Serpent & Dove Readalong: Day 3

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Hello reader friends!

It’s day 3 of our readalong! I’m so excited to get talking about today’s section, there’s loads to discuss!

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That said, let’s dive in! Today we’re reading pages 206-307!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin pages 0-307! Read only if you’ve finished those pages!


We start with a tiny flashback (or dream) of Lou running away from her family. It says a life for a life, as magic takes for what it gives, so has she killed someone before? Or is it a bit less straightforward? I do love the magic here, it’s so interesting seeing it be an “equal exchange” an “eye for an eye” type of thing! I have always been a big fan of this pattern! 

“She is coming”

That’s what Madam Labelle was saying! Who is she? And could she maybe just leave us alone please?

The book doesn’t leave us guessing for any longer and we do learn that it is indeed her mother. AND that Lou was meant as a sacrifice. Some mother-daughter relationship we got there! I don’t really think “to save my own kind” excuse is really valid here when you’re trying to murder your own daughter? But maybe that’s just me!

Seriously though, imagine living with that knowledge. Yikes, no wonder Lou is so sharp and sceptical of everything. I love that as a reader, so no complains really! But living with an expiration date… Poor Lou.

When Lou argues with Jean Luc about the hobgoblins and how they are created from clay, drawing a comparison line between that and Adam being created from earth, I love that! Yes girl, draw some parallels and show them what’s what! That being said, this probably didn’t do her any favours in terms of him being suspicious of her. If anything, she basically planted this new idea in his head that she just might actually be a witch!  As if we needed him spying on us as well!  It IS hilarious he doesn’t see his own jealousy for what it is though. We people can be so blind to our own feelings!

Oh no this isn’t right! Poor Bernie, I wonder if he’s normally lucid and maybe entirely capable of living but not allowed because of the witches mark on him! The way Father Orville is sedating him is so unnerving! Good atmospheric writing though, I feel like the mood in this chapter swapped so many times and yet it changed so naturally and effortlessly. And we learnt a bit more about how magic works too, which is always nice. Wonder what secret Lou would have told Coco if she wasn’t interrupted. Also magic is a child honestly haha Whispering ‘come play’ and then getting so excited for what pretty much is a game of truth or dare! 

Actually, magic demanding an equal something in exchange for the use of it explains how some of those witches that do attack the muggles (had to) are so un-human like. It seems like they are so changed from their previous selves that they fail to feel any sympathy for others. But imagine spending decades sacrificing emotions to magic in order to use it, what’s left might not be anywhere close to the usual emotional range of a human. 

Or you know, they’re just cruel *shrugs*

Can we just have a moment to appreciate the little butterflies that happened in the theatre from holding hands in the dark between our two characters? Adorable. Or at least adorable until Estelle went and ruined it all.  Lou feels so bad for Estelle but I mean, the girl just tried to capture you to bring you back for that sacrifice (I think?) sooooo all things considered … Lou did what she had to. Right?

Wow, the burning scene. And Lou has taken Estelle’s pain away. Even though this scene is terrible the way it’s written I think reveals so much about our character and really adds some depth to it all. And hopefully Ansel will come to our side too! I loved the bitter line of “behold, the natural way of things” before they lit a woman on fire. Literal goosebumps. 

Lou’s woken up after 3 days of being unconscious and Ansel now knows!! This character I swear!! I’m so glad we got him on our side now. 

Archbishop eating that cinnamon bun is somehow so absurd a concept that it’s hilarious.

Reis letting go for a tiny second when they’re sharing a very much too small of a cloak during the cold stroll to the town for some sticky buns is so heartwarming. I just want him to relaaaaax! I kept wondering isn’t Lou and Coco worried that they’ve practised magic in front of Monsieur Bernard? And now he’s gone.  What if he tells on them?

Poor Ansel being teased so much ?

Reis chose Lou! Woooo! I do appreciate Lou not lying about spying. I think I would have just gone with it but kudos to her! Now the only -slightly small totally not important or anything- thing standing between them is that she’s a mortal enemy of his by nature ?

Holy cow the teasing has begun, nicely played mister Reis, we did not know you had this humour and wickedness in you! 

I need a glass of water this is getting hawt.

Only two more days to go and loads of things to still explore in the book! Let’s cool down and reconvene tomorrow, same time same place yeah? 🙂




36 thoughts on “Serpent & Dove Readalong: Day 3

  1. This book should come with a warning. DON’T READ WHILE HUNGRY! All that talk about food… oh and the story is also great?. This book got me out of my month long reading slump. Kind sad we’re more than halfway already. ?

    1. And with my head all focused on food I totally forgot to mention my insta:

    2. haha that’s very true, I did snack more than usual reading this one! 😀

  2. I absolutely loved their banter and their slow burn is intense! I’m enthralled by this book. I will enter that giveaway soon under my Instagram @bib.liphilist

    1. Correction to my instagram @bib.liophilist

  3. I adore Ansel so much. He’s such a cinnamon roll. I have been loving how Reid and Lou progress as a couple. How their dynamics change between them and the little glimpses we get on how they feel.

    The burning scene was rather gruesome to read. Especially what Lou did for Estelle. Lou is such a deep character. The more we see of her the more we know of the layers she keeps around herself and that her heart is full of pain and loneliness. I feel for her!

    1. I absolutely love what she did for Estelle, I can’t imagine the guts it must have taken!

  4. WHY AM I ALLERGIC TO CINNAMON I WANT A BUN TOO. So witches have Male children. Multiple chausseurs are orphaned. Would they be the left witch children. Oe what if Ansel is her brother or something?
    Chronically_bookish will enter the giveaway.

    1. Oh that’s a great guess! I hadnt thought of that. I am probably going to have to break down and finish the book i’m so enthralled with it! I’ll be putting my picture up soon too and my handle is @dqnelson

  5. This BOOK! I love all of the silly banter and playfulness! ❤️

  6. Pfewww… What to say?
    First of all: This bed scene? Holy sh** (no swearing, Reid would be ashamed) – he’s getting into it! I really enjoyed this banter! Did you notice Reid doesn’t need to count anymore the more time he spends with Lou? I love how the author implemented those things in there to show not only emotions but why these two have such an intense relation. I really hope, Reid is getting over his believes soon and more into what he’s been practising already. .

    Also.. are there only toxic people he surrounded himself with? I mean… Celie, who suddenly got interested in him again after he isn’t available anymore. I wonder if there will be some problems coming from her (she knows, the marriage is a fake – until now!). The others? Don’t know what to think about Jean Luc anymore – I think he is highly doubting the archbishop and his rules, even it’s just because of his envy. He’s kind of intrigued by Lou for being like she is and standing against the archbishop! By the way: The scene where he told her to stay put and let her husband take what he likely would never have without her (Celies full attention) and she just told him to go to hell! Hell yeah, I loved it! This manipulative, patriarchic ***! Give him what he deserves! Even if he had some humanity when she was ‘sick’.

    Talking about Ansel – I just realised it’s possibly him on the dust jacket? I thought it would be Jean Luc, who I think is a relative of the bishop and therefor that bitter that his best friend stolen ‘his life’. I dearly hope, Reid is switching his best friend and I nominate Ansel!

  7. Entered! @alwaysbookishbecca

    I loved these pages, especially how deep the scenes with Estelle got. I like how it’s making Lou question her decisions and her loyalties.

    That and the adorable slow burn between her and Reid!! So cute.

  8. I love that we’re learning a little bit more about Lou and who and why she’s ran away and is in hiding. I don’t blame her from running away from her Mother at all. I really love how the magic works and how it’s described and written.

    I think it’s interesting that all witches are female but they can give birth to males as well and not just females. I guess that’s why there’s so many orphan boys? And why they might not know much of their parents?

    I love how Lou and Reid’s relationship is developing, it’s a slow burn but I’m so here for it. The part where they went out and were sharing the cloak were so sweet. And I love that Reid is teasing Lou right back now, it didn’t seem like he was capable! But the ‘I won’t touch you until you ask’ part, hooooooboy. I am weak.

    If anything bad happens to Ansel, I will riot. That boy is too precious.

    1. OOH that is a good point. I bet a lot of Chasseurs are sons of witches! I didn’t think of that until now…

  9. I’m so ready for the next section of reading. I finally got caught up today and I was trying hard not to go ahead. It’s so good. I’ll be posting my entry here shortly. My insta is @bookishly_kenia

  10. I love this book so far, I like the contrast of the characters. Her calling him Bas made me chuckle. My insta is @ishtarne

  11. Absolutely loving this book!
    It’s so hard to put down. I love the characters and the contrast between them.

    Entered Instagram @cdowks

    1. Yeahhhhh and that’s the story of how I ended up binging it ??? it seems to be a common theme this month.

  12. Trying hard not to read whole book in one day? and I entered @madmadmadiee

  13. Oh this book is relly interesting
    I love Lou she is such a deep character especially beeing afraid for her life because her life s supose to be traded so the royal children will die
    I felt her pain and regrat when Estalle was burning and how she took her pain away because that all she could have done after she condamed her to death because she feared for her life
    Oh and that relationship between Reid and Lou I love how it’s progressing and how they will hopefully fell in love oooh but that cheeky Reid and his condition for having sex with her loved it hehe
    I too feel that Celia is going to be troble for she is a very jealous woman
    But my faourite scene of the chapters was the scene with the Archbishop you go girl
    And one more thing is the Archbishop mabye her feather since they both love stickey buns and that letter that he got my mind is spinig with theories

  14. Oh totally forgot my instagram id is danica.brnot and I will be entering rhe competition

  15. I’m really liking learning more about how magic and witches work. And it’s good to see other magical creatures in this world as well (even if the Archbishop wants them all dead). I like the group of four we’re getting, especially Ansel who is just the sweetest. Jean Luc is going to be a problem I think. Reid will tell him something incriminating about Lou and Jean Luc will let it slip so he can be Captain.

    I have no idea how this book is going to turn out and I can’t wait to see it.

    My handle is @redlulu18 and I’ll be taking part in the challenge!

    1. The way magic works in this book is soooo fascinating and unique! I totally agree!

  16. Soooooo many things happening in these chapters – although I missed that Lou was taking Estelle’s pain from her! I thought she was making herself suffer because Estelle was suffering – I love her even more for this though!

    Lou and Reid getting closer by the page – things are getting so intense!

    A couple of thoughts I’m having:

    1) I wouldn’t be surprised if Celie tries to get back at Reid by using Jean Luc in some way, and Jean Luc I’m sure would be happy to go along with it….

    2) I’m wondering if Reid is the son of a witch, which is why he was abandoned

    3) Is the archbishop Lou’s dad???? It’s the whole thing with him sneaking the cinnamon bun, and Lou’s love of cinnamon buns ???

    Probably all wrong, but it’s fun to surmise ??

    My insta name is @tinasparkle04 for the comp xx

  17. I find the tension between Jean Luc and Reid SUPER interesting and really want to know where it leads… Not just in this book but in the future. I feel like there’s so much more of Reid’s childhood to cover and all of his experiences growing up as a chass! I definitely binged this book and couldn’t stop myself at all ? and will be posting in the photo challenge tomorrow with the handle @madamepincers ???

  18. I think this was my favourite section of the book so far^^

    And I will be participating in the photo challenge^^: @eule_annalena

  19. OMG can they just kiss already!!? Even though I was waiting for that I loved the banter behind Reid and Lou in that final scene. I liked seeing Reid loosen up a little and show his playful side to Lou. I hope that it gets them both to open up more and find a way to work together. I also really liked how they’re being more honest with each other, both with the game of 20 questions and the fact that both came clean about the incident with Celie (which c’mon girl you told him to go, who can’t be upset that he listened to you!).

    I’m nervous that some confrontation will come from Jean Luc and the Archbishop seems a little too nice to Lou lately… when is that shoe gonna drop?

    Poor Ansel getting teased by Coco but it was also the best. I’m glad he’s on our side now.

  20. I love the characters relationship development and how they play off of each other, it’s so cute!
    IG : @arisbookcourt

  21. I participe to the giveaway!
    I have posted my pic on my insta @leslecturesajigoku78

  22. I am loving this book. The characters, the setting, the snarkiness, the banter. Love it, love it, love it. ???
    I posted my photo. My handle is @dhyani.goddess_of_fire.

  23. I love this book so much! The characters are awesome, the setting is wonderful, I adore the magic system. You always have the best book choices and I love that you do readalongs!

    I entered the giveaway, @eldritchfae is my insta!

  24. Just entered the giveaway! @carlaslittlelibrary ?

  25. I entered the give away –

  26. I’m so happy I received that fairyloot box and discovered Serpent and dove ! It was sooo good.

    I entered the giveaway : @bisousleslivres

  27. Wow, I am SO in to this book! I love the magic exchange and patterns. It definitely explains a lot about the witches.
    I am getting nervous about Jean Luc though. He’s going to an issue soon I think.
    The way these pages end… ?

  28. I absolutely love this book! It’s so fun to read and I’ve entered the giveaway on my Instagram

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