Ruthless Vows by Rebecca Ross

We are so excited to present to you… the ‘Ruthless Vows’ Exclusive Edition, brought to you in collaboration with @harpervoyager_uk and @beccajross!

Divine Rivals is a book that has stolen many hearts with its gut wrenching rivals to lovers romance and elegantly written storyline. We’re so happy to be sharing our matching edition of the sequel, Ruthless Vows, with you all!

What is special about this Exclusive Edition?
✨ DIGITALLY SPRAYED EDGE with a block sprayed top and bottom edge
This book will feature a digital signature.

This is NOT part of our normal monthly subscriptions and if you wish to order a book, they will be available in the Fairy Trove (we ship to many countries worldwide).

The ‘Ruthless Vows’ Exclusive Edition will be available for £23 GBP / $31 USD + shipping and is expected to ship around June/July 2024.

On 18th January at 12pm GMT, we will send out a private Early Access link to everyone who received the May YA 2023 ‘Feuding Gods’ box. We will then send out an Early Access email to all UK/INT active subscribers at 2pm GMT, and all US/Canada active subscribers at 4pm GMT. If we have any stock remaining, these will be available in the Fairy Trove to the general public on 19th January at 1pm GMT for UK/INT customers and 4pm GMT for US/Canada customers.

Are you as excited about this book as we are?

Graphics by Official FairyLoot Designer 😍

13 thoughts on “Ruthless Vows by Rebecca Ross

  1. Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but will early access be sent to everyone who got Divine Rivals in the combo box?:-)

    1. Yes, you should also receive Early Access if you received the Combo box for May 2023! 💜

  2. Hi !
    Do we get the private Early Access link of this if we got the ‘Feuding Gods’ box even if we don’t have the subscription still going ?
    Thank you in advance

    1. Hi there! Yes, you should still receive an Early Access email if you received the May YA 2023 ‘Feuding Gods’ box. 💜

  3. As this didn’t make it to general sale, is there a possibility it will be reprinted/made available?

    1. Hi there! The sale for this book hasn’t taken place yet. 💜

  4. Hi! Will there be a restock on the divine rivals edition?

    1. This was part of our monthly subscription so it’s not available for purchase. If we have any leftover copies available, they’ll be available in a future Fairy Trove restock. 💜

  5. What kind of subscribe I must have to be receive an early access e-mail?

    1. Hi there! Active Subscribers who are signed up to one of our monthly subscription boxes will receive Early Access. More information and waitlists for our monthly subscriptions can be found here. 💜

      1. Thank you very much! Wish you a lovely day 🙂

  6. Does the 12pm early access get sent out to people that received the book only subscription of Divine Rivals?

    1. On 18th January at 12pm GMT, we will send out a private Early Access link to everyone who received the May YA 2023 ‘Feuding Gods’ box which included our edition of Divine Rivals. 💜

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