumour which confirms Apollo’s death and puts into question whether she was responsible for his death or whether she was kidnapped by the one who killed him. Evangeline volunteers to return to Wolf Hall and set the record straight so they can find out who really killed Apollo, but Jack and LaLa convince her not to. Instead, Evangeline agrees to stay with Jacks as long as they can be partners rather than her being manipulated. Before they leave, Jacks reveals who they will be going to see to try and figure out exactly who really killed Apollo, the Fate Chaos (who just so happens to be a vampire). Yes! I swear this book has EVERYTHING you could want in a great read, including vampires!

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Before they leave LaLa’s flat, LaLa helps to disguise her so she won’t be recognised. Evangeline learns more about LaLa AND that there is a chance for Jacks to find true love: a girl exists who is immune to his kiss. And when Evangeline emerges in her disguise, Jacks appears VERY happy to see her. There is definitely something going on between them.

As they’re about to go, Evangeline spies Jacks holding a book—the same book she saw on Marisol’s night stand. Suddenly remembering her step sister after all of the commotion, LaLa and Jacks flag the dangerous nature of the book and though Evangeline defends her, I can’t help but wonder just what Marisol is up to…

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Departing in haste, Jacks and Evangeline venture to Chaos’s lair. Posters of Evangeline’s face litter the posts across the streets. When they reach the doors to Chaos’s lair, Jacks wraps his arm around Evangeline possessively, nipping at her neck and telling the vampires watching that he is the only one who gets to bite her! Is anyone else’s heart racing a bit at that? Then, they move through the castle, spying many manacles and cages, which is very unsettling, before they meet Chaos himself—who also happens to be soldier that has been following Evangeline!

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After tense introductions, in which Chaos asserts his authority, Chaos takes them around his lair, showing them an amphitheatre in which vampires bite and chase humans. Chaos explains it’s part of the initiation process to join the Order of Spies and Assassins and that every human in the theatre was bitten by a vampire with the intention of turning them, but they won’t become a vampire unless they drink human blood before dawn, which is concerning considering Jacks and Evangeline are the closest things they currently have to humans! They ask Chaos if he knows anything about who killed Apollo (being in the Order) and he tells them no, though he does reveal that someone contacted their potions master about a type of poison called malefic oil. Oh! Isn’t that the same oil Apollo had on before Evangeline entered the wedding suite?! But the question is… who put it there?

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Evangeline then spies Chaos’s medallion which he reveals was given to him from the Valors (does this mean he was around during their reign?) and though Evangeline wants to question him further, a cage crashes to the ground and Jacks hurries them away before they become food… that is until Evangeline hears a familiar voice coming from a cage: Luc!

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Jacks tells her that they have to keep moving but Evangeline is enraptured by Luc’s presence, especially when he says so many nice things, things she’d been waiting for what felt like forever for him to say. He tells her he wanted to be healed, that’s why he consulted vampires, but that he doesn’t want to be a vampire. Jacks accuses Luc of lying to manipulate Evangeline and to let him drink her blood, but then Luc reveals he was under a curse and all he could think about was Marisol. Feeling betrayed by her stepsister and sorry for Luc, Evangeline goes to help Luc and gives him a knife to free himself. But then Luc turns on her, needing human blood… Until Jacks leaps in the way. Instead of Evangeline’s neck, Luc clamps his fangs down on Jacks and drinks from him. Enraged, Jacks snaps Luc’s neck and though this was only for the purpose of incapacitating him, Jacks is keen to kill Luc so he can’t wreak havoc. However, Evangeline begs him to spare his life, and he eventually gives in. Thanks the Fates!

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Hurrying away, Evangeline soon realises that she’s escaped danger only to be in potentially even more. Jacks grows quieter, his hair turns golden and Evangeline makes the mistake of meeting his eyes. And then she realises, Luc bit Jacks with venom! Does this mean Jacks is going to be a vampire?!

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Yes, yes it does. If he bites and drinks Evangeline’s blood! Urging her to leave, Jacks is soon unable to control himself, pinning her against a wall. In the end, Evangeline locks him in a mausoleum to prevent him for biting her (or anyone else for that matter) though Jacks seems to be staring at the lock contemplating all the ways he can break it…

And that’s it for day 4! Wow, what a journey. Murder, identity reveals and vampires! We’ve seen it all. But how will Jacks fair? Will he manage to resist biting Evangeline? And can they find out who actually murdered Apollo?

I’ll see you tomorrow for the final chapters to find out!


35 thoughts on “Once Upon A Broken Heart Readalong Day 4!

  1. So many things happened in this part of the book. Wow!

    My first impression of Tiberius is that I don’t trust him, he is sketchy and I feel like he is hiding something. Like why he and Apollo had a falling out?

    I was not expecting Apollo to die, I felt bad for him and for Evangeline. So we found out that Jacks is doing all the “work” so Evangeline’s kisses are not really cursed. But who poisoned her? Marsiol? I never trusted her.

    I’m so happy Lala is a faith! and Chaos is a vampire!

    I was getting a little frustrated with Evangeline, I get that she wants to see the best in people but come on. Look at the evidence, your stepsister is shady can you at least acknowledge it.

    I knew we would see Luke again, he was mentioned way too many times to just disappear. He betrayed Marisol when he tried to feed from her but I feel like I can maybe give him a pass? I mean bloodlust for newly made vampires is a thing they really can’t control ( not that I really care about him but still I feel bad , he was cursed and mauled by a wolf so ) .

    So will Jacks turn into a Vampire? I thought Fates “couldn’t change” meaning that in my head they were immortal and only had one form. But that was my imagination apparently.

    Can’t wait to see what happens next! I hope we will see more Chaos, if not now in the next book.

    I can’t remember if I posted yesterday, but I entered the contest and my Instagram is @acourtofbooksandchocolate

    1. Edited to say that he betrayed Evangeline, not Marisol 😀

    2. I hope you enjoy the rest of the book! 💜

  2. I was so sad Apollo died! Even though it was obvious him and Evangeline were not going to stay together, I really wanted to see what would happen after that.

    Luc and Marisol both seem like they have pretended to be different people to Evangeline and whilst I feel sad for her, it also is a bit frustrating how naive she is.

    I am loving the addition of the vampire! I didn’t expect that. I’m also enchanted by all of the beautiful descriptions and world building. Stephanie truly has created a magical world.

    I can’t wait to find out what happens tomorrow!!

    1. I was so sad too! I hope you enjoy the rest of the book! 💜

  3. Oh no……poor Apollo 😢💔 I really didn’t want him to die, so I’m still hoping for a miracle 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂
    Oh… almost forgot to say hello. Hi guys!
    I like the way Jacks can talk to Evangeline in her mind! A bit scary as well…maybe not the person you want in there, but I can’t help but like Jacks! Now hoping he won’t turn into a vampire! 🤞 (I don’t think so, but still….)
    I’m wondering if Evangeline will be safe there from the other changelings??
    So….Luc was really cursed by Marisol. Is she the one who killed Apollo and poisoned Evangeline?? It seems more likely now.
    I’m glad this isn’t a stand-alone, there are to many questions left.
    See you tomorrow M

    1. hi Sandy! I definitely agree, Jacks is a scary person to have inside your mind for sure! Hope you enjoy the rest of the book 💜

  4. Ooo what a twist they’re bringing vampires into the story, Chaos seems like a devil of a man, I wonder what he’ll add to the story. I can’t believe Luc has turned up, I was wondering where he got to, does she trust him and let him out of the cage, I definitely wouldn’t,
    The way Jack protected her is adorable I think they’d make a perfect couple!
    Oh no he’s bitten Jack is he now infected?? What does this mean!!!
    Can he be cured from this venom I hope

    1. I agree, definitely seems like a devil of a man! 💜

  5. I’m so sad about Apollo, Marisol is super sketch, and I don’t believe anything anyone says in this book ever. Lol

    1. Stephanie Garber certainly has a way of making you question everyone! I love it! 💜

  6. Wait?! What?! She kissed him and he is dead!!! No, I don’t buy it. Of course, a lot of people wanted to see him dead: Tiberius, Marisol, Jacks and each of them had a reason more or less.

    Jacks helped Evangeline, but it’s really like he needs her or he was jealous and the whole situation was a good excuses to show Evangeline how much he cares.

    Vampires OMG! Really bad boys. But the whole situation with Luc showed one more time how blind and naive is Evangeline, she pretends to be smart, responsible, rational person, but in the same time she saw Luc and lost her mind. Hello brain, my old friend, we will see each other tomorrow again! Come on Girl, he didn’t love you, understand that and move forward. Feeling guilty in this scenario was a very stupid idea.

    Mausoleum isn’t the safest place I think, especially with in some way hungry pre-vampire.

    Do you think Jacks will bit Evangeline? I don’t think so, it will be too obvious.

  7. I can’t even comprehend everything that just happened in these chapters. What a turn of events!

    PS – knew there was a reason I didn’t trust Marisol. 🙄

  8. I was pretty upset they killed off Apollo without ever actually getting to see the real him 😔
    I had guessed a lot of what Marisol had done from the beginning and I hope Evangeline will acknowledge her sister isn’t who she thought she was!
    The vampire edition was so interesting. I really wasn’t expecting it so that was a cool twist.
    I’m also glad Luc popped back up as he was mentioned so much but we hadn’t actually met him until now.
    I’m not sure I like the idea of Jack’s being a vampire so I hope that gets resolved.
    Also Lala Is my new favorite!
    Not gonna lie ill probably be finishing this book today as I need to know the end 😅

    1. Definitely a cool twist! Hope you enjoy the rest of the book!💜

  9. I feel really sorry for Evangeline going through the wedding and dreading the moment the prince comes to his senses.

    Poor Apollo – I wonder who killed him. The wine was suspect, especially when she said it was salty. I feel like they could’ve had a chance at happiness. And Jacks, for someone who doesn’t care what happens to her he seems to be very attentive. I especially like the line “pretend she’s someone you care about” – I think he does!

    I really don’t want Marisol to be the bad person here but she’s very suspect. First she steals Luc and now everything is suspicious! I’m also remembering the flower she tore from the dress…

    And now to the creepy vampire lair! And of course Luc is there – such an ass! I really don’t like him, Jacks actions make me think he cares for Evangeline, it was more instinctive to save her rather than because he needs her. Plus he didn’t bite her when he started to change.

    I really want to know what happened with Jacks abs the princess in the south! It keeps getting mentioned

  10. I finally caught up with the readalong and this book has me hooked! I was sad to see Apollo go out like that, especially without knowing how he would have reacted to Evangeline without Jacks’ willing him to love her.

    Very intrigued to find out more about Tiberius and what Marisol is up to too. Family doesn’t seem overly trustworthy in this book! 😂

    1. Yay! Glad you’re enjoying it! 💜

  11. So much has just happened!!!!!!

  12. Whaaaaat! I was not expecting this turn of events! Marisol is sketchy, definitely. So sad we didn’t get to see a non-emotion-muddled Apollo though, I was hoping we’d see what he was like without Jacks’ influence.
    Luc is not a surprise, but him biting Jacks definitely was! He’s a Fate but they’re not immortal anymore, only ageless, so if he doesn’t get human blood he dies?? Isn’t that what they explained just before?
    LaLa is really sweet and I love that she uses planning other people’s weddings in order to fulfil her ‘urges’.

    1. Oh no, I misread. The Vampire venom dissipates at sunrise! Can Jacks hold out that long?

    2. I’m a big fan of Lala too!💜

  13. Welp. Now there are vampires.

    So I was wrong about the guard being Tiberius (though the guard WAS still someone important) but I was kinda on the right track with wondering why Jacks doesn’t just do all of this stuff himself. Sounds like he totally could, but he’d rather work from the shadows.

    I don’t think I trust Luc OR Marisol, although since Luc was apparently trying to bite Evangeline to change her into a vampire rather than just to feed, maybe he had some weird delusion of them becoming immortal vampire lovers together? Ehhh either way he lied.

    I’m not a fan of vampires usually so I didn’t enjoy this section as much, though I did like seeing something threaten Jacks’s control. Eager to read on and see what happens there!

    1. I hope you enjoy the rest of the book! 💜

  14. So many things happened 😮

    I would love to see LaLa’s Closet, with so many dresses!

    And Jacks as a Vampire ? Does Fate can be turn in a Vampire ? Really ?!

    I knew Marisol was not so kind but to think she tortured her stepsister… ?

    1. Oh my gosh, yes! Seeing all of Lala’s clothes would be amazing 💜

  15. I think Jacks is really showing himself to care for Evangeline in a way that seems more genuine than his interactions with Tella in the Caraval trilogy. Whereas he was attracted to Tella because he felt she was the one to break his curse, this seems like he’s trying hard not to care for Evangeline, but he can’t help himself. When Evangeline couldn’t stop crying, Jacks was ready to tear down the door, and holding her like a grudge? Ugh, swoon! And he’s definitely possessive – not wanting her to make a deal with any other fate. Over all, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, but I think Jacks is starting to soften quite a bit for his little fox, even risking becoming a vampire!

    1. I definitely agree with you about Jacks and Evangeline! 💜

    2. 1000% agree. I hope Garber fleshes out their romance even more in the sequel.

  16. I am really loving the dynamic between Jacks and Evengeline and I hope he cares about her a little and isn’t protecting her just because of the prophecy. Can’t wait to see if he becomes a vampire on not.

    Lala is faith did not see that coming but so cool that Evangaline is friends with a faith. But poor Lala she can neve be in love or marry somebody not a nice power to have.

    Marisol thah bitch who knew she was a witch. I tougjt she was to friendly it had to be that tea when she statred the proces of killing Evengeline what a bitch

    Poor Apollo I hope he isn’t really dead because I hoped Evangaline could be happy with him because Jacks isn’t exactly thre jet to be her true love wich I hope hi will be.

    What a book stepahine really kniws how to keep us on the hook so meny twist and turend love the vampire bit now all we need is a fae and it will trully be a magical world

  17. I’m doing well! How are you? I’m SO glad I was a day behind till today (it’s 9 pm where I’m at) because I could fly through the rest of the pages!

    I’m enjoying Once Upon a Broken Heart for the most part! For me, it’s not as good as Caraval, but that’s probably because I liked the mystery/circus feeing of Caraval. OUABH isn’t just good, but it’s not amazing, you know?

    I LOVE how Evangeline has come out of her shell around Jacks, and their banter now is PERFECTION. I need MORE of them. I stand by my thoughts that Tella may have been his one true love who broke his heart, and Evangeline is the one true love who mends his broken heart. I hope the romance between them blossoms more.

    I honestly don’t care if Apollo dies or not. I mean, he was self-centered before he was put under the love spell, so . . .

    I kinda thought LaLa would play a bigger part in the story. It seemed weird for an author to include a character for them to only be mentioned once. The same train of thought applied to the guard . . . didn’t exactly think they’d be Fates, but that definitely adds to the story. So we’ve seen Poison, Chaos, Jacks, and the Unwed Bride – does this mean we’ll see the rest of the Fates in the sequel?

    I don’t like Tiberius. Why did he and his brother have a falling out BEFORE Evangeline even arrived in the North? Also, Marisol has seemed fishy the entire time. Also, I find it weird they can’t find Apollo’s body at the palace . . . is he really dead?

    Between the reveals about Lala, Chaos, Luc… The forced proximity with Jacks after Evangeline was poisoned, then the “I am becoming a sexy vampire” push from Jacks… the emotions!

    Also well done Tash, your ‘suspicious’ meme about Tiberius absolutely floored me 🤣🤣

  19. Wow so much happened in a short amount of time! I still have no idea who to trust especially after hearing what Luc had to say. Is he telling the truth or was it all a ploy to gain her sympathy and free him?

  20. So who bought the oil that killed Apollo? And was it the same person who poisoned Evangeline?
    Is it Marisol? I definitely do not trust Marisol. Or maybe Apollo’s brother? He would have a lot to gain.

    Luc turns up at last but is now a vampire. I’m still unsure if he was playing both sisters or loved Evangeline but was under an enchantment to love Marisol. I can’t decide just like I can’t decide about Marisol in general.

    And Jacks has now been bitten & might become a vampire….. but not I’d Evangeline has anything to do with it

  21. Wow, this book just got so much more intense and interesting for me. The interactions with Jacks are finally getting real from both sides.
    Lala was really fun to read, to know that Evangeline has a friend who is genuine in helping her (i hope) and Jack’s jumping in front of her to save her 😍.
    I think that Evangeline really matured in the last couple of chapters, i am finally gliding through this book!

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