Only A Monster Readalong: Day 2!

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Hi Fairy Friends!

Welcome to day 2 of our readalong of Only A Monster! I hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s drama and are ready for some more monsters!

Today we’re reading from Chapter 6 to the end of Chapter 10. Grab a some snacks (hazelnut Dairy Milk chocolate optional) and let’s dive IN!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Only A Monster by Vanessa Len, from chapters 6 to 10. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


So we’re joining Joan and Aaron, as they run from Nick and his hunter friends. I wonder what they’ll do.

They find a place to stay, it’s not as suave as posh Aaron Oliver is clearly used to!

He acts grumpy… but something’s telling me Aaron isn’t as bad as the rest of his family. I’m sensing goodness here! He might expect fluffy robes, but he’s not above fishing out the first aid kit to try and help Joan – even though she’s from an enemy family.

Ooooh so the Oliver power is that they can sense powers? Or just sense monsters? Regardless, Aaron knew Joan is a monster and that she’s new to travelling. Interesting! What’s also interesting is that Aaron is staying with Joan out of obligation? He thinks he’s in her debt since she saved his life and even when Joan says they’re even… he won’t accept it?

Aaron tells Joan they have to leave in the morning. As in leave time not just the hotel… Does this mean we’re going to see Joan steal time from people? While Aaron sounds like he’s just trying to escape, Joan wants to go back with the intention of warning her family to change time. Why wouldn’t Aaron want to do the same? He lost his family too! Something’s strange here.

I’m feeling kind of torn on Aaron… he says he’s staying with Joan to repay a debt, his family are horrible, he’s stuck up… but then he helps Joan when she’s hurt and gives her the opportunity to call her father because he knows they’re leaving this time and she’d want to say goodbye. Is he good? Is he bad? What are your thoughts?

Joan calls her dad and it probably comes as no surprise that I am an emotional wreck. Goodbye’s, no matter how fictional, always wrench my heart in two. Poor Joan.

So “The Pit” Aaron mentioned earlier is Buckingham Palace???? I feel like The Pit is a bit of an odd nickname for a palace but I’ll roll with it. Joan and Aaron are here to steal time… Again I feel like Aaron can’t be all bad otherwise he’d just steal twenty years off one person, regardless of how that would affect them? Not that snipping weeks away from multiple people’s lives isn’t still pretty bad… I’m conflicted ok??? This time-travelling stuff is SO cool but the cost is SO huge! I don’t know what to make of it!

The image of stuck up Aaron Oliver pretending to be a tourist snapping selfies and bumping into people is SO WEIRD. I feel unsettled.

It’s also so unnerving that they’re intentionally accidentally (does that make even make sense?) touching people’s necks…

Oh no! Joan has bumped into one of Nick’s men from the maze, RUN JOAN RUN!

Aaron’s got her and he’s urging her to jump. Joan’s never done it intentionally before though, what if she can’t, SURELY SHE NEEDS TRAINING FOR THIS????

Not me internally cringing at Joan actually, physically jumping… for real though I’d probably do the same.

Ahhhhh, she’s done it! And again – Aaron helped? He could’ve left her, with Nick’s men so close he could’ve jumped without her but he stayed and coaxed her into jumping, he’s got goodness in him I can SENSE it.

So we’re in another time now. I wonder which time? Old fashioned camera’s, bigger hair, looser clothes.

Joan is freaking out, I think I would be too. Wait, is Joan passing out? What’s happening with her?

Ahhhhh, she’s unknowingly trying to travel, but hasn’t taken time first. Ok I thought this time travel stuff was cool but that’s a bit frightening, she could’ve died if Aaron hadn’t stepped in.

And now she’s… rooting through bins… Is she ok?

Ohhhhh she’s trying to find the date. I love that Aaron tells her the Rachel haircut is a time marker in the Only A Monster world. Iconic!

So they’re in 1993 and Aaron is going to teach Joan about the “monster way”, I’m so excited to learn more!

Aaron has brought Joan to a monster inn, where monsters from different times can converge in 1993. They’re having food – stew with bread and butter. Aaron says eating food from the time you’re in is a good way to ground you to that time. As a foodie, I support this!

Joan’s still slipping away again… and instead of helping her, this time Aaron keeps talking about history too and Joan slips further away. What is he playing at? If he’s trying to make a point this is NOT the time. I completely understand why Joan is furious, I would be too. If she hadn’t managed to catch herself and come back she could’ve died. 

Joan sells her phone at the monster market and tells Aaron of her plan to post a letter to her future self to warn her of Nick and the massacre. I feel like Aaron knows something that he’s not telling Joan, because he doesn’t seem to think it’ll work, but I think that’s a pretty good idea!

She sends a letter to herself and Gran… but nothing’s changed. Aaron tells Joan there’s nothing they can do to save their families and the letter won’t work. Why didn’t he tell Joan that to begin with instead of letting her believe she had a chance!

Joan bumps into another Oliver – one that was IN Holland House that day – will he believe her? Will he even listen to her considering she’s a Hunt and they’re enemies?

He doesn’t listen. Aaron doesn’t back Joan up – and this other Oliver seems to REALLY look down on Aaron what’s up with that? Aaron tells Joan there’s nothing they can do. Nothing that will change the timeline, the timeline will do all it can to right itself and nothing that will rescue their families. He says while Joan travelled here with the motive of changing the timeline, Aaron was just fleeing. 

When they get back to the room, Joan watches from the window as a postman collects the mail, but Aaron was right. The timeline will do anything and everything to make sure it’s fate isn’t changed. The postman accidentally dropped two letters – her letters – and Joan can do nothing but watch as the rain washes them away. 

Aaron wakes Joan with a startle – he can hear something! Has Nick found them?

Ahhhh, it’s Ruth!!!! Joan’s cousin Ruth! She’s here! Does that mean she changed time? Ruth died and disappeared, right?

Hold on – TWO YEARS? It’s been like, what, a day for Aaron and Joan? How has Ruth been searching for two years? So Joan didn’t manage to change time, Ruth survived and searched for Joan. Ruth wants Joan to leave with her, but Joan won’t leave Aaron. Is this still an obligation thing or are they growing on each other?

Ruth found Joan merely because she was overheard at the inn talking about the massacre – what’s going on?

Hmm, something’s odd about Aaron too… and Joan’s picked up on it, the way Ruth says Aaron is the “youngest” Oliver son, and then says the “only” Oliver son… surely if he were the only son, there’d be no eldest or youngest?

Ruth lets out the news that they weren’t the only survivors from the massacre – someone else survived and they’re hunting down any other survivors. Is it Nick? It has to be Nick right?

The massacre wasn’t recorded in any of their family histories, it shouldn’t have happened at all. Ruth tells Joan and Aaron that every monster family’s history record shows the same thing for that night, in the same words, as if someone went in and altered every single monster history with the same copy and pasted paragraph… This is super weird.

Ruth has searched for Nick – but there are no records of him at all? How can he not exist in any record? Joan remembers stories Gran told them when they were younger, stories of a human boy who was destined to kill monsters. Is that all Nick really is? A myth, a monster bedtime story? But the massacre happened… I’m so confused.

When Ruth was in hospital after the massacre, she was talking about what happened and the girl in the bed next to her warned her to be quiet… she remembers seeing Court Guards and when she came back from a scan, the girl had disappeared – when she’s been searching for other survivors, she’s found rumours of the same Court Guards… Have the Monster Court set up this whole thing?

I am so invested in this! I need to know what’s going on – who’s Nick, what are the Monster Court up to, can Joan save her family?

I hope you’re all enjoying it so far. I’ll catch up with you tomorrow for day 3! ?



62 thoughts on “Only A Monster Readalong: Day 2!

  1. I am happy for Joan that someone from her family survived the massacre but am I the only one who is a little suspicious of Ruth?.. Maybe Oliver is a bastard? He seems like the black sheep of the family. Also, I need answer about Nick!!! I sense a heartbreaking backstory there. I am HOOKED.

    1. Oh I’m suspicious of her too. I feel like she has something to do with this, but that’s about all that I’ve got so far.

  2. Aaron is stealing my heart – he acts all grumpy on the outside but is actually sunshine and I LOVE IT.

    I love the time traveling but I agree its such a huge cost, its so difficult to justify it…. I like how Joan is hopeful she can change the future (the past?) by sending a letter to her future self. Hasn’t she watched movies? You can’t mess with time like that! 🙁

    I did NOT expect Ruth to still be alive, what a plot twist early on! I’m glad she is though, she seemed cool!

    This is definitely getting interesting with the lack of records of what happened that night. VERY INTERESTING HMMMMM!

    1. He’s stealing mine too! ?

  3. I’m so glad Ruth is okay and I’m so grateful she’s teaching Joan (finally) about how to navigate being a monster.

    That phone call to Joan’s family was brutal. 🙁 I don’t understand why she won’t ever talk to him again. Doesn’t the timeline recover from monster actions?

    Listen, Draco Malfoy aka Aaron is growing on me but please don’t tell me he’s the love interest. I’m not feeling it.

    So so excited to learn more about the Court and Joan’s necklace!

    1. Ha! I’ve also been calling him Draco. ?? Glad I’m not the only 1 making that parallel.

    2. Haha, I also keep thinking of the similarities to Draco!

  4. so sad to see Joan trying to save her family and watching all her attempts fail. I was so glad when Ruth appeared, hopefully they can find out what is going on.

    1. Right? My heart’s breaking for her! ?

  5. So much information yet still so many questions! Aaron seems like he’s trying to keep up his “Oliver” mask when really his feelings are naturally more kind & sympathetic. With Ruth mentioning his being “removed from the line of succession,” the way his dad sneered at him almost as much as at the Hunt & the human, the comments the tattooed Oliver made at the Inn… Could he be too kind-hearted by his family’s standards? I’m getting a feeling like the Olivers are Malfoys & Aaron is Draco (though maybe more helpful). I guess that would make the Hunts the Weasleys & Joan would be Harry. ? At any rate, who is tampering with all the family records? These Court Guard guys? What is Joan’s other power? Why can’t she even tell Ruth? Will they be able to find Gran in this time? Would Joan be able to talk to her mom at some point? What about Nick, his family, the monster(s) who stole all their time? Was Joan really 100% wrong about Nick? This book has been nonstop since the jump, & I just hope it keeps out up because I need a LOT more information about everything still!

  6. YES, Exactly! And what is their purpose exaclty? Stealing years of life from others people to do what? Just travel through time? They call themself MONSTERS, they must do something else that just travel to be really evil.

  7. The time traveling aspect is so cool. I’m loving the story, too. I think Aaron maybe just likes the company of another kid? I’m sure they’ll start developing feelings for each other.

    Fave Aaron moment: when he picks up the pillow to defend intruders

    1. Ahahaha, yessss! That was such a good moment. ?

  8. The character of Aaron is really doing it for me. I definitely think there is so much more to him and he’s currently my fave. So glad Ruth is alive too. I think together with the three of them, this makes a great dynamic now. Loving this story and the easy writing style which hooks you in ?

    1. I really like Aaron! ?

  9. I’m curious about the Hunt reputation! Everyone seems to think they’re thieves and cheats… I remember at the beginning, Bertie and Ruth were talking about forgeries… are the Hunts a family of art thieves in time??

    I hope the time travel lends opportunity for Joan to meet her mom in a past time! Of course I hate how they steal time… but I’m really interested to see them travel to another place before the 90s.
    Ugh, it’s such a moral dilemma!

    I appreciate that Joan isn’t 100% for the evil side of her monstrous powers… yet? ? ??
    I want her to stay good! But I also want Nick to PAY! ?

    1. Yeah, there have been multiple references to the Hunts as thieves – I want to know more about that.

  10. I was really surprise that Ruth was still alive, and I’m slightly suspicious of her at the moment. For someone that’s been investigating for 2 years, she doesnt seem to have found out much about the situation in my opinion.

    Interested to see what happens next, as there seems to have been more questions rather than answers in today’s section!

  11. Omg I’m so glad you said you would have jumped to travel time too! I thought maybe you had to get some momentum or something ?

    There’s definitely some mystery to Aaron? But I’m SOOO glad Ruth is back ❤️

    1. I think I’d have even been tempted to do a little run up before I jumped! ?

  12. I wish that someone would explain more of what is happening to Joan. Or about being a monster. I feel like they just skip past all the questions that she has for no reason.

  13. I feel smug as my prediction about Ruth being alive was correct. I am also suss on her. She wanted to separate Joan from… Admittedly a family enemy but still… I still think something is up with her but I don’t know what.

    I really enjoyed this section. It isn’t super predictable so far and I enjoyed the market where you can get clothes for the time period you’re going to etc.

    1. Glad you’re enjoying it so far! ?

  14. I’m glad Ruth survived, but to be honest, I don’t completely trust her.
    Poor Joan! I was heartbroken for her about her letters. I wish Ruth and Aaron would finally tell the rules to her, it is high time!
    I wonder if Joan’s power, which we haven’t seen yet, might be related to the possibility of altering the future/past and preventing the massacre.
    Aaron seems like a nice person in the inside, I hope we get to see more of him without his facade. (He feels like a much better love interest than Nick prior his killing spree.)
    Really curious about how the story will continue!

  15. I was so happy to see that Ruth survived!! Hopefully she can do a better job of training Joan lol Her goodbye to her dad was so sad but I enjoyed seeing them travel back to the 90s!

  16. I’m glad Ruth is Alive but I also feel very suspicious of her too. I mean she’s been running around for 2 years and we have no idea what she was doing or what she has seen since then.

    I’m pretty confused on what Nick is exactly. Like how can there be no record of him?? Is he a monster himself?? Created to kill other monsters maybe?

    Aaron is growing on me. He takes on the grumpy character but he obviously cares about Joan, so I am assuming this is where the love interest is headed. I’m curious to see how that will go ?

  17. Hang on?! So the Court Guards could have something to do with the whole missing history thing? I wonder why? I still want to know what this hidden power is that Gran was talking about. And how is Joan supposed to stop everything when she’s already tried most of her options?

    I’m loving Aaron more and more. I keep forgetting he is only 17 years old because he acts like such a man sometimes. I’m also loving the caring side he has towards Joan (even when he doesn’t want to) I think I might be right with that enemies to lovers trope.

    I enjoyed these chapters much more than the first lot. I feel like I’ve been sucked in more with todays chapters. The plot is starting to take shape.

    I’d love to be able to travel back in time! To the Greeks and even the Egyptians! That would be amazing…. just minus the life stealing part

    1. I really like Aaron too! ?

  18. Really enjoying this and the banter with grumpy Aaron.

    When I think of time travel I imagine a trip to the future or way back in history not 1993. I remember 1993. I wore Doc Martens and a lot of floral floaty dresses and errrr ummm velvet.

    I currently have a lot of questions about a lot of things in this story….

  19. Jeej! Ruth is okay!!! But what happened in those two years? And who is the blond woman and who are the guards? I have so many questions!!! Im getting more into it now and I really want to see where this is going!

  20. Yay Ruth is alive! But lots of mystery happening. I love the way this book is written, it’s really easy to read. On the downside, I don’t really like Joan and her teenage drama, and kinda wish she was written older than 16.
    Interested to see how the time travel pans out – I’m always interested to see how well the author takes the concept and run with it!

  21. I really love the tidbits of information we get on the monster world. It keeps me on my toes and hooked. Like what is this mysterious guard. Also, I can’t help but wonder how curious it is that Ruth is the only survivor of the massacre besides Joan and Aaron and just happens to pop up…

    1. Yesss, I agree! I’m so intrigued! ?

  22. This book keeps getting better and better.

    I love the way Aaron and Joan’s relationship is starting to grow little by little. I agree that Aaron acts all grumpy and stuck up on the outside, but he’s a cinnamon sunshine on the inside. He is fond of Joan and I don’t believe he’s staying with her purely out of obligation. That’s just what he keeps telling himself (and her) to justify it.

    I love the time travelling element in this story. It’s a shame it comes at a great cost as it is such a cool power to have, but I can understand how Joan is so reluctant to use it. The way that Aaron suggested of stealing just small bits from several people doesn’t seem as bad, but I suppose that ultimately it is.

    I found hilarious the part where she was going through the bins trying to find out the date and Aaron just told her what it was by merely looking at the people around them. And the Rachel haircut as a marker of time? I love it! I’m really enjoying the way we are getting immersed into the monster world, and the description of the inn and the market reminded me of Diagon Alley. I can’t wait to learn more about this world, the different families, their powers, and what caused the feud between the Olivers and the Hunts.

    When Joan said there was just empty space where Ruth had been right after she got stabbed I had a feeling that Ruth might still be alive if she had managed to time travel at that exact moment it happened. I’m glad my hunch was correct.

    One thing I don’t get is that Ruth mentioned that Aaron and Joan are the only survivors she has found alive. How have the other survivors died? Did they not manage to time travel after they survived? Because if they did, how could Nick and his people hunt them given that they are only humans and they wouldn’t be able to chase them through time? Unless Nick and his people are working with others who can travel through time, but that wouldn’t make sense as Nick said he hates monsters who steal time from humans.

    I guess I’ll need to keep reading to find out!

  23. Nooowww this is getting interesting!

    I’m really invested in the worldbuilding and I need to know more to understand it better but their powers seems fascinating and horrible, at the same time.

    I’m happy Ruth is back but she seems suspicious. If Gran told Joan to not tell anyone about her special power, included Ruth, probably Gran knew something will happen? Perhaps?

    I like Aaron. He is so grumpy and posh ?

  24. Ok this part was a bit fun with Aaron explanation on where they are omg. Still there is so much going on ,I like how the whole world is getting build up. And im happy that ruth is alive, I thought she was but man, after the massacre I wasn’t completely sure . Super exited with the rest.

  25. After the first day I wasn’t sure I would like this book, but I’m a sucker for time travel and wow I’m hooked.

    My brain keeps filling up with little tragedies though. The person who was rushing to their dying loved one’s bedside but misses it because they die a few hours too early, for example. Or the people that lose days or years, how does that work? Do you just keel over randomly, or does that car crash that would have killed you happen earlier? I feel like this much wreak such chaos.

    And what’s this nonsense about not being a time you’ve already been in? What happens if Joan and Aaron and Ruth never steal anymore time and just keep living like normal people starting from 1993? Eventually they’re going to catch up with themselves. What happens then? Do they randomly keel over, or does their monster power force them to be elsewhere somehow, or what?


  26. So the first interactions between Joan and Aaron post escape from Nick are kinda cute ?. He was gentle with her and showed concern by bringing her first aids. Also his ”prince” attitude was pretty funny to see after they went into that room.

    I thought it was super cute that he called Joan ”baby monster” and I’m really waiting for the ”you and I aren’t friends” idea to change quickly!!! I really want to and am feeling an enemies to lovers here! ?

    I feel like Aaron is really a good person, but that he’s ”forced” to show himself to be the opposite because his family…I don’t know, are the Oliver’s known for always being mean and never otherwise?

    They have to run away (time travel run away) and there it’s an example of life or death situation, and acceptable situation to justify the stealing of life from humans.

    I’m a little confused why Joan’s family, didn’t explain to her what she was and teach her how to use the abilities… if she still thought it was wrong to steal life from humans it was her choice not to use time travel again, but at least she was prepared for these situations!!!

    Ok, I understand that the situation is life or death, that they managed to escape and that Joan’s goal now is to try to talk to her family, but wouldn’t it be more reasonable to first understand the monster world, the rules and then think about what to do? I think it would avoid some situations and some calling someone’s attention!!!

    I also thought that going back in time would prevent the massacre from happening, but it seems that in Only a Monster world time travel doesn’t work the same way ?

    My reaction was also WTF two years!?!? I’m really glad Ruth is alive though, but how can time run differently if they were both in the massacre and managed to escape? (I wish they had explained it a little better… if I were Joan, I’d be bombarding both Ruth and Aaron with questions ?)

    I’m curious to know the reason why Aaron was disinherited, and why Ruth said “youngest” first and then “only”? (so many questions in my head rn!)

    All families have records of each one’s past, present and future (which is already strange… I don’t know if I would want to know my last day…) but the massacre not being registered is very suspicious!

    Not having information about Nick doesn’t improve the situation and these Court Guards and blond woman… (is monster court and Nick connected? it can’t be, can it? it’s just me thinking like this?)

  27. wow! I have so many theories about what’s going on!! This book is so gripping- i can’t stop thinking about it!

    My initial thought is that the blonde woman who appeared in the hospital is an Oliver (she has the right hair colour) and maybe she’s Aaron’s older sister? That would explain all the mystery around him being the youngest son but also the only son. It seems a little too obvious though, so I’m not entirely sure.

    Besides that, I think the world-building is so great. They even have a Diagon Alley -esque monster square. How cool is that?
    I’m really looking forward to finding out more about the different families and what their tattoos mean.

    I thought the way stealing time from tourists to avoid statistical anomalies was explained was really clever!

    And lastly, I LOVE the banter between Joan and Aaron. (also he has a tattoo on his HIP???? why am I blushing over thisssss)

  28. First off, I’m so thrilled that Ruth is alive and that they’ve managed to reconnect. Sheer amount of grief and trauma in these chapters was rough.

    But I also have questions, namely how in the WORLD did they get enough time from the tourists for both of them to go back 30 year?? Aaron was telling her to steal in two week increments! That’s nearly 800 people each!! And with her so new at it in the short time period they had. My mind is reeling.

    Anyways, I can’t wait to learn more about the other monster families and the monster governing body and these Court Guards. I love some good world building and backstory.

  29. I still am really enjoying this book – even if this section had a lot of filler. It’s gotta be there somewhere! I really like the main characters. I think Joan is such a nice person and Aaron is clearly trying. He seems like someone who is as good as you can be when you know what you’ve grown up in is bad, but you have no way out. Whoever the blonde woman is, she has to be part of their monster government, right? Why would their government want that day to be a secret? Or is this a timeline government like in the Loki TV series? Also (!) why was Aaron cut from being the Oliver heir?! I’ve got lots of questions and can’t wait to find out the answers!

    I can rest a little easier now. Aaron is really obsessed with repaying this debt and I find it a tad bit suspicious… what is he really thinking. I also find it strange that he is the only and youngest Oliver child. What happened to the other Oliver son, did he get disowned, did he die?
    When Joan freaks out by jumping to far back in time I understand her panic. I too would feel awful for taking more time than needed to go back. Though I do love how even in the Monster world food is the answer to the problem. Oh what I would give to get a taste of Monster Butter… I bet it’s delicious.

  31. I am very intrigued about the records. I wonder how each one could be changed. I am also very interested i learning more about Aaron. There is definitely a tragic backstory there.
    I’m a little annoyed that Joan won’t learn more from Aaron. I get that she doesn’t want help from him but it just seems in her best interest to learn more about this stuff. If he can shed some light on all this for her than I don’t see why she would have a problem with that. But maybes that’s just because i want to know more lol

  32. I’m enjoying this one a bit more now. I really like the time travel aspect and the “monster town” and it’s kind of giving me some Umbrella Academy vibes with Five ? I like that Ruth survived and I honestly didn’t see that coming but I feel like she’s hiding something. And like a few other people have said, they don’t really seem like monsters so much since they only take time from humans, I kind of expected them to do more monstrous things, not that saying that making people die earlier than expected isn’t bad but it’s not like the people themselves really know. Anyways I’m excited to find out more and also why no one has a record of the massacre on their families timelines.

  33. The story is great so far. Didn’t know what to expect when I started the book. Really interesting so far

  34. Man I got soo many questions and curiosities from these chapters.

    I like Aaron I feel he is kind on the inside or maybe he just didn’t want to be alone hmm but why would he the only Oliver son. The only that has done something unforgivable, the only legitimate one, the only what tell me. uuuh is he maybe the only kind son

    And now the mention of monster court got me so intrigued what if Joan is from the court because Gran did say that she has different powers than the hunts and the Olivers did say that the hunts took her as their own meaning she is not oooh this is getting so interesting

    The time travel sound cool minus the taking life from people but come on taking it from really bad people does that still count as bad. Thats what I would do I man remowing bad pepole would make a better world right

  35. okay late to the party but i finally finished the readalong day 2 <3
    the call with her dad was so so sad, it felt liike a forever goodbye and i seriously hope she will see him again </3
    I dont know what to think of Aaron so far, these kind of boys aren't usually my thing buuut let's see if he will grow on me 😀 i'm very excited for his backstory, there is a lot to unravel.

    also Joan started to steal time and time travel so let's see what Nick will think about that. i'm a bit excited how their next meeting will go

  36. Aaron is definitely my favorite and I think it bothers me that it’s such an odd and blanketed term to call them monsters. I don’t see the big deal about say stealing five minutes off someone’s life but I can see how others could be ‘monstrous’ and take it all.

    But it also seems like that’s not really something they would encourage in the monster world.

    Just..I need a better term for them and for Joan to appreciate Aaron lolol

  37. Joan is a little bit annoying so far lol I am really glad that Ruth survived. All of the survivors being hunted and their histories being changed is interesting!

  38. I LOVE that they travel back to the early 90’s bc I remember those days very well! The nostalgia is real! hahaha!

    I am super suspicious of Ruth at this point. Is she hiding something or just acting strange? I don’t know….I just think Aaron and Joan need to be cautious.

    Aaron seems to like Joan. Or he wants to look after her and seems to take it pretty seriously. Feels that way. Maybe he doesn’t want to be alone…maybe it is a combination of these things. I like it though. He and Joan seem like a good team.

    And I am really curious about the court guards and what all that means….I want to know more about the different families, too….the different powers between families.

  39. I enjoy seeing the rules different stories create for time travel. Interesting how the time line corrects attempts to change it.

    I’m ready to learn more about Monster rules & society. Hopefully Joan is ready to hear them now that Ruth is alive & with her.

    I can’t imagine the amount of time everyone popping in and out of the monster area must have taken to travel like that.

    I want to lean more about Aaron, I’m sure whatever he did to be disinterested would be a good thing outside his family.

  40. I got the feeling that maybe Aaron has gone back and tried to change the timeline to save people before and it didn’t work? And that’s why he’s so vehement that Joan won’t be able to save everyone.

  41. Hopefully I can knock out another day’s reading today – I just want to keep going! Really enjoying it so far!

    I know I’m supposed to be, but I’m super curious about this blonde woman and the Court Guards, and what their involvement is in covering this up. What do they stand to gain from it? Really wanna learn more about their society and rules!

  42. I loved reading through everyone’s comments and seeing other people compare Aaron to Draco Malfoy! Once I read “snobby blonde”, it was my first thought! I see so many parallels between the Oliver’s and Malfoy’s. And I see Aaron’s conflict between his family’s prejudice and his feelings toward Joan as a strong parallel to Draco’s journey. So obviously, as a fan of Draco from the beginning, I’m a big Aaron fan. That trash can scene was too funny!! And I’m so glad Ruth is alive! I can’t wait to read more! I am really liking this book so far!!

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